PSA: Sasha Pieterse is effing beautiful

It literally pisses me off so much when I see all these negative comments about Sasha’s appearance. She’s even freaking explained herself without even needing to do so - she shouldn’t need to explain all of her healthcare to her fans! Her true fans would be supportive no matter what. 

Now here is a tiny Sasha image spam of just some of the millions of occasions where she is slaying and doesn’t give a shit about what anyone thinks… 

2 things about this shot.
1: she’s so cute and happy for her new alien friend!!!
2: her tablet is just like… Floating there next to her head. Did the humans not notice?

anonymous asked:

I love Xom and must know more.

Xom is one of the meanest piece of quiznak on Altea

can make anyone cry (actually made a few of the boot camp instructors cry)

when the 5 person squads are tasked with picking their own squad leader, her squad chooses her (and for good reasons, but more on that later)