NaruHina headcanon 106 : Karaoke
  • Hinata:(singing Nana Mizuki's "Koi No Yokushiryoku" (Love Deterrence)
  • Sakura:Wooo! Go Hinata!
  • Ino:Doki doki~~!
  • Tenten:She sounds suspiciously like Nana Mizuki...
  • Naruto:I think I'm falling in love again...
  • Sasuke:(Playing Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker)
  • Sai:I wonder how she looks in a schoolgirl outfit?

I’m not sure what to say about this.


I can’t believe no one’s shared Limak’s piano cover of Love Deterrence on tumblr. It’s got a lot of soul.


Metal Gear is the best anime tbh

Love Deterrence

…Miller’s already finished writing the song. It’s called “Love Deterrent (KOI NO YOKUSHI-RYOKU)” - it is about a girl who can’t express her true feelings. I have been practicing. I am no pro, but I was pretty sure I would do a decent job. And now this…

 Paz Ortega Andrade

For more Art:

I love you; I hope these thoughts reach you
I’m sure one day it’ll come true
Such feelings are too painful

I don’t understand things such as beginnings
It seems like you could have an ordinary name and be anywhere
But no matter how many people there are
I’m sure to find you

I don’t like the me who locked up these quiet feelings
And confined herself in a shell
Each time that I halfheartedly hold myself back
The pain merely grows

What do you wish for?
I want to be close to you
Forever, forever that’s all I want and yet…

Love deterrence
Look! It’s the beginning of the game
Look at these straightforward thoughts
Now I’m overflowing and I start to run

I don’t want to be alone any longer!
Look at me!

Everything leads to you
No matter the past or the future, forever
And ever….

This encounter will change the world
After school in the classroom
Now just the two of us
This is a chance given by God
Time merely passes by

I’m sure that if this goes on
We’ll pass each other by
With our backs facing each other
We move apart

I love you; I hope these thoughts reach you
I’m sure one day it’ll come true
Such feelings are too painful

Please stop…
Love deterrence

—  Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker “Love Deterrence” Also some of the most perfect words to say…
Love Deterrence - Paz Ortega Andrade (ft. Revolver Ocelot & Liquid Snake)