I am so fucking proud of my little brother who’s not so little anymore (he’s nearly taller than me)!!! He’s graduating high school in May; I just found out that when he was at his school the other day, there was a group of students on a committee who were going around and asking other students what kind of classes/courses should be added to the school.

So my brother says in front of his class and to the committee, “I think the school should add a course where young men are taught how to be gentlemen and treat women like queens.” All the girls were swooning so hard and saying they thought this was a wonderful idea! Unfortunately, a lot of the boys thought it was a horrible idea, complaining that it would steal their man card and that it was too girly and shit -_- When the boys voiced their opinion, my brother looked at them and said, “Those of you who just groaned and complained about my idea? You just proved exactly why we need a class like this. You’re still just boys. There’s nothing more dignified than treating a woman like a treasure. That’s what makes you a real man.” 

I cried…he’s a feminist and doesn’t even know it! I’m such a proud big sister!!! Totally NOT sorry for bragging about my lil bro. He’s my best friend and he literally came out of my mom’s womb a gentleman. He’d hold the door open for women when he was three, and would literally lecture other boys in kindergarten about how to treat all the girls like princesses. Not exaggerating. His teacher actually told us this one day.

This is an important post that I think all need to see. It’s a lovely reminder that chivalry is not dead.

He got his senior pics done a few days ago, so here are a few:

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BBC Sherlock’s Sebastian Moran is one of the best characters never to exist


"I was very much there for the birth; it’s a mad situation! My father has delivered over 6,000 babies, my stepmother’s an obstetrician gynaecologist and I’ve been around a lot of baby talk in my life.
'But still, nothing actually prepares you. I hope I'm a good dad. It's the most joyous thing imaginable. It's totally changed our lives but only for the positive.” - Jamie Dornan

when people mistake my self confidence for narcissism I laugh bc nah, that just shows you’re insecure w yourself, and why squander my life feeling shitty about my appearance instead of ACCEPTING myself and LOVING who I am and PROJECTING that love and acceptance to those around me ? you got me confused.