Some way or another, his golfing buddies managed to convince him to go see this BMX event.

“Why are we watching?” He asked again as they found their seats

“Because Gabriel is the main talent for this event,” Ana said, elbowing him, “And I promised that I would watch because I wasn’t able to make his charity event a few weeks ago. Besides, Gabriel’s performance is always a delight to watch, regardless if you’re into BMX or not.”

He rolled his eyes and grunted with Ana hip checked him over to make room for her big beast of a husband, Reinhardt.

“You know, you keep going on and on about this ‘Gabriel’ but I’ve yet to see him,” He said as Torbjörn managed to wriggle into his seat. “I’m like ninety percent sure you’re making him up.”

“You’ll see,” Ana said ominously.

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