Dabb vs cars

Surprisingly, not the next round in my ongoing, bitter feud about his continuity problems. A “I come in peace” study on parking.

I watched 10x09 today and I did the usual OTP “aw they’re so far apart” sad heart feeling at the shot of them all outside Sharkey’s.

No, not Dean n Cas.

The Impala and Pimpmobile.

Anyway it got me thinking about in that moment it represented pretty well how Dean and Cas were doing with each other. Of course there isn’t room to park beside Cas’s car, so Dean goes and parks on the other side of the door, leaving this big gap between them, bigger because there’s a parking mark thingy Cas is about to trip over before the shot abruptly ends. (I hope Misha was okay.) The cars have a clear line of sight to each other, but there’s just something so unutterably sad about there being no way for them to park side by side, per Cas’s parking, and Dean putting that extra space between them. (Also so they can go in the door… I’d say unobstructed but the longer I watch the gif the more I become convinced there’s footage out there of Misha ruining the impression of Cas’s reserved dignity…)

In the context of season 10, where Destiel was at right then was the first time they’d seen each other since 10x03, when Dean cleared his bed for Cas like, thanks for saving me from myself pls make yourself comfy, and Cas freaked out and gabbled some stuff about work and Hannah and such and told Dean to rest up, then fled the scene. Dean is pissed off Cas called for help over trying to deal with Claire (and it kind of looks like making excuses of busywork to not come home, when you flee with an apparently important mission and it turns out you’re wandering around trying to earn back brownie points with your vessel’s daughter, having randomly and abruptly swapped onto a personal mission without telling Dean a word of it) and in general the car placement amused me by seeming to echo how they were doing.

Being me, obviously thinking about that made me start thinking about Dabb, cars, and his old Carver era patterns. He got the one per season (two if we were lucky) Deep Emotional DeanCas Talk, to give us a real, solid moment to show how they were truly doing. 8x08, 9x10, 9x22, 10x09, and 11x10 spring to mind though obviously in other episodes he wrote with them they also still shared some pretty epic emotional moments or there were other strong Destiel things. However he is the one who gave us Cas’s original car, and two of these instances are directly before the Big Talk to tide things over and give us the emotional background for later. I figured some thoughts about some notable Dabb car stuff would be a nice thing to do. After my amused nostalgia run through Carver era moments, I’ve included Dabb era in general and picked out some other moments.

9x10 is the start of all this, once Cas finally gets some wheels of his own. The most interesting set piece barely involves any driving, but is the first time the Impala and Continental are parked beside each other. Like, RIGHT beside. Like, Dean n Cas should be this close to each other all the time. Cas’s car is a step ahead (I mean, I assume so he could get out the door). All episode Dean n Cas are a beautiful emotionally supportive unit, but Dean can’t cope with this, and so he gets in his car and leaves, pulling away from the closeness he’s offered from his family, the thing with the cars being exactly what he did when he walked away from them on the bridge too. I mean, that’s fairly obvious, I’m just amused after I went back to look, HOW closely the two cars were parked, like they wanted Cas’s car in that shot, next to Dean’s, and they’d force the most unrealistic parking job ever when there’s all that unused space around them, to get all the random details into the shot they needed. As a bonus, Dean had to have been the one to park the Impala so close blocking Cas’s car in. Unconscious desire to be so close to him and to keep him? He’s still recovering from asking him to leave.

(I know the Impala and Continental shared space in several end of season 9 episodes but not 9x22 as far as I recall in the earlier parts, and the Worst Dabb Vs Cars Fuckery Of Them All occurs in the final driving moment of that episode, just putting Cas IN the Impala for the drive home despite the fact his car ends up the Bunker at the start of 9x23… That’s a symbolic gesture of what he was trying to convey in the moment of Cas sitting in the back of the car but for the sake of talking about how they park together, useless. I feel like in 9x18 it’s just a reminder Cas HAS the car, and the show doesn’t do anything useful with it to represent Cas…)

Onto 11x10, and honestly my favourite of Dabb’s Dean n Cas chatting scenes because it’s technically pretty superfluous except for the fact he really really wanted a final DeanCas chat before Cas got Casifered, and so he made one heck of a driving continuity snarl to wrangle it. Obviously Cas followed Dean’s longing to his spot because how else… Anyway, he parks a long long way off. In season 11 he’s feeling very distanced from Dean by his anxiety and trauma. This is the epitome of the “I came as soon as you called” behaviour, with Cas dropping everything to come help Dean, and romantic blurring into focus walk aside, the long shot shows us beautifully that Cas is hesitant to approach, and maintaining the distance with Dean. After all the season 10 and early 11 drama between them, including several rounds of mind controlled punch ups, they’re fragile and miserable, and Cas’s last interaction with Dean on screen was an angry and frustrating one. Cas himself bridges the distance betwen them but his car waiting off in the background suggests his reservations, and the rest of the episode spells out everything, before he chooses to do something he thinks will help move their cars closer, as it were.

Entering Dabb era proper, in 12x02 we see Cas’s new truck (still with hay) and Dean pulling up to it. Obviously they’ve got their mission to save Sam, the jokes about Mary being brought along to chaperone their date, etc. But since the car conversation in 11x23 the ball has been in Dean’s court to approach Cas, and I would assume the mythical instance of mixtape giving is somewhere between 12x01 and 12x19; the point is, here, as the first 2 episodes of season 12 in general showed (and Dean in 12x22 confirmed talking about how happy he was to have Cas and Mary back in the same breath), Dean approaches Cas, parking right behind his truck, as a symbol of the confidence and comfort they have now. They work great as a team in this part of the season, although Cas has been standing around by his lonely parked truck waiting for most of the episode up to that point, and is forced to continue standing by the truck for most of the rest of the episode.

12x12 Cas is still in the “I’ll just wait here then” mode, hanging out at their designated meeting place as Sam, Dean, Mary and Wally arrive in a convoy and park on the other side of this parking lot, so he has to come to join them (Dean rotating on the spot as he does so… heh, I love that moment.) By the middle of season 12 Cas has run away to find Lucifer, echoing 10x03’s parting, and also killed for them and invited cosmic consequences, and in 12x10 given a firm well-communicated emotional talk to help him feel included and loved, and yet he also leaves to search for Kelly some more, echoing other times he’s gone off to do a side project and been very much on the outside. Once again he’s waiting for them to catch up, and Dean seems to breeze by him - and there’s so many other people with them (and part of why he left in 12x03 was to give Sam and Dean space with Mary, exclusing himself from the family). In the diner scene Cas has the whole waitress thing to deal with, with Dean acting up around so many people with conflicting needs to perform. Cas has been waiting for an incredibly long time, but if you ever needed a more firm “the ball is in your court” it’s the “I love you” at the end of the episode.

12x19 also has a important “where the cars are placed” sequence, which you could really do with a whole gifset of, but of course the Impala is there because Kelly stole it, and it’s been left off to the side by them; likewise Sam and Dean are left to the side by them as they drive off. Sam and Dean placed the truck before they did that and took it back (and all the stuff about Cas and Dean and fixing the truck in the episode is a whole ‘nother thing)… From this angle it looks ominously like the park in which Dean found Mary, with the lights behind the trees going on - of course night has just fallen rather than the sun coming up, and Cas is driving away from the light. As Dean walked Mary into their lives, newly resurrected, Cas drives out of their lives >.> Between all the stealing cars and rushing into save Cas, the gap between them as they’re parked is obvious and as a result of the circumstances. They’re apart because there’s too much going on, Kelly made off with Cas in the car, and Sam and Dean were helpless chasing after them. The distance and swapping around of cars and using them as part of the chaos is very effective. Cas calmly takes possesion of his truck again, freshly fixed by Dean, but drives off with Kelly. In 12x23 they steal some stock Destiel phrases to exchange, and it’s touching the truck which opens the rift. I had a nose around the outdoors scenes and couldn’t spot Cas’s truck and the Impala even on the same side of the building, and honestly am kind of confused about where the truck went. Not, as I said, that I’m trying to continue the feud with this post. But I mean.

*clears throat*

I’m just saying he ruined the continuity in 12x01 for 12x02 by doing the exact same thing as 9x22 by just not using Cas’s truck when it would make sense to take as many vehicles as they can get their hands on so they could split up… Obviously all the many set pieces to do with cars worked best/could only work if there was just the Impala but it’s all style over function again… So in 12x02 to let Cas split up to help they add an extra day to let him get the truck so he can follow leads and do the legwork, and Mary and Dean end up back at the Bunker, immediately falling back into old static patterns when it would have made so much sense to just have them in a motel NEARBY instead of abandoning their hot trail on finding Sam so Mary could shower… He handed them that excuse on a platter and killed the urgency and Dean n Cas were split up all episode when they could have been at least local-ish to each other and maybe had that phonecall in person and and and… shh Lizzy

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Hi hi hi hi~ if you can spare your time to entertain my request, how would seventeen react if one of the members doesn't like their gf for some reason? Thanks <3

Ooh this is interesting! And heartbreaking </3! It would certainly affect some more than others. Assuming it’s a fairly new relationship here and not, like, fallen in love already, we’ll try to be realistic about the outcomes. Here you go:


  • as the leader he would feel guilty and miserable if someone didn’t like his s/o, but he would try his best to find out why by sitting them down for a chat
  • if they didn’t budge on the issue, he might get very frustrated with them or even angry, but i think in the end his love for them might make him want to prioritize their happiness over his own, wanting them to always feel comfortable
  • so maybe he would break up with his s/o in this scenario? for the sake of the team and his sense of responsibility (they do after all say not to date someone who your kids don’t get on with, and svt are pretty much a real family) but also for his s/o, so they aren’t in an awkward situation


  • would be astounded because he knows he’s a good judge of character and how could they have it so wrong? it would totally stress him out
  • like cheol, he’s taken on a parent role, so he’d also talk with the member to try and find out why and explain his own perspective
  • and let’s be honest, jeonghan would be very good and very convincing (lol). he would probably effectively talk them around to giving his s/o a 2nd chance without too much hassle 


  • this quiet soul would be bewildered and feel personally attacked if this happened because he thought that his members would support his happiness like he tries to support them
  • i doubt he’d know what to do. might even withdraw from both parties involved: starting to ignore the members and his s/o while he tries to sort through his feelings alone
  • but will need a lot of advice on what to do next before making then actual decision, and i’m not too sure what decision he would reach


  • he would be astounded that the boys who have become his family would ever stand against something that makes him so happy
  • i think despite his seeming confidence, his sweet nature deep down would make him second guess himself a lot. probably spends a lot of time by himself just crying
  • probably breaks up with his s/o and is mopey and not the same for weeks… possibly to the point where the member who didn’t like his s/o would beg him to bring them back (depends which member it is though) because they can’t bare seeing him that way


  • i can just picture his face falling when he finds out and it’s so sad to think about. i doubt he’d know what to do. probably cries right there
  • he doesn’t let his s/o know because he doesn’t want to hurt them and for a time he would try to balance both sides of his life and act like nothing is going wrong
  • finally he would have to confront the member about how it’s hurting him despite his cheerful outside! either talks them round to his side or he ends up understanding their perspective and dumping his s/o as a result


  • he digs in his stubborn heels and refuses to let anyone hate the person he’s dating
  • you know how he sticks to his opinions once he’s formed them. often slips into conversation all these logical little facts about how great his s/o is, making sure the member knows what he loves about them and how happy they make him
  • eventually the member who dislikes his s/o probably gets over it by the two of them complaining about wonwoo’s tendency to be stubborn together and them realizing how well the s/o knows to put up with him


  • it depends hugely on who it is for woozi. if it’s someone like seungcheol he reevaluates his whole position and tries to talk to the member about it
  • if it’s one of the younger ones he probably gets more defensive and even tells them off. like “how dare you!!!???” ready to fight!!!
  • but either way it hits him harder than he admits. if their dislike continues despite his efforts, he would find himself slowly withdrawing from his s/o in favor of his svt family


  • again, like with hoshi, imagine his beaming smile falling as someone tells him they dislike his s/o… heartbeaking.
  • so innocent and sweet he just can’t understand and he makes them explain every possible reason why until he gets it from their point of view
  • i think he would break things off with the s/o. probably cries a lot about it. he wouldn’t be able to handle the conflict if they stayed together, and he would feel like he’s making things hard for them for selfish reasons


  • he most likely believes it’s a joke at first and totally brushes it off, but when the dislike continues he has to genuinely ask a second time and be told outright that they don’t like his s/o
  • this kid can be stubborn! look at him when he fights with the8! if his s/o looked like they could put up with it, he would try to make it work and try to talk the other member around with time
  • but if it showed any signs of hurting the one he loves you can bet this romantic would break up for the greater good or whatever despite his own feelings


  • initially he’s offended, angry, annoyed. probably very blunt about how stupid he thinks the member is for not liking you
  • later when he cools down his soft heart kicks in and he worries they might have a good reason. so he’d certainly talk to them about it and try his best to understand everything they explain.
  • either he would make completely sure he had reached a compromise where everyone could co exist or he would heavy-heartedly say goodbye to his s/o because he loves his members too much


  • i hope the members would never put him in this position! oh no, he would be so upset! instantly crying probably!!!
  • would feel like he finally found what he was looking for and it’s all come crashing down. again depends who hates his s/o but with most people he would try to talk them round to his perspective tho if it was vernon who hated them he would never be able to continue a relationship with the person
  • if they kept hating his s/o i doubt he would be able to stay together even if it broke his heart, because his loves family too much for that


  •  vernon is very independent and sure of what he thinks and believes and he always says he likes people for who they truly are inside, so i think he’d be certain the member had misunderstood who his s/o truly was
  • if he talked to them and thought their reasons for their dislike didn’t make any sense, he would tell them so and keep dating his s/o even though he’d be upset
  • but if he thought their reasons were pretty well founded, i think he would break up with his s/o, because the relationship would feel unsteady to him after that and he would lose trust in his knowledge of them


  • this goes one of two ways! either dino won’t let anyone dictate his life just because he’s the youngest and so he keeps up the relationship stubbornly no matter what
  • or he is really affected by it, trusts their advice too much to ignore, and after a lot of thinking, breaks things off
  • either way he walks around pouting and very surprisingly short tempered for a long while before making a decision

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For the character meme thing, what about the Aoba Jousai's fan girls?

First of all holy fuck I love you for asking me this, second of all:

First impression

GTFO (I was pretty hell-bent on Karasuno winning)

Impression now

CUTIES. I definitely judged them too harshly at first! I love how they end up hanging out with Shimada and Takinoue and asking questions, THEN THEY ACTUALLY START CHEERING FOR KARASUNO, LIKE, AAHHH they’re good girls. THEN THERE’S A THIRD ONE THAT SHOWS UP IN SEASON 2??? Beautiful. Babes. And honestly I know they are just there to ogle pretty boys and I just wanna say… same.

Favorite moment

WHEN YAMAGUCHI’S SERVE MADE IT AND THEY CHEERED THEN WERE LIKE “oh yeah we’re here for Aoba Josai” hahahaha

Idea for a story


Unpopular opinion

Nothing, I miss them :(

Favorite relationship

Can the dark brunette and the black haired one be together please? Cutest couple ever.

Favorite headcanon

What if they’re like… watching Karasuno right now at Nationals? ಥ‿ಥ


“Thanks old guy!”

this was so nice, it warmed my broken heart

Thanks for asking!!

7 Years - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook X Reader - Part 10.2

Now that I technically have a two week break, hopefully updates will come faster.  To the anon who suggested a beach date, I hope this lives up to your expectations.

Thanks for reading guys, I really appreciate it. Love youuu

The end of 7 years may be approaching soon.

What are your thoughts on this part?

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10.1  Part 10.2 - Here

“Let’s go out again.” Jungkook’s head rose from his desk and he stared at you as you stood in front of his desk, hands on your hips.

“You want to go on another date? Sure. Where though?” You sat down on the desk in front of his and placed your hands on your lap.

“Well, since we’re literally on the verge of summer, it’s gotten hotter so we should go to the beach.” His eyebrows rose at your suggestion before he slowly nodded his head.

“Okay, I can borrow Namjoon Hyungs car and drive us down there.”

“You can drive?” A small smirk spread on his lips at your question, and you in turn raised an eyebrow.

“Kind of. Hyung taught me, I just don’t have a ‘real’ license.” Your eyebrows furrowed and you stood from the desk, lightly smacking him on the head. “How do I know you won’t end up crashing the car? I don’t want to die.”

A boyish chuckle escaped him and he rested his head on his arms once again, closing his eyes.

“I’d never hurt you let alone kill you. Just trust me on this one.” Still a bit worried, you bit your lip before turning around.

“Oh and Y/N?” When you turned back to look at Jungkook, he had his eyes open again, eyebrows drawn together. He reached out and tugged your skirt lower down your legs.

“There’s a shit ton of perverts in this school. I don’t like when they look at you like you’re a piece of meat.”

Overprotective much? Not that you minded.


You had arranged to go to the beach on your next school break which was convenient since it was only two weeks later. When the Monday of your date rolled around, you found yourself eagerly packing your bag for the day out. Jungkook had said to be ready at 11am which was only a mere hour away. You threw in all the necessites needed for a day at the beach and double checked your outfit for the day.

A black crotchet halter top paired with a plain white skirt that stopped mid thigh and a large thin cardigan that reached down to your knees. Obviously you were wearing your swimming costume underneath to save time when you arrived at the beach. Your phone vibrated when a new message came through and you glanced at the screen, seeing that Jungkook was waiting for you outside. Grabbing your bag and slinging it over your shoulder, you headed downstairs and bid your family goodbye before slipping on your flats and exiting the house. Judging by the heat you were immediately  hit with, you had picked the perfect day to go to the beach.

A honk caught your attention and you spotted Jungkook sitting in a white convertible BMW. Jogging towards the car, you couldn’t contain your surprised face as you opened the passenger door and slid into the seat next to him.

“Namjoon drives a BMW?” He glanced at you before returning his attention back to the window in front of him, slowly driving out onto the road.

“Not really, it’s his but he doesn’t really use it… I guess he’s trying to keep it as new as possible since it took him ages to save up for it.” Jungkook then reached to his side without taking his eyes off the road and handed you an iced tea from your favourite café.

“It’s hot so I bought you a drink.” You smiled at his thoughtful gesture and thanked him, gratefully taking the drink and sipping on it whilst staring at his unchanging face. Since the drive there would be at least an hour and a half, you passed the time by making small talk and before you knew it, Jungkook was parking the car in a parking lot. Grabbing your things, you stepped out of the car and stretched. Jungkook had taken a beach umbrella out of the trunk and begun raising the roof and locking the doors whilst you took it upon yourself to look for a spot. Not many people were out today so there was plenty of spaces available. Settling for one in between the ocean and the food stand, you gently placed your towel on the ground and sat down. Jungkook stabbed the bottom of the umbrella into the ground, providing you with relief from the sun.

“Are you not going in the water?” Laying back down on your towel, you glanced up at Jungkook’s confused face before giving him a slight smile.

“Now’s the perfect opportunity to try and get a tan. I’ll go in later.” Shaking his head at your reply, he stripped his shirt off and laid himself down next to you. You tried your hardest to not ogle at his defined abs.

“You’re not even going to change into your swimsuit?”

That would have been a smart thing to do.

You smiled sheepishly and shimmied out of your skirt, pulling your cardigan and top off to reveal your black and white striped two piece. Jungkook didn’t say anything and instead gave you a half smirk to which you shook your head in amusement. Slapping on a layer of sunscreen, you laid back down and closed your eyes. You weren’t sure how long you were like that for but a sudden shadow that cut off the only light you had made you open your eyes again. A girl stood before you with a slightly embarrassed face.

“Um, sorry to bother you but would you and your friend like to join me and my boyfriend in a game of volleyball? You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” She kind of reminded you of Areum which caused a smile to grow on your face before you nodded enthusiastically. She returned your smile with a grin before she headed back in the direction she had come from. Turning to Jungkook, you were slightly shocked to see he had fallen asleep.

Well, you did kind of ignore him in favour of a tan so it’s no wonder he fell asleep with no one to talk to.

Crawling towards him, you placed a hand on his cheek, lightly tapping. His eyebrows furrowed and he grabbed your wrist but made no move to remove your hand. Sighing, you bent down and placed a kiss to his forehead which caused him to shift slightly.

“Kookie? Come on wake up. Let’s play volleyball.” His eyes slowly opened at the mention of volleyball and he rose up from his position in the sand, running a hand through his hair. Blinking a couple of times, he then lent forward and rested his forehead on your shoulder, snaking his arms around your waist.

“Volleyball…?” His raspy voice made goosebumps rise on your skin and you patted the back of his head, encouraging him to lift his head. When he did, he stared at you with half closed eyes and a drowsy smile on his face.

“With who?” You pointed in the direction the girl had went and he followed your finger to see the couple standing before a net a little ways away, smiles on their faces. Rubbing his face, he stood himself up and grabbed your hand, hauling you up too.

“Fine but there’s not going to be any real competition. You’re dating the golden maknae so my skill has rubbed off on you.” He began to walk in the direction of the net with you following closely behind, hands still joined together.

“I’m going to assume your calling me golden and take that as a compliment for your own good.” You could tell he was smiling without even having to look at his face. Upon arriving, the couple greeted you and introduced themselves as Seo-Jun and Ha-Yun.

“You two are dating right? That’s great! A battle of the couples then.” You grinned at Ha-Yun’s words whilst Jungkook looked out towards the sea, nodding his head with a blank look on his face. Settling on your side of the net, you watched with anticipation as Seo-Jun served the ball and Jungkook immediately sprinted forward, jumping up into the air and smacking it down on the other side of the net. You stood there in absolute shock at the speed and power he delivered and it seemed your opponents were just as shocked because Ha-Yun’s mouth had dropped open whilst Seo-Jun’s eyes were as wide as saucers.

At this point you knew without a doubt Jungkook could carry your team on his shoulders with no help at all.

But you happened to be extremely competitive too, not to mention now that you were dating the 'golden maknae’ you had a status to uphold.

“1 point to Jungkook and Y/N. Definitely did not see that coming.” Seo-Jun nervously chuckled and Ha-Yun blinked a couple of times before regaining her composure. Readying yourself for the next point, you tied your hair up in a high ponytail and made eye contact with Jungkook, to which he gave you a quick nod. Ha-Yun served this time and Jungkook watched as  you bounced the ball back over. Just as it was making its way back to your side, Jungkook took the chance to earn your team another point. It was at this point where the opposing team seemed to take Jungkook’s skills seriously. Seo-Jun too, began scoring points and you had to refrain from jumping out of the way of the incoming ball. He was a lot stronger than you had initially thought.

The match continued on like this for at least twenty minutes before you and Jungkook had taken the lead. He seemed to be impressed with how you were currently playing and you couldn’t deny that made you feel proud of yourself. The ball was served by Seo-Jun once again and Jungkook moved forward, preparing himself to score yet another point. However, he tripped right when his hand made contact with the ball and sent it flying straight up into the air. Scrambling up he glared up at the ball before he motioned for you to get closer to him. Hoping you understood what he intended for you to do, you jogged forward before placing a hand on his shoulder whilst he lifted you up, sending you into the air and you slapped your hand down on the ball. Whizzing past Seo-Jun, you watched as Ha-Yun attempted to return the ball but ultimately fail. Luckily Jungkook hadn’t actually thrown you all that high so he easily caught you, placing you down on the ground.

“That was amazing! It was like something out of a movie!” Ha-Yun gushed over your improvised move and you grinned back at her, Jungkook shaking hands with Seo-Jun.

“That was a great game. We should play again sometime.” Jungkook nodded, a small smile spreading in his face. When you parted ways, exchanging contact information with Seo-Jun and Ha-Yun, Jungkook turned to you and grabbed your hand, leading you back to your spot on the beach.

“I didn’t think you had it in you to pull a move like that off.” Laughing, you peered into his face.

“Well what did you think I was going to do?” Shrugging his shoulders, he brushed off the remaining bits of sand from his trunks. Taking two cold water bottles out of the cooler bag, you handed him one and went on to gulp down half of your own bottle, watching him do the same. He wiped his mouth with the back of this hand before replying.

“I don’t know, bounce the ball in my direction?”

“I’m not that incapable.” It was his turn to chuckle now and he threw his arm around your shoulder, leading you towards the sea.

“We should celebrate by getting wet.” Rolling your eyes, you stopped in front of Jungkook, poking him on the bicep. There was more muscle than you had expected.

“That was so uncalled for.”

He smirked before staring straight at you. “I really couldn’t pass up the chance to say that. Besides, I’ve always wanted to do this.”

He proceeded to shove you backwards and you stumbled a good distance back, regaining your footing. You had ended up waist deep in the water.

“Wow, how did I not see that coming? Typical beach move.” Deciding to take revenge, you began to march through the water towards him. You hadn’t even made it three steps before you stepped on a massive clump of seaweed, effectively making you slip backwards and disappear underneath the waters surface. When you managed to get back up,  Jungkook’s distinct laughter was what you heard and your face burned crimson.

“Now that was anything but typical.” Jungkook then walked into the water and when he noticed you were still vexed, he grabbed the sides of your face and lowered his head down to kiss you. When he released you, your annoyed expression was replaced with a delighted smile.

“Let’s see who can hold their breath the longest!” Your suggestion made him raise an eyebrow.

“What are you, five?” Although he seemed to question your childish idea, he began counting down and you both dunked your head underneath the waters surface.

In the end, Jungkook had won and requested two more rounds. You goofed around for about two hours and then you found yourself lying by the shore on the sand, staring up at the sky.

“It’s going to rain.”

Turning his head in your direction, Jungkook gazed at the side of your face in fondness.

“Should we go then?”

Releasing air from your nose, you continued staring up at the grey clouds that were approaching.

“No… we’re already wet anyway.”

He didn’t reply and instead continued eyeing you. When the first couple drops of rain had fallen, you shifted your body onto its side and faced Jungkook, returning his gaze with as much tenderness as he was showing.

“I’m sorry for ignoring you when we got here. It wasn’t intentional.”

His eyes closed a little and a soft smile he only ever showed to those close to him grew on his face. The warm drops of rain began to fall heavier, however, you made no move to get up.

“I know. Don’t worry I wasn’t feeling neglected or anything.”

A relieved smile soon spread on your lips and you brought a hand up to his face, resting it on his cheek.

“Besides that fall you had made up for it anyway.” Your face darkened and a glare settled on your face.

“I hope you catch a cold.”

“I don’t mind as long as you catch one too. Besides, you would have to take care of me.”

“No I wouldn’t. I’d just send Jin over in a pink frilly apron to torment you. He is the mother of the group after all.”

“If you do that I’ll make you sit through Jimin and Taehyung’s English.” A distant memory of Taehyung and Jimin discussing the word 'beach’ in English crossed your mind and you shivered at the thought.

“Now that’s just plain evil.”

Your conversation ended there and a comfortable silence settled. At least twenty minutes later you decided that you should leave and you stood up, grabbing your things and finding the changing rooms and showers. After ten minutes, you reemerged sand free and changed. The rain had become a light drizzle and Jungkook was leaning against the wall outside of your stall. He motioned in the direction of the car with his head and you hoisted your bag further up your shoulder, trailing behind him.

Once you were both inside the car, you gave him a lingering kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you for driving out here.”

“My princess is grateful? That’s a first.”

“Don’t make me take back what I said.”

“I’m just teasing. You’re welcome, Y/N.”

He ruffled your hair affectionately with one hand, his other still on the wheel and his eyes trained on the road. Smiling to yourself, you turned your attention to the window, watching the buildings pass by.

Looks like you were safe in a car with him for now.

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Top 5 Destiel fics- go!!!!!

omg omg omg pressure UHHHHHH

so for starters, you can check out my fic recs page, which has deancas, cockles, and a couple of gen fics. it’s geared towards longer fics, at least 15k words or more. it also has a fav tag u can search through if u want to know my absolute top fav fics ever. basically the fics im naming im pulling from there. 


i couldn’t manage just five IM SORRY :(

  • These Are Not Real Problems by @no-gorms | 30k words
    people may not know this (and no, it’s not that i love endverse), but i also really loved season six. like, yes, sure, it had its problems. but i lovelovelove the trope of two people who love each other ending up on opposing sides and no matter how hard they want to keep their relationship and support each other, circumstances and politics make it so that they can’t, so that they become enemies for a time, and all the pain that comes with it. this fic for me is a really excellent exploration of cas as godstiel, and the consequences of that, and how he and dean repair their relationship. totally my fav S6-based fic

  • Time on My Hands by murron |25k words
    also if im not mistaken a S6-based fic, only dean and cas are sent back to 1943 by raphael and get work as farm hands and have to resolve their interpersonal problems while also dealing with time travel and raphael. i love this fic for how much depth there is in so few words and the beautiful language and characterization. 

  • Epilogue by @serricoj | 28k words
    i know everyone praises DTA at the ultimate endverse fic (and not without reason) but for me this is it. this is my favourite endverse fic of all time. i love the way she writes endverse!cas. that is, like, #personalgoals for me. and i love that there’s plot but also a really hot threesome between endverse!cas, dean, and angel!cas. i think i’ve re-read this fic like 80 times i love it so much. 

  • Ain’t A One Of Us Perfect (And That’s Okay) by peppermintwow | 15k words
    [link goes to a downloadable PDF as the author took the fic offline and deleted their account.] in this fic, king michael orders metalsmith cas to build a creation, which cas of course names dean. i love this fic because i have a Thing for robots/AI/android tropes and because it’s sad (one of the very few fics that has ever made me cry) but also beautiful and still hopeful in the end (imo). i also love the role reversal where dean is new to life/the world and cas is the one who has to teach him things. 

  • For All You Young Hockey Players Out There, Pay Attention by @thursdaysfallenangel | 143k words
    okay, it’s dean and cas and they’re hockey players, and cas is slavic, and it’s really long and plotty and so well-written and just happy. how could u not find this fic happy? absolutely adore it. (and the rest of the author’s work too. just go, go read everything)

  • March-Stalkers Mighty by @whitmerule | 152k words
    i mean it’s beowulf crossed with the fox and the hound and plotty and gorgeous and hot and there’s attention paid to historical accuracy and WHAT DO U WANT FROM ME I AM ONLY SO STRONG. this fic also has a special place in my heart because i read it during GISHWHES 2012 during the 2.5 hour journey on the night bus back from heathrow to central london while listening to Love Goes On on repeat. 


  • Asunder by @rageprufrock | 24k words
    i get that probably everyone and their mum has read this fic, but it’s a classic for a reason. i love dean in this fic, and sam, and the magical feel of bobby’s vineyard. also definitely just a happy-making fic. and pru’s style is one of the best i’d wager in fandom at large. 

  • The Way Back by rainylemons | 36k words
    so this is technically gen instead of deancas, but frankly it might as well be deancas given the closeness of their relationship and how they take care of each other, and i think there’s a scene where dean cuts cas’s hair, which i am just a huge sucker for. it’s dean and cas (and later sam) trying to figure out how the hell to be normal after some apocalypse. cas works at taco bell. they eat hambuger helper. i mean it’s just perfect. this is just the kind of heartache-y but comforting domesticity that i love. 

When you let yourself work on two projects simultaneously, you feel conflicted with the mood. Especially if the two are opposites of one another.

The Good Ol’ Days is a comedy romance short animation/comic that focus on the main three, Neta, Folly, and Solo. Dealing the meaning of friendship and love.

END is a dark post-apocalyptic (possible) graphic novel. Which follows a family of three, Alyx, Nina, and Bayani. Traveling and surviving the newfound parasitic infection and a cult that’s has close ties with Bay’s adopted children.

Hopefully when I’m not a scared wimp, I might have a full on detailed and UPDATED description of some of my projects I’m currently working on. Along with others I have yet to work on.

It is meant to be a time of spiritual discipline — of deep contemplation of one’s relationship with God, extra prayer, increased charity and generosity, and intense study of the Quran. But if that makes it sound super serious and boring, it’s really not. It’s a time of celebration and joy, to be spent with loved ones. At the end of Ramadan there is a big three-day celebration called Eid al-Fitr, or “the Festival of the Breaking of the Fast.” It’s kind of like the Muslim version of Christmas, in the sense that it’s a religious holiday where everyone comes together for big meals with family and friends, exchanges presents, and generally has a lovely time. SOURCE

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Can I say "ILOVEYOU" guys!!! for putting this much effort for us who cannot read chinese letters? Yeah just like GH and BLY ur n journey and effort in translating this great novel is SUPER... many sacrifices yet in the end..ur LOVE for this story and its characters prevails... Thank you Sae-han01 and the rest of ur friends...

Honestly, we love all the readers as well! On our down days, it’s everyone support and encouragement that keeps us going. No one is going to make us stop until the end of the novel so fret not, we will end this journey together. (although the journey will never end) (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

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Hi so I was wondering when LOTZ 4 will be out?? Much love ♥️


school just ended this week and now a whole bunch of family is here for memorial day weekend, but! I’m trying to work on it as much as I can

Tag Game~

I was tagged by the sweet @redking907 - Thanks, sweetie !! I already did that but let’s go ! (Some things changed so xD)

Tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know !! (I tag in the end)

Nicknames : Anni, loulou, The Portuguese, Anius, The old (the main ones)

Zodiac sign : Aries

Heigh : Hum.. 1m58, I think ?

Last thing you googled :  I was searching the meaning of a word “frivole”..

Favorite music artist : Too hard to choose one. Ed Sheeran, Halsey, Avicii, Marshmello & Shawn Mendes (and there’re also some groups)

Song stuck in your head : Boku no Hero Academia Ending S2. I love this ending *o*

Last movie you watched : It’s been a long time I don’t watch movies so, I can’t remember.

What are you wearing right now : A grey T-shirt and black trousers.

Why did you choose your URL : Well, it’s pretty obvious.. I love too much my babies ! >3< And the number 9, it’s because is Shirou’s number and it’s my lucky number.

What did your last relationship teach you : Never had a relationship soo..

Religious or Spiritual : Neither of the two.

Favorite color :  Black, red, green & blue.

Average hours of sleep : Wow, it’s a roller coaster. I have insomnia, so I think you can understand..

Lucky number : 9

Favorite characters : Too much xD My babies, Shirou & Atsuya, Gouenji Shuuya, Elric brothers (fma), Todoroki Shoto (bnha), Killua Zoldyck (HxH), Nishikino Maki & Yazawa Nico (Love Live!), Nanase Haruka (Free!), Yuri Plisetski (Yoi) and I think that’s it.

How many blankets do you sleep with : In general, 1.

Dream job : Writer & translator

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MCM Expo 27/5/2017- Catherine Tate

Ok, here’s pretty much everything that happened while I was at MCM today:

  • Catherine arrived late (presumably delayed by transport), which meant autographs started late. She then made her way down the queue to apologise to people.
  • She signed all autographs not sitting at the table, but standing in front of it. She was at the end of the row, so she had the space to do so. She also allowed selfies and was just generally chatting with everyone.
  • I gave her the Partners in Crime print but she didn’t have time to look at it- it was in a cardboard envelope but she set it aside on the table to presumably take with her/ look at later. She did, however, say that she loved my Journey’s End print I had her sign (she said she loved stuff like that). She also gave me a choice of colours to sign it (I wasn’t expecting that), but we ultimately decided that black would probably be best.
  • Bearing in mind by the time I got her autograph she’s been signing for at least 10/15 minutes, she still apologised to me about the delay and said sorry for keeping me waiting, and she’d done the same for everyone in front of me too. I got her autograph first thing, so I don’t know what happened later on.

Because Billie couldn’t make the convention, it meant that I actually got to attend Catherine’s panel. I missed the beginning, but I got the following points:

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So I'm 5"3 and my arms are too short to reach the back of the fridge; I was struggling to get the last two drinks shoved at the back of the fridge... I can just picture harrry watching and smirking while I damn well struggle, and he offers to help after he's finished chuckling. "Need some help m'love? Or do you have it taken care of?" With that smug accent while he watches me huff and cross my arms over my chest, unamused by his loving comment. (I did end up getting the last 2 drinks on my own)

Omfg and you’re like “I’m FINE.”

“I can see that. You seem fine.”

“Shut up.”

And he’s chuckling watching you struggle.

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Season 3 ends with Star just grabbing Ludo and Toffee and decides to make them her weird monster uncles and they both are like two grumpy old men like they're really hateful torwards everyone and each other but stars just like " awww, looks like someone needs to wear the get along shirt! "


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Ohhh!  Exciting!

@asterllum, @endlessmoi, @simmingnoobmag-memes and @randomly-sane-end-03, Love ya`ll.  You`re all amaing.

I adore @spiffyplumbobs, @pixelatedpeaches and @neopixiesims legacies.  They`re 11/10.