This final means a lot to him I get that and I admire his determination and strength to play this match while he’s visibly hurt but gosh Marco you’re so stubborn and you’re making me cry in both a good and bad way and I just hope he can celebrate a deserved trophy win at the end of this match and be as okay as he can be because I will not have it any other way

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What Matt about to do to Zero


Listen Matt wanted to catch Zero before he went to work so they could have lunch together which is why he wrote him like 90 mins before Zero’s shift. When he didn’t respond he was just like lol ???? cause he was literally on twitter at the time. Then he wrote him again like three hours later around the time Zero would be taking his lunch break.. still no response bitch. Matt just felt ignored okay and he doesn’t like that. In Zero’s defense he didn’t take much of a lunch break because it was pretty busy for him. He snacked on something for like 10 mins but didn’t bother getting his phone from out his locker. 

Zero seeing all of this hours later is like.. ohhhh but by then Matt already didn’t care anymore. He’s just like this was 8 hours ago and I’m doing something else now.

Matt at the moment is out with some friends and is looking at Zero’s tweets like.. “he’s really pressed” so he’ll prob catch up with him at the shop like 10 mins before it closes to annoy him some more. He’ll be petty and try to start some shit just so they can have some sweaty makeup sex later.

i always thought i might be bad, now i’m sure that it’s true…(x)

He was Galra.

Well, he was at least part Galra. But still Galra. Keith wasn’t sure what to think. The Galra Empire was evil. And now he was part of it. What was he supposed to think? What were the others supposed to think? Allura and Coran? He was the same species that massacred the Alteans! Their family. How could he be a Paladin? It didn’t make sense. He wasn’t strong, kind, or fair like Shiro. He wasn’t charismatic, and now he was Galra.

Keith was sure he wasn’t meant to be part of the defenders of the universe. How could he be?


What’s Luck Got To Do With It? 

 The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there - he climbed from the base to the summit and that is why he can enjoy the view. There was no luck involved in this climb, there was no overnight ascent to the summit and he never gave up - this is why the man is at the top of the mountain.

This a metaphor for success - you start at the bottom and you climb to the top. There is no short-cut to get to the top - you have to put in the work and be committed to getting to the end goal. Yes, the climb will be difficult - but the view from the top will be worth it.

I came across people in my early journey that accounted everyone’s success to good fortune or luck. After studying the habits of successful people I have seen that there is no such thing as luck. 

When you work hard for something opportunities will present themselves along the way - this is the concept of creating your own luck. The harder you work - the luckier you get. 

Instead of envying those at the top of the mountain you aspire to climb - study their methods and use them in your own ascent. You’ll never get to the top of your mountain if you sit at the base complaining about how hard the climb will be. 

It may takes months, years or decades - but as long as you’re climbing you’ll get there. What’s the alternative? You set up camp at the base of the mountain with the others who aren’t committed and you make each other feel better by making up stories as to how the others got to the top and why you can’t?

You don’t need luck when you’ve got hustle.

Peace & positive vibes.

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Isn't a request but I want to know your opinion. In the manga, before L dies he thinks something like " so I wasn't wrong... But... I...". What do you think he would say after this " but, I "?

Personally I think it was “but I hoped I was”. Not really because he thought of Light as a friend or he liked him very much, but I think he saw Light as something of an equal as far as intelligence goes and it was a shame for his brilliance to go to waste as the bad guy.

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Crowley will always be one of my favorites that deserved better but more than that Mark Sheppard deserved better too. He's an amazing actor and I don't think many people know just how much work he's done in tv Sci-if and how LUCKY we were as a fandom to have him. He and Crowley deserve all the love and he'll be missed.

I agree, K - Mark deserves all the awards. It’s one of those things that if he weren’t on genre shows, he would have a house full of Emmys. X Files, BSG, Doctor Who, everything. My favorite character outside of Crowley had to be Canton Delaware III from DW.

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Crowley Love Giveaway

what i learned from losing weight

skinnier does NOT equal happiness.
confidence equals happiness.
be proud of your body, please. be healthy and live your life. be that bad ass bitch you are and tell the world how great you are while also telling strangers walking by how great they are too! be a cheerleader to everyone. everyone is so cruel to each other. realize that you are worth so much, and you look hot every god damn day. go outside with a full face of makeup on and your favorite outfit, or go outside natural faced and comfy clothes. no matter what you choose to do, you are always killing it. i support all your choices! you think modest is hottest???? okay!!! you go!!!! you are killing it girly!!!! you think less is best??? ok girl!!!!! you go!!!! if you got it flaunt it!!! even if it is not society’s standard of “got it”- if you want to, you rock it!!!
what i learned from losing weight was no matter what number you are on the scale will never compare to your confidence. please stay mentally healthy and love yourself and life will be a breeze! ily.