Thoughts on Zayn’s Drawing

The more I study Zayn’s interesting creation, the more I see the outline of an elephant seen head-on!

Right in the center, the immediately iconic lips-and-wings tattoo rests on a long, trunk-like appendage - because of this, I like to think that the elephant represents Zayn himself.

The trunk is flanked by two U-shaped curvatures that resemble tusks - the left one in particular showing cracks, holes, and recognizably a bandage - marks of struggle and wear. Interestingly, the base of that tusk also has a segment with screws - as if it had been sawed off once, and reattached. As elephants are often poached for ivory, I can’t help but draw the parallel of Zayn talking about taking control of his music - reclaiming his tusk.

Above the trunk, the left eye is easily found: shot through by lightning, and thickly eyelashed (of course, haha). The right eye is slightly obscured by a glass jar. What exactly is in the jar is hard for to decipher, but it’s interesting to consider that a jar is a distorting lens, making the elephant’s eyesight is unequal.

Continuing with this theme of imbalance, the explosive fire (or wild grass) of the left ear contrasts with the solid mass brickwork of the right ear. Between the ears, on the top of the elephant’s head, are flowers that bring to mind a blossoming of creativity. While earth and flowers are above, the constellations and outer space are below, on the elephant’s belly, a topsy-turvy effect.

The four pillars representing legs are quite open to interpretation…the right hind one is a guitar, that much I can decipher (an indication of more acoustic music to come, perhaps), but the right fore one strikes me as a Star Wars droid (or a transformer) hahaha! (Maybe this is just Zayn’s nerdy side? Haha!) The string of letters down the side of the left foreleg, ever so tantalizing, might something only Zayn understands. Perhaps we want those letters to mean something just like we want Zayn to say more, perhaps he hasn’t voiced all that he’s got to say regarding his situation and One Direction, perhaps never will – that’s the elephant in the room.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


~ Wedding Day ~

Most of the (positive) talk about Preston is that he is an Actual Angel, a perfect little peach, the man people of the Commonwealth stop in the street to give gifts because that’s how much his work means to them.  Don’t get me wrong, his optimism and kindness are beautiful, but Preston, the angel is even more impressive in light of Preston, the soldier.

The man who fought and lost the Quincy Massacre, betrayed by a former ally, the Preston that watched his commanding officer and the innocent people he swore to protect die.  The idealist that watched the organization he idolized from youth crumble around him from greed and corruption, and then instead of forsaking it in bitterness, vowed to make it better.

A title like The Last Minuteman doesn’t happen by accident.  He had to have fought well both physically and intellectually for that burden.  To survive Quincy, to gather the pieces and head for Lexington, and then Concord.

He’s been through some shit.  Take him around the Commonwealth with you and listen to him filter everything through his hypervigilance…

“Man, you could defend this place against an army.”

“This is a good place for an ambush, keep your eyes out.”

“[Fire in] short, controlled bursts.”

[stands still for a minute] “We should get going.”

“It’s too quiet.”

Shit, if Preston doesn’t have PTSD, who does?

Someone talk to me about mentally ill Preston Garvey, who admits to you that he went through a suicidal period and is working his way out. Who by all rights probably still doesn’t want to get out of his shitty two hundred-year-old mattress in the morning, but still does, because god damnit, someone has to make the world a better place.