2AM - part 12 (A Minseok Series)

Genre: Romance

Characters: Minseok X You

A/N: the next chapter will be the final, again XD for real this time.

2AM - [M] part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11 ,  part 12

The slamming sound of the door echoed around the room after Jongdae left. Minseok’s back was tense and his hands were balled into tight fists at his hips and you could see the slow rise and fall of his shoulders as he inhaled a deep breath.

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71# Soft Klance of the Day:  They land on a planet of rain, that Lance falls in love with immediately.
Lance is running out of the castle in the blink of an eye, getting drenched and splashing on the water. Smiling brightly he drags Keith out of the entrance out into the rain, who immediately gets drenched and starts shivering and complaining, though he is still staring at Lance with fondness.
“You are acting like a child.”
Lance grins as he replies. “It’s the childish heart you fell in love with.”
“Wait what was that? I DIDN’T HEAR YOU BECAUSE OF THE RAIN.” Lance shouts.
“I hate you.”
“Nope, that wasn’t it.”
Keith raises an eyebrow. “Thought you hadn’t heard me.”
When they kiss on the rain they realize they both taste like sugar, and that the rain water is sweet instead of salty.

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I was reading angst and when I'm reading angst bad things happens. Have you ever seen A Mother's Nightmare? If you have then imagine cute innocent and sweet little Barry Allen having traumas because of Vanessa. One night something really big happened and he can't defeat the meta of the week so he goes to Saints and Sinners to ask for Len's help, but while they're talking Barry drops his glass and 'shit, Vanessa...' and he is so scared of Vanessa

Anon, my love, my muse, I waited on this for MONTHS, because I had not seen the Lifetime movie, so I made it my mission to do so before I responded, and finally tonight, with Mr. Crimson at Darkness Days, I am home alone and I watched it. 

And wow…god, Grant is so good. But oh, was that tough to watch at times too!

So let’s infuse Vanessa into the Flash universe. 

imagine it all happened the same way, only Barry with Joe and Iris. So Barry has his first girlfriend at 16 and she’s a BITCH, maybe it’s even Becky Cooper, and she breaks Barry’s heart, and he is depressed for weeks, and Joe and Iris cover for him, but eventually Barry has to return to school, and right away he meets Vanessa, a transfer who just captives him. 

The movie plot happens, only with both Iris and Joe being the ones worried after Barry, and he is distraught over the loss of his parents and his crush on Iris and just everything, and Vanessa pulls him into her clutches easily, almost managing to kill Barry but Joe gets there in time to save him. 

Vanessa, being a minor, only goes away for psychiatric evaluation, but Barry tries to move on from how she threw his life for a loop. 

Now, almost a decade later, Barry is The Flash, he’s doing well, he’s finally gotten his father out of prison and has been saving the city, but he misses his dad, who’s out and about trying to acclimate back into normal life, and he just…fails, because he worries he’s a failure in general if his father wanted to get away after finally getting out of prison. 

So it’s right after Lewis, and Len showing up for Christmas, and Barry has a bad night because he misses his dad and broke up with Patty and now Wally’s in the West family and things are crazy and he just FAILS, so he goes to Saints for a drink, not believing he’ll run into Len but hoping…and then there Len is, but after a few minutes of casual flirting, there’s VANESSA too, like she never left Barry’s life and he freezes, because it’s been ten YEARS, but it’s her and he can’t breathe and…


“Oh my god…”

“You know her?”

“She…she tried to kill me. When we were kids, she…she tried to kill me. She was my first…everything, I…loved her…” And he can’t say anything else, but it’s enough for Len to be intrigued and worried and protective, especially once Vanessa sees Barry and comes up to him. 

“Barry? You look amazing. Do you remember me?” 

Len knows this type, the fake fragile, manipulative type who’s cracked but clever and very dangerous. He steps in front of Barry before the boy can respond. 

“He tends to forget everything when I’m involved, given how we spend our nights. Who are you?”

Len is all confrontation, because Barry is terrified, and even if Len and Barry have never been more than nemesis, in this case, he’s ready to play jealous boyfriend to keep Barry safe. 

And Barry is so grateful when Len is ready to counter every lie this girl throws out, and if, sometime later, Vanessa goes missing, who would really miss her, as long as Barry looks at Len like that?

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Hi! I noticed you did a awkward first time with Chen. Can I request the same thing except with Xiumin? Also could you please make the girl more shy and awkward?

❝ sorry for the long wait, love
►887 words; short drabble 

“It’s okay” Xiumin says, his words comforting and hushed. His hand overlapped yours, gently guiding your shaky fingers down his bare chest at a reasonably slow place. Your face was flushed a deep rose, eyes averting from his half naked figure and focusing on the slight discoloration on the wall produced from when forgot and missed the section while repainting your room a few weeks ago.

“It’s okay, baby” he whispered, knocking you out of your short lived trance to softly grip your chin and turn your face back to him, pecking your lips in reassurance. You nodded, adjusting your current straddling position in his lap to prepare for what was about to happen,

It wasn’t like you were scared - you were absolutely petrified - deep down you worried, teeth producing red marks on your bottom lip and inside of your cheek, that if you did something wrong it would ruin everything. This was supposed to be romantic, a special and sweet first time between you and the man you loved. But alas you knew that that was not in fact true; you were shy, awkward even and to say that it would be exactly like it would be in the many pornos you watched in preparation would like a big, fat lie. Your hands shook, breathing irregular and eyes wide as you watched your nimble digits graze the curvature of his abs and down to the hem of his jeans.

“C-can i?” you stuttered, retracting your hand slightly in case he changed his mind about this whole ordeal. Xiumin nodded, a small smile present on his lips as he watched you as you apprehensively unbuckled his belt and unbutton the button, unzipping the zipper by it’s teeth. The checkered pattern of his boxers stood out, a small tent forming as it hit the cold air of your bedroom.

“I don’t know how to do this.” you whispered, embarrassment crawling up your spine, full force. You fiddled with your fingers, picking at hangnails and examining the lines that run along the inside of your palm; anywhere but Xiumin. He nodded, gently pushing you by your shoulders so you were laying on your back against the soft gray sheets of your bed.

You let Xiumin take control, and with steady hands clothes slowly come off; the sound of the soft material hitting the hardwood floor feeling a million miles away. Naked, against soft silk sheets you shivered; head spinning with anxiety and embarrassment at feeling so exposed at another person’s viewing. Your hands quickly covered your bare chest once the thin material of your bra hit the oak flooring at the foot of your bed.

“Don’t hide from me,” Xiumin whispered, one hand gripping your chin and turning your face back to his. “You’re pretty. Oh so, pretty, my love.”

You smiled a small smile, letting his unravel your crossed arms like a present on Christmas day. He kissed your lips once, twice, three times before pressing soft feathery kisses down your neck and to the curvature of your upper breast. He stopped, taking one hand that lay rest by the side of your head and slowly inserted it into you, twisting and curling and rubbing against your walls to prepare for what is about to come. He added another, and then another until 3 of his fingers are moving a reasonable pace inside you and his lips enclosed around your nipple. Your back arched, bare skin coming into contact with bare skin and once he deemed you ready enough, he pulled his fingers out of you and distracted you with a tender kiss, full of love and compassion, that you can tell immediately. He leaned up, grabbing a condom from the bedside stand and rolled it onto himself carefully. Xiumin lined up with your entrance, He pushed in slowly, and as gentle as he could, watching with hooded eyes as you winced at the sudden stretch.

You didn’t know where to put your hands, deciding to keep them at bay at your sides as Xiumin started a slow pace, thrusting in and out of your heat lovingly.

“P-put your hands on my chest,” he said, heavy pants filling your ears. “please.”

You nodded, unfisting the bedsheets and placing your palms on Xiumin’s bare chest, whimpering as he that spot deep inside you that makes your entire body shiver with pleasure.

His thrusts got sloppy, sweat dripping down his tanned skin and you felt a coil in your stomach; an undeniable lump on pleasure that felt as if it would break at any second.

“Cum for me, baby. Can you do that? Can you cum for me?” Xiumin whispered in your ear, breathily. You nodded, moaning loudly as he stopped rubbing slow, hard circles into your clit. You clenched around him tightly as you came, whimpering as you felt Xiumin cum into the condom; the warmth oddly soothing. You both winced when he pulled out, throwing the soil condom into the nearby trashcan and bundling you up in his arms underneath the covers.

“You okay?” He whispered, petting your hair lovingly as you snuggled into his chest.

You nodded, pushing your head into the crook of his neck and placing a chaste kiss there.

“I love you.” You whispered, eyes leaden with exhaustion.

“I love you too.”

I want to wake up in the middle of the night just to see that you’re sleeping next to me. I’ll bury my face on your chest and i’ll hug you so tight and whisper how much i love you till i fall asleep once again. I know that when i wake up, you’re still there with me. I’ll wake you up with my morning kiss and warm hug. Tell me about the dream you had last night and i’ll tell you how i’m so blessed to wake up next to you. Let’s go for a jog and capture the sky, the people around us, i want to capture every moment we’re together. Love, I can’t wait to sleep next to you every night.

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Thank you love, it means a lot! ❤️️❤️️❤️️

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Old kindle book, new kindle book

Ugh. I love the first glass book, loved, loved, loved! I waited till this priced dropped to grab the second and swooped in to grab it. Massive disappointment.

It wasn’t a case of too much was crammed in to allow decent story and character development, it was just a pile of scraps, shoved in which wasn’t necessary. I’m utterly peeved, only the ending gave it something intriguing but unless the third one is free or 99p I’ll doubt I’ll read it.

And now onto STAGS. I got a free advanced reading copy at the beginning of the summer so I’m catching up. It is set at an elite boarding school where the students are involved in a bloodsport/ fight to the death sorta game conspiracy. Looks interesting so feeling optimistic 👍🏼

why do i, a culturally jewish, agnostic white girl, love “jesus is waiting” the most out of all the al green songs? if i could explain that, i’d be a better thinker and writer.

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hii just dropping by to say i love ur new fic!! cant wait to read more 😭🙌 it really reminds me of this song called Body by MINO ~ kpop aha but anyways have a great day 🌸

OHHH i love that song!✨ thank you🔥

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wait why would you get hate for shipping hunay? it’s basically canon? 


Ship Posters: ♡ Damon Salvatore & Elena Gilbert ♡

Fine. Then I’m not sorry, either. I’m not sorry that I met you. I’m not sorry that knowing you has made me question everything. That in death, you’re the one that made me feel most alive. You’ve been a terrible person. You made all the wrong choices and of all the choices that I’ve made this will prove to be the worst one, but I am not sorry that I’m in love with you. I love you, Damon.

(not so) subtle hints peter drops when he has a crush on you

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  • although we all know peter is a gentleman, he goes out of his way to be the ultra gentleman for you
    • actually running in front of you to grab the door for you
      • pouting when you get there first 
    • making sure to always have a hoodie on hand for you when you’d get cold 
    • always insisting on buying your coffee
      • often bringing you coffee before classes that he just knows you’re way too tired to handle at the early hours of the day 
      • he has your orders memorized for each coffee shop and bakery within queens 
      • always remembering to put a little coffee sleeve on your drink so it doesn’t burn your fingertips 
    • “wow your hair looks great today” 
      • “thanks..didn’t even have time to brush it” 
    • “that shirt looks great, y/n” 
      • “it’s yours” 
    • “your eyes are really pretty wOW” 
    • “y-you have really nice lips, is that a weird thing to say? yeah it probably is, i should stop talking, i’m still talking, ned make me shut uP” 
    • “if my parents were alive i’m sure they’d love you-wait that’s a horrible thing to say” 
      • “pETER” 
  • he absolutely LOVES spending time with you and finding excuses to do so 
      • peter is your go-to man for all school subjects and he knows it
      • so homeboy uses that to his advantage 
      • “hey, y/n, i could totally tutor you” 
        • “peter, you’re literally spider-man, you have other responsibilities” 
        • “but i’d rather help you, best friend duties of course” 
    • exhibit b: mOVIE MarATHONS WEEKLY 
      • ned at first begging peter to come, but peter begging him to make up an excuse as to why he couldn’t go 
      • every week 
      • “peter, why is ned never here anymore???”
      • “uhm…great question?” 
      • he one time actually LOWERED the thermostat so you would be cold and his hopes were you’d cuddle with him 
      • “jesus, your apartment is freezing today” 
      • “darn..cuddle?” 
    • exhibit c: always lab partners 
      • you replaced ned really quick 
      • but ned didn’t mind, he liked playing the wingman so he’d go chill with michelle
        • don’t @ me but i ship that 
      • peter making sure to save you a spot before class and you happily sitting next to him 
      • he’s lowkey making web fluid in between experiments 
      • “hey, pete, can i watch you do that? it’s actually really fascinating” 
      • you totally find it adorable cool how into it peter gets and he thoroughly explains everything 
      • tbh not getting much of the labs done 
    • “hey, y/n, why don’t you go to homecoming with peter?”
      • “he never asked me?”
      • “right, he’s just scared, so i of course am left with all the heavy lifting” 
        • “neD sHUT Up!!” 
    • he loves doing the cliche thing where he physically pushes peter into you often 
    • ned loves to drop not so subtle winks at peter in between conversations amongst the three of you
    • often “whispering” too loudly 
      • “peTER THERE’S Y/N” 
      • “THANKS NED, I GOT  IT” 
    • “please ask her out, this wingman thing is exhausting” 
      • “all you do is embarrass me ??” 
  • eventually catching on and peter is very !!?!?!?!?!?!? 
    • “hey peter, do you like me?”
      • him practically choking on air 
      • “w-what , w-who told you? what????”
    • “it’s fine if you don’t, i mean i like you, but if you don’t it’s totally cool maybe i just misread-” 
      • “waIT YOU LIKE ME?”
        • “what do you mean by ‘misread’???”
      • “peter you’re not that subtle” 
      • “it was ned wasn’t it” 
  • moral of the story: you got peter head over heels and it’s the cutest thing in the whole world