How they feel on Valentine’s Day

Aries: So many valentine’s, love this holiday!

Taurus: Can I just get the chocolate? Fuck the romance!


Cancer: #foreveralone

Leo: I just want to get some ;) / buy me diamonds :) 

Virgo: I want the cliché valentines day, flowers and everything. 

Libra: I want nothing but a someone who will cuddle and watch netflix with me:)

Scorpio: Last minute buys, completely forgot not gonna lie. 

Sagittarius: IT’S NOT A HOLIDAY!

Capricorn: I just want a giant stuffed animal, please and thanks.

Aquarius: In all odds, it’s a holiday that is very close to my birthday. So I feel bad to whoever is with me :)

Pisces: I want something, but I’ll pretend like it’s just another day. 

Sometimes I get these dreams and they feel so real, you feel so real. These dreams are so far from reality, I wonder if it’s my subconscious feeling pity for me since my reality is nothing like my dreams, or maybe it is just showing me what I’ll never have. I’ll never know but what I do know is that these dreams have some truth to you. They show you laughing, smiling, loving, & happy. Whether it’s a dream or my actual life, I can count on you. You’re my one constant when everything starts changing. I can count on you to guide me. I used to count on you for making sure I never fell, but I did. I fell deeply for your eyes, your lips, your scent, but most importantly, I fell for you & that won’t change in my dreams or in my reality.
—  1:43 AM thoughts