Now our photographs aren’t on the wall, they’re in the drawer
The sweater you bought me isn’t in the front, it’s back in the closet
The rings you gifted me aren’t on my fingers, they’re in a box
My heart isn’t with me because it was already yours when you left
—  existpause

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I've been waiting for a new undertale video everyday like "DID THEY UPLOAD IT??" just because I fucking love undertale and their reactions are hilarious and adorable, but dan uploaded a video and tweeted a video showing off his hubby and being ~DOMESTIC~ (they're so married and grosss aaahh). So I'm not complaining that much

lately its just been

over on dan’s social media pls

Anti-Valentine’s Day Magic

So Valentine’s day might not be your cup of tea. Or, maybe it usually is, but things are different this year. Whatever your reason, and whatever your situation, we’ve got you covered.

1. Repress a romance

Unwanted feelings blooming in your heart recently? Use this simple spell to put those feelings on ice.

2. Avoid Unwanted Attention

This this invisibility glamour to avoid creeps, smalltalk and or people who keep asking you why you’re still single. You don’t need any of that.

3. Banish an unwanted lover

Got an ex who won’t go away? Maybe a fan club of creeps and you’re just not interested? Use this banishing powder to send them off.

4. Galentine’s Day Cocktail Potion

Does Valentine’s day just make you think of all great friendships you have instead? To give your girly celebrations a magical boost, try these witchy cocktails out.

5. Single & Fine Sigil

Need a reminder that you’re happy on your own? Place this sigil somewhere to remind you that you’re just great.

6. Self Love Bath Spell

Still want to do something involving love this Vday? How bout love yourself? 

Okayyyyy so I just reached 10k followers!!! And I’m soooooo happy. I decided to make a new follow forever even though I don’t like to call it ‘follow forever’ because things happen and people change and sometimes I have to unfollow someone :/ BUT at the moment I love every blog that I see on my dash. I love my mutuals, I love my followers, I love everyone. I know I talk a lot of shit on my blog but I always try to be nice and most of the time I live in my happy niall/nouis bubble. So thank you for following me!! and thank you for talking to me :) I talk to so many of my mutuals and it makes me really happy because I love you all. I love tumblr and I’m not going anywhere because I love niall and this band way too much. So here are my favorite blogs and you should definitely follow all of them because they are amazing. bold: you’re one of my best friends and/or one of my favorite blogs. Sooo yeah :) THANK YOU! ♥ (and please don’t hate me if you can’t find your url in this list. I still love you and you’re wonderful)

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