It is on cold, dark nights like these that I imagine your breath on my neck, your hand on my stomach, your lips on my cheek, your heart in the palm of my hand.
—  I miss you

Let me get over you first before you tell me that you still love her,

let me get over you before I decide that I’ve always been in love with him,

let me get over you before its too late,

let me get over you period.

Still Masquerading As Professionals- Do Not Touch The Art (Thorcid)

Foreword: It would feel weird calling this an author’s note, as I did not write this amazing addition to the MAP family! The wonderfully talented @samrull surprised me with this out of the blue and I was very very humbled, so much so that I couldn’t not share it with you guys! She is amazing, go check out all her fics and I hope you all enjoy this one!  

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anonymous asked:

Piper for the character thing?:)) I love your blog!! xx

Thank you!!

Sexuality Headcanon: Panromantic/sexual (but I also like ace Piper)

Gender Headcanon: cis girl or demigirl

A ship I have with said character: Jiper(jasiper) and Pipabeth

A BROTP I have with said character: Piper and Leo, and Piper and Percy (and obviously piper and annabeth)

A NOTP I have with said character: none

A random headcanon: my headcanon is that she learns to not give a fuck and embrace her feminine and masculine sides, wearing whatever the hell she wants and not caring

General Opinion over said character: She’s great and while I think there could have been improvements to the actual structure of her character and more development, I still love her!

i do like to think about v genuinely happy with someone. It’d take him a while, but I do think he’d be affectionate. Soft kisses before he/his partner leaves in the morning, carefully packing their favorites, taking pictures of them all the time, kisses good night, quiet whispers of ‘I love you’, making memos to remind him of things that are important to them, learning what makes them happy, promising that he loves them more than he loves Rika (and some part of him still expects them to forgive him for still loving her in part), etc.

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….


There’s a lot of great photosets of how hilarious Paranatural is, but please also appreciate that it is SUPER COOL and BEAUTIFUL and full of great ladies.  Zack Morrison’s art is always improving and it’s really cool to watch it go from uncolored pencil sketches to beautiful full-color gorgeousness.  

Please read Paranatural. It gives you SUPERPOWERS!

  • bismuth:an extremist, wanted to shatter enemy gems to win, attacks steven, and more than likely attacked rose when they disagreed with her
  • su fandom:bismuth was clearly in the right??? what's wrong with rose i mean seriously
  • me:what?? is wrong with y'all??? if you think murdering your enemies is the right thing???? why on earth??? are you watching??? steven universe???