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Question for the mods: What (in your opinion) are the top 5 most controversial opinions/topics brought up on this blog since the blog started. It's interesting to think about what generates the most buzz. Love to know your thoughts. :)

Top 4 are Snape. lol

Snape loved/was obsessed with Lily.
Snape deserved/didn’t deserve Lily (as a lover or friend)
Snape was/wasn’t bullied by the marauders
Snape was/wasn’t justified in his behavior as an adult
five is probably Dumbledore; Awesome or Manipulative Maniac? 

runners up:  Black Hermione/Poc anyone, We need diversity confessions and i feel like theres another but im really missing it right now 


Nirvana - Love Buzz (The Garage Denver 1989)

“Can you feel my Love Buzz?!”

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.

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Whoniverse: Class - I’ll take you to the very end of this world.