can anyone just imagine if the book she was holding was a wedding planner 😍

and asking for help in their marriage. AH ❤❤

but seriously though. someone has to help them plan their wedding…

cuz nick looks like he doesn’t even want to do shit.


 “Black♡ Jack”

III - Chasing Hearts (Part 1)

“to think that the next chapter is even lethal than this one… I don’t know how we are supposed to survive…” - @aoimotion

Hey babes, sorry, sorry for this delay but it was a complicated chapter for design ecc (Judy’s home is the hell, for real)… so I worked really hard and I hope you can appreciate it.

some notes:

  • this chapter were shorter than this but aoimotion and I are two bottomless pits and we thought other things, so we decided to cut it in two chapters, this is the first one and I have to design the next.
  • I’m sorry, I saw you sent me messages and tagged me in some posts, Tomorrow I will controll all and I’ll answer to you, or I’ll try to do my best… I apologize but I was really concentrated on this chapter.
  • the song Judy was listened to is this: I don’t know if you knew it, but is so dramatic, omg… ;_;

Watching Zootopia with the little cousins, having a swell time then we reach Judy’s Apology scene and I notice THIS
I don’t even have words to describe that but ‘broken’ comes to mind. If you can think of a better adjective let me know