You wanna know the worst thing that’s ever happened here in the four years I’ve been working here? It was when an owl attacked Eleanor Gillespie’s head because it thought that her hair was a nest.


I feel like Tae knew exactly what he was doing when he got on the wrong bus.  The staff even asked him why he did what he did and he responded with this:

gives the he-is-up-to-something look ^^


(don’t forget he’s a great actor and could have been tricking the camera guy into believing him lol, y'all know him). He did feel bad the staff had to travel 2 hours to get him afterwards, but before that, he was actually enjoying himself exploring. I feel like he wanted to see a little bit of the country and knowing that no matter what happened the crew would come to the rescue. When they arrived at the stop Tae had sent them, he set out to see the nearby river because it was supposedly “too stuffy on the other side”:

look at that smile full of mischief ^^^

So after they called to ask where he was again, he told them to come get him from the other side of the river. Idk im probably looking too much into it but he’s very mischievous and clever af so I wonder, did he do it on purpose? and does it even matter? lol

Cameraman: how do you feel?

Tae: right now?  I feel sorry for the director.

(Yeah, maybe.)

Cameraman: For what?

Mischievous smile was the answer


Okay, stop right here.

Can we please talk about this melancholy-sad-heartbroken Harvey Specter who’s looking into Mike’s office like he’s dead?! He gives a shit about the firm, any clients, about what Donna is telling him to do, because all he cares and thinks about is Mike Ross. 

If this isn’t canon, I don’t wanna live on this planet anymore.