I am that kind of girl that will randomly kiss you because your lips are unrealistically beautiful, I will randomly hug you, or kiss your hand, or do silly noises before kissing you, the kind of girl who will make you dinner and buy you flowers. Because I am that kind of girl who needs someone to love and to take care off cuz more than just having a girlfriend I love having someone to take care off, someone to love.
—  I need a girlfriend ASAP
a gift of roses

when i look at a red rose I am reminded of your smile
as bright and full as a flower mid morning.
With the petals as wide as your lips reach

with the aroma of roses filling my mind
as i think of you
and the way your hair smells as I awake next to you

and i imagine
plucking each rose
and giving them to you
for there has never been a more fitting gift
than giving a girl as vibrant as nature
a collection of small tokens that match her essense
something as pure as nature