You have no idea how blessed you are, to have the privilege to watch the love of your life, falling asleep before your eyes.
—  Lukas W. // For when you sleep

This LEGEND is being evicted tomorrow. Regardless of some of the problematic things she has said, she has been one of my favorite personalities on this show in years and had Ratcole not won hoh this week, she may have won it all. Let’s all take a minute to appreciate some of the iconic gifs she has provided us with this season

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how many times will sherlock have to flat-out reject molly’s romantic advances and hurt her feelings and say “I’m not interested in women” in every possible way to phrase it before people drop the whole sherlock and molly shtick, I’m serious

Clexa shippers talk about and love Costia. We write stories and headcanons about Costia and Lexa and what they meant to each other. Blarke shippers basically pretend Gina never existed. They never really talk about how important Gina was to Bellamy after Mount Weather and how she brought him peace and comfort. How she knew about how his mom read him stories from the Iliad and gave him the book. How with her dying breath she helped save Raven and Sinclair.

Furthermore, most Clexa shippers don’t hate on Niylah even though she slept with Clarke. Most of us actually love Niylah! We love her because she was caring and kind to Clarke and she is just an amazing character. We see the importance Niylah played in Clarke’s life over those 3 months and being a friend to her and provided her comfort. She was person that reminded Clarke of her humanity. All I see coming from Blarkers is that both Niylah and Lexa were manipulative people that were basically just ‘bed warmers’ for Bellamy and Blarke.

Bellamy, Gina, Clarke, Lexa, etc. deserve better than Blarkers.


So I was watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 
and…I love that movie…and…
I just…
I vomited all over my work…

(oh and the nerdy glasses thing inspired me. So I sketched this out. HEHE)

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Enjoy my little “Nerdy Nick?” :p 


As many of you know, around a year ago I revealed that I have lupus, an illness that can affect people in different ways. I’ve discovered that anxiety, panic attacks and depression can be side effects of lupus, which can present their own challenges. I want to be proactive and focus on maintaining my health and happiness and have decided that the best way forward is to take some time off. Thank you to all my fans for your support. You know how special you are to me, but I need to face this head on to ensure I am doing everything possible to be my best. I know I am not alone by sharing this, I hope others will be encouraged to address their own issues.

little wolfstar things

In celebration of 500 followers, I’ve decided to post a bunch of headcanons involving Sirius Black and Remus Lupin


•Horribly right-handed

•Plays (classical) guitar and sings. His voice sounds like a mix of Brendon Urie and Tyler Joseph

•Actually really really smart

•Smells like spices, flowers, warmth and vaguely of wet dog sometimes

•Loves punk rock but has a thing for classical


•V tol

•Attracts cats and nobody knows why

•Literal affection junkie

•Will pay to have hair played with (only by Remus)

•Not a fan of the dark, storms, spiders, sleeping, or jerks for family members

•Likes to seem badass, is really a sensitive summer child

•Is a fan of flower crowns and may or may not know how to make them. Remus may or may not wear them

•Legit lives off of coffee

•Steals everyone’s sweaters, particularly Remus’s

•A Sad Bean™

•Can write poetry

•Has calligraphy worthy handwriting


•Has sleepovers with Lily where she shows him how to do makeup and lets him borrow her eyeliner and lipstick and he shows her how to do fancy braids

•The biggest nerd like jeez

•Hides under the bed as padfoot (or sometimes not) when there’s a storm


•Giant sweaters with skinny jeans and old sneakers are his only outfits (except for Sirius’s shirts he practically owns at least six of those)

•Physically can’t seem to stop fucking swearing

•V smol

•Adores Sirius’s hair. Would cry if he ever cut it

•Hipster trash (according to Sirius)

•Plays piano beautifully


•Classic rock all day

•Smells like chocolate and tea and mint

•Is a cat person (hoW DARE YOU MOONY)

•Can read three books in a day easily

•Feels he must protect Sirius at All Costs™

•Actually behind a good 60% of all marauders pranks

•Hangs out with lily and they talk (affectionate) shit about their boyfriends

•Has perfected the “I don’t give two flying shits” glare

•Really the sweetest guy like wow

•Is a dork


•Early morning snuggling while Sirius refuses to get up

•All the forehead kisses

•Holding hands constantly

•Sirius turns into padfoot and jumps all over everything to get Remus’ attention and rolls around whining loudly when Remus won’t stop reading

•Sirius plays guitar to help Remus calm down when he’s stressed

•Remus stroking through Sirius’s hair or gently braiding it is the only way to get him to relax if he’s angry or upset or having a panic attack

•They can always tell what the other is thinking

•Sirius can’t happily go more than a few hours without a hug from Remus

•They sneak into each other’s beds when they have nightmares (and when they don’t)

•Remus gets Sirius into classic rock

•Remus always knows how Sirius is feeling based on what music he listens to that day. Punk rock days, classical days, pop days…TØP days…(those are the worst)

•Sirius always demands that Remus read to him. Rem doesn’t mind


•James is the biggest wolfstar shipper in all of Hogwarts, rivaled only by professor McGonagall

  • Mark:*cracks egg and puts the shell on the frying pan*
  • Mark:Trust me on this one, guys.

Daily #1,315! Miles “Forever In His Debt” Edgeworth.

PHOENIX: “How about you buy me lunch and we’re even–”

MILES: “But I always buy you lunch. We can’t count that.”

PHOENIX: *sigh* “Buy lunch for the office?”

MILES: “Absolutely not. They’re your employees. I only owe you.”

PHOENIX: *siiiiiiiiiiigh*

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