Can I propose a movement? If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate event of having one of your selfies reblogged to a fat hate blog, go to their blog and block their asses, first of all. Then scroll through their blog and if there are any other girls who have been reblogged by them with nasty comments, just send them a message. Let them know that they’re beautiful and kind of balance out the hate that they received earlier. It doesn’t take very long and it honestly makes such a huge difference. I mean, we all know how awful you can feel about yourself after you get hit with something like that and wouldn’t you have wanted someone to stop and let you know that you’re still beautiful when it happened to you? It’s all of our jobs to help our fellow fat beauties who are being bullied by shitty little nitwits on the Internet. We have to stick together!

Six Facts.

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1.) I’m actually a really good cook, I would be a chef if I wasn’t doing what Im doing.
2.) I tend to only listen to musicals and soundtracks.
3.) I fainted in a tattooists in New York when I went to get one. 

4.) I’ve witnessed Lady Gaga nude. {Don’t ask😂}
5.) The only colour I haven’t dyed my hair is black.

6.) I’ve touched Benedict Cumberbatch’s bum 😳

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I Wish You Would

Anonymous requested:  Can you please make a fanfic where Bellarke fight in front of Camp Jaha? With them thinking about how much they need and missed each other and scared to lose each other again Reactions of Abby Kane Sinclair Wick Monroe Murphy to the fight Raven could tell Wick that they are probably just trying to cover up their sexual tension Abby and Kane probably try to step in but Raven Murphy and Monroe tell them it’s best to stay out of it but they don’t listen and Bellarke yell at them for interfering!

Also a big thanks to hedasclark or Winter for reading this over! I love her a lot and everyone should check her out because she’s a cutie and she loves a lot of the same things I do and she’s just fabulous. Ily babe <3


Clarke comes back after 65 days, 4 hours, 23 minutes and 16 seconds. The only reason Bellamy knows this is because Monty keeps track, that’s why. It’s definitely not because he’s always thinking about her, thinking about what she was doing, thinking about whether or not she was doing okay. Thinking about Clarke was not something Bellamy did at all.

No sir, definitely not.

It’s 2 hours, 45 minutes and 5 seconds after Clarke gets home that a fight erupts between the two of them in front of the whole camp. (Wick and Raven had bets on how long their friends would handle not talking to one another. Raven won.) This fight is nothing like any other before and everyone else can only watch as Bellamy and Clarke yell at one another at the top of their lungs.

“I know you had a lot of shit to sort out, Clarke but you left me alone. You left for 65 days and not once did you think about the consequence of what you leaving would do to me. We pulled that damn lever together and you left me alone to pick up the pieces. That’s not what we do! We were a team, partners, equals.”

Bellamy’s voice cracks at the end and Clarke wavers slightly at the hurt in his eyes before she strengthens up, hotly muttering, “I had to leave, Bellamy. I couldn’t stay here and look at everyone only to be reminded that they are here because we irradiated Mount Weather. Innocent people I had no right to execute are the only reason my friends and family are alive.”

“They were going to use us. Yes, they were innocent people we killed but there were also the people like Cage, and Tsing who were going to use us to keep themselves alive. Every war has casualties, Clarke.”

She looks unsure, her bottom lip between her teeth as her gaze flits from Bellamy to the small crowd gathered around them. A crowd consisting of Raven, Wick, her mother, Kane, Murphy, Monroe, and everyone else they had saved from the mountain.

Clarke seemed to be fighting a battle against herself, a battle where she was on the edge, teetering on the side of forgiveness, just waiting for someone to push her over. Bellamy takes a step towards her, hand outstretched as if to take her own, but she pulls away, gaze hardening.

“Well maybe I don’t want to be in a war every single goddamn day.”

Bellamy’s chuckle is dark. “Welcome to earth, Clarke. War is a part of our lives.”

As people continue to watch Clarke and Bellamy volley back and forth it’s apparent to everyone else that the root of the problem was that the two of them were scared. They were scared of losing one another again, they were scared that one of them was going to take it too far and then it would all be over. All the trust, the fate, the love they had built up since arriving would be gone with one misspoken word.

“You know, I think this is all just foreplay. They’re trying to cover up the very obvious sexual tension between the two of them.” Raven says.

“You could be right, Reyes.”

“Of course I’m right. I’m always fucking right.”

Wick shakes his head, a smile on the corners of his lips. Abby and Kane look at one another before Abby asks him, “Should we step in? Make them stop?”

Murphy is the one to answer her, a smirk on his face as well on Raven’s and Monroe’s, all three knowing exactly what would happen if Abby and Kane tried to make the two stop.

“You could try but they’re just going to end up biting your heads off..”

“Murphy’s right and he had to learn that the hard way.” Raven adds..

Murphy glares at her, and she only smiles back at him, her face the picture of innocence. Monroe is smiling to herself while Abby, Kane and Wick just look confused.

(Let’s just say that the last time Bellamy and Clarke fought, Murphy got between them and ended up with latrine duty for a month.)

Abby still has a worried look on her face. Kane takes notice of it, his own lips drawing downward. He lets out a sigh before muttering, “They shouldn’t be fighting like this. Someone needs to stop them.”

Abby shoots him a grateful smile while everyone else just shakes their head, knowing that the outcome wasn’t going to be particularly pleasant. Raven even goes so far as to mumble, “Good luck.. God knows you’re going to need it.”

Kane ignores her and stalks over to the arguing pair, Abby trailing behind him. Everyone else stays back, watching as everything goes to hell.

Kane is frank, cutting into the conversation with a practiced ease.

“I think it’s time for you two to stop bickering like children. We have let this gone far enough.”

“Kane is right. Stop this now, Clarke.” Abby says.

The force with which the pair whips around to glare at the adults is astonishing and they can only gape, words seeming to have failed them. From behind Raven and Murphy laugh their asses off, Raven leaning against Wick and Murphy against Monroe.

“Get away from us, Mom. Can’t you see Bellamy and I are having a civil conversation?”

“Piss off, Kane. We are trying to talk through our differences. Can’t you see that?”

Abby is at a loss for words, while Kane only looks mildly ticked off. He seems to come to the conclusion that the kids standing in front of him are going to figure this out by themselves, not needing their assistance.. So he grabs Abby’s arm and simply nods at Bellamy and Clarke before dragging Abby away, leaving the two to go back to their ‘discussion’.

“God, you’re such an insufferable prick! I may have left but I came back, didn’t I?”

“That’s not the fucking point. Fine, you came back but I needed you too, Clarke. Did you ever fucking think about that?”

Clarke is ashamed to say that the thought of Bellamy needing her as much as she needed him had never crossed her mind. Her eyes water, and she looks up at Bellamy who was staring at her with so much hurt, so much want, so much love that she shocks both herself and him by launching at him, arms coming up to wrap around his neck.

Bellamy is startled to say the least by Clarke’s sudden attack but he recovers smoothly, winding his arms around her waist and holding onto her tightly. He buries his face into her hair, inhaling that scent he first got a whiff of 65 days ago.

Clarke’s voice is just a whisper against his neck but it feels like a shout as she says, “I’m always going to need you. Don’t ever doubt that.”

His voice is just a breath as he replies, “The same goes for me.”

And if anyone asks if those were tears in Bellamy’s eyes he would vehemently deny it while Clarke would just chuckle, a content smile on her face.

ok fair warning now: I am a terrible person and if you read this then it is at your own risk because I warned you. but… I just googled a list of soulmate AU tropes because I wanted to write cheesy tropey Ack-Ack/Hillbilly fic and I found, among a huge list, this one: “the one where you don'y know your soulmate(s) until you hear them speak, or hear them speak a certain word; your name, for example.”

And I was like oh hey that’s perfect! because I’ve said this before, I think Andy saying Eddie’s name twice just after he dies is the most heartbreaking thing, I love it, it’s so shippy and fabulous. so I like to carry on that “name having significance” detail into other verses, and this would be perfect.


what if it’s a soulmate AU where you have to hear them say your first name? and what if… that was the first time he actually said it.

because most of K Company is actually pretty lax in addressing him; even Snafu and Sledge address him as “Ack-Ack” and “Skipper,” so it’s not a stretch to imagine that his righthand officer would address him as Andy once and he knows–but he’s also like shit this is not a good time. They can’t be distracted, if they are then they’re dead, and what if, what if Andy dies, how much harder would that be? So he’s very careful not to say his first name–he calls him Jones, lieutenant, Hillbilly, anything but “Eddie.” and Eddie has his suspicions, of course he does, he’s not stupid and he can tell that he’s falling hard, but he doesn’t know. Andy never gives him a chance to find out, because he’s trying to protect him damn it.

until the end, when it doesn’t matter anymore. He says it once–”Eddie?”, a question, hoping that he’s holding on enough to hear it. And then a second time, just because he’s waited so long.

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5. I was productive today

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Hi everyone, Julia here. First of all, thank you to everyone who is now following me (which is a surprising amount considering that this has been a thing for about 24 hours). You’re all super and I love you. Also thank you to everyone who’s sent stuff in. After deleting all the duplicates, I have 20 suggestions waiting in my queue to answer and I always welcome more.

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1. What is your absolute favorite thing to do in TS4?

I love making sim families. Legacies and what not are my favorites. I do love a challenge here and there. I did my own Asylum Challenge once and that was really fun and chaotic, but ended up deleting the save. It was taking forever to finish.

2.  If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

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Nuff said

3.  What’s the first video game you played?

I used to play Mortal Kombat with my dad as a kid all of the time. Still love the game til this day. Scorpion is bae.

4.  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

This is really hard, but probably anywhere in Europe. Either Greece or Ireland.

5.  What would be your ideal PC to play TS4?

I love Alienware from Dell. I’ve always had Dell hardware growing up and it’s never failed me. I love my Alienware gaming laptop so so much. Best gift from hubby ever.

My Questions:

1. Grilled cheese or waffles?

2. If you could star in any movie, which movie would you choose, and why?

3. If you could change the world, what would you do?

4. What is your favorite thing about the Sims franchise?

5. Vanilla, berry, alien, elf/fairy?

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"Drink up, baby."

From across the crowded Crow’s Nest, the socialite eyes the Captain with the sort of insidious smirk one might mistake as salacious if they didn’t know her well.

“Captain Burhan, darling, I don’t suppose you’ve got a little time after the Council’s meeting for a round of drinks here at the bar, mmm?   I’d love to pick your fabulous dreadlocks-decorated brain about a thing or seven.”

And with a little wink, she purrs a disclaimer:   “I promise to be gentle.  And behave.”

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It only took a glass of champagne and a group of people complimenting me to make me cry, fabulous. I designed some things for a lovely lady opening a new salon, and she invited me to her opening party so I was so happy about that. I arrived and she was so happy meeting me it made me feel so good, and she proceeded to hand out the leaflets etc and told every person I had designed them. Everyone commented on them, saying lots of lovely things and I just got really overwhelmed. I actually said to one lady that it’s a really abnormal feeling to be complimented for what I do for a living and actually be told that I’m doing a good job, then i realised how sad that is, that I don’t feel proud of anything I do…and even she seemed sad about that. This is a lot of words and I’m feeling quite tipsy so I’ll stop right about now

I love that @freeridestudio writes their clients goals, fabulous things and their instructors #socialmedia names. And, yes….my shirt is off in spin class….not for people to check me out but because I work my ass off (not really-I mean THAT would be an accomplishment). People are far too self-conscience when it comes to being in a #fitness environment. Y'all….it’s okay. #loveyourself #iwillwhatiwant #bikiniprep #fitmomma #iworkout #poweredbyplexus #bootywork #legday #erryday