HAPPY BIRTHDAY @angelsean!!!

i dont even know what to say about this, i literally woke up this morning with this in my head and i just had to do it. cause i know you want anti to murder chase……. im sorry if you think its lame asdjkhsadaskf

anyways i hope you have an amazing day frando, and have fun at the concert tonight!!

Fluffy Obikin Headcanons Part 1

• Obi-Wan is a tea enthusiast and loves wearing sweaters and has plants.

• Anakin is a soft and sad boy who loves watching soap operas and thinks they’re a work of art.

• Their apartment is a mixture of each others personality/taste but somehow they make it work

• Anakin is constantly cold and always steals the blankets

• Obi-Wan likes watch mystery shows and nature documentaries

• They both like to lay on each other, Obi-Wan will be reading something and Anakin will just lay his head on his lap and Obi-Wan will play with his hair.

• They both wear glasses and are always misplacing them.

• They have two cats that are rescue cats and they love them.

Guys, no offense but… can we stop acting like Harrison has any sort of helpful & functional control over his powers?

I’m definitely not gonna police people’s interpretations but I’m just saying, it’s a little hard to believe that THIS boy

Would be able to power a vending machine successfully, let alone bend the elements to threaten someone.

That being said, here’s a bonus picture of Nerris being savage just because.