He’s so angry, like, all the time. Scary bird man.

(You know the thing artists do where they imitate the person’s face as they draw them? Shun’s rage is very tiring to draw.)

I wish there was a way to tell how other people are feeling, for doctors to know how bad your pain is, for friends to understand the extent of your sadness, to help quantify your love when you seem to run out of ways to say it. I wish there was a way to explain yourself when words aren’t enough, to offer a comparison when others don’t understand.

So overall I had kind of a rough and stressful week. Not horribly awful, but far from my best, and I’ve just been feeling kind of shitty and overwhelmed. 

That was, until I wound up meeting Stephen Karam after seeing The Humans tonight and had the loveliest conversation with him. Not only is he a supremely talented playwright, but he’s incredibly gracious and thanked me for coming to the show, and when I told him I wanted to be a playwright, he not only asked if/where I went to school and if I had any projects I was working on, he made sure he got my name and then told me that he promised in ten years, our roles would be reversed and he’d be talking to me after my own play on Broadway? 

We chatted for a few minutes and after how just spectacularly good the play itself was, I’m so happy and emotional. All of my followers/mutuals who live in NY and are into theatre need to go see this play. I can’t recommend it highly enough. 


Day 6 of Noragami Week

Favorite God, Human or Shinki: Yato (im sorry i just love him too much.)

He’s too cute, too cute, too cute, too cute, too cute, too cute, too cute,too cute,  too cute, too cute, too cute, too cute, too cute, too cute, too cute,too cute!!!!!!!!!

Oh, he’s funny, witty and a cinnamon roll as well. Also he can be a total badass when needed to, but otherwise he’s a total cinnamon roll, and I love him for it!!

bryanthehedgehog asked:

Just i lattle question for you, if you could add one character to Sonic Boom who would you choose?

I would really like to see the Chaotix Team or perhaps Blaze and Silver, it would be interesting to see Boom’s take on them. ^^

and also Chip because I love him too much ;w;

My mom just called and told me that this afternoon my parents had to take my dog, Togi, to the vet to be put down. He was 17 years old, and was blind and deaf, and had cancer in a few of his organs. My family always said we would never let him suffer, and this week he just wasn’t doing too well. We loved him way too much to let him be miserable after 17 amazing years of happiness and love. 

I know this is what was best for him, but I’m just so upset I will never get to see him ever again. I saw him in January, and I sort of knew that would be the last time. But now he’s really gone, and it just feels wrong. 

anonymous asked:

I'm a harcdore Cule, I just want to say smth to barca pep fanboys: stop just stop you made us look like the worst fanbase ever, you humiliated us. for God sake please stop

i understand the love and appreciation people have for Pep, he gave us so much (i love him too). But to wish that Lucho won’t succeed because they don’t want him to outdo Pep (one day) is so unnecessary and ridiculous. Yes Pep gave us the best team in history, the way the opponent didn’t stand a chance was amazing to see as a Barca fan. But man give Lucho a chance? It shouldn’t even be a comparison? Both love the club, both want to see the team succeed and win as many trophies as possible. This stupid made up rivalry between them is so unnecessary. The funny thing is that they are friends, both want to see the other one succeed. Why can’t we wish for the same?


Happy 21st Birthday Changkyun!
You’re a year older, and it’s also been a year since you’ve met your hyungs. Although it was hard for them to open up to you at first, they’re now showering you with so much love! ❤ I hope you get better soon kkukkungie and come back as 7 。◕‿◕。