I love heteronormativity

Kara and Lena: Do lots of romantic gestures, support each other, flirt, stare lovingly at each other…

The media: Awww such good friends. Too bad they’re destined to be enemies and all that.

James and Lena: Interact 3 seconds in a profesional enviroment.

The media:

I know it’s going to happen and I have to accept it but it still makes me mad that everyone is speculating and asking Katie and Mehcad about it just because he was nice to her and she smiled.

Now  suddenly they see sparks and love in the air. Can’t a female character and a male character interact without it being inmediately seen as romantic? And why when we do it with two female characters that actually have lots of romantic gestures they think it’s just the fans being delusional?


bloomingsuga submitted: BigHit announced the project ‘LOVE MYSELF: Air Balloon’

TRANS: “Bighit announced that each member’s air balloon is for a new upcoming project and more detailed info will be released soon”

This is what that anon was talking about lmao

oh? lmao I have no idea, I didn’t even know this was a thing

The Labyrinth to Your Heart

Rating: K

Word Count: 3206

Pairings: DiaRiko

Summary: Dia doesn’t like to remember getting lost in Tokyo when she was a child. Sometimes those moments of getting lost find her, though.

Link: (FFN) | (AO3)

“It’s Octoooberrr!” Mari jumped out from behind a tree, making both Dia and Kanan jump. In her hands was a small jack-o-lantern with a grin to match her own. “Don’t you just love that crisp fall air?”

“Honestly, Mari!” Dia scolded, trying to pretend that Mari hadn’t spooked her. “It’s been October for nearly two weeks now. You have to stop with this, this… trickery!”

“Aw Dia, she’s just having fun.” Kanan tried to play peacemaker, though she too was getting a bit tired of having Mari jump out from behind random things and scare them. How did she even hide herself without either of them knowing?

Exactly!” She set the pumpkin down on the ground and placed a hand on each of their shoulders. “And in honor of this lovely weather, the fall festival will begin tomorrow! You both will be there of course, right? Everybody who’s anybody will be there.”

“We have a fall festival every year, Mari. Regardless of the weather.” Dia shrugged Mari’s hand off and bent over to pick up the pumpkin, looking at its facial design curiously. “But yes, we’ll be there, of course. Should I even assume that you’ve told Riko about it?” Unlike the rest of Aqours, Riko hadn’t lived there for most - or all - of her life, so she might be out of the loop.

“Of course!” Mari scoffed, as if it was unbelievable that anyone would think she didn’t do something that important. “Well, okay, I didn’t do it personally, but I told Chika to do it. That’s just as good, isn’t it?” Dia sighed, but she did have a point. As far as any of them could tell, Chika was Riko’s best friend, and they lived next door to each other. She was the perfect messenger.

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