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Dove Choose Beautiful | Women all over the world make a choice

This gave me all the feels.

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100 letters by Halsey is such a Maria song

Yes, I am here for survivor-ace Maria? I love this song.
I would love to write something, putting my own experiences about some personal things in there but at the same time it might be too heavy of a topic. 
I love this song for her. Maria is one of my favorite characters to modernize but she’s more of a vent character. I would love to write for her but it would be a really deep, realistic piece of survival and not so much tropey and lovey ahah. Also I have a problem with fandoms (Hamfandom) using real heavy issues and messages and downplaying them for a chapter long “angst” plot that is never truly worked through or is simply resolved through romance. 
*LONG WINDED SIGH* I wish I could write but I’m not one to vent through my pieces (not publicly at least) perhaps one day, on ao3 and not tumblr so I can regulate the warnings and stuff