❈ Love Live! Week 2015 ❈

A week dedicated to Love Live! School Idol Project  will take place from November 16 to November 22, 2015 to show the love for LL generation ♡

↳ Day 1 ↬ Love + Printempts
↳ Day 2 ↬ Future + 1st Years
↳ Day 3 ↬ Stars + Lily White
↳ Day 4 ↬ Dreams + 2nd Years
↳ Day 5 ↬ Summer + Bibi
↳ Day 6 ↬ Treasure + 3rd Years
↳ Day 7 ↬ Free Day!! Do anything you want~♪

《Sub units / trios are optional please check the prompts+info》

Everybody is invited to participate with fanarts, fanfics, graphics, mixes, etc! 

Don’t doubt to send a message to the organizers for any question:  27kb, k-a-n-e-k-i-ss, and a–yato or direct to the festival blog

→Will be tracking #loveliveweek2015 tag & hope you participate ❀

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6 Ways to Raise a Child Who Doesn't Eat Animals
My son Noah and I live a vegan lifestyle. That's different from following a vegan diet -- although both are great! In fact, whatever you do that helps the environment, animals, humans or the earth is pretty awesome. For us, veganism extends past the plant-based food on our plate.

“If you don’t encourage children to eat dogs, why encourage them to eat pigs?”

Here’s the story of a vegan mom raising a vegan son and what she’s learned along the way.


Just then, an eager meow sounded from behind where Nick stood. Buddy bounded over excitedly, howling with apparent joy.

“Neville?!” Marigold exclaimed. She rushed to the cat and scooped him up. “Hey there baby! Mommy’s missed you so much, yes she has! …Nick, how did you get Neville here?”


Future generation will have girls say: “I was born in the wrong era because I need the young Harry styles.”

So Rugrats and Hey Arnold (and similar shows) might be coming back to Nick and I am SO EXCITED MAN.

Both of those shows were SO great. I’ve always admired Rugrats especially for all of the themes it tackled (like single parents, remarriage, feminism, interracial marriages, different faiths coexisting, body positivity, loose gender roles, etc), but Hey Arnold was also a stunning show with equally great themes and characters.

I’d love to see another generation get a first hand experience of these shows