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Jason Mraz’s Interview With Neil Patrick Harris 

Two of my favorite people!

In Your Hands

Ticket lines, and places to dine

Taking baths and drinkin’ wine

People ask I say I’m doin’ fine

Motorcycles and for sure The Eiffel Tower

They were made for two

A double bed has never felt so empty

What’s missing in the world is you

So I’ll leave it in your hands now

To come through I’ll leave it in your hands now

To come through…

-Jason Mraz

I’m celebrating Happy April 17th today. Jason’s 4th album is out!!! Yeah!! Yes, I’m a silly girl ;p Love Jason’s music soooooooooooo much. ah, honestly…I can’t create my photography and this blog without his tunes. I’m serious :D He sings happy songs, he sings ebbs and flows in life, he sings…LOVE. Love it!!

so, Jason, I would love to say this to you today. You brought another mraztastic album into the world!! You F@#*n’ Did It!!

That’s it for today ;)

Love and gratitude,

Hana the Mrazcat