Nathan Page- Le Sigh

You know what I love about Nathan Page?

I mean, yeah, I know we all love his good looks and talent and general wonderfulness.


What I really love about Nathan Page is his dedication to his craft. I love that in his interviews he speaks with such authority about his characters. He obviously thinks deeply, creates a world for his characters, seeks out the light and shade in everyone he plays. He likens his process to the world of art and he makes brave choices. These are truly admirable qualities for an actor.

I’ve seen first hand his generosity with his time when it comes to his fans. And I can only imagine that he is equally if not more generous with his fellow actors. He is clearly well-respected by the people he works with and is an all around ‘top bloke.’

And seriously, he deserves all the awards. And all the work he can handle (as long as he can still make Miss Fisher forever!)

What do you all adore most about the delightful Mr Page?

anonymous asked:

Whats would you reccomend if I am recovering by myself as you do? Anything that helps please. I hope this helps you TO distract you and that you are doing fine. All my love<3

hi lovely, ok dokie, i’m not sure if you’re on about specific stuff for recovering on your own, or just in general, so i’ll say specific and a bit of general.

speaking with someone you know

so say a family member, a friend, work colleague…someone you can trust. we all sometimes need a bit of reassurance and this can be helpful, although i understand that it can be difficult to find someone in real life. even just reach out to someone on a blog if you don’t have someone in real life


if you’re on your own, you will need some escapism from the thoughts. i love crafts personally, as i am quite creative minded, but also because it keeps your mind occupied as well as something to do with your hands! i like scrapbooking and knitting the most, but then there’s sketching, drawing, painting, crochet, cross stitch, sewing…or you could even get one of those little kits from The Range or Hobby Craft where you can make candles and do mosaics and stuff. If craft isn’t your thing there’s puzzles, jigsaws, TV (start a boxset!), gaming, spending time outside, reading, writing, learn something, learn a language, an instrument, collect stuff…whatever! there’s so much! use this time in your life to rediscover you and what makes you tick!

self care

i title this different to distractions because self care is kind of different - this involves spending time on YOU because as an ED person we often neglect ourselves. so little things like spending time putting moisturiser on your body, paint your nails, put a face mask on…little things to make yourself feel good. 

comfy clothes

invest in some comfy clothes - for chilling, some nice baggy jumpers or vests, tracky bottoms/joggers (whatever you call them! :D )..i got some of these amazing trousers in Camden which are SOOOO comfy and make me smile because they have elephants on and wow i love them and live in them! the for going out, flowy dresses and stretchy leggings, harem pants, Primark do some amazing crepe-y style tops which are longer at the back so conceal your bum and can be worn with leggings. if you have to wear jeans i highly recommend Mom jeans as they’re pulled up and sit above the stomach which is often where the weight gets stored initially. importantly - wear clothes that make you FEEL good and if they’re uncomfy but you feel good in them then go go go.

be kind to yourself

i think having an ED is really harsh in your head. it’s like having a continual bully bashing at you. when i was at my worst i wouldn’t ever spend money on myself, i’d make myself work and work and never get a rest. i suppose this ties in a bit with self care, but say buying yourself some nice little bits, wear your pretty pants every day, wear your make up in the house and style your hair if you wish. live everyday like its your last. i never used to buy myself anything, i’d dither over a £2 vest or something, but it is something i’ve really gotten better with, and it has helped me self confidence so much to be able to get myself stuff, because it makes me feel I AM WORTHY and an ED makes us feel really unworthy so it is important to make yourself believe that you are worthy (believe me, you are). and then that worthiness and confidence gives you that pizzazz to fight and stomp on ED. spend time on you. be kind. treat yourself how you would a friend.

get rid of triggers

this could be say triggering clothes, trigger foods, exercise equipment, sharps, toxic people in your life, calorie tracking apps. protect yourself. for me, i have blacked out the macros on my food and that has helped me so. much. because it triggered me a lot to see them


wow, this has probably been one of my most helpful things. it’s your friend that doesn’t answer but you can tell anything to. vent out your feelings without getting judged, no explanations needed. you can talk/shout stuff through and then rip that page up, turn it over, you can leave it in the past if you wish and your diary will never give up on you, it won’t leave you, it won’t judge you or dredge things up. it’s not the answer but i have found diary writing so cathartic.

do not compare yourself to others in the community

this is kind of a biggie. if you’re on your own it can be difficult to not compare yourself to other recovering people - say on instagram, tumblr, forums, etc. you can feel like you’re doing things ‘wrong’ or ‘i should be like them…’, but nope. be strict. be YOU. you need to focus on what is right for you and eat what is right for you. some people eat pints of ice cream every night, some people eat 3 meals, 3 snacks, some people do both, some people do neither. it doesn’t matter. do what is right for you. 

do not compare yourself to others in real life

it doesn’t matter what they eat. you have to remember you’re different, you’re body is compromised in nutrients and needs a different diet to others. sometimes it can be helpful to view it like a prescription. do x a day with y activities, and you have to follow it everyday to get healthy. other people who don’t have an ED don’t have to do that as their body hasn’t been abused and isn’t ill. but this is a reward we reap after hard work :) 

build a life that YOU want to live

in order to motivate yourself, think of what YOU want. not what others want you to do. some people might think it’s right for you to go out, get a full time job, go to uni and study the hardest degree, meet a bunch of people and go out partying every night. is that the life you want? create the life that you want to lead. i have found thinking of things that feel manageable now - so for me, a full time job doesn’t feel manageable, but a part time? yes. i don’t want a huge circle of friends who i go out clubbing with, but i would like some that i can meet up with and go shopping and have over and stuff. dream of the life that is attainable for you and that YOU want.

get rid of all that old baggage

this is kind of a recent thing for me. i did a biiiiiiig sort through all my crap in my room and realised how much a lot of it represents a lot of my ED stuff and i associate with it, and it has helped so much to get rid of it. that top you wore on the day you restricted, that note someone wrote to you when you were angry, bits like that. ‘shed the things that no longer serve you’. 

i hope that some of this warble was of some help!

you can do this my love, you can, lots of love back xxxxxxxxxx




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DIY Leather Belt Cuff Tutorial by Making the World Cuter for Make It & Love It.

Some of these cuffs have snap closures and other just tie. I like that you can also make unisex versions of this DIY leather belt cuff.

For more DIY leather cuffs, see below:

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☆ Custom colours and design requests welcome~
☆ We are based in the UK
☆ All items hand crafted with love <3
☆ Accepting Paypal, all payment cards and Etsy gift cards!
☆ Our facebook page & Instagram shows all of our trial testing and prototypes before they go up for sale, sneaky peeks into what is to go out next.  


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DIY 2 Toned Leather Tassel Tutorial from Damask Love.

I’m always on the lookout for “new to me” DIY tassels and this is a quick and easy DIY. You can check out the DIY Tassel Keychains from Damsk Love here.

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Well, I’m assuming that you witches still love jars, right?  So I thought I’d share this cute thing I found to pretty up the lids, especially if you guys, like me, are prone to using things like old spaghetti and barbecue sauce jars that have printed lids!

You can follow the tutorial here to cover your jar lids, but keep in mind that you have a lot of options! If you can’t design or print paper that you like, then you can also use magazines, construction paper, wrapping paper, and even brown paper bags (which look incredibly rustic and charming! They can also be painted afterward to a nice effect). 

The jars pictured are ones I covered in a floral & polkadot printed chiyogami. It’s a fairly easy process and doesn’t take very long!