hyoseomg asked:

"May all your bacon burn."

“now you’re talking like a real killer.”

ever since their unique meeting ( to put it simply ) the girl had been hanging on threads by his feet. whether or not she knew what he was up to didn’t matter as much, the company was needed whenever time didn’t feel fast enough. the spaces between sirius’ leaves & his children away at school craved to be filled with something more than bloodlust. kinship of some kind was needed, for the more personal connections he had—the sweeter the kills.

“it’s a good thing i’m not in the mood for bacon & these shrivelled treats are all for you.” with one shake of the pan the grease bubbled once more, circling around the slices of meat before settling around the inner ring of the pan. sinking his teeth into his lower lip to hold back his smile he raised the pan away from the stove before sliding it down on a plate, roughly handing it to her—no, nearly shoving it against her chest—before moving on to make himself some real food.