“Can you see?” - - Minhyuk endorses a game about hungry sharks

regarding namjoon's health at 20160723 beijing concert
  • halfway through the show namjoon had to pull out because he wasn’t feeling well
  • he went to the hospital and is doing fine
  • despite his discomfort he performed 7 out of 16 songs and was smiley and gracious when introducing himself and opening the show
  • after he left, when they were showing clips of the boys the crowd screamed loudest for him
  • as far as I could tell jk performed all of rapmon’s parts except for i need u in addition to his own and did a stellar job i was like holy shit
  • yoongi acted as like, vice captain and took over all of the speaking near the end
  • between songs ARMYs in the audience were chanting “kim namjoon, gwaenchana” and “kim namjoon, saranghae” in unison

With him, I don’t have to “smile for the camera.” With him, I just can’t stop smiling!
I’m seriously the luckiest girl to have a love like ours. A little over two years later, and we’re both the happiest we’ve ever been! I’m so lucky to be in love with my best friend. 😍😁❤️😘
You certainly can’t fake a smile like that!

you're my one

Involved: kian and reader
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“hey baby” were the first words you heard, opening your eyes you stretched your arms up and grasped the soft white blanket that covered both of your bodies. “Morning” you mumbled, the rasp of your voice almost making your words inaudible. Looking at kian you saw his eyes were crinkled by his small smile, his hair dropped across his forehead and his voice deep and crackled. This is what you loved most. These mornings, just you and him. No social media. No cameras. Just you and kian.
Your thoughts were interrupted by kian pulling you into himself, his warmth wrapping around you and you instinctively put your hands around his body. Your head rested on his chest and all you could hear was his long, heavy breathes. You almost fell asleep again until he brought his face down to you and give you a small kiss on the lips, and another, and another. You smiled and held his face, stroking his defined cheeks with your thumbs. You could feel his smile growing beneath your hands.
“Let’s go make breakfast”

You had pancakes that morning. Jc had stayed with Lia the night before so you and kian were the only people at his house. (along with the dogs and cat). The two of you had barley said anything to each other, but then again; you didn’t need to. It was a comfortable silence, just enjoying each others presence. After you ate and the dishes were washed, a dip in the pool felt like a necessity. While changing into swimwear, kian had begun talking about filming, and getting excited for tour “I can’t wait to meet everyone, and to see Harrison again. AND we get to see all these new countries, oh my god y/n its gonna be so great. I just wish you could come.” That last sentence broke your heart. Kian was so passionate about what he did and he really really loved it, you had originally planned to go with him and Jc. You craved to see these new countries and meet these new people and have these experiences. But university had caught up with you. It was too much work to leave behind and you couldn’t handle the stress of it. You needed to be at home. “I know kian. I wish I could go too but, I can’t. And it’s not fair. But, you will still have the time of your life.”
You had now changed in to your one piece, a blue halter neck with polka dots on it. It defined your body shape and made you feel comfortable in yourself. You walked over to him, and he just looked at you. He took you all in. Your body, your hair, your skin, your words, your everything. He needed as much of you as he could get because he would be deprived of you for months on end. “You..” He started. “You… are my one” he held out his hand which you of course accepted. You loved the feeling of his fingers wrapping around yours. It was a small, innocent action but it made the butterflies in your stomach go crazy. You kissed him. You didn’t know what else to do, you needed him. You needed to feel his soft lips moving together with yours. It wasn’t a sexual kiss. It was a loving kiss. A passionate kiss. You broke apart and his forehead touched yours. It was days like this, just like the morning, where it was you and kian. You both needed each other before the other left. You assumed Jc and Lia were doing the same. “I love you” you whispered. He let out a light chuckle as his hands roamed your body, stopping at your hips. He gently squeezed them, a thing he always did, for reasons you would never know. He smiled at you, grabbed your hand and brought your knuckles to his lips. “I love you” he replied.
With the sappy part over, you both jumped into the pool and of course hazel followed. You stayed there for hours until Jc got back. This was all you needed.