Being yourself.

So here’s the thing.
For a seriously long time I’ve been so concerned about gender norms and being too loud and annoying and all sorts of crap that I hate about myself. I was stuck in a very dark place and couldn’t find a lot in myself that I was happy or comfortable with, it seemed to last a lifetime. However- I’ve recently come to realise that there is more to myself than I am letting out. I tell myself… This world is only what YOU make of it, not what others see in you. As a trans man who LOVES the fabulous things in life, I’ve decided that no matter how much the public misgenders me, I will continue to dress and act as nothing more than my true self. I want to make a difference and I want to help people who are in similar situations to me. Just because the outside world doesn’t understand, doesn’t mean that I should change to fit any stereotypical mould. Whether this be gender, fashion, interests- anything out of the ‘ordinary’. So- with this in mind I humbly write to you all as my heart fills with love and hope. I wish to tell you all something wonderful.

A young man whom I met at Hyper Japan came up to my stand and shook me by the hand and told me how much he loved my work and how happy he was to meet me. I was so flattered and happy to meet him and take a few pictures together, he was very charming! Now, upon checking my instagram messages (which I’m terrible at keeping up with), I see that his father had written me a story from events that happened after HJ.

The story tells me that this young man bumped into what seemed to be a group of very intimidating, drunk football supporters on the way home. Of course, fully dressed in cosplay, they started to shout at him and ask him stupid things like if he was dressed as Hitler. This is where I became so proud of someone I met so briefly on that weekend. His father told me that he walked right up to the group, sat down and opened up a signed photo of one of my cosplays that he had bought from me at Hyper Japan. He showed the picture to the drunken men and explained to them what cosplay meant to him and how he was proud to wear it, he wasn’t ashamed to be different or scared to tell people how he lives his life. What could have been an awful trip home for these people suddenly flipped into everyone eating sandwiches and becoming friends on the way home. This guy put his all into this awful situation and rose from it with such confidence and love. 

I’m writing this because I found this story so wonderfully inspiring, what a brave and gentle soul. It really goes to show that a little love and being so true to who you are can really help a situation sometimes- these stories need to be told because I personally know how shy I can get in public, especially when I’m around intimidating people (even more so in cosplay!!!)- and this has really touched my heart. His dad told me that his son thought of how much I inspire him and that’s what gave him courage to approach these people. I feel so so proud to have helped someone out in such a situation and I feel at such peace with myself in knowing that what I do does help people even in the smallest of ways.

If you have taken the time to read this, I urge you to please love yourself as much as you possibly can. Be proud of who you are. You are beautiful, you are wonderful and every single one of your interests and passions MATTER because they are unique and special to you. Never give up on your dreams and never change or back down just because a negative nancy has told you that it’s wrong or different. BE different, work it! Stand out! To every single one of you who reads this, I believe in you and hope that you can find the courage to believe in yourself everyday too. <33