Who Do You Fall In Love With According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Aries: Falls for the risk taker and the self confident.

Taurus: Falls for the caring and the love giver.

Gemini: Falls for the arrogant and the proud.

Cancer: Falls for the intelligent and the smart.

Leo: Falls for the one-of-a-kind, the different, and the unique.

Virgo: Falls for the open minded.

Libra: Falls for the players and the heart breakers.

Scorpio: Falls for the emotionless and the detached.

Sagittarius: Falls for the romantic and the attached.

Capricorn: Falls for the helper and the kind.

Aquarius: Falls for the boss.

Pisces: Falls for the humorist and the fun to be around.




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movies: a beautiful mind, the giver, the fault in our stars, divergent, hunger games, the lazarus effect, maze runner, harry potter

books: if i stay, the things they carried, the lovely bones, the giver, thirteen reasons why, anne frank the diary of a young girl, miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children

music: ed sheeran, the 1975, panic! at the disco, arctic monkeys, twenty one pilots, somo, birdy, mayday parade, go radio, sleeping with sirens, passenger, owl city, sam smith, bastille

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My best friend tells me its too hard to make things work, that the hurt is building up, that they are slowly waiting in anticipation for the sound their hearts will make after the fall, but before the break. I tell her she is wrong. Eight years ago, she fell in love with the kind of man who wanted to build his life with her. She fell in love with a giver. She fell in love with the kind of soul that remembers her at her best, even on the nights she’s forgotten what her own reflection looks like. I tell her that it is hard, it will hurt, you will break, and that is okay. Because you don’t let go when you find the kind of love that sets your soul on fire. Because you don’t let go when you find a hand that would never dream of unwinding their fingers from yours. Because you don’t let go when you find a giver. The givers of love will never stop showing you their soul, even after it breaks apart. They will take their pieces, they will offer you the best of themselves, and they will love you until they have nothing left to offer, and even then they will stay beside you. I wait, praying that she doesn’t throw this magic called love out the door, because life became a little too hard to handle.

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry if this is too much of a "honest" question, are you more of a giver or a receiver?

Im more of a giver!! I love seeing how I make people react.


“Do you love me?”

There was an awkward silence for a moment. Then Father gave a little chuckle. “Jonas. You, of all people. Precision of language, please!”

“What do you mean?” Jonas asked. Amusement was not at all what he had anticipated.

“Your father means that you used a very generalized word, so meaningless that it’s becomes almost obsolete,” his mother explained carefully.

Jonas stared at them. Meaningless? He had never before felt anything as meaningful as the memory.

a list of books i loved but no one else seems to care about

- the host
- between shades of gray
- we were liars
- the perfectionists
- the book thief
- the boy in the striped pajamas
- before i fall
- the giver
- the great gatsby

So my mother just informed me (5 days later) that Andrea told her “I love your daughter!” ANDREA SAID SHE LOVED ME BIRTH GIVER OF MY FAVOURITEST HUMAN BEING EVER SAID SHE LOVED ME SOMEBODY HELP ME FIND MY CHILL

We love and misses you infinitely so May The Almighty Guide your soul for ever and ever Amen !! #imissmyFAther #siblings #stillgriving #cantbelieve #wishing #youaremissingfromme #Daddiesgirl #love #family #father #Leader #visionary #peacemaker #giver #guidance #Angel #Praying #peace #Godfirst ➕❤🙏 #liveupforgivealllovealljudgenonelifeisshort #Takeeachdayatatime #selfless #compassion #healing #stronger #SierraLeone #Africa