Get to know ya!

tagged by the beautiful @whereiswonderland :~) strangers connected by Irish blood……and diabetes??? 

Nicknames: Rina, Pengu, beeb, ‘Trina. 

Gender: female 

sign: Taurus! I’m stubborn as fuck. And lazy. 

Height: 5′3… I am a midget hahaha

Sexuality: I’d say straight, just to avoid confusion and having to explain shite. 

Hogwarts 🏠: Hufflepuff

Favorite animal: Cats have always been my first answer but I can’t think of any animal I do not like. I love all things fluffy (or hairless, they deserve love too!)

Dream trip: I don’t really know. Right now I’m pretty fascinated with Austria though :’) but I’d like to trace my roots in Italy too. 

Dogs or cats?: both!!!!!!!

Number of blankets I 💤 with: Three at the moment, its getting colder in Ireland and being on warfarin and eltroxin, I’m always poxy freezin’ me bollix off. 

Dream job: I’d love to be a deadly psychoanalyst and/or therapist. 

When I made this account: Maybe three years ago, can’t recall but I have had Tumblr since I was 17

Why I made this account: Honestly just because I had a lot of shit about an eating disorder  on my previous one  so I made this one as a fresh start when I decided I needed to get better

#of followers: like 700 lol

idk how many i’m meant to tag but i chooooose: @unholytriumph @monsieurkeaton @kissy0urdemons @lunacyincolour @mutantgoatjam and @markopolo70 (and whoever else wants to do it, yo)

Your voice is my favorite song
You face is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen
But it was your personality that made me fall in love with you
Take my hand, and cleanse my tainted heart with the ocean you hold in your eyes. Come and grace this old, ugly skin with your soft kisses. I am in terrible need of your love.
—  Lukas W. // Love me

I want to be asked about the thoughts that keep me up at night. For someone to wonder what goes on in my head. To ask what the song is I put on when I want to cry or the one that immediately puts me in a better mood. The things that make me miss home. To wonder how I take my coffee. I want for someone sit and wonder about all the things, big or small, that make me who I am.