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i don't really have an opinion about Lou as a person but i've been a professional hairstylist for 10+ years and i've worked with people who make a lucrative career from mediocre skills and a big personality, and it's always a bummer to see, because i look at their clients leaving their chair and i think "wow, i could have made them looks so much better" and that's how i feel about the boys. like please let Harry's curls live?? why would you give him a frizzy blowout when his curls are perfect?

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hi rhine, i'm trying to listen to more artists/music in general so i was wondering what your favourite songs for summer are!!

Hi, dearest! Ooh, I have a lot of favourite songs for the summer - it’s impossibly hard to choose, in all honesty. But since I love sharing music and I love making playlists, I’ve made a few mixes of some of my summer favourites that you can listen to down below! They’re all categorized by genres, so you can pick and choose what appeals to you. I do hope you enjoy some of my favourite songs! Thank you for such a wonderful ask and wishing you a beautiful summer ~


scribble down something that’s sweet // listen here

sun shy - dresses // sound of my heart - shawn hook // one night town - ingrid michaelson ft mat kearney // sofa - ed sheeran // save my heart - jason reeves // runaway - mat kearney // it’s time (acoustic) - imagine dragons // 1957 - milo greene // all those pretty lights - andrew belle // happily (acoustic) - one direction // mexico - dave moisan // once in a lifetime - landon austin // i choose you (acoustic) - timeflies // the writer (acoustic) - ellie goulding // breathing easy - youth // toes (acoustic) - lights // flower - cody simpson // paperweight - joshua radin


hiding out in a dream // listen here
pop punk/bands

summer paradise - simple plan // long way home - 5 seconds of summer // mr. right - a rocket to the moon // drawing the line - royal pirates // say you like me - we the kings // wild and free - a rocket to the moon // disconnected - 5 seconds of summer //  la la - the cab // tonight tonight - hot chelle rae // favourite record - fall out boy // can we dance - the vamps // dreaming’s for sleeping - hedley // she (for liz) - parachute // nine in the afternoon - panic! at the disco // one in a million - down with webster // stutter - marianas trench // harlem - new politics // dreaming - smallpools // shut up and dance - walk the moon // young volcanoes - fall out boy // crazy for you - hedley // greek tragedy - the wombats // cardiac arrest - bad suns // paris - magic man


make mistakes though // listen here
pop i don’t know this is just a mess that i like

no control - one direction // dance with me tonight - olly murs // new romantics - taylor swift // classic - mkto // shark in the water - vv brown // doing it - charli xcx // octahate - ryn weaver // jealousy - tove lo // change your ticket - one direction // the night is still young - nicki minaj // double vision - 3oh!3 // somebody - natalie la rose ft jeremiah  


let go of everything // listen here

san francisco (little daylights remix) - the mowglis // afraid (4e remix) // king - years & years // holdin on - flume // young blood (dropwizz chilled remix) - bea miller // high (young rising sons remix) - dsignr // heartsigh - purity ring // say my name - odesza ft zyra // i’m in love with the coco (hitimpulse remix) - ed sheeran


skintight // listen here
songs to make out to if i had someone to make out with 

coming down - halsey // bad intentions - niykee heaton // florida kilos - lana del rey // slow - lido x halsey // senses overload - ficci ft laura hahn // show me - alina baraz & galimatias // often (kygo remix) - the weeknd // good for you - selena gomez


my mood for music changes a lot, but these are probably my favourites for every mood at the moment I’m still missing quite a lot of songs because they’re like misc and I don’t know where to put them so yEAH sorry if this is like a big mess, oops. 

also, there are two playlists from someone else that I thoroughly enjoy for the summer: day/night. I hope you guys like them too!

YUSSS. Thank you Clamp. 

I read the first few lyrics and was going to make a joke about this being overly relevant to the Kurogane + Fai situation going on here, but then it kept going and I realised it’s already supposed to be super relevant to Fai. So I don’t get any points for that. 

But I also can’t stop laughing because I see Kurogane’s face and all I can think of is:


Evening Floor-Lengthed Skirts

Another set of maxi skirts because you know how much I love them! Instead of the casual theme I usually go for, I wanted a more elegant theme and this is what I thought of :) I especially loooooove the ombre one, probably my favorite thing I’ve made to date. 

  • Comes in 10 different swatches and found in the skirts category.
  • I edited the mesh to be floor-lengthed, are high-waisted and in different types of textures.


Hope you guys like it, and out of curiosity which one is your favorite?

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I grew up listening to my mom talk about diets, “the moon diet”, “the apple diet”, “this 30 days diet that will change your life” listening to everyone around me how they had to start eating healthy as if it was some kind of punishment. And I swear that if some day I have kids I’ll get them to learn from a young age how to love their bodies in such a way that eating healthy will help them nourish it, having salads and exercising will be something I wanna teach them to love and enjoy instead to see it as a punishment. 

Let me tell you guys a little bit about my grandmother,

She’s the woman who, when her 12-year old son told her he was in love, instead of exploding like a typical Pakistani woman, she told him he could marry her as long as he accomplished a degree that would allow him to take care of her in the way she deserves. My uncle is now the CFO of a successful Canadian company and him and my aunt have four beautiful children. 

She’s the woman who, when her 3-year old daughter was diagnosed with polio, instead of shunning her away as handicapped, she made sure she received every possible treatment and surgery she could. And once her daughter recovered, she did everything she could to make sure her little girl grew up into a strong and independent woman who never felt inferior to anyone else. My mother is now one of the kindest, strongest, most beautiful people you’ll meet, while still rocking out at one of the most successful pharmaceutical companies in the world. 

She’s the woman who then respected the independence she instilled in her daughter (and even let her change her own name when she was only 5!) and let her marry a man of her own choosing – something still rare in ‘90s Pakistan – even though he wasn’t of their social standing. And even when not one member of his family showed up to the wedding, my grandmother celebrated every single wedding reception, gifted the new couple a place to live and even a stable job for her son-in-law. This December will be my parents’ 22nd anniversary. 

She’s the woman who loved her first granddaughter as if she was the most precious thing in the entire world. She protected her from her abusive father as much as she could, despite all the accusations that she was distancing a father from her daughter. She listened to the little girl’s every whim and fear and thought with the same respect she’d give to a peer. She wrote down the songs and poems she’d make up before she could write herself. She taught the little girl to read and write, she bought her first books. She taught her how to cook and bake and sew and dream. She fought against the world for her when she had to. She was her first and best friend. I am who I am because of her. 

She’s the woman who was born and raised in the lap of luxury but lost it all when she came to America. She traded a house full of servants for a dingy two-bedroom in a run-down apartment complex and a catering business run out of her kitchen. Even years after she closed it down, there are people who still miss her biryani and kababs. 

She’s the woman who taught dozens of children to read Qur'an for free, even in times when she could really use the money. And while most Pakistanis learn an Urdu-tainted version of Arabic, she made it a point to educate herself in proper recitation, pronunciation, and even translation. I never paid as much attention to my lessons as I should have, but people still compliment my recitation today. 

She’s the woman whose extremely large family knows her for how strong and active she is. How she does everything herself and never rests a minute longer than she needs to. How she always helps as much as she possibly can. How a family event is incomplete without some words from her. 

She’s the woman who’s never smoked a single cigarette or drank a sip of alcohol in her life, but has just been diagnosed with end-stage liver cirrhosis. Her body has been left so weak and vulnerable, that she’s currently in the hospital with an infection, on top of her disease. Talking about her condition brings me more pain than anything else, so instead of describing just how bad it is, I want to ask anyone who reads this to please say a prayer for her. For Allah to grant shifa in her treatment and to bring her home. For Him to grant us a miracle and reverse her condition, but if that is not what is best, then to just relieve her of this pain, so that she may enjoy whatever time she has left with her loved ones. Ameen thumma ameen. 

With the Tuppence Beresford, however, Christie wrote a strong female character who still managed to have fun. Tommy was occasionally surprised by Tuppence’s inventiveness and quick mind but he was never her hapless stooge. In the Beresford novels, Christie gave readers a strong fun-loving relationship where a woman doesn’t need to be shrill and bossy to be strong, and a man doesn’t have to be useless and idiotic to love her. Instead of embracing this dynamic, however, Partners in Crime adds a tired 21st Century cynicism to the Beresford’s relationship and removes all the fun in the process.

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Sorry, but I have to disagree on the taunting theory. Emma will be dark, but she still loves Killian. Instead I could see her using the house to try to tempt him, by saying that with her power they can have everything together. But we all know he just wants her.

But that’s EXACTLY what I meant. Not taunting in the cackling evil way like Rumple. Dark Swan is MOST dangerous to the people she loves. Because she loves them still. Who did Rumple hurt the MOST in his time as the DO? Neal and Belle. His son and his wife. LBRH. If, per the pics from the other day, she tries to seduce him sexually and he resists her…her next tack would be to try and appeal to his love for her, by showing him what they could have together, if he joins her in the dark. A home. Happiness. Only it’s not real, because this isn’t the Emma Killian loves. The woman he loves would NEVER use his feelings against him.

Emma’s darkness won’t manifest in murder sprees and such. It’s going to be emotional. Almost hedonistic. She’s FREE as the Dark Swan. She doesn’t have to put other people before herself. She can take what she wants, or try to. She’s gonna get addicted to that freedom and not want to give it up. She’s going to try and drag people down with her and I imagine Killian will be at the top of that list.

I’ve got a couple other theories about what’s going on but they are almost too clever for this writing staff. As the Dark Swan, Emma could make herself look however she wants. She could poof a version of her Savior outfit and try to emotionally seduce her boyfriend. He wants her better self back? She can look like that, no problem. But it’s not REAL.

If you watched Angel, they actually did an episode like this with Illyria and Wesley, where Illyria took on Fred’s form after killing her and taking up residence in her shell. It was AWFUL. Emotional torture of the highest order. Now Emma’s not some primordial god, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that her loved ones are “safe” from her. They’re not. They are in the MOST danger.

There was no reason for Chloe to be unhappy and miserable while in her wheelchair, but the writers consciously chose to make her suffer.

I take so much issue with the way this this plot point ends. Mostly because Chloe is just that. A plot point for Max to realize she needs to stop playing god.

They wanted Max to have a solid reason to go back to her timeline so they made Chloe sicker than they needed to. They brought in debts on medical equipment and the promise of an inevitable death and set a price on a life of a disabled girl that boiled down to a choice that only serves as character growth to the protagonist…

They could have made Chloe happy and loved but instead they wrote her as a burden and I’m so sad

C’mere SU fans, I’m a gonna scold you for a quick sec...

Okay I lied. I’m a liar. No scolding, I swear.

I feel the urge to write this due to a recent hubble bubble with jitterbugjive, where fans of the show started to pressure him to watch the show. And it made me think on some things.

Think and remember other things.

See I love SU. I do. I draw art. I have a fanfiction I plan to write SOMEDAY. I know the jokes and I read the tweets. I’m a complete SU junkie. And yes, I recommend it to everyone. (But then, I recommend a lot of things so….)

But there’s a difference between recommending something, and pushing something on a person. If you push too hard, you’ll end up losing a potential fan. That person might end up hating the thing you want that person to love instead just to spite you.

For example.

Remember Harry Potter? When that book FIRST came out, I wasn’t interested right away. It was on my list sure, but I was reading lots of other things too. I would of gotten to it eventually.

But my entire school loved it. (Why wouldn’t they?) And when my teacher discovered that I, the known bookworm of whatever single digit grade I was in at the time hadn’t read the book yet, she took it as a personal offence.

First she recommended it.

And then she gave me a PDF print out of the first chapter. (Admittedly really nice of her)

 But when I was still refusing to join whatever witchcraft cult my school had turned into in favor of whatever else I was into at the time, she pulled the teacher power card. She made me join a ‘book club’.

So goodbye recess. Hello tiny room in the back of the school with other kids I barely knew, all with PDF printouts of their own. The church of Harry Potter was daily, and what was supposed to be a ‘fun’ reading experience turned into homework.

I was forced to read Harry Potter. And because I was forced to read it, I stubbornly decided to hate it. (I’ve long since grown out of that hate, but I still refuse to touch the books)

Moral to take from that is, let people join a fandom at their own pace. Maybe they got too much going on. Maybe it’s on their list. And hey! Maybe they will never touch the thing too!

And all of that is okay!

You making daily reminders of how and why and when they should watch/read/do the thing might do more harm than good.

Thats all I guess. Happy gemming!

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How do you maintain a positive self body image? :) You are so confident and beautiful!

Thank you!

I think it’s important to always focus on the positives instead of the negatives. We could all sit there are point our own flaws and focus on our ‘imperfections’, but we will always be unhappy. I think its important to focus on your skills, good attributes, and favorite physical features on yourself- make a list if you need to. If we focus on the things we do love about ourselves instead of the things we don’t like, we will be so much happier in the end. 

We focus too hard on being perfect and creating this flawless image of ourselves, but we have to realize that will just never be possible. And that’s okay. I think we as women especially struggle with comparing ourselves to others- whether it’s celebrities/models or people we know in real life. Comparing ourselves to others is never healthy in maintaining a positive self body image and confidence. We are all so unique, and when we learn to recognize and appreciate the beauty of our own uniqueness and individuality, we can truly be confident with who God made us to be! 

I wrote this post a long time ago about finding confidence in yourself, and I think you may find it helpful:


A SasuHina person prowling in the AntiSasuHina tag. Doing this because for some reason I can’t reply to her lol

Girl, boy, or whatever gender you are cuz I didn’t touch your blog, stay in your lane. The Anti tag is there for a reason so keep your ass out of it if you’re pro

If you’ve got a problem with me saying that SasuSaku is a beautiful couple as opposed to your crackship in an ANTISASUHINA TAG, well. Instead of disagreeing with me about this because we have clearly different ships, you should just continue loving your SasuHina instead of hating on another character. Did I say in my post that your Hinata is ugly that you have to shove down my throat that Sakura is a poor character just like her poor fans? Youre defensive as fuck. I actually like Hinata, but fans like you give her a bad name. She deserves better.