me: ‘oh floriana rarely uses snapchat to reply to fans so i’ll just send her a cute message telling her she’s ‘a positive light in this world and she’s loved’

floriana: *reads message*

floriana: *replies*


I’ve decided if I ever get married I want something far from traditional. I’ll trade in that little brown church for the rugged forests . The atmosphere just ripe with crisp cool fall air. If people get cold we’ll provide cozy plaid blankets, along with hot apple cider. I’d walk down the isle to a traditional Celtic tune that screams of the romance of autumn. Another thing I’d love to do, is instead of freeing some doves or butterflies I’d love to write my partners and my name on two  leaves and drop them in a nearby stream and let them float off to new places. 

I love the idea of carving into a pumpkin cake, dancing under the pale autumn moon, and falling asleep on a hay ride back to our cabin for the night. But alas, that is a long time off. It’s nice to dream though!

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Honestly at this point when i even see Kubo's name I fucking cringe but thank you for giving me Sayo to love instead.

Sayo is not appreciated nearly enough. I always cringe when I see people thanking Kubo for Yuri on Ice. I guess that’s what we get for her being the most outspoken member of the staff but like…it’s Sayo’s project. Thank Sayo too. 

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you look like those incredible sassy sidekicks of teen media. like, the guy everybody loves instead of the protag. the funny one. hope you think is a compliment, because it only means my platonic crush for you is even stronger now. dude, youre awesome. aaaaa.

this is absolutely incredible oh my god

RFA if MC played violin

Was inspired after listening to Lindsey Stirling…I love her music! ♥

-He’d be totally impressed
-Like whoa how do you do that it looks so difficult
-Begs you to teach him
-But he sounds like cats being strangled
-He lets you play instead
-Loves listening to you as he plays Lolol
-Says it makes him a better gamer
-Boasts to everyone that you play

-Babe you could try to play in a musical!
-I’m not good enough for that yet Zen!
-He insists your talent is
-But he understands that you don’t feel ready
-Selfies with you playing violin
-Will spam the chat with the selfies
-Look at my princess!
-Will sing along to your violin

-Will try to buy you the fanciest violin
-But Jumin this one has memories with it
-He loves to listen to you play while drinking some wine
-Will hire a violin tutor to help you learn more
-If you ever decided to try and play professionally he will hire a damn music hall and everything so people may hear your music
-He finds your violin playing super elegant and beautiful

-Never really thought violin was anything special until she heard you
-You learnt a few songs Zen has sung to impress her more
-She LOVES it
-Quietly sings along
-You play songs that she requests just for her
-She feels special (♥♥♥)

-He knew you played and has a few photos of you playing on his computer that you have no idea about
-He set up a YouTube channel for you and helps you film you playing
-Will hack into different places so your videos can be spammed there
-He loves it when you play just for him
-Makes him feel relaxed after a days hacking
Her Knight in Shining Armor - Chapter 1  - Supergirl
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Additional Tags: different time period, Alternate Universe - Medieval, maybe i think, eventual Dargon!Cat

Kara just wanted to be loved by her parents like they loved Clark and Mike, instead she finds it in a princess who is in the center of the woods. If that princess just so happens to have a secret magical ability, so be it.

I was tagged by @xabjectlessonsx to preview my next 5 projects! Wow this is the kind of tag I am PASSIONATE about, everyone please shout about stories with me

1.       My Bandom Big Bang that I can’t talk about yet! We all have to wait until October 1 for this, I find delaying my gratification very difficult. Just know that it will be tropey and hot and happy and sad and then happy again

2.       JOE TRO BAND HO, which is the Joe-centric Van Days fic with tender kissing you’ve all always wanted. Look for it at the end of this month!

3.       A universe-hopping hiatus fic where Pete is looking for any timeline, any fucking version of himself, where him and Patrick end up happy. This one hurts so good, should be up soon

4.       A mid-length fic inspire by the song Run Dry where the trope is flipped and it’s Patrick who just keeps helplessly hurting everyone he loves instead of Pete, with the fun addition of poor self-insight and alcoholism. It’s an AU where Patrick is a washed-up former teen sensation and Pete, hoo boy, you guys are gonna like Pete, he’s a shot boy at a gay bar, he’s always wearing booty shorts, and just, it’s a better character fit that you would think

5.       A sweaty crime-fueled sexy fumble in wimples and habits because god, guys, why isn’t there more nun fic from the I Don’t Care video

I tag @immoral-crow, @jiksax, @vicesandvelociraptors, @beckettsthoughts and any other writers I know who want to play!

i just wanna talk about the b99 ladies for a sec

amy santiago is so well written. she’s the first female nerdy character ive ever seen that isn’t simultaneously a killjoy, and you’d think that dating a slightly immature, wild & reckless guy would make her like that, but she joins in the fun with him (i.e halloween heist!!!) instead of perpetuating the whole “girls dont know how to have fun” thing and she really does have two sides to her, her whole binder and numbers enthusiast face and then she turns around and takes absolutely NO shit from anyone. and even though i dont have much in common with her she’s easily one of my favorite characters ever

and rosa diaz. it is so hard to find a badass woman that is just badass because she wants to be, not cause she went through some tragedy that made her that way (unlike male characters) and it’s just such a joy to see a woman celebrated as this fearless, leather jacket wearing, motorcycle-riding, mysterious, property-destroying character that is also so protective of their friends and would most likely kill for them. women aren’t often celebrated for their ability to destruct and their recklessness and the fire inside of them, and rosa diaz is a perfect encapsulation of that.

and god, last but not least, gina freakin linetti. i have NEVER seen a female character be allowed to be unapologetically cocky and self absorbed without any sort of demonization or consequence. instead, you LOVE gina linetti. you aspire to BE gina linetti and have her state of mind. and the fact that she’s the only non-cop civilian in the squad, but she’s arguably the bravest and/or smartest out of all of them (i.e “gina are you scared?” “scared that you won’t let me use a flamethrower. and use it to throw flame.”) and while it seems on the surface that she doesn’t care about anyone, her bond with every one of the characters is so strong you know she would do anything for them. let more female characters be snarky assholes.

(also douple points for not having these latina & italian women be stereotyped)

Congratulations, genius. You convinced your best friend, the Protagonist, not to marry the story’s Love Interest, and instead go off and have awesome adventures with you forever. But in doing so, you pissed off the Author.

(takes a sip of my capri sun) it’s pretty fuckin sus that people love to champion for bisexual lance but then turn against someone the moment they suggest lance loving a girl character instead of a male (takes another sip) it’s almost like a lot of these so-called ‘supporters’ of bi lance actually only care about bi boys when they’re in a ‘hot yaoi’ relationship they can fetishize

:for every writer on tumblr:

I hope you meet someone, someday, who makes you write about things that make you happy rather than unhappy.
I hope you meet someone, someday, who makes you write about love instead of heartbreak and people who chose to stay instead of leave.
I hope you meet someone, someday, who makes you want to write about the feelings that make you feel alive right now rather than the feelings that make you feel dead.

—  tenth of march

I want the really cheesy au where person b is a rich spoiled kid who meets person A who is from the wrong side of the tracks and fall in love except instead of choosing between money and their love they devise a plan and run off with the cash and live happily ever after

Especially if they pretend to break up during this


“She doesn’t say I love you. Instead she’ll laugh, give you a little smile and say you’re an idiot.”

It would be great if people in this fandom actually loved Allura and showered her with the love she deserves instead of coming up with excuses like “it’s heteronormative/racist”, what have you, for why she can’t be paired with any of the guys (somehow Shiro, and only Shiro, was immune to all of the arguments? Still don’t know why but okay).

Show Allura some loving. If Lance’s flirting with her is annoying, make up headcanons about how he realizes that and stops, and they bond, develop and eventually form a relationship together. Band AUs. Friends to lovers AU. Idk, think outside of the box! Bonus if Allura get Lance a sparkly thing rather than the other way around.

You think Keith and Allura’s development is bland? That’s fine! Let’s fix that with them bonding over going through a rescue mission and exploding shit because they’re awesome. Bonus if they hi5 while covered in wounds and blood and nearly collapse afterwards because they really overdid themselves.

Space mom trope for Allura is dead and buried in the ground, but consider: actual space mom Hunk taking care of Allura after she recklessly threw herself in to save Pidge from fire and she pouts through the lecture while he takes care of her burns. Bonus: OT3 with Shay because space rock girlfriend should be loved just as much.

Allura and her partner don’t have to be straight in any of those. Consider: Allura is a multi faceted character, wonderfully written to break many female character stereotypes and a beautiful black girl on top of that. Whoever you pair her off with, it’s not heteronormative. And if that argument didn’t convince you, consider: polyships where Allura is part of it so it’s definitely not straight.

Don’t give me “Allura/*insert character* is boring because they barely interacted” as an excuse as to why you don’t want to develop headcanons for them to fix that because if this fandom can come up with creative headcanons as to altean Lance, Lotor, who hasn’t even showed up, Nyma/Allura, who barely interacted (Rolo/Keith who BARELY interacted), then yes, you can absolutely come up with beautiful headcanons, fic and art as to why Allura/*insert character* can and should happen.

Let go of that internalized misogyny and give this girl the love and support she needs and deserves. #GiveAlluraSomeLovin