I get asked a lot who my best friend is… This is Amber. She’s been my best friend for like ever(3 years) and I love her to death. I couldn’t ask for someone better. She puts up with my bullshit so yeah i’m pretty grateful for her. Also she is so unbelievably stunning and the things that come out of her mouth would shock you. The thing is, whenever we get together we create amazing works of art and memories that will last forever. I can literally walk up to her and say “Guess who just had a dick in her mouth 5 minutes ago?” and she will high five me. She is so special to me and I don’t know if she really knows it. I love my little Amerh. xx


“I remember in elementary school the teacher would just have us write on a piece of paper ‘write who you are.’ And so of course, I wrote my name and i wrote ‘soccer player.’ I literally was just like: shoot! I didn’t know what else I was supposed to write. It really wasn’t until the 20s that I realized that it could be a possibility or that the love that I had for the game was truly a different type of love. It was just the passion that I had for the sport. It was all I wanted to do.” -Julie Johnston