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  • Me:"wow Abigail being a cute little ghost and being precious and small is great!! WX being a grumpy bean bot is also extremely great, them being kinda short too is very cute idea!!!"
  • Also me:"wow Abigail looking like she crawled out of the deepest pits of hell and being disgustingly tall and unproportionate is great!! WX being giant and bulky and looking like they can and will actually destroy humans, like they can take my head and crush it between their metal hands is very cute idea!!!"

Hey there! I’m doing a follow forever because I just hit 600+ followers! 

I’d like to thank everyone who’s following me for being there. I truly appreciate it and it means A LOT to me! I really, really, really want to thank you all for your support, your comments, reblogs, likes, your hilarious tags and for your asks. Your brighten up my days and I just plain love you all!

I also want to say a huge thank you to everybody that makes my dash look so damn wonderful every time I log in. Gifs, edits, text, meta, fics, news, memes… You guys are amazing, so thanks for making my time here be so entertaining, inspiring and beautiful!

So, in celebration of this milestone, here’s a “tiny” list of all the blogs I’m following. All of them are pretty awesome, so check them out!

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New Priestly Series!!!

I’m so excited to announce my next Priestly x Reader series! 

I got such an amazing response and so much love with Everybody Relax! that I just can’t wait for this one. 

Here are the three requests I’ll be working with:

Thank you for you amazing work with Priestly! I fell in love with this character. I was wondering if, after your done writing Everybody Relax!, you can do another one with Priestly where the reader is a new worker at Beach city grill and she is a self- concious, plus sized, comic nerd? Also the reader be very distant from Priestly for whatever reasons you choose. And if you want to make it a series that be totally rad!

So this is my first time requesting anything so bare with me. Mine is a Priestly one, where the girl has just moved into town her parents are really strict and don’t like tattoos or piercings but the girl likes Priestly and she’s really shy. You can add whatever you want from there, it just kinda popped into my head. Also I really love your writing.

priestley x reader where they work together and are best friends and nothing but end up falling for each other #fuffly

I’m away from home right now, but when I get back tomorrow I’ll map out the plot and get started. 

I don’t yet have a title, but if you want to be tagged, PLEASE send an ask my way. 

I hope y’all are as excited as I am!

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anonymous asked:

The more I look at the tweet, the more I realise how much people overreacted and he doesn't sound mean at all.

That’s what i was thinking too. Of course at first it sounds mean but we dont know how he mean it. We can’t read emotions out of a tweet.. Idk some people are overreacting. Let’s wait for a new Jaspar picture/tweet/Video or whatever, then everybody loves Joe again.

I feel like we knew even from before, but I love how everybody is in unanimous agreement that Blanche and Candela are indeed lesbians and dating and kiss each other

me before the fobb rollout: i’mma read all the fics each day as they’re released! it’s gonna be a blast!!

me, five days in and having only read four fics: i have vastly overestimated my own capabilities as well as the amount of free time i possess

anonymous asked:

I agree with the last person so much 😂 at first I thought it was really rude and I was shocked now it just seems like he was clarifying why he didn't tag Caspar instead of just trying to deny jaspar lol. I still think he could have worded it a little nicer because it was a tweet from a fan who might be really upset but he was probably tired and not thinking properly so people need to stop over reacting

Yeah he only wanted to say why he couldnt tag Caspar. Of course he could’ve said it a little bit nicer but it happened now and for me it’s unnecessary to make such a big deal out of it now. Because let’s be honest, now everyone is offending him and tomorrow everybody loves Joe again.

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I feel like the world would be greatly improved if there was a street fighter with birds as the characters. I can't be the only one who wants to play as a shrike. Or a secretary bird delivering its snake kick of death. Or a mother swan. I don't know why I'm telling you this.

That would be amazing! I’d love to play a fighting game with birds, even though I’m usually not into fighting games. I’d definitely want to play as a magpie since they’re one of my favorite birds! But a secretary bird would be fun too.

On a related note of shameless self-promotion, I’d love to make everybody aware that I am making a bird RPG with shrikes and secretary birds and lots and lots of other birds right over here:
–> <–

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sorry for my english. we need help from professional in biz world, like PR people. ok, from PR standpoint camren is very beneficial to exploit, cause everybody love a good couple (mascot/idol) in every band, usually the gorgeous ones. you can do a poll and ask, how did you know fifth harmony? 3 possible answers either 1-Worth It (their first hit ww) or 2-Camren (from x-factor era or ytube) or a genuine fan from beginning. we the cs are TOO focused on camren that we probably missing something...