Don’t rush love. It will come and it will find you. It might not be at the time you want it to be, but it will come in the exact moment you are ready. I’ve learned that we sometimes get so busy trying to find someone to complete us, that we forget to realize that we are already whole. Love yourself first so that it never comes down to you needing someone to love you. And always be grateful for the love that comes your way, even if it doesn’t stay forever. Let go of love gracefully and never allow it to cause hate or bitterness. take it in, give it out, and accept how people offer it. And remember that the people in your life won’t be here forever. Spend time with them today, right now. Tell them you love them, but more importantly, show them that you do.

idk this is probably a controversial opinion but im convinced that dumbledore knew that it wasnt sirius who killed peter and all those muggles yet he never did anything to prevent his conviction or at least reduce his sentence like he did for sneep 

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🎇 Monty Mole.

martin montanas, 23 years old, a rogueport police officer who never really has much to say about… anything, really. known for being quiet, martin usually just does whatever he’s told to do, though he’s sometimes called lazy for doing incredibly sloppy jobs on certain subjects (this is just his way of saying he doesn’t wanna do it tbh)

despite all this, he can be quite nice if you actually approach him, always willing to give new officers a hand and tips on how to Get By. due to his quiet yet caring nature, martin’s garnered quite a bit of Romantic Attraction from other people, though he has subtly rejected all of them. rumor has it that he’s still hung up over an old sweetheart of his, but again, that is just a rumor.

also doesn’t like glitzville for whatever reason. he makes a quite an unimpressed face whenever he sees any flyer for it
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