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Can you say something in Viet and explain what it means

“mày nhìn như củ khoai tây có chân.” means I will love you til the end of the world and I think its beautiful.

Good Ending: Cheryl is also bi and they get an interracial love story, maybe even introducing Sabrina and having a wlw love triangle
Bad ending: bisexuality is completely erased, it’s only a label so people with stop complaining about misrepresentation
True ending: Toni and Cheryl will both end up with jock boyfriends and never interact

As much as i love the cult ending stuff, i also love the idea of Joseph actually being a real sweet guy.

None of the cult stuff, he’s a regular dad with a failing marriage and a lot of stress and all he wants is to escape life and go to the Bahamas and sail his boat and drink fruity alcohol, the guy is probably having a mid-life crisis, tbh.

His wife flirts with other men, is an alcoholic, snaps at him. He’s not much better than her, he snaps as well and pursues a romance with the New Dad On The Block, but neither of them want eachother anymore, and its written to be very blatantly obvious that they are both terrible for eachother.

I want to imagine a good ending where Mary and Joseph do split, on good terms. Where Amanda’s gone off to college and Joseph stays with you in your house. Where he gets partial custody of his kids and they visit on weekends and holidays and during the week whenever. Where you give the twins more fodder for their creepy charade and chris opens up to you, and you finally get to meet his toddler, crish.

Joseph takes you out on his boat and you have margaritas on the deck together and he teaches you about rigging the sails. He kisses you a lot and he casually puts an arm around your waist and he smiles and you know its a real smile not just a facade.

He’s still the Cool Youth Pastor, and you help him with the dances and the bake sales. Sometimes you sit in when he’s doing bible study with the kids, you help pass out snacks, you help him coordinate vacation bible school in the summer. In the evenings he sits in the living room on a recliner and reads the good book, with his reading glasses sliding down his nose.

And once every now and then you both scrape up enough money for a real vacation to the keys or the caribbean or wherever. You go to the real Margaritaville and live on island time for a week or so. You stay in a cute hut on the water like in the sandals commercials, walk on the beach, have a romantic dinner, and he takes you back to your suite and you both have a slow romantic evening in bed.

You can tell he’s happy being with you, and even after years he still makes your heart skip a beat.

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i google translated what you said in Vietnamese and it came out to "you look like a potato with legs."

No it means I’ll love you to the end of the world.

Finally found the movie, so here are some quick favorites from the movie, and I’m at this moment collection quotes, so new post coming very soon! 

♥ Song: I really love Chillin’ Like a Villain, both the song and the performance
♥ Character: So I really love the Lonnie story line in this, and yes I guessed it was gonna happen the second they said “one captain and 8 men” (it was 8 right), so it came as no surprise, but it was a nice story to give her.
♥ Scene: The girl talk. I also loved that Jay sat down again; I saw it as a little hit to the fact in the book they were a team before the others joined, and I just really liked that.
♥ Ending: I loved that it wasn’t just the same as the first, love that Uma didn’t just choose good, the movie gives her the change the Core 4 got, but she didn’t just take it, and I love it.
♥ Other: I really thought from the trailers and the pictures I have seen by accident that the movie was pretty much spoiled but I was happily surprised that that was still some things was this surprising.
♥ Overall: Great movie, a very good follow up to the first one, there is some kind of cheesy things; but that was exactly what I expected from the movie cause it’s still a dcom, so I have absolutely no problem with that.

// Admin - @auradone 
Edit: If any body is looking for the link the movie, send me an ask I will send it to you c: cause I know the struggle of not being able to see it cause I’m not from the US.

GUYS thanks everyone SO MUCH for the Happy birthday messages I’ve been getting the whole day!!!

You all are fucking angels! And I am DEEPLY sorry I can’t answer 1 by 1, but sadly I’ve got quite a few and I don’t wanna spam any of you!

I’m breathtaked, really, I didn’t expected so much omg y’all are the best!!!

I’ll set the game soon and tell y’all if you guys want, sharing this day with some of you have been amazing and I am leaving the best for the ending!

Really, love y’all A TON! LIKE OMG!!!


Honestly, I really loved this ending! Hiro really made their feelings come out the way their personalitys are and what they have grown into. It doesn’t give us weddings and babies (besides Gajevy) but it gave us the ending that they are happy with the person we were shipping them with (well that I was) the only thing I am really sad about is the fact that it ended. Fairy Tail is an adventure that will never end in my heart ❤️

now excuse me while I go sob in the corner 😭❤️

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Şarkı önerebilir misin

zevkle. bak şimdiii;

onunla bir daha karşılaşma olanağın yoksa ve karşılıksız seviyorsan= cem karaca- tamirci çırağı

gerçekten o her şeye gülebilme potansiyelinde olan hülyalı aşıksan ve için içine sığmıyorsa= leonard cohen- dance me to the end of love

güzel anıları düşünüp, balkonda biraz nefes almak istiyorsan= simply falling- iyeoka

çok seviyor ve vazgeçemiyorsan, yani kardeşim kederliysen işte= ümmüşen- gönül geçmiyor

yalnız hissediyorsan, e biraz da özlüyorsan= sema moritz- hasret

umudunu hiiiç kaybetmiyorsan= hüsnü arkan- öyle bir rüya

artık gururunu yakıp yıkmışsan= cem karaca- sen de başını alıp gitme

bazı şeylerin erken farkına varmışsan, çabuk olgunlaşmışsan= cem karaca- ömrüm

eh biraz arayış içindeysen= zuhal olcay- sevda kuşun kanadında

aslında fark ettim de sadece cem karaca dinlesen olur ya. sezen aksu veya haluk levent de olabilir gerçi. ama dediklerime bak çok güzel şarkılar

“i began to have symptoms of you. i began to think and talk like you. i laughed like you, i walked like you and i even began to smile like you. i missed you so much that i became you.

and as the year passed, i heard rumors that you became me too. and when we finally crossed, we stood silently in front of each other and i felt like i felll off the edge of the earth.

i knew what we had was not over, we were not done and we didn’t know how to make our love end.”

Peta to Maks, r.m.drake, Peta’s ig, December 2014