i know mostly everyone is back to school already, but u can never have enough pretty stationary

  • Mochithings (Planners, organizers, basically everything!)

  • (Aesthetic stationary, books, planners, etc.)

  • Five Star Mead (Great quality, basic supplies you can find at Walmart)

  • Staedtler (Those good ass fineliners everyone uses, plus other writing tools)

  • Stabilo (The other good ass fineliners everyone uses & more writing tools)

  • Moleskine (Loads of different types of notebooks)

  • Moxiedori (Stencils for everything; bullet journal layouts, fonts, kasdjflk)

  • SprixieCharms (The cutest and kawaii stationary you will ever see)

  • Muji (The studyblr staple)

  • Notable Notebooks (Notebooks in every size and paper style?? how come i’ve never seen someone talk about them????)

  • Rhodia (Paper pads & notebooks)

text ↔ layla & vi
  • Violet:so i’ve heard a bunch of nonsense from different people about what’s been going on with you which is totally my fault for dropping off the face of this good green earth
  • Violet:and i’m sorry about that but, y’know, mental health is Important and all
  • Violet:but are you okay?!?! do you need anything?!?! do you need to talk to someone ??! i can cook for you or you can even drag me shopping whatever you want i love you !!!