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Right on time following the London love nest story we get confirmation Taylor was in London last week for a work event. So J missed the wedding, her jet flew to London for a day the following Monday, then a mystery trip to Atl, while she went to NY to get pap pics, then she actually went to London for work and I suppose we should think he flew back with her to cara's love nest? He flew from London for a few days in Ny only to go right back? And isn't he supposed to be filming ? Def shady stuff

We strongly think Tay will be featured in these anniversary concerts for the BBC: the last guest was not announed (it said surprise guest), so we think it’s her, & that’s why she’s been in London with her musicians….And probably for other work things (maybe also meetings for the European tour….)

So let’s wait & see if she is, indeed, announced as the last guest, by the BBC ;) 

[about 8/24]

in japanese fandom, engspa is well called by ei-nishi (英西). the name represents ei 英 as uk/england (like in 英語) spelled like the number 8 (えい) and nishi 西 (west) as spain spelled like the number 2 and 4 (にとし) . then looking at the calender 824 is 8/24. that’s why this day called engspa day. (always thanks to this post for the source.)

this year is our third celebration!

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love from london to madrid

So, we’re having the bathroom in our 100 year old house renovated and the contractor found these in the ceiling. They are letters to an American GI who was serving in France in 1955 and he has at least three women (at current count, we haven’t finished reading them) writing him love letters from London. Even once he’s back in the States. Monotasker and I are taking sides. I’m #TeamWendy while he’s #TeamHelen. I’m hoping I can get them scanned and put up in the cloud and then maybe track down some surviving relatives. 

TL;DR, this is so cool.

(Oh, and I will reblog this with updates as we learn more. This is going to be such a fun project, I can feel it.) 

Sending prayers to London

I just saw what happened in London on the news this morning, and it was just horrible sitting there and thinking that people were probably out on a Saturday night to go to the pub for a drink and have some fun, dinner with friends/family, or maybe just having a walk in the beautiful city of London, and unfortunately their supposed night out for fun was completely shattered :( It’s saddening to see all these terrorist attacks happening all around the world, and i just really really wish that everyone in the UK stays safe. Sending love from Australia 💙💙

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Haven, I am so so happy and excited for Tom. I am thrilled for people who are going to HiddleHamlet and I'm itching for 'reviews'. But I am also gutted - I'm in the UK, not far from London, loved Tom first for his Prince Hal, saw Coriolanus 3 times (couldn't get tickets for that either)and missed out on this ballot despite bribing family/friends to enter for me. So I am both happy and sad and would very much appreciate any words of wisdom and comfort...

Hello, little gray face!

I am so excited for him, too!! I think this is the perfect thing for him to be doing right now.  I know it’s short, but as I mentioned previously, I think it will be wonderfully therapeutic for him.

I know I’m so lucky to have seen him once, even if it wasn’t a stage performance, so I kind of feel like I got my one Golden Ticket and I can’t complain about things like not seeing Hamlet.  That being said, I understand what you mean about being happy and sad at the same time.  I’m sorry that you won’t be able to see it.

There isn’t anything I can say that will take the place of that experience and I’m not sure what I can offer in the way of wisdom and comfort…

I do think this is a good opportunity to be grateful for the internet.  :)  It is so common to us now that we forget how much it changed the world.  Our parents’ generation would have only heard about something this in traditional print media or by speaking with someone who saw it.  We, on the other hand, already have juicy morsels from social media and I am sure we will get more in the days to come.  You can sit in England and read about it and I can sit in the U.S. and read about it - that’s pretty cool.  

It is nice that the internet gives us that chance.  It can bring out the best in “fandom” because we can commiserate with each other.  After all, the vast majority of us won’t be seeing it.  

As you expressed, you are thrilled for him.  Doesn’t it give you that lovely warm feeling just to know that he is doing what he loves best?  I don’t even now how to properly explain that.  After all the nonsense from the media regarding his personal life and the whole Golden Globes ridiculousness, this is surely going to bring him a great amount of satisfaction.  

And of course, there is always the possibility that this production is a stepping stone to a bigger one!  

Thanks for the message!

Unexpected III || TBS

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A/N: Here’s to the anon who gave me the shortest request I’ve ever received. HAHAH. Okay. Splendid. Enjoy.


PS: People have been asking me for my social media, or a picture of me. I’d love to connect with you all, but this account will remain anonymous. However, you can (pleaSE) PM me and we can exchange social media URLs. :) I have made a marvellous friend when she decided to PM me here, I’m sure glad she did (hi, Precious!).

A click of the front door of your apartment made you jolt up from your workspace. Dylan and his girlfriend Britt decided to spend their vacation here in London, so there’s no question that Thomas would meet up with him.

And the source of the sound was indeed Thomas, back home from a guys’ night out with Dylan while Britt had her interview for The Longest Ride, her latest film.

He smiled when his eyes caught sight of you. “Hi, love.” Settling down, he removed his jacket and set his motorbike keys on the counter.

“Hi. How were things with Dyl?”

He poured himself a glass of water. “It’s was fine. He has something for you in my bag,” he motioned to the bag that was set on one of the dining chairs, a mischievous grin playing on his face.

You rushed to it, glaring at him warningly. The gift stood out from the contents immediately. You pulled out the baby blue fabric.

“A shirt,” you stated incredulously.

“Unfold it,” Thomas suggested, sipping his water.

It was a bit large for you, and on the shirt was printed the words, Thomas Brodie-Sangster loves me. You let out a laugh and met Thomas’ gaze.

“This is crazy,” you giggled. You heard Thomas mutter something like “well, Dylan is crazy,” before you went on. “Can I text Dylan and say thanks?”

“Sure,” Thomas gave you his phone.

As you were looking for Dylan’s name in your boyfriend’s contacts, Thomas talked to you. “Hey, I have a photo-shoot tomorrow morning so we can’t visit Riley.”

Disappointment filled your expression. “Oh. That’s alright,” you spotted Dylan’s name among the names of producers, actors, directors, companies, and so on. “’l can go by myself.”

“Well, I was wondering if you’d like to come with me.”

You looked up in disbelief. “Seriously?”

Thomas smiled and nodded. “I was asking myself why I never brought you to any of my projects. Save The Scorch Trials, of course,” he winked. “I brought my mum before, I thought I should start bringing you when I can.”

“I’d love to,” you smiled widely then put your focus back on texting Dylan.

To: Dylan O’Brien

Message: Got that right, Dyl. Thanks so much for the shirt. – the girl Thomas Sangster loves

Noticing you were finished, he spoke up. “Put the shirt on,” he suggested. You nodded.

The shirt hung to your thighs. It would probably fit Thomas just right. You jokingly posed like a model. “What do you think, Tommy?”

Thomas crossed his arms just as jokingly, pretending to criticize your look. His eyebrows knit together and his lips formed a slight pout. “It’s alright, I guess.” He shrugged then strode towards you, capturing your lips with his.

“You look especially beautiful in that shirt,” he joked, running his fingers through your hair.

“I should wear this shirt to bed, then.” You smiled. “I’ll just go take a shower.”

“Have you had dinner yet?” he caught your hand before you got too far for him to reach.

“I have, mom,” you smiled, and Thomas rolled his eyes. “I cooked some chicken, the leftover’s in the oven. You can heat it if you want, babe.” You made your way to the bathroom.

Finishing your shower, you slipped on the soft shirt over nothing but your underwear.

You stepped out to see Thomas already ready for bed. He wore nothing but a gray shirt and his boxers. He was on his laptop, finishing an e-mail to one of the companies holding a meet-and-greet for The Maze Runner series.

You slipped in between the soft sheets, crawling your way to Thomas’ side of the bed and snuggled to his side.

“You tired?” you asked, snuggling your head to the crook of his neck.

“A little,” he admitted. “You, however, should sleep whether you’re tired or not,” he put the laptop away and pushed you down gently on the mattress. He pulled the duvet to your chin, kissed your forehead and began humming a tune, holding you to his chest as if someone might snatch you away from him in the dim room.

The warmth of his soft shirt was the last thing you processed before you fell into a peaceful slumber.

But you woke up to Thomas’ large hand shaking you gently. You groaned, opening your eyes gently to see that no sunlight was peeking through from the bedroom windows. The sky was a dim blue. “Thomas, the sun isn’t even out yet,” you could smell the tea brewing and Riley’s bread heating in the oven.

“The project is two hours away from London, love. I always leave early, remember?”

Sighing, you kicked the sheets off and stood up while Thomas set down his travel clothes. He looked at you. “You’re looking better in that shirt than you did last night,” he commented, smoothing out the creases of his shirt.

“What? Why?” you looked down. The shirt was askew from your shoulders. To be frank, you looked worse.

“You look rested,” he gave you a small smile. “like you’re really loved.” He took a step back to see if the shirt had no creases. He gave a disappointed look when the shirt was just as wrinkled as when he took it out of the closet.

“Aren’t I?” you asked, locating the iron so you can iron out his shirt.

“Very,” smiling, he walked up to you and pecked your lips.

“I can iron the shirt out, you go set the table.” You kissed his jaw before setting to work.

“With pleasure.” He bowed jokingly and exited the room.

“I’m gonna go shower first!” you yelled to Thomas after putting the iron away and hanging his shirt.

“I’ll shower with you!” he called back.

You went ahead, stripping naked. You put your shirt in your dresser – you decided it was perfect for sleepwear. Thomas then stepped in, a boyish smile on his face.

“You’re a pervert.” You rolled your eyes at his mocked offended expression. “We’ll shower only, no funny business. You’ll be late again if we don’t.”

Thomas raised his hands in surrender.

Well, needless to say, Thomas didn’t keep his word.

After a rushed meal, you hurried to his car. Thomas was a fast driver so he was calm about being on time.

There was something about Thomas when he’s driving that attracts you so much. It could be his focused expression, or the way his muscled arms move swiftly, or the tight line his lips form when he’s waiting for the stoplight to turn green.

Thomas always loved the color your face turns into when he catches you staring at him, so he would always meet your gaze whenever he could, and he would laugh as you looked away bashfully.

Thomas was only five minutes late, and he was welcomed by a crowd of agents and stylists. You took a seat on one of the chairs of his dressing room and watched them fix Thomas up.

He would occasionally look at you, his expression asking if you’re okay, and you would give him a reassuring smile in return.

He looked handsome as ever in his suit, and you were allowed by the photographer to watch the shoot. Needless to say, he was a natural.

“Okay, next question, from Sarah of New Jersey,” the interviewer declared, and Thomas nodded in acknowledgment. “’Thomas, tell us more about your girlfriend.’”

Thomas’ face lit up in delight and shock. His eyes met yours briefly before he answered. “Um… my girlfriend’s name is Y/N, I met her on the set of The Scorch Trials. We’ve been together for almost three years, and we’ve been living together for more than a year.” Thomas looked up in thought, brainstorming for some facts. “She loves to read, and she’s a really quiet person.” he smiled as if to say he was done answering the question.

The interviewer nodded. “Paige from Florida wants to know, ‘do you love her?’”

Thomas stared at the crew incredulously. He’s never been asked about his love life before, neither has his co-stars. He sat in silence for a while before nodding. “Yes,” he met your gaze, smiling. “I love her very much.”

When I learned that Rica Fukami, who was the original Japanese voice actress for Sailor Venus, did Ziio’s voice in the Japanese dub of Assassin’s Creed III, I screamed in excitement! Sailor Venus is one of my favorite characters from Sailor Moon.

It’s a coincidence that Ziio fell in love with a guy from London, Haytham, and Minako Aino fell in love with Alan, also from London. MIND BLOWN!!

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Finally got the opportunity to read both ISFTW AND ISLTW. Absolutely AMAZING. I've been following this story since it was first put on lush stories. You are such a talented writer so engaging and thourough. I'm not really much of a reader but I just couldn't stop reading and I'm sad I've finished them now lol. Anyway just wanted to show my support and I look forward to reading more from you. Much love from a supporter in London, England xxx

Thank you so much <3 I’m so happy you enjoyed the first two volumes of my “I Shouldn’t” series :) The last and final volume will be published in June 2018. I’ll be more active on here as the deadline approaches. 

Road tripping with Luke would include:

  • all of his clothes ending up in your suitcase
  • sneaking into the motel’s pool after hours to skinny dip
  • renting an old van and bringing a crap load of pillows and blankets and sleeping in the back some nights
  • his head in your lap while you do your portion of the driving
  • “Luke you’re holding that map upside down” “oh well I’m just using my phone”
  • pulling over on the side of the road randomly to admire the view or maybe even make out a little
  •  taking cute selfies with all the snapchat geotags from each place
  • crossing off destinations on your bucket list as you go
  •  “so far we have kissed in 4 countries and 15 states”
  •  writing postcards to your future selves
  •  "remember to bring our kids here, lots of love from London and your 19 year old selves"
  •  breakfast for dinner
  •  “now that we’ve seen a good amount of it I can still conclude that you’re the prettiest girl in the world”


A Spontaneous Adventure

This is my 2016 Fic Exchange contribution, and this one’s for @lilyvandersteen​! The ao3 post is here, where you can take a look at the prompts I used for inspiration. Thanks to my beta, Megan, and @todaydreambelievers​ for helping to make this happen! I hope you like it even though it’s shorter than I originally wanted.

summary: Kurt wakes up the morning after the Tony Awards, but it turns out he had a much more eventful night than he remembers.

Kurt’s head is pounding. The painful rhythm drags him awake against his best efforts to stay asleep and put off the world of reality and sobriety, with blurry vision he slowly blinks away. His first instinct is to reach for his phone, which sits on the nightstand next to him, filled with unread messages and missed calls.

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//A small clip of me as Timothy Lawrence and @j4ck3d-up as Handsome Jack, taken by the lovely @electrospectrum from May London MCM 2016 (thank you so much for the footage!). Video edited by the wonderful @tophats-tits-and-tipjars and we made some individual gifs because why the hell not!

Edit: Had to fix it because of the Gifs

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