“I challenge all the Romanos (or literally anyone I’ll fight everyone) out there to fight me!! Anyone whose got the balls, step right up!! I’m ready to fight you, your mom, your dog, and your gold fish.”

Viktor’s look of shock when Yuuri says “I just want you to be who you are.” is honestly the greatest thing. Forget anything he had in mind about who Yuuri was based on banquet or is based on the time he’s spent with him now. Somebody just wants Viktor to be himself.

He’s been on top of the world for years. Everybody wants something out of living legend Viktor Nikiforov. But to hear someone who wants nothing more out of Viktor than for him to just be? How often do you think he hears that? Cuz my guess is not very.

Fuck it. You know? Fuck it!

How many opportunities have I lost by hesitating because it might hurt me in the end! When have I ever, EVER followed my heart instead of staying passive and “going with the flow” to try and minimize drama?

Fuck it. I’m young, I still have time to be stupid and naïve and believe in and fight for love. You don’t get anywhere by just playing it safe to avoid getting hurt. Just standing by hasn’t even protected me from getting hurt, I get hurt anyway! I’m not standing by and waiting for it to happen to me anymore, it’s time for me to take an active role in my own fucking life!

I bought a bus ticket to go visit Jim this weekend.

Wish me luck.


Here’s the second “Meet My OC!” Posts

Soaring Griffin

Soaring Griffin is a 44 year old Ala Mhigan Hellsguard, born and raised. She did not have a good childhood. Father gone, mother practically non-existent, the only thing that saved her from doing something stupid was joining the Bloodhawks, lead by Kiera’s father Andres Stoneshield. It took her a few years to escape Ala Mhigo, where she quickly reconnected with the old company. Since Stoneshield’s death, she’s taken it upon herself to keep the Bloodhawks going, even though it is a shadow of its former strength and glory. 

Her personality is large. She’s loud, crass, speaks her mind, and is usually drinking something. It’s a wonder she hasn’t died from the hangover. She isn’t one to be soft with people, choosing to avoid, for the most part, conversations about “feelings.” It takes a special kind of person a while for her to open up to someone. She loves to fight, and can be found training or hunting bill marks. She also loves to sleep around with anyone that she finds cute, which is most everybody. Age (to an extent), race, gender, all that doesn’t matter to her.  

Possible RP Hooks:

  • A past lover either from Ala Mhigo or her time in the other city states
  • An older Ala Mhigan who might have been with the Bloodhawks or knew of them
  • A fellow adventurer taking on leve’s or hunt bills
  • She is technically a Maelstrom soldier, although she doesn’t serve very much.
  • She has been in the Resistance in the past, and is working on serving it more int he future.
  • Anything else that you might think of!

If you want to rp with this wonderful femroe, contact me in game (usually on Kiera Hawkeye, or on my other alts), or on Discord at Sandra_Sandra_C#5607 

anonymous asked:

..Hey, sorry to bother you but could I get a match-up? I have brown hair that goes a little over my shoulders. I'm learning the violin right now, I'm not the best but I'm trying. I'm very insecure about my weight and looks. I do scratch my arm till it's red and irritated when I'm anxious too. I NEVER do it to the point of bleeding. I'm very awkward ( I say the weirdest shit) . I'm also Hispanic, and I love to fight (only self defense). Sorry if I'm asking for too much (._. ')

[No no you’re not asking too much! :0 It’s not a bother]

I pair you with Yuri Katsuki.

  • Loves to listen to you practice the violin. Very encouraging when you make mistakes/learn a new piece
  • He can totally relate to insecurities about your weight and appearance. Yuri tells you often how much he loves the way you look, and that you don’t need to change yourself
  • He gets very worried when you start scratching. Even if you don’t do it to the point of drawn blood, he doesn’t want you to do anything that may hurt yourself. Places kisses all along your arm
  • Surprised that you like to fight, even if it’s only in self defense. Yuri reminds you not to get into any trouble 

holaaa! im claudia or clau and ill be playing eva! i have terrible timing as always and have to head out soon but i wanted to leave this here before i go! i am open for plots all day everyday so feel free to message me! :) fun fact: im obsessed with sloths so there’s that ._.

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So many people are devastated by last night’s election. We are too. Today, we thought some people might need a Happily Ever After. Even a fictional one.

So, we are offering four LGBTQ books for free this week, so that anyone, no matter their financial means, can read these stories of love and hope.

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Stay strong. Take care of each other. Love yourself. And remember that you are loved.