“Do you miss me?” she asked with tears threatening to spill.

“I miss your laugh, I miss how no matter what you’d always pay. I miss the way you hug me like you’re scared to let go. I miss your smell. I miss your constant cheering me on. I miss all our inside jokes. I miss how no matter how much I messed up, you always stayed.” he said with a sad smile.

With the tears running down her face she said, “ You know, I didn’t want to go. I wanted forever and longer with you. I love you so much, but there was no point in me staying for someone who didn’t really love me. You know this, right?”

“I know, darling.

—  (just because you miss me, doesnt mean you love me)

Since a good 40% of my hair started falling out due to stress and medication I’ve taken the journey to start wearing wigs. This is my collection so far with so much more to come. The benafit is I can now change my hair every day. Be someone else and have a new style every day and I couldn’t love it more. Boosts my confidence a bit and helps my natural Afro grow underneath.