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Pros and cons of dating my actual hero Frederik Andersen 💙 because really who can ever have enough Freddie

same bro tf :’)


  • unreal hand-eye coordination. very unlikely to drop a baby if you end up having one.
  • build like an mfing FRIDGE. is probably pretty protective and is able to knock a bitch out with one (1) punch
  • very quiet, but will open up eventually making your relationship with him all the more valuable and special
  • pretty closed off to the public, a private kind of guy, so you know no shit’s gon get spilt
  • probably a great listener, very patient


  • toronto loves him too much. they might try and steal him away from you

send me a leaf and i’ll analyse the pros and cons of realistically dating them

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Hiii, talking abt that insect tattoo. I thunk the possibilities are to wide. I found a tat of fly that looks so much like harry's insect that. Then i found honeybee tat that looks so much like that tat. The thing is, we'll never know and it doesnt matter. Bc babygate is still a thing. It could mean anything for him. Aargh, sometimes this fandom annoys me too much. Love you. I really enjoy your blog xx.

Anon–did you do this when you sent the message?

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Because I know two things for certain about that tattoo. One, I am relieved I didn’t use the tattoo artist he did for that thing, and two, babygate is not over. So yeah, the fandom celebrating makes no sense.

Thanks for the kind words. :)


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