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Hi I'm sorry to bother you but I'm not feeling very well and I'd love if you could make a cute Disney themed Bumblebee for me and my girlfriend...? I love your art style and you're so sweet and I'd really appreciate it. Thank you so much so love you ❤🐝

Ahh I hope you’re feeling better, I hope you and your gf like this✧*。✧*。(^▽^) Thank you so much!

Euros Holmes

She said that Euros is Greek and that it means East Wind.
Mycroft told Sherlock at the end of HLV that the ‘East Wind is coming to get you.’ They told us she was coming. Mycroft had to have known that she was coming back. And obviously he knows what her name means. Which also means Mycroft knew she was dangerous from the time they were all children. So Mycroft told Sherlock a story about the East Wind, how it was dangerous and in the end it would take us all. The East Wind was always going to show up in the end, they wouldn’t have mentioned it so much other wise. ((Moftiss knew they were going to bring in a sister and kept it quiet for three damn years. Damn good secret.))

One thing I know is that she is dangerous. And if we are to take the East Wind story at face value, then we know this next episode is going to be one hell of an episode. Even more shocking than this one. Even more questions that they are going to leave us with.

Euros puts John in that well. It can only be that especially after the way it ended. She won’t shoot him, just knock him out. Tranquillisers maybe, who knows. Culverton is gone, Magnussen is gone, Moriarty is gone. (If Mary was alive, she wouldn’t do this.) This Sherrinford is a maybe - after all Mycroft says he gets regular updates and that he is secure, question is secure where?

It all goes back to what happened between them.

I love this 1920’s disguise kit and I want it.

Imagine hiring a private detective to help you solve the case of your missing wife and this is what he unfolds on your coffee table.

“Trust me, sir,” he says, plastic eyeballs bulging. “I’m a professional.”

I loved a man who was unreliable and unpredictable. I loved a man who made me feel like I was on top of the world one minute, and the dirt beneath his feet the next. I loved a man who’s words healed the wounds that his words had caused the day before. I loved a man who was sweet as honey but caused the worst of stomach aches. I loved a man who yelled while I cried and smiled when I hit rock bottom. I loved a man who kissed my neck all while stabbing me in the chest. I loved a man who told me he loved me all while making me feel like I was undeserving of it. I loved a man who posed as my salvation but ultimately became my destruction. I loved this man until I stopped loving myself.
—  Your love was poison disguised as honey.
You see my dear, love is weird, it makes you believe in lies. It tells you if you stretch your arms a bit more you will reach for the stars, it tells you if you hold your hands tighter, and wish stronger, it will snow in the summer.
you see my dear, maybe love is the devil is disguise. Maybe it was the reason you did things you shouldn’t have done, for people you shouldn’t have let in, because of hopes you shouldn’t have clung into.
you see my dear, maybe you should be more careful with love from now on.

hey y'all! i didn’t see that anyone had done this yet, so i did it lol. this is versti fantur and master of disguise layered over each other.

i edited them together so they flowed better, bc MOD has some really weird tempo changes (and also adds half a verse that wasn’t in versti fantur???) and if i didn’t edit them then by the end they would’ve been completely separate. it’s not perfect, but it’s as close as i can make it. i hope you all enjoy! stefan is amazing and i hope he knows that