my mom is the best 🙏🙏🙏
  • Me: hey mom, shiro's voice actor is getting a lot of flack right now
  • Birth Giver: why???
  • Me: *explains the discourse and how people think Shaladin is pedophilia and all that bs*
  • Birth Giver, a 40 year old woman, who knows the difference between fiction and reality, doesn't condone pedophilia: okay 1. do those people hating on ships not know what pedophilia means or?????? and 2. there is literally bad shit happening in the world right now, and people are losing their shit over a CARTOON and giving a voice actor a hard time because he called them out??????
  • ARIES: the self-confident risk taker
  • TAURUS: the careful love giver
  • GEMINI: the arrogant & proud one
  • CANCER: the intelligent & smart loner
  • LEO: the most beautiful one
  • VIRGO: the open-minded truth teller
  • LIBRA: the playful heartbreaker
  • SCORPIO: the emotional dummy
  • SAGITTARIUS: the romantic madcap
  • CAPRICORN: the charming neurotic
  • AQUARIUS: the helpful hero
  • PISCES: the emotionless but strong one
Some people walk around this world
looking at you and wondering what they can take.
They sidle up to pretty girls at bars and wonder
what they can take from her short skirts and tight shirts.
They toss rocks at lonely sixteen year old’s windows and wonder
what they can take from her innocent heart
that’s been aching to fall in love since thirteen.
They see your love as a product,
something to show up and bid for on auction day.
They take and take and take-
but you need someone who gives.
You need someone who’ll show that girl at the bar
how to find comfort in something other than alcohol.
You need someone who’ll reassure that sixteen year old
that she doesn’t have to love unless she’s sure it’s real,
until she knows she’s found someone willing to love her completely.
You need someone who looks at you and wants nothing more
than to give you the happiness you deserve.
You’ve run into so many takers,
but honey, you need a giver.
—  you need a giver // c.r.h.
Male!MC and RFA headcanons

(ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ some male!mc for your reading pleasure! i love these :D i’ll be doing nonbinary ones next. please send me some headcanons of your own and i will fill them asap. nsfw accepted!!!! - Mod 606


  • Cherishes his MC more than anything (save for Elizabeth III) he would LITERALLY! Do anything for you!!!!
  • Loves that you’re not that much shorter than him so that it’s more comfortable when he wants to rest his cheek on top of your head
  • Tells you that you’re lovely and the most handsome man in the world!!!!!
  • Definitely 100% a top but is always super loving and a total giver.
  • Loves giving head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Not a lot of PDA but will definitely put his claim on you if he can tell someone else is interested 
  • Makes you go out in his clothes that still smell like him when you’re hanging out with Zen ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Wears your socks when he goes on business trips he can’t take you on
  • Jumin Han is gay


  • ALWAYS wants you to hold him. 
  • You in public? Hold him. You in bed? Hold him! At church? Hold him.
  • Seriously. He will cling to you like a koala.
  • Yoosung is an average height and he 100% envies your long legs because they just “Go on for days, honey. Hnnnng.”
  • He loves burying his head in your chest and having your arms around him
  • He’ll want to wear your clothes more than he wants to wear his own. If you buy a new sweatshirt, chances are he’ll steal it as soon as you’ve worn it once.
  • Introduces you as the best boyfriend in the world to every single person you meet.
  • Loves it when you manhandle him


  • When he talks about you in interviews he says you’re the only man who’s looks can rival his own. 
  • Versatile in bed!!!! You both get competitive when it comes to getting each other off. 
  • Boyfriends 100% always holding hands
  • PDA off the charts. If anyone even looks at you for too long he’s making you wrap your arms around him from behind and calling you his “sweetheart” and his “man” 
  • When you give him soft kisses it sets his heart off racing!!!


  • Again, versatile in bed. Neither of you feel the need to fight for dominance. 
  • He loves cross dressing and loves when you play along.
  • Lots of snuggling. He always wants you in his lap if he’s working on something that isn’t classified. 
  • You both have quite the hoodie collection. 
  • You convince him that eating healthier meals is for the best, he agrees as long as you’ll eat with him
  • Sends you “I love my boyfriend” memes 
  • Aggressively protective over you even though you’re the same height 
  • Demands piggy back rides when he’s too lazy to walk any longer


  • If MC thought Jaehee fangirls over Zen, you have a storm coming when it comes to you as her boyfriend. 
  • She’s low-key possessive, probably doesn’t even realize she’s doing it tbh!!! 
  • If there’s anyone watching you while you two are out on a coffee date together she’ll scoot closer to you, or move her chair next to yours and not mention it.
  • She loves loves loves to hold your hand and wearing your jackets. It makes her swoon when you offer your scarf to her.
  • Will always appreciate it when you hold open doors for her!!!
  • Fiercely awkward no matter how long you’re together but always open about how she feels about you.
  • She picks out matching pajamas for you two every holiday. 

Venus in the 12th:

I don’t know how to express my love. I feel like I wasn’t given enough love as a child, or I didn’t understand it, or I didn’t believe I deserved it. It’s hard for me to ask for acts of love because I don’t know how, and I’m probably afraid. But I have a lot of love to give, and I might try to save you by loving you.

Venus in the 6th:

I readily express my love. I feel that expressing love is a duty, something I am good at doing and obligated to perform for my loved ones. It is hard for me ask for acts of love because it violates my role as the love-giver, and I probably don’t think I need it. But I need a lot of love, and I might smother you in the process of nurturing you.


teach your little this its a good life lesson and when you’re little says it to a hater its pure bliss <3 <3 <3

this goes for you too little one @lovelylittleprincessxo

okay but ronan would be the best at giving adam things he needs (ex. secretly paying for aglionby). for christmas he would get him a huge thing of socks as a joke, but really he noticed that almost all of his have holes in them. he would get him really nice soap that gets grease off skin because ‘dude I’m sick of you smelling like oil all the time it’s giving me a headache.’ he would bring dinner over and maybe buy way too much because he 'couldn’t decide’ and left all of it at adam’s so he 'doesn’t have to carry it all.’ ronan is just so kind and he knows how to give to adam without taking from him like everyone else

Boyfriend Jun Would Include...

A/N: I haven’t done one of these in a while. so here we go

  • People say Jun is a greasy person but come on Jun is the sweetest little thing 
  • Like he can be flirty at times and have that charm but how can you not like that
  • Jun as your bf would be wowowowo
  • Lots of skin ship 
  • Kissing is number one 
  • He may act confident about it but hes actually a really sensitive shy guy 
  • Like Seungcheol, Jun has a strong sexy charming outside but a soft squishy and shy inside 
  • He’s such a sweet person, he’d do anything to see his friends smile 
  • Jun is such a care giver he loves to take care and nurture things 
  • Like a mother, you’ll see your boyfriend feedings his members and tucking them into bed 
  • He such a intelligent fine china 
  • Who can also be a dumb ass just because he wants to 
  • Jun like attention but he’s not someone who begs for it
  • He rather have you set your eyes on him then the other way around 
  • He would approach you in a friendly way, befriending you before going in and stealing your heart
  • You two would  become good friends, sharing your interests, like the food you like, music, movies, tv shows….etc
  • Jun seems pretty open, like he’ll tell you anything that’s on his mind, 
  • If you ever here the term greasy and Jun put together, just remember Jun isn’t like that at all
  • This kid is so shy and sweet and gentle, yet fun and playful. Kind of like that childhood friend you grew up with. ONLY HOTTER BOII
  • Jun is kinda protective though, like if he sees you with another dude, he might get a little bit jealous, but he knows how to control himself
  • If he does feel like a little suspicious of someone he’ll like stare them down with those deep captivating eyes. 
  • Or he’ll say some rude comment but he drops them at the right moment super discreet so he wont come off as too blunt 
  • On that note this boy knows his way with words like DAMMMNNN the things he would say 
  • He’d be so honest with his feelings towards you like, he’d be the first to say I love you. He’d be the first to kiss you cause hes JUN and he has that confidence
  • Jun is the Prince of China (our little chinese prince :3) 
  • Like dude Jun is so talented like HE CAN ACT SING DANCE PLAY INSTRUMENTS 
  • Jun is everything dudeeeee its JUN MAN 
  • The most affectionate puppy ever 
  • When you two disagree with something, Jun’s the type of person to pout and whine until you makeup 
  • He hates seeing you upset, he’s such a empathetic person 
  • During sexy time, JUN JUN JUN JUN JUN 
  • HE WOULD BE LIKE THOSE REALLY SOFT AND GENTLE YET ROUGH AND FUN TYPES??? oki save me im too innocent for this :O
  • Jun is soooo sexy tho NO NO HES NOT SEXY he’s smexy dude 
  • Imagine jun in the morning when he wakes up, all tired and puffy and cute
  • His deep morning voice calling out to you
  • Jun is the type to text you GOOD MORNING HOW YOU DOIN LIKE VERY MORNING 
  • He prob sends a ton of emojis and emoticons cause hes cute like that
  • He takes secret pictures of you so he can admire your cuteness (sounds weird when you type it out but im sure hes not creeping promise) 
  • He’s also the type to like take exclusive selfies of himself to send to you
  • Like ones where he has his model face and others where he’s being stupid 
  • He’s more of a call then text person. he loves hearing your voice 
  • He loves to sing and hum for you how sweet
  • He loves to pat you on the head and hug you OMG jun ADORES HUGS
  • Back hugs, front hugs ALL KINDS OF HUGS
  • He likes being the big spoon cause he just wants to cuddle you man 
  • BUT HE LOVES it when you cuddle him too :)
  • Jun loves to take simple and chill type dates where you two just have fun 
  • But he also loves dressing up all fancy and dinning at fancy high class restaurants to treat you two 
  • He would offer to pay the bill a lot of the time 
  • But if you REALLLY INSIST hes totally okay if you split with him 
  • His kisses would start off sweet and slow, his soft pink lips gently brush past your cheek and find their way to yours. He likes to take things slow before BAM ITS JUN BABY 
  • Like after each kiss he’d have the widest smile on his face, while he watched you blush 
  • He loves making you blush 
  • He loves teasing you 
  • He’s the type of bf to call you late at night because he’s lonely and he just wants to talk 
  • He loves night adventures
  • Bur hes also the type to ensure you’re wearing your sweater and scarf because he doesn’t want you to catch a cold 
  • “Here take my jacket, don’t get sick on me!” 
  • Oki story time 
  • Imagine it’s around Christmas time, Jun and you plan on going shopping. You can see all the pretty holiday decorations and hear all the holiday songs 
  • It puts Jun in such a good mood
  • Likes hes just soooo happy 
  • You too are walking back to your house after all the shopping and eating 
  • And as you get to your door, he turns around and grabs you gently to steady you
  • “Y/N, how are your holidays so far?” 
  • “Good,,” you reply simply 
  • “Ahh, that;s good, By the way, Happy holidays.’ His lips curl into that cute little grin 
  • He leans down and places his forehead against yours, now face to face, you can feel his warm breath in contrast to the cold winds. 
  • He then kisses you softly on the lips, holding you for a moment, before pulling away to gaze down at you
  • “Happy Holidays Y/N, I love you.” He’d then ruffle you hair and pretend like nothing happened. 
  • :DDDD 
Prayer to St. Valentine

Dear Lord, who art high in the Heavens, giver of love and passion, and He who strings the heart’s cords, lead the lovers this day, February ten plus four. The day during the month of two, when the date is the perfect number of God greater two souls and two hearts. Some loves are fleeting, but that which is built on you will never fail. So guide the lovers to know what is to be. Your truths the lovers’ mouths should speak, for Your truth is that which is honest to the heart. Only this, then, should pass over the red lips of the lovers. Your art, the lovers simply a medium. It is only with true hearts that You can create a masterpiece, so let the lovers remember that their soul’s desire is the one for which You light their fire. And let it be You who creates the art of the lovers; the art of two into one. Amen.