women’s appreciation week day two - favourite female driven show
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Just one. I’m a few. No family, too. Who am I?


Stop butting in on everyone’s answers, Roy.

(Falman’s “bear” is a reference to the Briggs Bears)

Okay so im legit crying right now

So i was researching binan (as one does)

And found out the ending song “I Miss You No 3 Meters” is sung by the Conquest Club (also that there’s character songs on the wiki for them and the defense club but that isnt the point here)

So i was like “fuck yeah i wanna sing to this”

*proceeds to find romaji lyrics on the wiki*

*sees english translation button*


*reads the english lyrics and remembers the ending theme is kinda surrounded around Kinshiro + Atsushi as kids holding hands plus the conquest club is singing*


p.s read on for the english lyrics if you cant get to them atm for some reason but can still get on tumblr

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Sitting here in front of wrinkled pages. It’s now 12:40 am. I’m supposed to be doing my homework but all I’ve found myself doing is writing your name all over my hands. Hoping that maybe, just maybe, you’ll come back to me. Nothing makes proper sense anymore. The world is fucked and so am I. I’m ready to die. There’s nothing left of me.

Still Wick

College AU, sort of an apologia for Michiru Kaioh. 

She rubbed a little bit of gold foil onto the canvas, rightwhere the beam of sunlight fell onto the edge of the flower. Thick, strong black lines offset the oranges and corals, giving shape and suggestion to the flowers and their bright gobs of sunlight. The largest exploded from the side of the canvas, that bright mustard Haruka had picked up and dabbed on the end of her nose.

The sunlight fell on her face, and the joy of the light overwhelmed her as she detailed the painting. She forgot the words of her professor, who had thought this painting so simple. Something an enthusiastic soccer mom might hang in her living room, he’d said. She gulped down the coffee that sat next to her.

Flowers were a miracle, she thought. The ground was hard and unyielding but still they came up out of their seeds with no thought but to bring brightness to the world. Had her bulb ever bloomed, she thought, detailing the tulip? Maybe it had just been in hibernation all this time.

Haruka had said she loved her. She had expected nothing in return, not even the reply. It had frightened her. She had heard those words so little. And never that way…she could not describe it, not with every word she had available to her. It was the same way the sun hit her face now, almost as if by accident, without hope or agenda.

She dabbed a bit of red onto the end of her brush.

She had begged Haruka to stop. Not to love her. Not to give something she could never return. It had been too much, she could feel the bright green bud splitting her heart open, refusing to stay in its place. It sliced through carefully kept fences and pathways, it was forcing its way to the light.

Where everyone would see.

But as she lay in Haruka’s arms this morning, she had found it more difficult to care. It was as if mere proximity to her made her want to break wide the dirt and burst open. The way she kissed Michiru’s hand, the way she looked at her like she was truly good, it filled her with warmth and with strength. It wasn’t as if she didn’t have enough money in her trust fund alone to take care of both of them. Haruka could move in here, and she would get a room in an apartment for Mina, and all would be well. She could live quite happily.

A pall came over her face as she thought of her parents. What they would say to her. What they would say to Haruka. She could hardly believe in herself that she had anything in common with someone who mopped a floor and read ESPN magazine. But then love was not meant to make sense, was it. Love.

Yes, love, she thought, as she brushed the red detail upward into a slow blush on the gold tulip.

She sat back and assessed her work. Haruka would look on it so proudly. It was cheerful. Bright. Full of promise. She signed the bottom corner. Michi.

There was a knock at her door, and she slipped off her smock and hung it at the hook by the studio door, calling out to the sound.

“Who is it?” She washed her hands quickly.

“It’s Mother and Father, Michiru. We heard you might be entering some pieces into the Marice Gallery show next month.” The disembodied voice followed her as she checked her hair and makeup.

She opened the door where her parents stood, cool, restrained smiles on their faces.

“Michiru.” Her mother spoke first. “You look tired, dear, are you not getting enough rest?”

Michiru walked toward the kitchen. “Between my studies with the violin and my side interests in art, I suppose something had to give.”

Her father nodded sternly. “The director tells me you’re doing well. You should audition for concertmaster as soon as you complete your master’s.”

Michiru set two cups of coffee in her machine. “Yes, I suppose that is the dream, isn’t it?” They stood in silence as the machine slowly ground the beans and dripped the coffee into the two equal mugs.

Her mother took the first cup presented. “In any case, Tobi Marice told us you might be entering some pieces into her show. I told your father that we really should see what our little investment is doing.”

Michiru nodded and led them to the studio. “I have several pieces I was thinking of entering.” She stopped in front of a picture done in blue and greys, a slight trickle of red in the center of the shadows. “This is The Harvest. It’s the first one Tobi saw, and I assume why she tapped me for inclusion in the gallery.”

Her father appraised it coldly. “Ms. Marice has the eye for art, not me.” He chuckled. “But it seems like the sort of thing your mother would buy.”

“I was lunching with Rayna and the girls the other day, and we were just speaking about how your oeuvre has finally moved to something more mature. Remember all those paintings you used to do of, oh, what were they even, space whales? Back when you were in preparatory school?” He mother smiled and shook her head.

She did remember. The bright points of light, the freedom of space, the sinuous lines of each whale. A giggling 15 year old imagining what it might be like to swim through space as she did in their rooftop pool, joined only by the stars.

“We never would have been able to sell those.” Her father laughed.

Michiru wordlessly continued, moving on to another, banded with blue lines, sharp jagged peaks of black and grey and charcoal digging into the fading blue. “This is Pinnacle of Hope.”

Her mother nodded. “Yes. Very good.”

Her mother’s eyes looked around the room and spotted the painting by the window. She raised an eyebrow. “Michiru, whatever is that? Did you paint that?”

Michiru stumbled for a moment over her own tongue. “Just a dalliance.”

She laughed. “I should hope so. My god, Michiru, it looks like something someone would hang in the bathroom of a Motel 6. Tulips? Oh, honestly.”

Michiru crossed her arms and looked down at the floor.

Her father appraised the work. “Is this what they teach you at an Ivy League?”

“No Father, don’t worry, my professor told me it was simplistic and shallow as well.”

“Well good.” Her mother added. “You are better than this, Michiru, this is doodling on napkins for you. You are so talented Michiru, you have a responsibility to reach the apex of your skills, not simply what feels good. The reason we’ve done so much for you children is so you can bring your talents to the world, what’s next, marrying a garbageman and making apple crisp?”

“Of course, Mother.” Michiru tipped her face to the ceiling, studying it very hard.


The night had fallen over the city. Michiru swallowed the white pills, chasing them with her glass of white wine. She walked into the studio, flicking on a dim lamp, following the small trail of light to her painting, the only light reflected off of it the gold foil sunlight illuminating the petal.

She took the thick brush in one hand, and covered the canvas with thick black paint.

First off, I wanna thank you all for sticking around. I know that I’m a bit on the slow side due to work and other things that happens, but I still get to lurk and see all the hilarity on my dash!

This was supposed to happen when I hit 100 but I missed the mark and now that I’ve hit 150, I’ll toss it out now.
Maybe next milestone I’ll make a graphic or giveaway or something. :3

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Scandal In The Spotlight Koyhei End Movie (Without Vocals)

Link to - With Vocals 

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Link to - True Love ❤ Sweet Lies

              Star Crossed Myth

Credit - Goes to Voltage Inc.

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Have you ever been a part of something
That you thought would never end?
And then, of course it did

Have you ever felt the weight inside you
Pulling away inside your skin?
And then something had to give

Now the lines are drawn
Is this feeling gone?
The best parts of this have come and gone


We’ve killed this slowly fading light

—  Rise Against - Everchanging

dragonretirement asked:

megillah except it has to be a shabbaton story :D (ALSO I MISS YOU WTF)

megillah: tell a really good story (can be something that happened to you or a retelling of someone else’s story) 


oh man idk where to start i have so many good stories from the shabbaton but i’m gonna go with something from “queeraoke”

so me and three other people decided to sing “what is this feeling” at queeraoke and at first there was a mix up bc noah wrote down “loathing” as the name of the song and they didn’t have it so but at first they told him they did and the night went on and they didn’t call us up so noah went up and asked and they said they didn’t have it by that name but they found it eventually and we went up to sing it and there was some confusion over the first part “my dearest darlingest momsie and popsicle” up until “blonde” but then after that we started the song and it was so much fun getting into it at the beginning and you know the lyrics: 

what is this feeling so sudden and new
i felt the moment i laid eyes on you
my pulse is rushing
my head is reeling
my face is flushing
what is this feeling fervid as a flame
does it have a name 

so just after that someone i dont remember who shouted out “you’re gay” and everyone in the room (including us the people singing) just died laughing and the entire room sang along with the song and it was so great

(i miss u so much wtf world)


K-drama Women’s Week Day 2: Favourite Female Driven/Female Dominated Cast

YooNa’s Street

When I first saw the topic for Day 2 of kdww, YooNa’s street was the first drama that came to mind. I tried to shift my choice to another drama because I technically haven’t finished this drama yet because I have a small glimmer of hope that the subbing for this drama will be picked up again and perfected. But I think that ship has sailed and since my heart is still attached to it there is no other choice for me but to pick this drama, especially since I cannot think of another drama with this many great female characters in it.

YooNa’s Street centres around Kang Yoo-Na, an excellent pickpocket that is highly regarded in her field, and the people in her life, namely her ex pick-pocket friend Park Yang-Soon, her gold-digging roommate Kim Mi-Sun, her work mate, Yoon-Ji, and people who live in the same building as she does, which include Madam Hong, Han Da-young, and Uhm Hye-Sook.

What really draws me to this drama is that the characters make choices and have their own opinion, even if it is sometimes terrible. Their role in the drama drives the plot forward, in which they have their own back story, stir up problems, and see them being dealt with. I did not even include a couple more female characters that we meet with regularity throughout the series.Even characters that had a passing role, such as Hyun-Jung and Hwa-Sook (not pictured above), impact the plot direction greatly and they are female

This series does not forget that the women in it are people who have their own opinion, be they good or shitty. They are not forgotten when it comes to dialogue and there are many scenes in which the women interact which each other. And the fact that Yoo-na has two close friends whom she trusts, meets regularly, and discusses things with is one of the many thing that makes me love the series.

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