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Tomorrow, CBS’ Sunday Morning is doing a profile on one of my favorites, Glen Hansard. Here’s a clip they released of him busking in SoHo and then playing inside Rebel Rebel Records, which is my favorite record store on Bleeker Street.

I’ve been in there about a million times (one of my jobs was a 2 minute walk from their door, and it’s also in my favorite NYC neighborhood, Greenwich Village) and I can safely say that if I ever opened their door to see Glen Hansard standing there singing, my body would’ve pushed out tears faster than my brain could process whether or not my eyes were deceiving me…because my ears never do.

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“Love Don’t Keep Me Waiting” - Glen Hansard 

Live at Jazz Fest


Glen Hansard - “Love Don’t Keep Me Waiting”


twdgdeadmanwalking asked:

☽, ⚜, ♢, ♧, ♥ Just to keep you more busier hehe =D

(Keep me busier…. >.> joke’s on you! I only got two replies left! HA!)

Questions for the Mun X

☽ Do you like writing angst? Why or why not?

Have I mention I’m a slut for angst? Seriously! Just the thought of breaking Nick makes me excited! Sad part about angst is how people don’t want Nick to o though any physical pain (*stares at Mister Cassanova over there for a long time*) Angst is only fun when bad things happens to both characters.

Oh and you bring the angst and I throw it right back at you.

⚜ What is the best time to write for you? Why?

Weeelll whenever my attention span will allow me to write. I can’t really sit still for long and a lot of the times I get back up to (the highest) 10 or so responses. So I don’t know it’s all rather random.

♢ What’s an AU that you think just won’t work with your muse?

AU that wouldn’t work? Fuck……umm….medieval probably. Don’t really care to much for medieval rp. Not really good at so I doubt I would ever do an AU for it. Soooo yeah kind of sucks for Game of Thorns rpers…unless they have a modern day or twdg au or any au for that matter that isn’t that.

♧ Is there an RP partner(s) that you credit for becoming a better writer?


and I guess


those are the important ones, but in a way all my rp partners help me become a better writer.

Just them more, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Luke’s mun and Nate’s mun is always showering me with compliments whenever I strangely need a boost or reassurance.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t still all love you all. So grateful for all of you.

Oh and stonemountain-screwup

for just drowning me in love.

I swear I don’t deserve any of it.

♥ What’s your favorite ship with your muse?

Ffffuuuuuucckk!!!!! It’s between Nuke and Nack even though I still think Dick (Danny x Nick) is cute. Don’t make me choose man!! And that’s not even counting the ships I haven’t rp yet with. Ahhhhh!!!