The Great Awakener - Uranus Retrograde

What is the Uranus Retrograde?

In Astrology, every planet has its own “personality.” Uranus is the rebel of the group - the one who likes to shock. When Uranus “goes retrograde,” meaning that from our point-of-view on Earth, it appears to move backward. This changes the planet’s power. Uranus has gone into retrograde today (25th July 2015).

Who will be affected by this Retrograde?

Everyone is affected by the Uranus Retrograde. However, anyone born with a:

  • Uranus in Aries
  • Uranus in Aquarius
  • Retrograde in Uranus

in their natal chart will be affected the most.

How will the Retrograde affect me?

Over the next five months, Uranus will continue to shake us out of our comfort zones until it goes direct again on December 25 - and we’ll feel it on both an individual and a global scale. While Uranus has been known to inspire wars and revolutions, it will also create change from the inside out. Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” and this is exactly what Uranus Retrograde will push you to do!

But Uranus Retrograde also forces us to confront our own fears and personal roadblocks, so we can all expect a few “Ah ha!” moments of realization. This is a time for us to consider what the concept of “freedom” means to us, and what we need to fix or change in our lives to get it.

Uranus also forces us to get real about who we are and what we want, so if you’re in the wrong job, working toward the wrong degree or dating the wrong person, Uranus Retrograde will let you know. While Uranus usually forces the changes that need to happen, over the next five months, it will quiet down and simply make you feel what needs an overhaul. So pay attention to Uranus’s tough-love advice!

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healthy and self-confident is the new punk rock

tvseriejunkie asked:

Can you please do "you need a plus-one for your brother’s wedding so i’m going as a favor but there’s been a misunderstanding and now your whole family thinks we’re engaged" AU (bonus if Wick is Clarke's brother and/or Bellamy's best friend) ? Thank you !!

I am so thankful that you sent this prompt in, my dear. I might have gotten a little carried away. I mean if a little is 5 thousand words. Not to mention this is only part one of??

A lot carried away, okay?

Thanks to the best beta there is, bellarkesupernova, my love

(Thank you so much and sorry for the lame title)

I Think I Wanna Marry You


The Griffin family has been known to be slightly overbearing at times, and Clarke is usually rather adept at handling everything that entails. She’s a master at fielding her mother’s demands about her life after college, she deals with her father’s constant nosiness, and hell, she even handles her obnoxious brother Wick’s unusual protectiveness that manifests itself through overt sarcasm and humorous intimidation (his words, not hers). One thing she can’t handle though, is Grandma Griffin’s need for her to find a husband. 

“Wick, please just explain to her that I have too much school work to be looking for a husband,” Clarke muttered into the phone. 

“Oh come on,” he dragged out the last word in response. “You and I both know that saying that just results in the story of how she married Papaw when she was 18, had dad when she was 19, and still managed to get through college. Grandma is a force of nature.”

“Well what else am I supposed to respond with? She already thinks I’m an old maid headed for a future with too many cats.”

“Bring a date to my wedding at least. That should hold her off for at least a year or so.”

“You’re getting married in three weeks, Kyle.” Clarke deadpanned.

“I am?! Well geez. That’s news to me. Did you hear that, Raven?” Clarke could hear him shouting away from the phone. “Clarke says I’m getting married in three weeks!”

“Who would be dumb enough to marry you?” She heard Raven shout back before her brother and future sister-in-law broke into laughter. Clarke missed them terribly. Unfortunately Clarke went to school across the country from her hometown in Virginia. Wick had gone there, too, but he was exactly four years ahead of her and moved back east right when she moved out to California. 

“You guys are idiots. But you know what I meant. I can’t get a date in that time.”

“Not with that attitude you can’t.”

“Could you please be serious for just one second? Now that you have Raven, Grandma only has me to obsess over and I just don’t want to disappoint her.”

“I know, I know.” Her brother, to his credit, did manage to sound somewhat sincere. “You aren’t a disappointment to anyone though. You’re a kickass gal-”

“A gal? What is this? An old timey-”

“Would you just let me finish? I’m trying to be nice to you for once. You should be savoring this not mocking me.”

“Fine. Get on with singing my praises.” She smiled into the receiver and settled onto her couch.

“I was saying that you’re a kickass gal, and you’re brilliant, and organized, and incredibly talented and you don’t need a significant other to impress anyone- even Grandma.”

“I know that, it’s just that the one thing she’s ever wanted for me is to be as happy in a marriage as she and Papaw have been and I just want to give her some hope that it might actually happen to me at some point, you know?”

“Yeah I get that. Just find someone to bring to the wedding and I’ll tell her that you’re in a relationship, okay?”

“Who am I going to convince to buy a plane ticket to Virginia, wear a tux, and tell my grandmother they’re in love with me?”

“Well I mean you could try asking someone who’s already on the guest list of you’d like,” Wick’s tone was one that she knew meant trouble and it didn’t take more than a second for her to realize what he meant.

“No way am I making Bellamy pretend to be my boyfriend. That’s a bad rom-com waiting to happen and you know it.”

“You love rom-coms,” he replied.

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