Meeting the Parents

Simon Minter x Reader

Fandom: SDMN

Warnings: None

Summary: Simon takes his girlfriend to a Christmas dinner to meet his parents

POV: First Person/Reader’s

Author: Cymbelline

Originally posted by ksimontrash

“What if they think I’m weird?”


“They don’t want their son dating a loser!”


“What if they kick me out?”


“What if they-”

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  • John: idk if Sherlock loves me
  • Sherlock: how do I tell John I love him? I can't say it...I know! I'll SHOW it!
  • Sherlock: *fake dies so john doesn't get murdered*
  • Sherlock: *comes back* PLZ plz plz plz forgive me idk what to do without you I lov..I mean erm deducing and shit...bombs?
  • John: but how do I know for sure that he loves me?
  • Sherlock: *restarts his heart for john*
  • John: I need proof...
  • Sherlock: *kills someone for John*
  • John: ...but where can I find some?
  • Sherlock: *is willing to go off to certain death for john*
  • John: I guess I'll never know if Sherlock loves me...