10 things I’ve learned since he left.

1. drowning yourself in alcohol won’t distract you from missing him, in fact he becomes all you can focus on.

2. smoking every night just so you can fall asleep only makes you wake up wishing he was there.

3. becoming frustrated that you can’t stop thinking about him doesn’t help, it only makes you miss him more.

4. waiting for 11:11, making wishes on eyelashes, and blowing dandelions won’t bring him back. you don’t even believe in that shit.

5. fooling around with guys whose names you’ll never remember won’t make you forget his touch.

6. you’ve lost a friend but you still have the ones who will always be there for you.

7. overwhelming yourself with activities will only make you wish he was there for you to lean on.

8. reading through the messages you can’t delete doesn’t mean he’ll always be there. he’s gone.

9. distance isn’t the only factor in moving on, it takes time.

10. there is going to be a piece of you that will always love him.

—  ten things since my heart broke // excerpt from a book I’ll never write ( offdxys )

“No matter where you are I will come and find you” - HarunobuuuuuuuI had to sketch it out when I finished the divine ending 😭 my heart hurt just as much as when I finished Kenshin’s divine ending. 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 why… Whyyyyyy.

Thanks for the kind words everyone!! I promise I will get to responding to the comments etc either today or tomorrow! m(_ _)m

In the meantime… Enjoy Shingen x MC reunion sketch!!

I love Kakashi so much & I’m actually super angry about how much I love him.


Truly A Masterpiece™

I wrote this comic at the beginning of 8th grade shortly after seeing PotO for the first time. It was a horrible hand drawn comic full of stick figures at the time. So I redid it as a horrible digital comic full of stick figures, but like, with color.

The change in color in some panels was supposed to be like a dramatic representation of mood but now I just like to think Erik has those rainbow mood lights and they keep cycling through all the colors because he never bothered to learn the settings

Anyway hope u like

Monsta X in the Pan-Pacific Defense Corps
  • Shownu: Pilot, and good at it too. He and Yoo Kihyun have taken down 10 Kaiju so far in their Jaeger Trespass Queen. Though fifty-story aliens are afraid at the mention of his name, he's famous for his softness outside of combat. When he appears on TV shows the ladies love tuning in to watch this tall, broad, soft man talk. They also buy all the calendars and magazines he does shoots for. Very popular and admired in the shatterdome.
  • Wonho: Though the general public loves Shownu, if you're a lady in the Shatterdome, you probably have eyes for Shin Hoseok. He's the babe in charge of the KWOON, where Jaeger pilots go to work out and improve their physical combat skills, and oh man what most girls--and guys too--would do to snag a sparring match with him. Wonho is also a very talented singer and dancer (but underrated, sadly) and has made friends of many of the Jaeger pilots he trains.
  • Kihyun: It came as a great surprise to everyone when in training Kihyun and Shownu were paired together to pilot Trespass Queen as they didn't seem alike at all in any way. However it quickly came to light that it was the best choice. Kihyun is a little ball of energy, sassy and witty as all get out. When he's focused and determined, he can match Shownu in agility and capability. His quick thinking has saved them a few times in full-on combat.
  • Minhyuk: In charge of the medical bay, Minhyuk is the one to go see when you're hurt, and also on an on-off basis acts as a medical researcher for the Corps. He's seen pilots so critically injured that they pass away from their wounds, and it affects him very deeply but he pushes on knowing that his work is saving so many more people. He's also called the comforter in the Shatterdome, as he's always willing to give out hugs and snuggles if you need it. Extremely good friends with Wonho.
  • Hyungwon: Though Chae Hyungwon is a great deal younger than many of the other officers on base, his high-class birth, leadership qualities, and good looks have allowed him to quickly rise to third-in-command in the PPDC. He might seem cold and calculating at first, but get him comfortable or around Minhyuk or Wonho and you quickly discover that he's a very gentle and peaceful soul, maybe even vulnerable. He, too, has quite a big fanbase, bigger than one might expect.
  • Jooheon: Master mechanic. He is almost never seen without a smudge of grime or oil on his cute, smiley face or a wrench of some sort in his hand. When he's working and focused, he is known to look scary, but off of the shop floor, he's just a huge ball of fluff and cute. Some say that if he was a Jaeger pilot, he'd be flying with Changkyun, his best friend. Has a fairly successful underground rap career in his spare time.
  • I.M: Jaeger technician, but not in the same way as Jooheon. Changkyun, whose call sign is I.M, deals with the electronic side of things and also runs LOCCENT on Trespass Queen's missions. Despite being the youngest of the so-called 'big seven', and the last to arrive and be accepted, he's won great respect and a spot in everyone's hearts. Some say that if he was a Jaeger pilot, he'd be flying with Jooheon, his best friend.

destruction-personified  asked:

"We found this in an alleyway in Po Town and nobody wants it, but I heard ya like dogs so here you go." Guzma hands her a carrier cage with a small Furfrou puppy inside. It seems very young, dirty and emaciated. "Little bastard bit me, now I gotta go get checked for rabies so see ya 'round."

Charlie looks at the poor, bedraggled pupper and takes the crate eagerly. She wants to help rehabilitate the lil guy and maybe, if able, return him to his natural habitat.

“Where’d he bite you?”


Mornings in St. Petersburg 
or alternatively titled: Viktor Nikiforov’s Instagram is A Katsuki Yuuri Appreciation Account