billiejoearmstrong on Instagram:

So maybe,
I am waiting
for something
that will not happen,
yet maybe someday
I will be so happy
and surprise
by something
I could never imagine—

that’s when
the universe
will show
it’s love
for me.

—  ma.c.a // And in the end, the stars will still shine brightly

I Love the idea of comforting cryptids . monsters who live under your bed to assure that nothing bad can fit under there because They’re there & there’s no more room . unspeakable eldritch horrors that follow you around just so they can tell you shitty puns . Mom Friend™ poltergeists who passive aggressively disrupt all your electronics when ur a lil shit who should be sleeping because “you have an exam in the morning!!” , but Also tag along on blind dates in case you suddenly need an out . sirens who work as lifeguards & sing so instead of panicking you can focus on your movements & breathe easier . forest ranger Bigfoot who patrols the woods in case anyone gets lost & needs a guide out . 

Hi there! I just wanted to make something clear about the last picture with Victor and Yuuri having sex on the ice.
First, Victor is not sitting right on it - there is a jacket that keeps his awesome butt warm. Well… okay, not really warm, but still it’s something. Look at these two people! Are they cold? No. They are hot! 😏
Second, what could be more exciting than having sex with the figure skating legend Victor Nikiforov when you’re also a great figure skater and you both love the ice and, of course, each other? Yes, having sex on the ice! I mean it’s not that their action wasn’t planned and they completely lost their mind. Yuuri (or Victor, who knows) took off the left skate to remove his pants and then took it back on! Because it’s warmer, because he wanted to, because it’s sexy, because whatever. Let’s not think about them being so hot right now and getting ill after that. It won’t happen. Even if it will, I’m sure they’ll take care about each other. They won’t regret it. I don’t regret it.
And third… I’m an artist, I’m a crazy victuri shipper and I did this because my imagination is unstoppable. I’m happy that you enjoy it as much as I do. And I want to thank all of you for the appreciation, for your love to YOI and to my art! ❤️