Bmxing isn’t just a sport, its a passion. Every Bmxer out there knows what im talking about when i say its the best feeling when you go to the track, smell that nasty old dust, look at all the happy faces and families, laughing and smiling, you slip your helmet on, get on the gate and to hear that cadence fall is something you would never trade for anything in this world.
—  Cameron Archer

MARRY ME - Tropfest 2008 Winner (by TROPFEST)

Story of my life….well kind of. 

Any bmx rider knows the feeling of being on a bike, whether you just started riding or you’ve been doing it all your life, good, not so good, sponsored, pro, whatever you are you know how riding calms you down. You know that once you put on your favorite riding shoes, and just start to pedal.. No going anywhere specific but just pedaling. That feeling makes everything disappear, makes everything clear and puts everything into perspective. Riding lets me think about things and not get emotional and upset, I can take out my aggression, let go of any depression and just cruise somewhere and feel free. When I was a kid and first started riding I got on my bike whenever my parents would fight and it let me escape my family for a while and just be myself. Bmx has taken me to a lot of places, allowed me to meet a lot of really cool people and travel a little around California, I love this sport even though I’m not the best I can still pedal around by myself or with some friends and have fun.