When you were a kid and you wanted to do something reckless with your friends, remember when your mom asked you, “If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?” I would always roll my eyes and reluctantly respond, “No, Mom, I wouldn’t.” Our parents were pointing out the obvious: if we followed our friends, things would get messy and we would get hurt. So maybe literal bridge-jumping isn’t the best idea, but I think that Jesus would answer our moms a little differently. I think He would say “Yeah, actually, I would jump off of that bridge. I wouldn’t abandon my friends when they’re about to get really hurt. I would be right there with them, even if it means sharing in their suffering.” In fact, that’s pretty much what he did when he came down to earth. He saw us jumping and decided to grab on and jump with us, and he made sure that he took all of the impact when we landed. Isaiah 52:14 says that when Jesus died, his appearance was so marred that he didn’t even look like a human being.

So, on the days when you are hurting so badly you can’t muster the strength to get out of bed, when you have ugly cried for hours on end, when you are beaten down by shame or guilt, when you are overwhelmed by the cruelty of other people, when you doubt there’s ever gonna be a light at the end of the tunnel, remember that your story isn’t over yet. Remember that you are a gosh dang child of the living God. That living God could be sitting on the throne of glory turning a blind eye to our pain, but he is willingly right beside us even now, even in our awful mess, because that’s what Love does. He sees our pain, he understands our pain, he weeps at our pain and he has shared in our pain so that one day there will be no more pain. And you better get ready for a big old bear hug of love and comfort because it’s coming your way soon. You are not alone.

—  Ellie Johnson, Jesus Was a Bridge Jumper
Hosanna (Be Lifted Higher)
Israel Houghton
Hosanna (Be Lifted Higher)

Hosanna in the highest
Let our King be lifted up hosanna
Hosanna in the highest
Let our King be lifted up hosanna

(Be lifted up) hosanna in the highest
Let our King be lifted up hosanna hosanna
Oh hosanna in the highest
Let our King be lifted up hosanna

Sing hosanna in the high in the highest
Thank You Lord
Let the King be lifted lifted hosanna

Be lifted higher higher
Be lifted higher

Jesus You be lifted higher higher
Be lifted higher
Jesus You be lifted higher
Higher higher
Jesus You be lifted higher
Higher higher

Jesus You be lifted higher
Higher be lifted higher (woh)
Jesus be lifted higher
Higher be lifted higher (woh)
King be lifted up hosanna

Hosanna in the highest
Let our King be lifted up
Let our King be lifted up
Let our King be lifted up hosanna

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did you hear? Jared and Jensen are really gay and that's make me feel very gay <3 nOw that that's out of the way, mama? tell me some tales about how much Jared and Jensen love each other ?

Hello, dear Ollie!

I’ve heard such whispers in the damp streets and the shady corners of no-name pubs. I’ve been told this by a boy wearing a hood and mysterious women with their backs turned on me. Notes with scribbles on them have been slipped from under my door and I’ve seen small, modest messages carved on benches at parks.

Meanwhile, Jared and Jensen…

But shh! It’s a secret… I guess. You didn’t hear this from me!

But you asked for a story, right? Here goes! Once upon a time in Atlanta, there were these two really romantic… Ehh, I’ll just let the husbands tell this one themselves.

“Ahem” indeed. *leans in to whisper in your ear* Jared and Jensen are in love. They got it bad. They’re sickeningly sweet, but I love it. I can’t help spreading the secret, because such a wonderful story deserves to be told.

Ahem, ahem. Thank you for the message, dear Ollie! I had suspected something of the sort, but it sure feels nice to hear similar thoughts from other people as well! *winks* Have a lovely Sunday!

“Are you willing to say to God that He can have whatever He wants? Do you believe that wholehearted commitment to Him is more important than any other thing or person in your life? Do you know that nothing you do in this life will ever matter; unless it is about loving God and loving the people He has made?” -Francis Chan

God loves you. God loves me. God loves gay people. God loves hateful people. God loves kind people. God loves the atheists. God loves the Christians. God loves the Jews. God loves the gentiles. God loves straight people. God loves prostitutes. God loves preachers. God loves naysayers. God loves the single moms. God loves the homeless people. God loves the dads who left. God loves the drug addicts. God loves the privileged. God loves the broken. God loves you. God loves me. God loves everyone, no exceptions.
God loves. Period.

The cross is big enough for all of us.

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I see you reblog stuff from Hillsong every once in a while... religious beliefs? How do you support soccer players that are gay when you're a Christian.. I thought they were against being gay?

You’re hanging around the wrong “Christians.” 

“Jesus replied: “ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” Matthew 22: 37-40

These are the only commandments Jesus gave us, and I’m pretty sure I don’t ever remember reading in the 10 commandments from the first testament anything about hating people or anything about people being homosexual. I’m actually 100% positive on that one. 

People who have hate in their hearts and in their minds are not following true to what a Christian is supposed to be. Jesus spent his time with the poor, the whores, the criminals. He didn’t spend time with the rich and the proud. 

So my Jesus, is a man who loved everyone no matter what they had done in life. My Jesus never told us to hate anyone. My Jesus never said homosexuality was wrong. My Jesus never said to hate people because they were a different skin color, a different religion. My Jesus told us to love one another as we love ourselves. 

My Jesus died on the cross for my sins. The cross = love. 

This is my religious belief. 

Players like Tobin Heath inspire me to be a better person and a better Christian. The way she loves God, the way she loves people and the way she loves life. She makes me want to be better. 

Hey guys,
Just a little bit of a blessing. Or can I just tell you what to go do? Just go be awesome everywhere you go. Just go be awesome!
 Love God. Love people. Don’t judge anybody. Just Reflect the Father heart of God, reflect who he is. 
And maybe your out there tonight and you are holding on to your seat going ‘I’m not going forward’ and all the sudden something happened to you in these last 45 minutes. I know there’s somebody here i feel it; I know it in my spirit gut and your going ‘oh my goodness it’s true, he really loves Me, I have a future, I have a destiny!!’ you don’t have to walk down here you just say I believe. I believe!

May the lord bless Oklahoma may the lord bless you and keep you. May the lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious unto you the lord lift his accountants upon you. Give you peace. 
Let’s finish well. We can finish well. We got one shot at this. Can you believe we get picked that he calls us children of God. That blows my mind.

So you know what your supposed to do. You are suppose to go be Jesus to everybody. Just go be awesome.
And I bless you with an abundance of favor all the days of your life. 
And I pray for an revival for not only this city and but for this state and for America.

I think it’s time to stop saying God Bless America. I think it’s time to do hey America it’s time to bless God as a nation.

Hang with comrades, hang with friends stay in the course stay on the path and I’m going to see you on the other side If I don’t see you again and I’m sure I’m coming back at some point.

My prayer tonight is that God will fan the flames.
Some of us have a little flicker. I don’t want to be a flicker I want this thing inside of me to burn! Just a big Bonfire and everywhere I go people, they just go dude what is up with you? Woah!
It’s Jesus.
So fan the flames till the whole world sees us burn you are the fire!

—  Michael W. Smith
Franklin Graham Crusade, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 8/22/15
In CHRIST life isn’t about me anymore -it’s about love. Loving God and loving people. It’s about the Gospel. It’s about putting others first, considering them first. Denying ourselves and dying to self daily

51 Things I Wish I Knew In High School:

1. Do not spend more than $9 on mascara. CVS sells ones that work just fine.

2. It won’t matter later on that he was on a high school football team.

3. Your push-up bra is obvious.

4. Chill with the eyeliner.

5. If he cheats on you, say goodbye.

6. Stop subtweeting or Facebooking your life.

7. Don’t tell your mom you hate her, you will regret it.

8. Innocence is beautiful.

9. Call your grandma just because.

10. Some people will never like you; don’t let it bother you.

11. Kill them with kindness.

12. TPing/Rolling houses is all fun and games till it rains and you have to clean it up.

13. You were beautiful before he told you.

14. Don’t believe stereotypes. Get to know people personally instead of judging them.

15. Don’t let one mistake define you.

16. But learn from your mistakes.

17. Eat home-cooked meals. You will miss it one day.

18. Your mom can see a fake friend before you can.

19. Your dad can see a crappy boy before you can.

20. Enjoy your metabolism while it lasts.

21. There is more to life than Friday night.

22. If your parents buy you something, whether it’s a McDonald’s or an iPhone, say thank you.

23. You are more beautiful than you will ever know.

24. Prom is not the “best night of your life,” but go anyways.

25. High school years are not the best years of your life.

26. However, enjoy high school while it lasts, you will miss some of it.

27. Bad times make you appreciate the good times.

28. It’s only a bad days, not a bad life.

29. Sop comparing yourself to others; that will never do any good.

30. Learn to forgive. Also learn that not everyone deserves your trust.

31. Learn to apologize.

32. He isn’t the love of your life.

33. Sex does not make you mature or an adult.

34. Stop pretending to be someone you are not o impress people.

35. Keep a journal.

36. You’ll regret spending $90 on that Abercrombie fur vest.

37. Eat the dang doughnut.

38. Five for $27, appreciate it, and never forget it.

39. Pray for your future husband every once in a while.

40. Pray for your future kids too.

41. Take those ACT prep classes seriously.

42. Hug your grandpa every chance you get.

43. Write thank you notes for everything.

44. Tell your favorite high school teacher she rocks.

45. Nothing good happens past midnight.

46. Put others before yourself.

47. Unless that person is an ex-boyfriend. You deserve happiness, stop worrying about him.

48. If you love God, then you should love people.

49. His plan is greater than yours (Romans 8:28).

50. Stop speeding; especially on turns. Also stop at stop signs.

51. Enjoy life. It goes by faster than you think.

To all of the high school girls reading this– I hope that you never forget that even though life sometimes stinks you will have plenty of moments that make you forget about the hard times. You will have moments of laughter, joy, and thankfulness that compensate for the time you failed your math test or the boy that broke your heart. Be willing to adventure through life, and go through the bad with a smile knowing the best is yet to come. Embrace your innocence and stop trying to grow up. You only get to be a kid once; so enjoy the end of the beginning while you can.

“One day, you’re 17 and you’re planning for someday. And then quietly, without ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is your life.

—  One Tree Hill
It’s time to heal the Church

Raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimised by the Church. 

If this is you then I, on behalf of the the church, am going to put myself forward… like Cady didn’t in the gym on mean girls  and APOLOGISE that you went to a place for comfort, help, support, fellowship and a family and got your efforts shoved back in your face. 

I want to sincerely ask for your forgiveness if you put yourself out there at God’s request and received disapproving looks and pointed fingers from other people in the Church. 

I need to let you know that the church full of broken, imperfect people and that it is time IT IS TIME for us to find some healing so we can live up to the challenge and call that God has placed on us. 

Church, ‘mean girls’ references aside… we need some healing within us before we can wholeheartedly work together to do our job for the Kingdom. We are called to love our neighbour second only to loving God. Our neighbour is those who walk along side us in this earth, EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET. Even if you don’t agree with their opinions, even if you don’t like their attitude, even if you don’t agree with their lifestyle, even if they worship different to you, even if they serve God in a different way to you and even if you feel threatened by them. 

We, as christians, are called to Love God but also to Love people and that I feel is one of the things that the church as a whole has never quite mastered. 

An amazing preacher i heard recently called Charlotte Gambil said, ‘the church should be known for what it is for rather than what it is against’. 

Isn’t that so true? that as God’s people we should be lifting people up rather than pulling people down? That we should be adding to the light rather than bringing in more darkness? That we should be praying for people rather than getting mad at them? 

John 13v34 sums it up perfectly, “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

If we show love and kindness to others outside of the church, and to others inside of the church… Then people will notice the Jesus within us as this scripture states and the Church will be a place that people feel they can walk into without judgement and a place where they are home. 

So, my prayer for the church is that we will all hop off our pedestals (me included, I am in no way claiming to have it all together), open our minds and hearts and love others before we judge. That we will trust that God will intervene if He needs to and understand that it is our job to step down and pray and let Him do the heavy lifting in peoples hearts. I sincerely pray that the Church as a whole will be healed and have a genuine love for people. I pray this over our future as His people. 

So pray over the Church. That past hurts will be forgiven, that present situations will be restored and that our future actions for the kingdom in our fallen world will bring about streams of His magnificent light rather than adding to the darkness. 

We are called His disciples for a reason, so let us live it out right. 

-31women (Gabi)

We know that God loves us and that we should love God. But there is no way I would characterise most Christians or most churches by their love for God. People in love act much differently than people with a sense of obligation. People do crazy things for love. Love has a way of making even the most difficult tasks feel simple and joyful. It has a way of pushing us to act with complete abandon and devotion. If we were truly in love with God, then our lives would be shaped by God, His desires for us, and our desire to maintain a close relationship with Him.
—  Francis Chan, Living Crazy Love
What does God’s calling look like in your life?

I was talking theology with some friends earlier and one of them strongly encouraged me to write a blog post on this particular topic so here we are.

In America, we live in a society that teaches people to find a career and stick with it. Sure, you bounce around a bit when you’re young, but you ultimately do so with the goal of finding “your dream job” or at the very least, something you can tolerate doing for the next 30-40 years. 

So when you’re a young Christian and you’re in a “dead-end” job, you get frustrated, right? Maybe we don’t acknowledge it, but we get a little bit of the Prosperity Gospel seeping into our thoughts and we think, “Man, there HAS to be more in this life for me! God must have something better for me.”

That whole idea of “something better”, that uncertainty, is at the heart of it all. I’m filled with empathy for my fellow Millenials who become paralyzed because they simply do not know what God’s will is for their lives. They can be faithful, they can desperately WANT to know and pray for guidance, but they’ve simply never known what God’s calling for their lives actually is. 

I know, because I’ve been and sometimes still am that person.

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The true believer has also a loving spirit as the result of Jesus’ grace. He loves God, therefore he loves God’s people and God’s creatures, and having this loving spirit he has next a zealous spirit, and so he spends and is spent for God, and this begets in him a heavenly spirit and so he tries to live in heaven and to make earth a heaven to his fellow-men, believing that he shall soon have a heaven for himself and for them too on the other side of the stream.
—  Charles Spurgeon