Everyone creates the thing they fear…


Love this dress …

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so rufioh being into bossy, controlling people and dangerous ladies makes me think of THIS SHIP because vriska is of course, both of these qualities combined B)

*taylor swift’s blank space starts playing softly in the distance*

Big toys, little custom.

Why can’t you let go? Like a bird in the snow. This is no place to build your home.
—  lyrics from Friction by Imagine Dragons

Beautiful Hairpin …

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tonight I watched a ton of home videos from when I was a baby and I stumbled upon the tape that my aunt took the day I was born. I had never seen it before and I legitimately bawled because she got on tape the moment my dad ran out and yelled “it’s a girl!” to my extended family. and he walked up to his father and they hugged and cried. and I got to watch my mother meet me for the first time after waking up from her c section. there was one moment when the nurse couldn’t get me to stop crying as she took my weight and length and footprints so my dad walked up and put his hand to my cheek and I reached up and grasped his thumb and immediately stopped crying. it made me seriously emotional oh my god.


the fabric on my top is stunning

Lay deletes all his posts on Instagram

Fans have noticed prior to the deletion of Lay’s instagram posts that bashers were commenting on his every photos some hateful comments asking him to leave and terminate his contract.

In regard to this, Lay has deleted all his instagram posts and profile picture to avoid EXO-Ls and bashers having heated conversation on his instagram.

This is following the news of Tao’s father’s decision wanting his son out of EXO which will presumably leaves Lay the only Chinese member in EXO if it happens. Since then, Tao hasn’t commented and released his personal statement.

Let me now say something about this people posting nonsense comments on Lay’s Instagram posts.

First as for the first coment:

Girl or boy or whatever you are,Lay has passed 20 years old so IF YOU DON’T MIND let him choose about his life’s decisions. If he wants to leave EXO and create a group of his own and the others left,HE WILL DO IT ONLY AND ONLY IF HE WANTS.No need for you to advise him,he can do stuff on his own.He ain’t gonna leave,you will have to try way harder to compare to him.Dot.

Second as for the second coment:

You girl or boy or whatever the hell,You have no damn right to say such things about him.He is a wonderful person who loves his members and EXO,he keeps holding on Just for his fans,NOT FOR YOU!If you think you can just go around and coment stuff,you just have no idea what a low person you are.DOT. Oh,AND STOP ACTING LIKE IF YOU WEREN’T IN HIS POSITION YOU WOULDN’T STAY THERE FOR MONEY.IT’S EXTREMELY DISGUSTING TALKING ABOUT HIM LIKE HE IS SOMEONE AS SHIT AS YOU.HE IS A WONDERFUL HUMAN,FIRST OF ALL,AND SECOND EVEN IF HE IS DOING THIS FOR HIS OWN INTERESTS (WHICH HE ISN’T AND THERE IS NO DOUBT ABOUT THIS) YOU SAY THESE JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE JEALOUS OF HIM.OK?.dOT.

Third as for the third coment

You are so disgusting.Really.WHo do you think you are that you say such stuff about lay?Huh? Do you think you are the SM entertainment’s  director or something like this?You are just a normal idiot person who keeps trying to mess on others lifes.If you don’t like that he is still there,then don’t watch it.He is not gonna leave EXO just because your ass wants him to do so.Got it?Heard me? 

Seriously guys,I am extremely angry and frustrated.I am so done with this shit. I am so done with these dumbass.

Someone please find these people,give them a big lesson so they will never ever coment such idiot stuff..I am done here.This just destroyed my day.I didn’t know Lay had to face all this.I wish i could contact to him,or i wish i could be there to hug him.This is so bad.Please,everyone stop comenting these things.

It’s so disgusting.And Lay,I know 100% that you will never ever get to read or see this post.But I support you.Don’t just give up on these people.You are better than them.They lack jealousy.I Love you Lay.I love you EXO.Keep being wonderful,just as you are.!

Leslie walked up to the boy that stood at his locker. He was the boy she liked to talked to, get to know about, and perhaps even go on a date. However, all she had to do was get his attention.

She stood there wondering what to say while the boy just fumbled through his locker. He then closed his locker and leslie gasped, realizing he was about to turn around.

Aaand so he did, and he looked at her, as she had her mouth agape. “‘Elloo. Can I help you there, love?” he spoke. Leslie looked as if she was going to say something but clutched a hand to her stomach.

“Oi, are you all right?” he asked, looking at her in concern. “E-e-excuse me!” she blurted out, as she speeded away. Leaving the boy in a “WTF” stance.


Gobdammit, I’m sorry Ansen! DX I fugged up ya body a little. Gobdammit. Oh well, meet Ansen rops, everyone. :D

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3 years since the release of “A New Day”

(I wanted to make a gifset but Photoshop is being tragic)

April 24, 2012 was when they released the very first episode of The Walking Dead game. Isn’t that crazy? Seems like just months ago.

It went on to win “over 80 Game of the Year awards and many other awards. To this day, The Walking Dead is considered one of the greatest video games of the Seventh Generation, 2012, and one of the greatest examples of video game story telling.“

Three years ago I thought games were just mindless things. I got very sick the early 2012 which disrupted my sleep schedule, so I went on to find gameplays to listen to in the background so I can fall asleep. In the top searches, I always seem to find uberhaxornova’s name so I thought I’d check him out, listened to a few of his Happy Wheels videos and then I found The Walking Dead. I saw the trailer for the game months prior and thought I’d check that out as well. Let’s just say I didn’t fall asleep. Shit was cray! And I had to wait for the finale to come out (I started watching around when EP 4 was released) (Yes I watched all in one setting)

The game not only changed my view on games COMPLETELY but made me appreciate storytelling even more than I already did.

How did you find out about TWDG?

humanityinahandbag asked:

Hey! Just a little reply to your Roland 1930 answer! In the 1930's, mob bosses who were more "friendly" with the police were in that position because A) they actually paid the cops and B) they gave away mob's that crossed them. Usually, by the end, the mobs were listened to more than the government and weren't turned in because they were providers. Their city was under their threat, yeah, but also their protection. History major in me HAD to rant excitedly about one of my favorite times. :P

OH MY GOD HOW MUCH DO I LOVE THIS?! SO MUCH. Oh God, I fucking love it when people tell me history like this, that is like my most favorite favorite favorite jam…I fucking love History. I do I do I do. 

I feel like Roland is definitely a pay off the cops kind of guy - for this AU, I have this idea that he’s already enormously wealthy and comes from really Old Money and has a very illustrious legitimate business (which is really a front for his true work), which would explain why Marianne’s dad is was so happy to have him be his Future Son in Law. So, he can definitely afford to pay off the cops, and not have the poverty of the time effect him in any real way. I also see him totally trying to sell out other mobs. In fact, he tries to with Bog’s, but Bog is too damn wily for that and outmaneuvers Roland somehow. This, of course, only increases the animosity between them. 

I really like this idea that though Roland flashes around his cash and spends grandiose money and gives elaborate speeches to helping the city and keeping it safe, it’s only for the rich people, the ones he wants to associate with. People are so fooled by his charm, but he’s a compete and utter backstabber when he thinks he could be getting something better. He once promised Sunny to provide protection for the other families living in Sunny’s neighborhood, but in fact the conditions worsened. 

But Bog does look after his own - even though he’s known as rough and for being merciless to those who cross him, he makes sure that people in his neck of the woods are looked after. And if someone tries to start a rumble on his turf with his people, don’t you try it on alone…

Seriously, come at me and talk history to me anytime, this is seriously pretty much my drug! 

This is my favorite gif ever

I’m the one on the right.