A whole buncha DnD sketches from the past weeks lol. I’m very invested in my campaign’s NPCs! Descriptions in captions :d

It’s a low fantasy setting I made for my friends. The player characters got thrown in the middle of conspiracies and age-old mysteries of the world. We’re having heaps of fun. :]

Love Buffet Quotes

Episode 2

“Why fall in love if you’re afraid?”

Episode 3

“LOVE, must accelerate to the very end.”

Episode 4

“Love, is really really like someone when you’re unprepared for.”

Episode 5

“Love is not multiple choice question. No exact answer.”

Episode 6

“In love, there’s always a fool.”

Episode 7

“Lies within love often used to deceive oneself.”

Episode 8

“Sympathy ≠ Love”

Episode 9

“I don’t want to lose you. Does that mean I have fallen in love with you?”

Episode 10

“There is one kind of happiness called ~to be together~”

Episode 11

“Two people being together does not equal love.”

Episode 12

“Two people holding each other at the same time is called”

Episode 13

“Yesterday + Today = Tomorrow”

After Dream High......

Dream High is about to finish so I was wondering about what upcoming kdrama to watch…..

So far I am watching:

1. Dream High

2. My Princess

3. Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta


4. Love Buffet

5. Sunny Happiness

All the upcoming drama that I am looking forward to are not going to be airing in this month but much later. (City Hunter, Maid, A Discovery of Affection etc.)

Should I give Paradise Ranch another try? (I know all my dbsk followers are judging me so hard right now. I cant help it if I cant be like one of those ppl who can watch a drama just cause they like the actor…. i love minnie(my tumblr cloud say I do <3)

So those that are watching paradise ranch right now, is it one of those dramas that get better in the long run? Beside liking ChangGod, any reason to give it another chance?

How about any upcoming drama that is about to air soon?