“I will love you as long as I live, but I cannot be your husband any longer. And I will not be any less to you.” His face began to break apart. “Claire, I want you so badly that my bones shake in my body, but God help me, I am afraid to touch you!”

Color test for custom arctic Aequis design for ashacadence! I wanted to get some of the subtle color shifts I see in northern cardinals to blend with the usually white with dark barring that is common for arctic types. That black mask definitely fits right in, I think I’ll be keeping that trend for the majority of arctic designs.

He’s looking really pretty, I think I’m jealous. (No wait, I KNOW I’m jealous!) I still need to finish three designs for round 2. I’ll keep taking customs in the meantime, as my computer is giving me signs it’s on the way out at last. Life keeps getting in the way, but I can’t complain…

Smoke and Mirrors

Lead us into a Green Dream…

In this Blue World where there is only you and me

L O V E seems like a psychotic fantasy…

And so my heart Bleeds and I pray each night: 

“Baby, will you Love Me Right?” 

Rainbow Love by EXO