i think it’s important to note that harry feels in every sense, somber. Down to the way he dressed, really simply in all black, just a shirt and jeans, it shows through that he is still hurting but he is up there to still appreciate and show love to those who took the time amd effort to see him. Harry is one of the strongest people out there to still perform after such a tragedy, but his love for other will always win over how much he cares about himself. He puts others first, always.


This is a fucking master piece you guys, what a great job, I’m in awe. Just… just listen to it.

Yours Unfaithfully [Chapter 7]

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It was such a simple request, with not so simple implications. On the one hand, Jaebum wasn’t here and Jackson loved you. You’d be lying if you denied that maybe you were starting to feel a little something too. One the other, there was still Jaebum. You hated that he still held you captive but to deny that you weren’t still in love with him, would also be a lie.

But… No matter what you decided… There was no way in hell you were going to be able to think about anything else tonight.

It had been almost three weeks since Jackson first kissed you and still you hadn’t given him an answer.

You were tempted to tell him the words he wanted to hear when you were with him. You were almost ready to try and move on to a new relationship but almost wasn’t enough.

Each time you saw him in that time, he pressed his luck just a little further, kissing you more, longer, giving you countless reasons to say yes.

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sometimes I start thinking what if yoonmin isn't real as a romantic couple but just platonic love and, shit you not, I start crying because either way they're meant for each other (ू˃̣̣̣̣̣̣︿˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ू)


no matter how you decide to view them and their relationship,, never forget that yoongi said this:

“well, always! mm.. just.. we’re spending beautiful moments together, so even if time passes… all [these] memories, all [these] situations, this moment, all of this… our.. relationship.. our this.. working together, or, together, all of this just, I wish that our everything would all be beautiful until the end.” 

Because people don’t read descriptions half the time I felt this was necessary (and I don’t want any confusion to result in misunderstandings).

@demuredusk ( is the one who designed this human Bendy. I merely fell in love with it and drew a SHIT ton of fanart. It was originally posted as a colored sketch on her twitter and I asked permission to draw it, then I did a comic with her female insert character, and now I’m drawing the asshole again and wanting to do more art of him.

I’m merely drawing fanart. Please go shower the original designer with praise and compliments for the design, not me. She worked hard on this design and deserves recognition for it.

Human Bendy Design © @demuredusk
Artwork © :iconFoxy-Sierra:

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Can't coexist with people who want to kill you. Maybe one day you'll learn that whole "compassion and love" shit ain't working before it ends up being you in the body bag after the Religion of Peace strikes again.

Right so what do you suggest instead anon? Go fuck a cactus. If I want to show compassion and love to people whose friends and family and been hurt or even died I will. If I want to say that we all need to be strong then I will. If I want to be angry that an 8 year old girl who went to see her idol didn’t come home then I will.

It’s not all Muslims. Islam is a religion of peace. These people who kill in the name of it aren’t Muslim. They’re monsters.

So yes anon. I will continue to be angry. I’ll continue to show love and compassion to those who need it. And if I’m a victim in this then so be it I can’t change that but I won’t be silenced and I won’t become filled with hatred like they are.

Hernani Characters

(Summed up more or less accurately but mostly to make fun of them)

(minor spoilers)


HERNANI (the bandit chief)
- the guy you wouldn’t bring home to meet your parents
- actually a whiny little shit
- daddy issues
- dumps girlfriend, then refuses to get over her
- has exactly the backstory you expect in a play like this

^ *dramatic scarf flic*

DOÑA SOL (the Duke’s niece)
- everybody wants her
- secretly a rebellious teen
- plans to run away from home with the boy she likes
- unfortunately in love with a whiny little shit who doesn’t deserve her
- steals knives
- weapon of choice: threatening suicide

^ “I like to stand next to my own portrait to remind everyone about how I used to be hot.”

DON RUY GOMEZ (the Duke)
- seems nice but actually a massive creep
- wants to marry his teenage niece who’s basically his adoptive daughter
- that old guy who isn’t even that old but won’t stop moaning about his age anyway
- very hardcore about his honour
- that doesn’t stop him from being the pettiest asshole in Spain
- talks to paintings a lot

^ “I definitely fell down ON PURPOSE just now”

DON CARLOS (the King)
- entitled little asshole
- hobbies: kidnapping women, making enemies, hiding so he can make a dramatic entrance later
- special power: obtaining character development right out of fucking nowhere so Hugo can pretend not to be an anti-monarchist