Bones studying for a test in a ripped t-shirt and sweats and glasses

Bones putting off doing his laundry and just lounging in his underwear

Bones wearing jim’s clothes


movie nights cuddled up in Bones’ bed watching old holovids on Jim’s PADD

Jim falling asleep wrapped around Bones and neither of them says a word about it in the morning

and bones just holds him closer

Love Paint Theories

Dun dun dun! It’s time for Maddy’s Love Paint Theories! Well, as you might have seen me around writing super long posts in the past, this one is of no different. Here’s somethings I’ve been thiking about since the first art films and having seen some worthy notes on my twitter T-list. 

With the release of Love Paint: epilogue teaser, this comeback has sort of been confirmed to be an extension/part II to their release earlier in the year, Q is. and Overcome. The boys are continuing with their manhwa-dol (or literally translated from Korean, Idols who tear out of the manhwa pages) concept, and I decide to take out some points of interest after rewatching Overcome and the Canvas teasers again.

This is long, you have been warned, but if you get to the end, thank you! Under read more or I’m afraid those on mobile might have my head.

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So I don’t know if it’s controversial but I’m actually really loving the way Journey to One ended. It ends with a statement of Bionicle as a legend to be reborn when the time is right, coming when needed most. And I adore that.

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FULL NAME:  Arthur Pendragon Imma figure out a middle name for this asshole someday if it kills me.

GENDER & SEXUALITY:  Male ||| Bisexual

ETHNICITY & SPECIES: English ||| Human

BIRTHPLACE & BIRTHDATE: Camelot ||| April 29th

GUILTY PLEASURES: He doesn’t have a ton of guilty pleasures tbh? Pickled eggs, maybe? But other than that, I’m drawing a blank rn, man.

PHOBIAS: Spiders, but not a ton else that he’s willing to admit to.

WHAT THEY WOULD BE INFAMOUS FOR: Being the Once and Future King.

WHAT HAVE THEY/WOULD THEY HAVE GOTTEN ARRESTED FOR: I mean, if memory serves he’s been arrested/grounded in the cells a time or two for disobeying Uther so, disobeying his father I suppose? Does that count as treason orrr?

CHARACTER YOU SHIP THEM WITH: Character I don’t ship him with would be the better question here t b h.


——don’t wanna talk about it.

FAVOURITE BOOK GENRE: Adventure, fantasy, historical, anything along those lines.

LEAST FAVOURITE BOOK CLICHÉ: I dunno that he has one tbh? He’s lowkey here for all the cliches always and forever tbh.

TALENTS OR POWERS: He’s a skilled swordsman and warrior, hunter, tracker, diplomat, strategic thinker, he’s lowkey a p good artist, dog trainer, he’s p strong. Oh, and he’s like, suuuuper good at dealing with insolent servants like, he insists that’s both a talent and a power, so.

WHY SOMEONE MIGHT LOVE THEM: Because he’s brave, noble, trusting, kindhearted, fair, pretty as all fuck, friendly, totally and completely selfless, funny, among other things that I will elaborate on shortly tbh.

WHY SOMEONE MIGHT HATE THEM: Because he’s Uther Pendragon’s son, because he can be rather arrogant and stubborn at time, because they’re jealous of all the pretty.

HOW THEY CHANGE: From the beginning of the series to the end of the series he grows up so fucking much. Like, when we’re first introduced to Arthur he’s… I don’t want to say that he’s a bully but that’s kind of how he came off, isn’t it? Homeboy was definitely something of a dick, okay, I will admit that, but but but, that wasn’t who he really was, now was it? Like, I don’t think he changed a ton from beginning to end of the series in his essence, he just became who he always was? Like, who among us has never put up a front because we weren’t sure who we were or who we were allowed to be? And I kinda feel like at the beginning of the series he wasn’t completely being himself? Like he was but he wasn’t? If that makes sense? Either way, as time went on he softened up a bit and became who he was always supposed to be. Or not softened up exactly, he just… He grew into the king everyone always knew he would be, he just… needed a bit of time and guidance and experience to get there, you know?

I’m not sure if that’s like… a complete answer or not tbh? But it’s the only one I have for you right now, so it’ll have to do.

WHY YOU LOVE THEM: I mean are you sure you’re ready for this bro like? Really really sure? Alriiight then.

I love Arthur Pen-fucking-dragon because he is just like… he is such a good fucking person holy shit? Have you met his father? Like… Uther Pendragon could have raised a nasty, horrid son who damned all sorcerers to hell the same as he did, like he could have grown up selfish, and greedy, and lazy, and entitled, like, the environment he was raised in was the absolute perfect fucking storm to churn out a complete and total asshole, but what is Arthur Pendragon? Arthur Pendragon is the complete fucking opposite, okay. Arthur Pendragon is kind, and selfless, and he cares about his people more than he does his pride. Everything Arthur Pendragon does is for his people; he does what he thinks to be right for the safety and happiness of his people. Does he make mistakes? Fuck yeah. But you know what he is? Human. You know what humans do? They make mistakes. Once and Future King or not, homeboy is still only human, and he should be allowed to make mistakes without being crucified.

He took the throne so young, and the circumstances surrounding why he needed to take it were so tragic and awful for him, like, he wasn’t in the best of mental states just then, was he? Like he’s just lost his father, and it doesn’t matter what kind of father Uther was, bottom line is he was still Arthur’s father, and he’d just died. But Arthur tries, okay, he always fucking tries. He was dealing with so much but he came through and he tried to be the king that his people needed; his people were far more important than his own grieving process was. Like he had his moment with his father after he died, sure, but after that it was right to work, right to being King Arthur instead of just Arthur.

And he’s so trusting! Like damn, I wish I was half as trusting as he is, okay, because the amount of trust that I have in people is severely limited at fucking best most of the time, you know how much trust he has in people? Fucking all of it. Like, he has been fucked over and stabbed in the back so many times by people he cares about and trusts and it could make him so bitter and angry but it doesn’t. He doesn’t stop trusting people for even a moment, okay, and it’s so heartbreaking because that trust makes me love him so much, but it hurts him so, so much and it’s not fair, like, he’s done nothing to deserve all the betrayal and the backstabbing like, being Uther Pendragon’s son doesn’t make him the god damn Prince of Hell that’s a different show you’re thinking of, you shouldn’t be punished for your parent’s wrongdoings, but he is, over and over and over again. But does he complain about it? Does he stop trusting people because of all the times that trust has been betrayed? No. And if that fact alone doesn’t make you love him then we can no longer be friends, bro.

He struggles a lot with what he was taught growing up. Like, he questions it, and he tries not to question it because what kind of son questions his father? But at the same time, he knows right from wrong, and it’s this constant struggle with him, and he makes the hard decision of going against his father on numerous occasions to do the right fucking thing like… that ish cannot be easy for him, okay. Like, his father is his father, the only family he really had growing up, going against him has gotta be the most difficult shit ever for him. But he fucking does it and he faces whatever consequences there might be because it’s the right thing to do.

Like damn, man, I strive to be even a fraction of the person that Arthur Pendragon is because he’s a good fucking person, and I just love him and I think he deserves all the love and good things in his life, you know?

Also have you ever seen him smile? He is made out of sunshine and it is unfair god damnit.