Bmxing isn’t just a sport, its a passion. Every Bmxer out there knows what im talking about when i say its the best feeling when you go to the track, smell that nasty old dust, look at all the happy faces and families, laughing and smiling, you slip your helmet on, get on the gate and to hear that cadence fall is something you would never trade for anything in this world.
—  Cameron Archer

MARRY ME - Tropfest 2008 Winner (by TROPFEST)

Story of my life….well kind of. 

“I grew up in the fifth ward and we always rode bikes. When we rode bikes, once you passed a certain boundary of a neighborhood you’d feel it, and you’d know it. It was like you were going into a whole ‘nother distant land. Your mother tells you ‘don’t go too far!’ but we always went way into these different distant lands on our little BMX bikes. And I learned that I could hold my own.”

“Would your mother get upset that you’d gone too far?”

“She wasn’t telling me because it was the end-all of things, she was just telling me out of love and protection. She was that conscience and that awareness to be like ‘Watch yourself’ instead of ‘Don’t go.’ She showed me how to represent myself well.”