We live hundreds of miles apart
and even though you aren’t here
to say good morning
or hold me on a bad day
you love me enough
to love me from a distance for the time being
because most people wouldn’t say it’s worth it
but even if our schedules look a little differently
and we live far away
it doesn’t change
the love for you I have inside my heart.
—  kl poems
Fight for the rights of all things that live and breathe for this love. Fight for change and fight for equality because in all things love lives and when we become the change we also become love in every essence of our fibre. We come from love so let’s start showing the love.
—  fauxcroftFight for love

I cosplay because it’s the only time I really get to dress up super cute with makeup and wigs and everything. Being a deeply closeted trans girl means that Love Live is one of my only escapes for gender expression, although I really like the show, the game, and the songs. I think that’s part of the reason why it resonated so much with me; it was basically an outlet for gender expression that I could play off as “just a guy who really likes love live”