Reasons to love Battle Couples:

-couples that kick ass together, stay together

-you can get those awesome duel fight scenes where someone is shooting someone else while being thrown in the air by the other part of the OTP

-It means you have a reason to write practice sparring fics which almost always devolve into makeouts, ah yes, the perfect lead in

-helping each other improve by giving each other tips and tricks

-competitive battle couples ranking how well the other does in battle

-when one gets injured, the other goes badass to save them, they will fight the enemy, they will fight the enemy’s enemy, they will fight themselves

-one part of the battle couple having to stay behind and waiting for the other to come home, nervous and on edge, and vise versa

-being shit at each other’s weapons if they switch. Or being really good at each other’s weapons. Pick your poison.

-Flirting in the middle of a fight. Because what’s more hot then kicking a baddie in the face then going “so babe, did it hurt when you fell from heaven” “that is a terrible joke” “I think it’s at least a 5/10″

I just love Battle Couples. 

I gave up on the ZaDr animation i was working on…… so instead of deliting and forgetting about it i’m posting the stuff i already had finished for it :’0

Maybe oneday i’ll decently finish an animation, not for this one though </3

evan hansen playing ukulele; headcannons





-oK A Y

-s o evan loves the sound of ukuleles

-he goes on youtube and listen to covers of songs that have ukes

-and the noise is just so pretty and calming and beautiful he just loves it

-he actually has a few covers from people like dodie that he listens to to try and calm down when he’s feeling anxious

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Prompt: “Can you write a Harry styles imagine where he wakes you up in the middle of the night with a migraine and he needs you to take care of him because he doesn’t feel good ?? Thanks darling!” -Anon

Word Count: 1,106. 

Ah- Ah- Ah -Ah I’ve got a migraine. There’s a couple tøp references in this heh. Apologies that it’s so short! Wrote this in the hour of free time that I had lol. Thank you for requesting :) I’m slowly moving down my lists of requests now that I got a new laptop! Next one will be a Josh Dun imagine. 

Love to you, Iz xx

Fuck. Harry thinks to himself, green eyes reluctantly opening. He moves to grip his head only to realise his arm is stuck in your firm grasp. Another line of profanities slips from his lips as he edges it out of your arms. You stir slightly before flipping to the other side, a sigh of relief leaving his lips.

Fucking hell this hurts. Harry clutches his head, which is now aching. He knew exactly what was coming on. The discomfort only increases the more he rouses himself. His eyes shut, the pain reverberating throughout the rest of his skull. 

How the hell did this even happen? He didn’t even drink much before going to bed- just a couple wine glasses of wine at his dinner party with Jeff and Glenn.

His free hand pats the bedside table for the glass of water you always made sure to set out in case of instances like this. The migraine picks at him as he gulps down the glass and decides medicine would be the only cure.

The hardwood floor is frigid underneath his feet and Harry reminds himself to start wearing socks to bed; the winter months in London are always unforgiving.

Not wanting to worsen the pain, he is forced to search for the medicine in the dark. His fingers brush over a bottle similar to his usual pain relief bottle so he pours two into his hands. However once the pills touch his palm, his brows furrow. They’re circular instead of the usual capsule-shaped pills. 

He pulls the bottle closer, eyes widening at the label. “Fast Acting Laxatives” reads the jar, causing Harry to yelp and drop it. He was this close to taking two of them. He winces at the sound of hard plastic hitting the floor, knowing several little pills spilt out. 

Why ‘ave we even got these in the first place? Oh shit, wait, yeah. Harry answers his own question, thinking back to the time he pranked Louis back by crushing one and putting it into his drink. Serves Louis right though, no one messes with Harry’s boots, especially if it is to draw something on them.

Rummaging through the rest of the drawer, he finally comes across the correct bottle of medicine after carefully examining the label despite the strain in his eyes and pulse in his head.

He quietly pads back to the bed, hoping to fall asleep quickly and wake up feeling better. Your eyes flutter open at the sudden dip and wave of warmth, turning to glance at your husband.

“Harry?” You mumble in the darkness, reaching a hand out for his. He curses to himself, having woken you up.

He cuddles closer to you, tugging your body onto his chest. He’s afraid if he tells you about the raging migraine in his head, you’ll feel compelled to stay awake and take care of him. He murmurs a reply you just barely register. 

“Go back to sleep, darlin.” You don’t have to be told twice as you drift off, sleep becoming of you once again.

A small smile etches across his face as he feels you falling deeper. 

Though once your breathing slows, Harry regrets not telling you what was wrong as the throbbing only escalates. He lets out a groan knowing it would take another twenty minutes for the medicine to set in, and even then he doesn’t know if it would work that well.

His breathing becomes heavy, gripping the right side of his head. He didn’t get migraines often, but when he did, oh boy were they raging. His eyes clamp down in an attempt to force sleep, but it only worsens the pain.

“Mgh.” He releases an incoherent moan, shifting from side to side. Harry knows he probably shouldn’t, but fuck it, you’re the only person he knows could help.

“Love,” He gently shakes. You grumble a bit as his swaying continues, his repeated pet names finally waking you.

“What? What is it, H?” You almost snap, slightly annoyed. 

“I-I-I’ve got a migraine.” He mutters in reply, guilt also setting in as he woke you with his own problems. 

“Oh.” You bite your lip, thankful that you did not utter any rude words. 

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up. You can go back to sleep-”

“No, no. Of course not. I’m glad you woke me up. Do you want me to get some more water or boil some? Have you taken meds for it?” 

His head nods, whining lowly at the sensation.

“ ‘m sorry,” Harry apologises again. “I really wouldn’t wake you unless it was bad and I’ve tried to go back to sleep but I just can’t and- and… it really fooking hurts.” 

You lean forward to lay a kiss on his forehead. “Don’t apologise for wanting help, my love.” You respond before exiting to make tea. The herbal ones always seemed to calm him.

Once back in the room, you frown at his exterior. His body is up against the headboard, arms crossed and trying to relax but it was only causing more of an ache.

You sigh, pulling him closer. He tries to relax in your grasp but cannot rattle the discomfort. Your fingers dig into his hair, gently massaging the tender areas.

“… and my pain will range from up, down and sideways, thank God it’s Friday cause Fridays…” You hum lowly, the TØP song sticking to your brain after Harry brought up the title.

“Don’t know why they, always seem so dismal. Thunderstorms, clouds, snow, and a slight drizzle…” 

“What’s the name of that song again, angel?” Harry interjects. 

“Migraine.” You chuckle, causing him to groan. 

“You don’t like the song?” 

“No, no. I do, it’s just… perhaps something a bit more mellow for the moment?” 

You nod, beginning a different song for your husband. Though everything still hurt, your repeated touch and sound eased his pain just a bit. 

“But ain’t nobody love you like I do…” 

You notice his breathing gradually calm as you sing softly. Another smile comes across his face, feeling incredibly thankful to have you around. Nothing and no one could ever make him feel as you do. 

“Promise that I will not take it personal-”

“-baby?” He completes the line, though his intonation hints that it is question rather than him singing. You pout, thinking you had upset him again by the choice of song. Happier had also been circling your thoughts and though it did not apply to either of you, it was still a fantastic song to sing.

“Yes, Haz?” 

“I’ve never been happier than when I’m with you.”

group chat
  • Izzy: simon, i finally changed your name in my phone to Lord Montgomery
  • Clary: iz, did you mean to send this to the group?
  • Izzy: yeah, why?
  • Alec: by the angel
  • Jace: i really don't need to see this
  • Jace: i don't like the thought of simon with our sister any more than you do, alec
  • Clary: i'm just going to point out that i don't want to hear about it either. as much as i love you, iz (which is a lottt 💕)
  • Alec: *in
  • Alec: even autocorrect is too upset
  • Magnus: Accidentally walking in on friends? Welcome to my world, Alexander.
  • Jace: to be fair, clary & i were only kissing
  • Clary: 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • Izzy: you guys had sex in hell, you don't get to say anything

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hello guys! so this was kind of requested and I have been asked a lot of questions about let me finally (and briefly) introduce them to you!


IZ (아이즈; pronounced ‘EYES’) is a new kpop band that consists of 4 members, who debuted on august 31st, 2017 under MUSICK Entertainment. They have been training for 3 years and has performed at many high schools (even their own) and busking events. 

Some FAQ:

1. What does ‘IZ’ stand for?

it’s a combination of the first roman numeral ‘I’ and ‘Z’ being the last letter of the alphabet meaning, as one member (Hyunjun) said: it means that we will always honor our passion for music and love our fans from beginning till the end.

2. Do they have a slogan?

yes they do, “OPEN YOUR IZ” I love it, they are so unique.

3. What is their fan club name?

ILUV (아이럽) ; meaning IZ LOVE UNTIL FOREVER :)

4. How old are they?

* their average age is 18, just finishing high school, but considered minors so i just wanted to say please don’t sexualize thank you. 

IZ debuted with a wonderful song called ‘다해’  (All you want) please watch and stream it as many times as you can on youtube and vlive!!! share it with your friends!!!

now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for


JIHOO (지후)

real name: lim/im soojung (임수정)

position: leader and vocalist

birthday: august 5th, 1998 (oldest)

hobby: reading


real name: lee hyunjun (이현준)

position: guitar, ‘happy vitamin’ & visual

birthday: december 21st, 1999

hobby: watching movies

WOOSU (우수)

nickname: ‘smiley’

position: drums (sometimes mistaken as maknae ㅋㅋ)

birthday: november 23rd, 1999

hobby: watching movies


position: bass guitar (maknae)

birthday: september 23rd, 2000

hobby: listening to music

here’s a random photo of them holding a rose lol, so ethereal

and also, mark your calendars because IZ will perform their ‘HOT DEBUT’ on Music Bank, tomorrow at 5PM KST! (170901)

ive could have done my formatting better but its okay lol..

i’ll try my best to keep you updated with their activities ‘n stuff here while posting gifs (so im kinda a gif blog/sorta fanbase like) but if you have any more questions, feel free to ask me anytime! thank you guys and continue to support iz! 아이럽~

Which old skool Mettlllica member r u most like (with advice)

If u agree with 6+ shiets then ur mostly like that fuken cunt*

Jaymz Ricefield:

- popular af
- chix luv u
- guyz luv u
- ppl always listen to u
- lowkey bully
- funny af tho
- strong independant woman
- luvs black
- sexay voice
- worst enemy: acne
- likes to kick doges
- beer iz love
- tries 2 look manly, is actually gayer than existence

advice 4 u: learn to say “no” once in a while

Liars Uldick:

- smol
- highkey asshole
- enjoys shouting at ppl
- gets pissd off easily
- bully
- worst enemy: double bass drum, ppl dat share money
- money b4 hoes
- gay af
- you lead ppl 2 doom
- smoller than a fuck

advice 2 u : cunt

Krik Mahttem: 

- nerd af
- fucken geek
- luvs horror movies
- sweet
- rarely gets furious
- luvs peace
- gay af
- gr8 skin
- is even cute when angry
- worst enemy: nobody ur pretty chill
- obsessed with dis girl calld wah pedal
- soft voice that cures hemorroids

advice 4 ur ass : if u dont use wah pedal on ur next solo, lars will suck ur deek trust

Jasan Bulliedsted:

- sweetiepie
- cute af
- cute voice
- gr8 curls
- ppl underrate u
- likes painting
- lowkey gay
- bad jokes
- kinda awkward
- ppl bully u 4 no reason like wtf
- worst enemy: gay bandmates n pies
- interrupted by ppl often
- chix h8 you 4 being so cute, guyz h8 you cuz they can

fuckin advice : turn up ur bass next time, and dont let ppl touch ur buns

Dav Mustin:

- highkey asshol
- resentful af
- bitchy af
- fucken liar
- gay af
- nice hair asshol
- ppl like u anyways
- doesnt take any shit tho
- hates other ppl
- hates curly haired lead guitarists
- likes punching bandmates
- enjoys peeing on basses
- worst enemy: krik wahpedalmett, urself, ppl dat kick ur doges

gay advice : dont headbang 2 hard or ull get artroses, arthoszis, arhtrietis, man fuck that word

Cleff Burtin:

- cool
- angel
- cultured
- funny af
- smart
- likes reading
- tru 2 urself
- gr8 friend
- ded
- worst enemy: ppl dat critize evrything like stfu
- witty
- pure
- jean jackets 4 laif

advice : nothing ur cool keep it up

Ronald Mcdonald:

- ppl forgot abt u
- u pay 4 evrybodys shiet
- ppl think u did nothing, prbly tru
- used by those that were ur frends
- nice
- donkey
- ppl pee on ur bass
- done with mustins bullshiet
- worst enemy : (ex) frends 

- Who r u 

- U scare lil kids

advice 4 ur soul bby: b more greedy

*(check your sun, moon, horoscope, blood pressure, and your last dump for more accuracy)

Broken Laptop // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: fluff, domestic fluff, parent!phan

Words: 1.4k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: fighting

Summary: “When I was on my drive home from Tesco’s, I was expecting everything to be all peaceful when I got home. Instead, I came home to a warzone over a laptop of all things.”

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Do You Really Want Me - Chapter 28

Shannon meets Jared at Izzy’s place. The back of Jared’s SUV is overflowing with boxes, bags and baby items that the brothers unload into the house.

“Did Kate ask where you were going in the middle of the night?”

“They were asleep when I left. I left her a note,” Shannon tells him, dropping the last of the bags in what was Kate’s room.

A look of panic crosses Jared’s face. “You didn’t tell her what we’re doing, did you?”

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anonymous asked:

jacemaia prompt jace telling alec about maia

“Alec, can we, uh, talk?” 

Alec glanced up from the tablet in his hands. “Uh… yeah, of course. What’s up?” 

“It’s, uh, about…” Jace bit his lip. “I need… I need relationship advice.”
Alec raised an eyebrow. “Is this about Clary?”

“No- no, it’s not about Clary.” Jace closed his eyes. “I- I don’t think I can ever- Nothing good will ever come from me and Clary being… a thing.” 

Alec frowned. “This- this isn’t a sex thing, is it? Because I don’t think I could help you out any-”

Jace raised a hand cutting Alec off. “No- no. I- I… do you remember Maia?” 

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