Reasons Why “Tangled: The Series” Is Amazing

The animation

It stays unwaveringly true to the spirit of the original movie while still giving us new worlds, scenarios, and characters to explore 

Realistic/believable/complex relationships between lovers, friends, acquaintances, enemies, frenemies, etc. etc.

The animation

Rapunzel is portrayed as naive and exploratory, as she should be, re-discovering a world she always dreamed of but didn’t truly experience for the first 18 years of her life; she’s a fish-out-of-water and it’s hilarious, pure, beautiful, and realistic

Conflicts between the main characters are resolved through communication and discussion

The themes are honest, raw, and respectful to viewers of all ages; nothing is “dumbed down for kids”, nor is it peppered with references geared specifically for the adult audience; it’s its own thing, and it works on all levels

The animation

No one is an archetype: Rapunzel is a funny, girly princess, but she’s also an adventurer and knowledge-seeker; Eugene is comic relief, but he’s also noble and brave; Cassandra is a hardened warrior, but she’s also a dreamer, and a best friend; etc. etc. etc. 

The animation

The animation

Maximus and Pascal 

Oh, yeah, and the animation

Some positives:


Cartman rapping lmao

The Trump tweeting joke at the end

Craig and Tweek singing and TWEEK PLAYING THE PIANO!

Kyle calling Cartman a dying pig lmao

Mr. Garrisons stank face

Tweek realizing what Craig was trying to do for him and that smile EXCHANGE AHHHHHH