Okay but what about a The Giver/Raven Cycle crossover where Ronan is Jonas, Adam is Fiona, Gansey is Asher and Matthew is
The only problem is who would be the Giver?? Kavinsky maybe?? Idk like a really old Kavinsky? But in TRC canon Kavinsky was gonna hurt Matthew so??

And also with Adam being Fiona, imagine him going through the denial of Love and Loving Ronan? Because Ronan is a boy and boys don’t Love boys in that universe, or they’re not supposed to at least. Hakzbj819djdjuwjq729!,nskochwb!1@0,ebhwis1$9;!bsb I love thiS AU HELP

Idk but really someone talk to me about this I like the idea of it!!!!

EDIT: OH SHIT WAIT WHAT IF THE GIVER IS GLENDOWER?? idk then it would make more sense for Gansey to be Jonas???? Idk man talk to me here.

Picture Preference: One of Harry’s Kids  Instagram [Salem]

Salem Styles - [ @teenagesalem ]

@teenagesalem: salem the teenage bitch . .

@teenagesalem: my cat child: cikel otis zombie styles … my fur demon

@teenagesalem: when harry potter is just not enough for you anymore.

@teenagesalem: the man child who i get to call bae

@teenagesalem: gifts form my lovely gift giver. #magicallyhead

@teenagesalem: lone rider

@teenagesalem: ~the only way i cant talk my only friends ~ #ghostcalling

@teenagesalem: matching with the night

@teenagesalem: and let the midnight horror movie fest begin !!

@teenagesalem: all hail king cikel .. #spoiledhoe

@teenagesalem: my cards tell me that your a snobby bitch .

@teenagesalem: locker#666

@teenagesalem: always be a dreamer . .#sleeptight

@teenagesalem: mathematics

@teenagesalem: someone is a little happy today #mylovebug

@teenagesalem: Cikel is trying to take over the world #stepone:learning

@teenagesalem: ~ found my new favorite sleeping partner ~

@teenagesalem: c:\program files\room-dco.exe

@teenagesalem: ade due damballa. give me the power, i beg of you. leveau mercier du bois chaloitte.

@teenagesalem: …calming before the storm

@teenagesalem: visiting art museum because of boredom

@teenagesalem: and dragged this special nugget along for the ride …

@teenagesalem: all it’s missing is some blood and some knife stabbings

@teenagesalem: hiding for the demon that is my boyfriend’s photo

@teenagesalem: HAPPY CATDAY TO MY FURRY SON!! mommy is just so happy to call my little ball of hell.

@teenagesalem: ~ morning witchy tea ~

@teenagesalem: home away from home … .

@teenagesalem: magically balls #doyougotsomebabe?

@teenagesalem: *breathe in* *breathe out*

@teenagesalem: who said that a little witch can enjoy the woods every once in awhile

@teenagesalem: the Mr. #loveyoududemanguy

@teenagesalem: … . .

@teenagesalem: happy places

@teenagesalem: they still say your a bitch . .

@teenagesalem:~. my flower child .~

@teenagesalem: when people want you to add more color into your life.

@teenagesalem: someone is a happy little kitty today

@teenagesalem: mid-terms .. #savemeformmyhellpease

@teenagesalem: c:\program files\room-dco2.exe

@teenagesalem: nails to die for… . .

@teenagesalem: chemistry while be the death of me .. ] i plan on killing myself with this acid

@teenagesalem: TWO OF HIM!!! what a fucking nightmare that would be. .

@teenagesalem: midnight horror movie fest part two . #2ndnight

@teenagesalem: night cap. . `

@teenagesalem: my boy is sure a little hipster…

@teenagesalem: ~ throwback to when fire was my best friend ~

@teenagesalem: …  and this is why my sibling are all assholes #happybrithdaytome

@teenagesalem: artist for today.

@teenagesalem: …wingardium leviosa

@teenagesalem: the three evil side of cikel…  thank you to the amazing artist who did this you rock !!

@teenagesalem: #wife @tattertots .. . sorry babe

@teenagesalem: i am infected with your stupidity.

@teenagesalem: … . .

@teenagesalem: rebelling against the signs … #fuckyousign!

@teenagesalem: `nighty night.~

@teenagesalem: … #chanelnumber7

@teenagesalem: tea and magic … a wonderful way to end a day.

@teenagesalem: cikel is the model of the family

@teenagesalem: still a little teenage bitch …

@teenagesalem: i’m salem styles, and i’m surrounded by morons.

@teenagesalem: #daddylovemelongtime

@teenagesalem:  step one : find a street ..

@teenagesalem: ~happy places~: part two

@teenagesalem: #lookgoals

@teenagesalem: summon the ghost of whoever created pizza … #thankyougreatlord.

@teenagesalem: i missed the school bus .

@teenagesalem: school massages mirrors has been saving lives since 00’

@teenagesalem:  #wcw @twistedmolly … #groverment104

@teenagesalem: …  the cycle of life

@teenagesalem: who let this dog out ?

@teenagesalem: looks like my sister @whoisdelaney is a homeowner . .

@teenagesalem:  thank you babe

@teenagesalem: ~ going to always be a teenage bitch ~

@teenagesalem: #modernwitch . . black short dresses and broom shaped B.M.Ws

@teenagesalem: destroying time .. come on kill a friend. 

@teenagesalem: … . .

@teenagesalem: bathtime

@teenagesalem: #Astronomy134

@teenagesalem: happy birthday assface .. dont die on me yet!

@teenagesalem: when the demon ball from hell turns into a angel sent from the sky … #onlylastedamin

@teenagesalem: c:\program files\room-dco3.exe

@teenagesalem: guess what … yep i am still that teenage bitch. .

@teenagesalem: …treats for my man for taking me to the happiest place on earth

@teenagesalem: salem, massachusetts !

@teenagesalem:  land of ghost and fog .

@teenagesalem:  bye bye , motherland . .

@teenagesalem: the witchyiest teenage bitch in all of the world

@teenagesalem: marryme?

@teenagesalem:  swimming in magically places . .

@teenagesalem: … .

@teenagesalem:  my new favorite app .. now i can talk to my friends on the go 

@teenagesalem: ~happy places ~ part:3

@teenagesalem: … . i can see that you are still a cunt .

@teenagesalem: @tattertots got some ink on her

@teenagesalem: c:\program files\room-dco4.exe

@teenagesalem: new cards who this?

@teenagesalem: c:\program files\room-dco5.exe

@teenagesalem: my evil love bug

@teenagesalem: #faketatting

@teenagesalem:  Nas & Mojo are the new member of our family and cikel hates them

@teenagesalem:  home owning with the babe #goalsmuch?

@teenagesalem: … . .

@teenagesalem: oopsie … we made a kid

-months later-

@teenagesalem: meet the human son : sabastian.

@teenagesalem:  cikel thinking about runaway from our crazy home.. . #don'tleavemommy!


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  2. Favourite colour: Blue and grey
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  4. Cats or dogs: CATS! x3
  5. Coke or Pepsi: Any, depends on what’s on menu :P
  6. Call or text: Definitely, texting.
  7. Chapstick or Lipstick: Lip tint :P
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