This song has been dedicated already to my “precious lady”. I want to share it with my Dear friend 0rpheus38, who had problems with YT and got “Reloj” instead of this one “Irresistible”. The former is for heartbreaking and this one is for the romance and praise of angels dressed like woman…

“Desde el cielo he recibido la noticia de
que un ángel  se ha escapado sin querer,
y que anda perdido por la tierra,
lo que tiene es que se viste de mujer.

Yo conozco una criatura que yo he visto y
que cada vez que yo la puedo ver,
me parece que estoy mirando a un ángel, el ángel de mi querer.

Pero yo no soy, mas que un infeliz,
que no puedo más, que decirte así,
Dios te guarde criatura irresistible, Dios te bendiga mujer.

El consuelo que me queda es que he podido ver
de cerca la mas hermosa mujer.
la criatura mas linda que yo he visto,
la figura mas henchida de placer.

Es tan rara tan sencilla y tan hermosa,
como la más linda rosa de un vergel.
Que me muera si al verla yo no tiemblo, o que preciosa mujer.
Pero yo no soy, más que un infeliz,
que no puedo mas, que decirte así,

Dios te guarde criatura irresistible, Dios te bendiga mujer”.

Enjoy it!  

Eduardo Orozco

Okay, this… this is new. You’re new… Look, you can tell her that it doesn’t matter if she’s changed everything. I’m still going to find him, and I’m going to get him out of here. 

Today has been a special day for me. It has now been 2 years since I first came out and admitted I’m gay. I cannot tell you how good it feels to say that 😄 I definitely remember when I was first coming out. It was quite emotional and I remember crying for a good amount of time because I had never told anyone, and I was finally admitting the truth not only to me, but everyone else that I would tell at a later time. To be honest, I am actually tearing up a little bit as I’m writing this post because of all the indescribable emotions of happiness :’) I would like to say thank you to everyone who as only given me love and support for just being myself ☺️ I love all of you! ❤️💛💚💙💜 Remember, always be the best version of you. There’s no point in being someone who you aren’t.

Ize - pronounced like ee-zay - is yet another new addition to the team. She’s a caretaker. She’s incredibly tall - 6 foot even - but she’s also very soft, and not only on the outside. She keeps her hair knotted in dreadlocks and puts little crystals and feathers and bits of things she finds fascinating into them. Her skin is very dark and her eyes look black unless seen in a direct bright light.
She loves children. She’s always been driven by maternal instinct, whether it be defending warboys from each other or helping the little warpups. She’s extremely protective of everyone she meets. Ize is considerate of other people’s spaces and feelings toward her, but she’s not afraid to get in someone’s face if they harm anyone she loves. Which is everyone.

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why the fuck are we arguing about potatoes can we actually go back to astrology related asks/posts k thanks bye love you