just finished Love Buffet. I know it aired like a few months ago already but.. but.. i got stocked with Korean dramas lately >.< but now I’m back with Taiwanese dramas *wink* back to Love Buffet, I’m team Ah Yi soooo, I’m not happy with the ending :| i find it funny tho.. how I cry every time there’s a scene where Ah Yi gets his heart broken because of Xiao Feng but when Xiao Feng’s heart is broken either w/ Da Ye or Ah Yi, i’m just like straight faced hahhaa didn’t care at all. MEANYYY xD

Love Buffet Quotes

Episode 2

“Why fall in love if you’re afraid?”

Episode 3

“LOVE, must accelerate to the very end.”

Episode 4

“Love, is really really like someone when you’re unprepared for.”

Episode 5

“Love is not multiple choice question. No exact answer.”

Episode 6

“In love, there’s always a fool.”

Episode 7

“Lies within love often used to deceive oneself.”

Episode 8

“Sympathy ≠ Love”

Episode 9

“I don’t want to lose you. Does that mean I have fallen in love with you?”

Episode 10

“There is one kind of happiness called ~to be together~”

Episode 11

“Two people being together does not equal love.”

Episode 12

“Two people holding each other at the same time is called”

Episode 13

“Yesterday + Today = Tomorrow”