don’t get me wrong i love the idea of writing love letters or serenading a person on a balcony, but modern love is just as pure and sweet.

my best friend knew this guy and when she asked about snapchat streaks he replied “i don’t have any but you can be my first.”

my cousin’s girlfriend sent her a snap one morning of her balcony and the sun, with a sticker of my cousins face on it with the caption “u light up my life.” now it’s her background.

last year a new friend came to mine and i asked if she wanted the wifi password. she said “no, i wanna spend time with you.”

my sisters best friend moved states a few months ago and they facetime each other at the same time, every second day.

when my father travels for work, no matter how busy he is, he’ll skype my mother every night.

Head canon that whenever Natasha is asked sexist questions by the media, the boys just keep going to increasingly ridiculous lengths to get there and answer the question instead.

Reporter: Do you ever feel resentment for this job reducing the possibility of having a family?
Bruce, strolling by: I don’t know, I never really thought about having a family to begin with. I prefer spending my time in the company of friends.

Reporter: Do you feel like you have to be super girly to stand out or super masculine to fit in with all the men?
Steve, jumping over from his own group of reporters: See, that’s what I love about the 21st century. Lots of room for gender expression however you want. *pointed Disappointed Captain Look*

Reporter: Do you think your emotions ever get the best of you on the field?
Thor, landing with Mjolnir: I have spent many years learning to control my pride on the battlefield and not lose my head during a fight. I thank my shield brothers and sister for helping me.

Reporter: How do you come out of a fight looking so fabulous?
Tony, flying in on a private helicopter probably: It’s just genetics, dear. I always look fabulous. I looked fabulous while dying.

Reporter:  What kind of product do you use in your hair?
Bucky, ziplining in from the next building over: L’oreal. *hands out the expertly photoshopped ad Darcy made of him in a L’oreal ad*

Reporter: What kind of diet do you use to stay in shape?
Clint, leaping out of an air vent: You know, I’ve been thinking of trying paleo, but this is all natural. Pizza for days, baby. Keeping aliens from destroying the world tends to burn a few calories.

BTS Reaction to catching you jamming to their music-

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When Jin came home to the sound of No More Dream blasting throughout the house, he found cute you dancing like a psycho in a full mud face mask. He laughed that perfect laugh before sneaking up behind you and lifting you up into his arms which caused you to scream. “YOU’RE SO ADORABLE!” He yelled while you screamed.


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Yoongi came into the kitchen from the studio for a snack when he found you jumping up and down and banging your head to Go Go. He couldn’t help but laugh and look at you with adoration as he leaned against the wall and just watched you. 


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When Hoseok walked into your bedroom with a towel around your body and around your hair flinging around from all your crazy dancing. He watched his million dollar smile and clapped for you. “So good babe! But no look, watch me okay? 1, 2, 3, 4….”

Rap Mon-

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When Namjoon walked into your house and saw you dancing like crazy to Run, he smiled and lifted his arms to make a heart. “I’ll talk to he dance line about changing the moves to yours, love.”


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Jimin heard 21st Century Girl blasting as he got of the shower. He found you in your bedroom going crazy, shaking your body along to the song. He clapped for you as the song finished as your number ended. “Babe look, this was you!” He said while trying to imitate your moves. 


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When Taehyung found you in your living room dancing along to Blood, Sweat, and Tears, he pulled out his phone immediately and started recorded. “She’s gonna be SO pissed when I post this.”


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As Jungkook watched you shake it to Cypher 4, he couldn’t help but giggle and stare at you with love. Once you saw him watching and ceased all movements, he frowned. “No keep going, I loved it! Even if it was the wrong choreography!”

i still can’t believe tangerine (2015) dir. sean baker was shot entirely on iphones like that is so crazy to me i love the 21st century and i love technology


sidekick: a brotzly playlist {spotify}

note: this playlist is in progress and will expand

1. jump on my shoulders - awolnation // 2. when the day met the night - panic! at the disco // 3. fun - troye sivan // 4. you’re my best friend - queen // 5. sidekick - walk the moon // 6. run away with me - carly rae jepsen // 7. cut to the feeling - carly rae jepsen // 8. a place for us - fitz and the tantrums // 9. favourite colour - carly rae jepsen // 10. sleeping with a friend - neon trees // 11. connect - foxy shazam // 12. lousy connection - ezra furman // 13. love in the 21st century - neon trees // 14. feel good - neon trees // 15. sight of the sun - fun // 16. hard times - paramore // 17. ilysb - lany // 18. superhuman touch - athlete // 19. are we electric - the kooks

Still Into Animals
Paramore vs Neon Trees

Despite the title of the mashup sounding like a beasteality reference, the song is absolutely amazing. The Neon Trees pop alternative style combined with Paramores punk rock backing creates a wonderful little gem which works a lot more than it actually should - Jakk

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I’ll be honest, at first I was horrified of the idea of there being a romantic V route. Because as much as I adored him with every bit of my heart and soul, I firmly believed that what V needed was intense therapy and NOT a hyperushed 11 day romance. I thought he needed time to intensely heal without the pressure of a romantic relationship hanging at the end. And then I saw all those people who were salty about the route being romantic - not for reasons that resemble mine, i.e believing he needs mental health and not romance - but because Rika and V are “soulmates” and V should not be allowed to love anyone else ever??

Now I almost want it to be a romantic route just to be petty. Because all those apparent fans keep insisting that the reason V isn’t allowed to have a happy, healthy romantic relationship is because he should be stuck in the toxic arc of literally loving his abusive ex to death? Do people think this is an iconic love story? Some sort of 21st century Romeo and Juliet? This isn’t love. This is by no means any healthy definition of the word “love”, everything about their relationship is wrong and should not be held in an admirable light.

If your reasons for not wanting V to get a route are “because he can’t love anyone but Rika”??? I honestly?? Don’t know?? What to say?? You’re essentially saying that victims of abuse should never be allowed to develop out of their toxic past relationships with time?

I’ve honestly seen so so so many good reasons why people don’t want it to be a romantic route.

“I want him to get therapy first”, and “I’m afraid of how Cheritz would handle it” being valid points and reasons.

You know what isn’t a good argument though?? “I want V to be forever ”“in love”“ with the woman that has essentially ruined his life because their love is meant to be uwu”.

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I love your 21st Century hp girls but also feel left out cause I'm a hufflepuff but my skin is so damn sensitive I can't even wear mascara. I want to be pretty like the girls you describe but I never can be. :(

my child. my moon princess. my beautiful goddess, you are already so pretty!! 

perhaps i’ll add a description for you.

give me the hufflepuff girls, with rich, smooth hair that flows in the wind as they race through the fields in pretty shoes. hufflepuff girls with sparkling eyes when the sun hits them just right, creating an ethereal glow. give me the hufflepuff girls who are loyal and loving and will fight for the ones they love without a thought. hufflepuff girls who flaunt their natural beauty, complimenting their friends for their stunning makeup skills but knowing damn well they are just as perfect without. hufflepuff girls who are worth staring at unbeknownst to their knowledge, because of their kindness and wisdom. hufflepuff girls who are carefree and divine because they are courageous and ass-kickers who can rock any piece of clothing. hufflepuff girls who encourage their fellow housemates that they are perfect the way they are, whether they’re cunning like the slytherins, brave like the gryffindors, or witty like ravenclaws. hufflepuff girls loving other hufflepuff girls because they know what it’s like to find flaws within themselves and realize that they are who they are because of them.

hufflepuff girls loving each other til the end of time, knowing that they are breathtaking because of their wide smiles and the crinkles around their eyes, the skip to their step and the twirl of their dress.

you are a hufflepuff through and through, no matter if you wear makeup or not. you are as gorgeous as any other hufflepuff/gryffindor/slytherin/ravenclaw out there, and i hope you know that.