You have to believe me when I say you are not forgotten. No matter how many lives you stumble into, those people are never going to forget you. No matter how brief your stay was. You bring something - you have something within you that I’ve never quite been able to put my finger on. It’s not something as impermanent as your looks, it’s far deeper than that. You are far deeper than that. That’s why I know none of these girls are even worth your time because none of them have the capability to touch the deepest parts of you. You’re doing yourself a disservice, being with these people because eventually you’ll close off certain parts of yourself. You’ll change. You won’t be you - don’t sacrifice yourself like that.
For now, learn to love yourself. I know that’s hard and it’s ok if some days you aren’t loving yourself like you should. I don’t either. But I still let myself feel. Learn to hold yourself: to keep yourself safe. If you can’t do that right now then I’ll keep you safe until you can. I’ll still keep you safe even then. Someone like you has to be kept safe; you’re home to so many people but I know that you, yourself, have to be kept from burning down sometimes.
The one will come along for you. There will be more than one, but I trust that you will learn and you will grow to realise who is deserving of you - that’s not many. That person you decide is deserving of you is going to have no clue what to do with the universe within you but they’ll want to stand by your side anyway. They are going to want to be around for your life - a life that all of us are already so happy to be in.
—  My friend’s text to me

This is a cover me and my best friend recorded and filmed of red. It took us about 6 hours to record and 6 hour to film and edit the video which is actually not that long! This is our first time recording and filming so it’s not perfect but we are really proud! We’ve both been going through probably the toughest year of our lives at the ment and if you liked this post taylorswift, even if you didn’t see it and just liked it, we would be so so happy!!! My dream is to perform with my best friend Savanna Kate on stage to thousands of people just like you and to sing songs about our experiences and to be role models and help people through the same things we went through, just like you. I hope someday we can meet you and tell you in person how much you mean to us. @taylorswift