I love how in Moana they don’t give a fuck Moana is a girl. I mean her parents weren’t trying to find her a husband, or weren’t trying for a BROTHER. They were so chill she’s gonna be the chief. Even tho they only mentioned male chiefs (i mean who were before her dad) but no one even questions that she is a girl. She is daughter of the chief and it means she’s gonna be the next chief. And i think it’s beautiful.

And I absolutely love how her hair looks. So natural. Not this perfect hair style disney princesses usually have, but super natural weird look.

Growing Pains

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Hello, everyone! I’ve decided to start writing again. This will be a three-part series as of right now so I hope you enjoy the first installment. 

A special shout out to @hcrrystvles for editing this, I love you bb.

dad!harry + teacher!harry

warnings: mentions death, nostalgia, fluff. loads of fluff.

word count: 3,648

summary: the one where Harry’s a school teacher who finds himself teaching the daughter of his first love

Every day that students walked into room 202, they were instantly greeted by the sweet smell of cinnamon buns and vanilla (an air freshener Harry always kept plugged into the wall when he first started working there because it smelt too much like wood). Fairy lights hung above the perimeter of the room, pictures students have drawn covered the wall behind the metallic desk which was covered in magnets. The whole classroom just felt warm. Stepping into Mr. Styles’ year 3 classroom felt like a hug from a friend you haven’t seen in years. It was a safe space for both little ones and teachers alike, no one ever left the room without a bright smile on their face. That was Harry’s specialty.

Harry had taken his job as a teacher very seriously as he took it upon himself to teach the younger generations the most valuable lessons. Not multiplication and cursive writing like the other teachers would say, but things like positivity, acceptance, and kindness. Harry took pride in knowing that when each and every one of his students left his classroom at the end of the year, they carried his teachings with them for the rest of their lives.

Tonight was back to school night and Harry felt himself getting a little nervous as he looked at the time. Parents could be brutal and all he wanted was to be on their good side. He had a feeling this year was about to be little easier though. This year the parents of his students were most likely his age and it brought a strange sense of comfort to him. He could tell because the kids were a lot more open minded and though he wouldn’t admit it, he had a few favorites. Like Harper. The little girl made him feel nostalgic in the strangest way. Maybe it was because she was quite witty for a 7-year-old or that she had an interest in joining his after school choir, but it was something else about her that he couldn’t quite put a finger on.

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Face Time ; Sebastian Stan

WARNINGS: cyber sex theme-ish, masturbation, nsfw!!, parts of seb cussing in romanian, kinda hot tbh –be prepared

summary: being parted from Sebastian, as he visits his homeland, can be a pain in the ass –especially because both of you are always in dire need of sex.

A/N: heh so much Romanian shit happening….i cant even comprehend. sorry if you felt attacked with this drabble

The monitor of your laptop illuminated bright white lights around your dim lit room. You faced against the monitor and scrolled around Youtube and other social medias trying to find updates about the interviews of Sebastian –though completely ignoring the fact that you could directly ask Sebastian yourself via a simple text. And as you looked through the videos suggested, you came across a previous interview about Captain America: The First Avenger in 2011.

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Not Strangers Anymore

A/N: Froy Guttierez literally invented being cute!! I am still working on my Dylan NYSM AU and thought I would try a new person as an apology for the chapter taking so long.

Warning: fingering, making out (Is that even a warning?)

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Wrong | Nyx Ulric x Reader

PAIRING: Nyx Ulric/Reader
SUMMARY: Nyx knows he shouldn’t. It’s you afterall…how could he? aka Nyx fun time in the shower. Smut excerpt from WC. Read the full chapter here

Tagging @glaive-eve for being the best cheerleader and giving me pointers on my writing 💕, @flerghfood for being so patient with me and being the best possible reader a writer could ever ask for (seriously, thank you), and @nyxswaifu cause Nyx fun time 😏😏😏

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  • me *makes art and looks back at it after a few hours*: wow i hate this
  • me *looks back at it after a few hours*: wow i love this
  • me *looks back at it after a few hours again*: wow i hate this
  • me *looks back at it after more hours*: wow i lov-
BTS Reaction: They find a birthmark on your thigh

~anon: Could I ask for the bts members finding a small birthmark on the inner thigh of their s/o while making love. Like the mark has been there, they just never noticed it?~


Jin would think your birthmark would make you more beautiful. He loves it and kisses it all the time.

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Your birthmark would be his new favorite thing about you. He loves how it looks and thinks it makes your thighs even more beautiful than before. 

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He would find it really sexy. He would definitely leave a hickey and kiss all over the rest of your thighs. 

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Rap Monster:

He also finds it super sexy and pays special attention to it. He loves how it makes you more unique and beautiful.

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Jimin would find your birthmark really cute. He’d shyly kiss it and when you were in public he would rest his hand close to you birthmark.

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He seems like the type to love kissing your thighs at any time. Taehyung would kiss every inch of your thighs when taking things slow but would direct most of his attention to your birthmark. 

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Jungkook would find it incredibly sexy because he would love being the only one knowing such an intimate detail about your body. He would definitely mark it during while going down on you.

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