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I'm really glad someone posted the scene where Dean is alone with Cas before the funeral pyre without the music. That's how warner transmitted the episode for all Latin America, and it felt like the USA missed something very important


it made me feel his emptiness so keenly

if anyone says jensen doesnt play it that way, platonically or romantically, dean LOVED cas

end of

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Hey so about regency au I was thinking, what if TONY gets hit with post pregnancy depression? (I don't know if this is the correct English term) but you Peter is married and is away and Harley is trying to find a mate and Maria is sick and yeah.... I don't know I just have a lot of feelings! Btw your blog seriously gives me life whenever I feel down I read something that you wrote and it literally always makes me feel better! Especially the angst fics with happy ending😍 love you!

(Aw, thanks, hon! I love you too!)

Part of the reason Tony struggles so much with Harley is actually because of his PPD. Part of his PPD is because of the normal hormone craziness after having a baby but part of it is also because he struggled so much more during his pregnancy with Harley and he feels kind of like a failure for it and it just makes the depression so much worse. The first week after he has Harley he can barely get out of bed, and the only reason he manages to feed Harley is because Bucky haltingly mentions that they can get a wet nurse for him. Tony would feel like even more of a failure if they had to do that so he drags himself out of bed to feed his baby.

Then Harley is a difficult baby and Tony feels even worse. Peter was so easy, such a quiet and gentle baby. Tony doesn’t know how Harley isn’t hoarse from all his screaming. He doesn’t sleep, he doesn’t settle–he only quiets when he’s attached to Tony’s tit and even then he fusses. Steve and Bucky try to help but Harley won’t settle for them but for a few minutes at a time. They find a reprieve with Peter but they feel guilty making their own young son make his baby brother settle.

For a moment Tony wishes he was back in the Stark kingdom under Obadiah if only he could get away from Harley and the thought makes him bawl because he loves his baby, he really does, and he would never actually want to be under Obadiah’s thumb again. But he’s just so miserable. He’s so tired but he can’t sleep, and his husbands keep trying to help him but they can’t, and Tony wishes he could just sleep and never wake up again.

After the incident where Tony misses his medicine and takes a header into a wooden chair arm, Bruce and Helen finally find a midwife with experience in this kind of thing, because they hadn’t realized how bad it was until a beta servant had burst into the infirmary bellowing for help, clutching Tony’s limp body to her chest. (Although to be fair, Tony had tried his hardest to soldier through.) She stays with Tony for a few weeks, helping him to find ways to take care of Harley that work, and only leaves once she feels Tony is ready. He’s still depressed but things are getting better; he’s out of the thick of it now.

(“I wish my mother were here,” Tony whispers tearfully, staring down at Harley in his lap. “Maybe she would have helped me.” The midwife doesn’t say anything that people would normally say to try to seem helpful, like he couldn’t know that Maria would help or that wishing wouldn’t make him feel better; she just reaches out and silently holds his hand, a quiet comfort. Tony grips back so tightly his knuckles turn white, and he’s certain he must be hurting her, but she never lets go, just lets him hold onto her and cry, and he thinks this may be the first time he’s truly gotten to mourn that his mother wasn’t there to see his children, to–to see him, as an adult.)

((Tony wakes up feeling fully rested for the first time since he got pregnant and he blurts out, “I’m a failure and Harley has died.” “He just slept through the night Tony oh my god,” Steve exclaims from changing Harley’s diaper. Harley finally becoming a good baby takes some… getting used to.))


K: “So what happened between you guys and Liam?”

A: “Well Katie settle in. You see, a few years back, your husband and I actually dated. Yes, while you were married, and no I had no idea. We dated for a few months, and then I found out he was married and you guys had a child together which I’m assuming is Jackson here. He then said he loved me, but I ended things. I thought that was the end, but a few months go by and he shows up drunk at my apartment and tried to kiss me, and I managed to get him to leave. AGAIN, I thought it was over but then when I returned from a weekend away, he HAD STARTED A FIRE IN MY APARTMENT. Danny kicked his ass, and I’ve managed to never see him again until now.”


The rock views in this clip are spectacular. Drone tour of one of the volcanic peaks near Mexico City. Original video caption:

Iztaccihuatl is Nahuatl for “White Woman”: Dormant volcano situated on the México-Puebla state line in central Mexico. According to Aztec legend the two volcanoes (Iztaccihuatl and Popocatepetl) are two lovers whose love ended tragically and the Iztaccihuatl is known as the “sleeping woman”. After an arduos hike all of your effort will be rewarded with the spectacular views from the snow covered peak of this dormant volcano.

Starting the ascending in the morning from la Joya (3850m ) to the hut Grupo de los cien 4780 m / 15682ftto nex first summit in “Las Rodillas” 5050m / 16568ft. If you fell good ascender to principal summit “los Pechos” 5218m /17160ft.

• Filming in 4K/HD with Drone+Go Pro.

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Maybe like some shy Evan HCs when he joins his school's environmental club but like he loves the campus' trees and it's just really cute?

Omg yes!!! This is the cutest thing!!!
• Listen this boy was HYPE about this club oh boy
• A club???? About plants and trees and all things outdoors??? Sign me up please???
• But he was so so anxious about the other people in the club but he decided that YOU KNOW WHAT I’m gonna join it and have have okay okay okay okay
• Turns out sweet baby boy ended up loving the club!!!!!
• I’m gonna be real, he doesn’t really talk to any other people in the club and mostly just sticks to himself
• like when it comes to group activities he’s like nope
• But when it’s like time to go and explore and study trees and such by himself, this boy is in fuckin heaven oh my lord
• The way he wraps his lil hands so gently around leafs will make your heart melt
• Knows so many facts about trees and plants but is too shy to say them out loud :(
• But in all honestly, this babe really does love it


by slimeoot

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why do you think buffy loved spike

I’m not sure if you mean “what makes you think Buffy was in love with Spike” or “what do you think were Buffy’s reasons for being in love with Spike,” but I’m going with the former; sorry if that’s not what you meant.

It’s a good question.  The short answer is, because she said so; the other short answer is, because I ship it and choose to interpret things that way.  But Buffy is generally closed off about her feelings for Spike (in contrast to, say, Angel, who she’s pretty vocal about loving).

Like–I think the “I love you” at the end of “Chosen” is legit because Buffy had spent a long time saying that she was definitely not in love with Spike.  It wasn’t something she would take lightly.  Season 7 had some huge buildup of their relationship and showed how much Buffy in particular depended on Spike.  Yeah, it was rocky at points, but Buffy: wanted Spike to stay because “I’m not ready for you to not be here,” rescued Spike at great personal risk, carted Spike around with all the little baby Slayers even though it probably didn’t help them trust her, took Spike’s side over Giles’ (and Wood’s, although she didn’t know him as well)…

If we hadn’t had all that, maybe I’d think that Buffy was just pitying him when he was about to die when she said that “I love you”.  But as it is, it reads as the closure to an emotional arc that’s been building for a long time: Buffy finally admitting that she loves him after years saying that she never would.

As for earlier seasons…I’m not sure if she was in love with him earlier, but even if she wasn’t, it doesn’t bother me.  Whether she was in love pre-S7 is less important to me than whether she had any feelings at all for him, and I think it’s fairly clear that she does, even if they aren’t the healthiest feelings.

EDIT:  Also maybe I should be clear on this–I add tags like “THEY’RE SO IN LOVE” all the time to like, s5/s6 gifsets?  And they’re…not entirely serious, mostly just shipper hysteria.  It’s fun to think about s5/s6 Buffy being in love with Spike and in denial about it, but it’s not something I’m sold on.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Love was something like endings, eating worlds, chewing on your bones, what flowers, what joy, love is yearning, refusing, sleepless nights, worries and fears, even holding hands feels like anchors, let me go, let me breathe, I need you, I don’t want you, I don’t need you, but here I am wanting you, what comfort, what warmth, I’m left behind, leaving people behind now, running with fire caught hair, blazing trail of blood and glass, closed up, confined, suffocating, airless breathing, trapped, trapped, trapped.
—  Eliot Knight
Poetry 173

I thought I loved him
I guess I was wrong
He never cared about me
We never sang the same song

My heart feels heavy at the loss of my dear friend
Of course everyone knows
This is not how I wanted us to end

Love is ugly though its true
It’s not all hearts and flowers
Pinks and blues
Love is truth, ugly, brutal, blunt, hard to cope with
It’s also beautiful in so many different ways
Today is the day
You let go of your old loves to make room for new love
You’re free! Go see!

These arms extends
to the beating heart imprisoned–
for the nights have been blurry
and the visions were tainted 
by the shadows of the bygone–
I wish for the soul to see 
the brightest of hope awaiting
the uncertainties of complexities
in the interplay of the starting point–
the end–
love envelopes the heaviest
of smiles and the lightest 
warmth is lurking–
Mine is here.

– e.l., A blanket of Hope and Love

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I really love voltron but I've been kinda put off of watching it because my ex best friend got me into it and she really loved it. Things ended badly with her and now it kinda feels like it's tainted by her memory. It was her thing...

God thats the WORST. Its ok if you need to take a break from it. Id also suggest watching it with a new friend, or rewatching it by yourself. this happened to me with star wars and i had to reinvest in it without someone who hurt me or else id lose it.


@markcherrybaksu aka as my child and the one who always has supplies of memes and trying to make the atmosphere more fun!! i love you hehe 💖 hope you a wonderful day ahead and please dont let your cca and results affect your mood too much :-( if you need anything i’m always a number away so just text me! i love you, hope you’ve been doing well since the school year is ending soon 💜 love from mom

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So CIE Is coming out in a few hours and I'm trying so hard not to die. :)

@armymeusdj said: I’m speechless, CIE was amazing literally. Dude I’m crying again. Thank you for doing this story. Even thoe my heart hurts atm it was incredible…..

@angelfacehobi said: :( :( :( :( :( you literally had me crying within mere sentences of CIE. I’m so sad but also so so so so so happy to have read the series. Thank you for the time & effort you put into it because it was spectacular start to finish!!!! I hope you, above everyone else, are pleased with it because you should feel so so so so so proud of that masterpiece!!! <3

@aambrosia said: Wow. My heart. Thank you again for creating this wonderful melancholic story, you have that ethereal but real way with words that gets me everytime. As always, keep up your magic work. ♡


Anonyomus said: Ive just finished reading last part of Comfort inn ending and it made me emotional as fuck but i loved it so much!!!. This was the best story ive read in a really long time. Im amazed how talented you are, thank you for your hard work💜ily

Anonymous said: I just wanted to say that the ending for CIE was really well done! I thought it was really brave to end it the way you did; the relationship wasn’t healthy, and kudos to you for saying that sometimes the best thing to do is let go, even if it will hurt… Keep up the amazing work!!! ❤️🌸

Anonymous said: bru h I started reading CIE at 1:20 am it is currently 2:33 am and leT ME TELL YOU. I fucking cried so much my whole pillow is wet with my tears and snot I’m about to have a mental breakdown your story was written so good it made me cry actual tears. I waited for you to publish the final part to read it all in just one go and i t was worth the wa itttt. I love your writing so much it always make me feel inside my bones the character’s feelings I love youuu so muchhh💖💖💕💖💕💖💕💖💕💞

^ honestly me right now at all of you wonderful people! thank you so much. i really, truly appreciate all these beautiful messages more than I can put into words, I am sososo happy you enjoyed the ending and reading these asks put the world’s biggest smile on my face!! I am sending you a trillion forehead kisses, and giving you all my love and support back, thank you thank you!!

Got a lot of comments I want to respond to!


Something naughty, yummy. This was really hot. Yet, what I love the most is Mikey’s expression on the last two pics. He looks so annoyed with himself :D

He’s very annoyed with himself. Very frustrated.

I think the last two panels sum up the rest of the entire comic nicely.


I loved all of this, but the last two panels… I just lost it.

43 images and it all amounted to that final punchline. Like a long-ass setup to the world’s weirdest joke.


MORE! please?

I’m sure at some point I’ll draw more NSFW comics. Dunno if they’ll be themed around banging in front of an open fridge, though!


Aw man, it was all just a dream. But what a good dream, and Mikey at the end XD Love this comic!

I tossed a few cues to hint that it was a dream. Some of them were more obvious than others. I think the one near the end is probably more blatant. Glad you liked it!




This comic was definitely worth the wait ;)

Thank you! I still feel bad that it took as long as it did. There’ll probably be another NSFW comic in the coming weeks, but that one I can probably chop up a bit since there’s no big Shyamalanian twist at the end.

Which means a faster return rate, and less pain on my hands from drawing.