Watch Zayn pull a Frank Ocean and post a really vulnerable and heartfelt letter before his album drops. And it’ll be all about his whole journey up to that point. It’ll thank everyone who stuck by his side and didn’t give up on him. It’ll talk about what the album means to him and how hard he’s worked on it to give us the very best of him. 

I can’t wait for the first single. I can’t wait for the track list. I can’t wait for the album art. I can’t wait for that moment when I can get in my car, put the album on, and drive all night with the windows down jamming and crying because every word is straight from Zayn’s heart. I can’t wait for that first playback because there’s nothing quite like that feeling you get when you listen to an album straight through for the first time.  

This album, everything surrounding solo Zayn, is going to be unlike anything we’ve ever seen or heard, I guarantee it. I honestly feel so blessed to be around to experience it. 


Jack: Yeah! He goes to our high school (he’s a year older) 
Jack: And yeah, he helps me with my homework sometimes

dad!gansey and just general bluesey children headcanons

sort of an extension of this post bc i said i would talk about dad!gansey more

(i don’t really want to name the kids but i also don’t want to say “the girl” and “the boy” all the time so for the sake of this post I’m gonna use henrietta and owen bc… yeah. yeah i know)

warning: this is potentially tooth-achingly sweet

(seriously it’s very cheesy)

  • gansey’s parents are the last to find out about blue’s pregnancy (gansey makes helen swear she won’t say a word yet) and he’s a bit nervous bc they aren’t married and he knows how that’s gonna go over with them
  • they dedicate an entire weekend to visit and tell them the news and when they do mrs g looks at blue’s finger and goes “i don’t see a ring on her finger, surely you’ve at least proposed to her richard”
  • gansey just blinks as both of his parents stare at them expectantly and blue speaks up for him
  • “marriage isn’t necessary condition of parenthood”
  • “a child needs a loving family to grow up emotionally healthy”
  • and blue glowers a little thinking that they didn’t raise such an emotionally healthy son either but all she says is “and it will have one”
  • but there’s a lot of judgmental looks and snide remarks for the rest of the weekend especially from mrs g and it’s very uncomfortable for everyone and gansey worries that blue is stressing herself out and it isn’t goof for the baby so he makes up poor excuses to leave earlier than planned
  • and then when they’re home he proceeds to give her a back massage and treat her with her favorite brand of yoghurt and snacks and movie marathons, cuddling in bed all day
  • for the record gansey was actually thinking about asking her to marry him before he found out she was pregnant but he decided to postpone a proposal bc he’s afraid she would think it’s only because of the pregnancy
  • also let’s be real that boy is incredibly protective during blue’s pregnancy and with her hormones and mood swings, it isn’t a good combination
  • “are you feeling alright, do you want some water? no, yoghurt? have you drunk enough water today?”
  • *death glare*
  • “you look a little pale, do you want to sit down?”
  • but it comes in handy when blue’s craving taco at one am and gansey wanders out to find some for her
  • literally whatever she asks for, it’s hers
  • from food in the middle of the night to foot massages, whatever
  • and he always goes with her to every check up and doctor’s appointments and drives the safe car and goes slower than usual
  • but it also starts bothering blue, “go faster dick we’re going to be late”
  • she’s snappier than ever and that’s saying something
  • gansey tries so hard to not piss her off but it doesn’t really work of course
  • and then other times she gets uncharacteristically affectionate and tender and gansey’s just like, “what even is going on?”
  • imagine them hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time!! even blue tears up and blames it on “hormones”
  • gansey takes to pressing his ear to blue’s stomach to try and hear the heartbeat again but it doesn’t really work
  • blue allows him to keep trying tho
  • when the baby first kicks, they’re spooning and blue’s already asleep but gansey’s only halfway there and suddenly he can feel it kicking and then he’s wide awake, trying to feel if it does it again, and he has no idea what to do, should he wake blue or what, but then the baby kicks again and blue wakes up too and they both just stare in silence and awe at her stomach and feel the baby kick
  • after that it always seems to kick for gansey when he talks to it
  • when they’re first able to see the baby on the ultrasound, there’s a lot of happy tears and kisses and they tape the ultrasound photo on the fridge
  • they decide they don’t want to know the gender though and though they discuss names for both a boy and a girl, it always ends in a quarrel so they just decide to wait until the baby’s born to pick a name
  • alsothe kids would have sargent-gansey as their last name
  • okay also imagine them decorating the kid’s room
  • painting the walls
  • blue leans in as if to kiss gansey but instead she gets paint on gansey’s nose
  • in retaliation gansey smears her shirt right over her belly
  • which ends with both of them covered in paint from head to toe and the bedroom needing to be painted again
  • they go to buy little tiny clothes for the baby
  • and gansey’s like, “are you sure the size is right, babies can’t possibly be this small?”
  • and then
  • “but you’re tiny, so maybe it’ll fit after all”
  • and blue hits him
  • and these for owen later
  • blue’s never been more disappointed with him
  • she “accidentally” throws them out
  • “what? oh no i haven’t seen the kids’ boat shoes. nope, no gansey i don’t know where they disappeared.”
  • henrietta’s a really quiet baby, barely cries and she’s very peaceful
  • she has gansey’s eyes and she’s very watchful, always regards the world and people very carefully even as a baby, as if she can tell from a glance what you’re thinking
  • it’s almost unnerving a bit
  • one time gansey leaves town for a weekend for whatever and henrietta will not settle down
  • she cries all night and is fretful all day and blue’s exhausted
  • she calls gansey to let him know how much his daughter is missing him and he talks to her through the phone and she calms down a bit
  • yeah she’s totally a daddy’s girl
  • she nervously clings to him when meeting new people, climbs into his lap while he’s reading and falls asleep there, seeks his comfort when she’s upset about something
  • he gets her a stuffed red dragon once (*cough* wales flag) AND SHE ADORES IT
  • she names it lucy and sleeps with it and she does not go anywhere without it at least until she starts school
  • and by the end it’s worn out and faded and missing a leg but she would not have it replaced for anything
  • henrietta’s also very needy in general
  • maybe needy isn’t the best word but she does crave the affection and love of her parents more than owen
  • she’s the one who climbs into bed with them during the night
  • and is delighted to be showered with kisses
  • or given a warm hug
  • whereas owen will cringe and pull away and wipe off kisses with a “gross”
  • he’s her opposite
  • he’s the loud one
  • he cries all the time as a baby
  • doesn’t want to eat his baby food and throws a freaking fit
  • hurls it all across gansey’s polo shirt
  • blue’s laughing in the background
  • and where henrietta is needy, owen is independent and open and more daring
  • he climbs trees and plays in the mud and steals henrietta’s chocolate bars
  • but he’s also a very enthusiastic little boy, always grinning at everyone and the best at cheering people up
  • he breaks his leg once falling off the swing set and the only other time gansey was this distraught was when henrietta got stung by that bee
  • and blue assures him that it’s okay and kids break bones all the time, it’s part of childhood, and “haven’t you ever broken anything?”
  • and he’s like “no?”
  • blue rolls her eyes
  • one time after a nasty fight with gansey over how much television he can watch and how little he reads, owen does the whole running away thing
  • packs a bag and sneaks out
  • god gansey loses it but blue’s similarly worried this time
  • but they don’t have to look for him long bc he just goes to adam and ronan’s house who of course call blue and gansey immediately
  • but they were still pretty scared at first and owen’s grounded for a month
  • but only after they both hug him tightly
  • henrietta was v worried too, she’s a v protective older sister
  • they fight a lot, the arguments generally started by owen, and he teases her a lot but they love each other so much
  • it’s henrietta who teaches him how to read and write his own name
  • (with gansey watching from the doorway as they sit at the table, a paper and pen in front of them, and henrietta slowly explaining letters to owen)
  • but she also calls him out on his shit
  • owen does that dumb kindergarten thing where he pulls on the ponytail of the girl he likes and henrietta defends her and pushes him over
  • which is possibly the most violent she’s ever been
  • (she ends up dating the girl when they’re older)
  • blue’s the cool mom who lets them stay up past bedtime and lets them eat candies before dinner
  • gansey’s the one who makes them eat the vegetables and checks their homework
  • but he’s also the one who spoils them all the time
  • oh henrietta wants a pony for her birthday? oh okay no problem
  • owen wants a jumping castle? i bought the biggest i could find
  • blue attempts to reign him in but he’s incorrigible
  • and blue also known as blue “no motherfucking wasps or hornets will come near my family” sargent
  • seriously she’s fierce
  • with both henrietta and gansey being allergic she’s v protective of them
  • and although it’s usually henrietta being protective of owen, owen is the same in this
  • one time they’re in henrietta’s room when a wasp flies in and henrietta freezes and owen moves without a word and kills it
  • (in return henrietta always kills the spiders for him bc he doesn’t like them very much)
  • oh imagine that henrietta is very confused when she finds out her mother’s name is actually blue
  • “i thought your name was jane, what do you mean you’re named after a color mommy???”
  • gansey telling the kids stories of them as teenagers as bedtime stories
  • telling them how he met ronan and adam and blue
  • telling them about their old friend noah
  • and all the adventures they had together
  • the magic forest
  • waking up animal skeletons
  • (he leaves out the more fucked up parts tho of course)
  • the kids sitting close to him on each side, hanging onto his every word
  • sometimes blue joining in and helping him out with details but it’s just mostly gansey who talks because he’s a better storyteller
  • and blue likes listening to him too anyway
  • other times he will read aloud from children’s books
  • or sometimes about glendower bc yeah
  • four year old owen decides he wants to dress up as glendower for halloween and gansey’s never been more proud
  • he takes sooooooo many pictures it’s ridicolous
  • for henrietta’s first birthday he attempts to bake a cake
  • it doesn’t end well
  • luckily henrietta doesn’t care about cake at that point and from there on they always just buy it
  • or let ronan do it who can bake a surprisingly delicious cake
  • imagine them going on roadtrips
  • owen asking “are we there yet?” every 5 minutes
  • henrietta needing to pee every half an hour
  • gansey obnoxiously singing along to whatever’s playing on the radio
  • and blue facepalms, “i can’t believe this is my family”
  • but she secretly loves it though and wouldn’t trade them for the world
  • in the end the kids end up falling asleep in the backseat and blue and gansey hold hands like old times, giving each other secret smiles
  • okay also when the kids are like four and eight or something (i don’t really know how big their age difference is just go with it) they finally end up getting married
  • bc after henrietta was born it was the least of their worries and then owen came and well they never really had time or thought about it
  • but now they’re finally doing it and henrietta is the flower girl and owen carries the rings and it’s adorable
  • it’s only family and close friends but it’s not a small wedding bc both the gansey and the sargent family is huge
  • there’s a reception and dancing and owen eats cake with his hands and henrietta tears her pretty dress and ronan makes an unexpected and sort of drunken speech and gansey cries and adam dances with blue and henrietta and it’s perfect
  • they have a picture of the four of them plus ronan and adam (and posibly their kids?) and it hangs on the wall in both households
  • and both gansey and blue hyphenate their last names
  • when henrietta starts school she’s super nervous and on the verge of tears and gansey gives her a pep talk and a “good luck hug”
  • and then he tears up turning to blue like “i can’t believe they’re growing up so fast”
  • her first day goes great though and she makes friends with the girl who she stood up for against owen at the playground
  • (who later becomes her girlfriend you know)
  • and when owen starts school he’s super excited and vibrating with energy and runs off before they can even kiss him goodbye
  • he makes a million friends just on the first day
  • and when they grow older, henrietta first tells gansey about liking girls
  • although both he and blue already suspected
  • and when henrietta’s classmates find out about her and her girlfriend, it’s owen who stands up for his sister and probably punches a guy four years older than him for saying something crude about henrietta
  • blue secretly approves
  • henrietta also gets gansey’s love for old cars and when she turns 16 he gets her a cute green one bc green’s her favorite color

Alright, I wasn’t going to make another post about this since enough people have touched on it, but also… I have a lot of feelings, and since this is a public tag where I can post these feelings, I’m going to do that. But I will put them under a cut (so hey, if you’re tired of this discussion, just ignore. Oh my god look how easy that was to ignore something that might not jive with your viewing experience… craziness…)

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I’m always a bit hesitant when I’m asked to write reviews for films from other industries because I’ve always felt like I’ve only really had the authority to write about films in my own language. And I’d rather not insult a whole industry because my perception of cinema is completely different. Nonetheless, I did it anyway because not only is this a Telugu movie, it is very much an ‘Indian’ movie- the Telugu industry has the largest claim on it but it is now part of Indian cinematic history.  It is important to note however, that when I watch a movie produced by another industry I go in with a completely different set of expectations, a completely different mindset. Every industry is wonderfully different, from what their commercial sensibilities are to what they find ‘good acting’. : 

  • That being said, no matter what mindset you’re in, you will find Baahubali an epic. In every sense of the word. You will be in awe of the art design, the cinematography, the CGI, the direction. You will be in awe of Indian cinema’s ability to make something this grand. It truly is a piece of landmark film-making in Indian cinema history. 
  • Only someone like Rajamouli could pull off something like this, so he deserves several rounds of applause. His entire team does. The cast does as well. The Telugu industry surely has a lot to be proud of.
  • I loved it a lot. I wanted to run out of the theatre and watch the next part straight away. Partly because I’m a sap for historical fiction and partly because Rajamouli manages to keep your blood racing throughout.
  • However, there are some things that kept gnawing at me, things that I thought should have have been avoided/changed for a film that is set to represent India on the international stage. Some things that make you shift in your seat a little. 

But yes, everything below is purely my opinion.
P.S: I watched the Tamil dubbed version because  it’s the most available version on screen in Australia for some reason and it’s the version I don’t particularly needs subs for- although they do help. When I talked to a Telugu friend who has seen both Telugu and Tamil she said that the dubbing makes it a completely different movie (’like they didn’t really care when they were dubbing’). Now  I’m not particularly fond of the dubbing either but I didn’t have much of a problem with it. I hope it hasn’t impacted my impression of the movie too much. You can be the judge of that.

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Polina Edmunds’ Moonlight Sonata SP

Throwback to the time I didn’t want to go to first period so I went to his room and asked him to write a note saying I had to make up a test or some bs like that and he actually did it and let me sit in his room with him.

Love Poems

I want to write a poem about how much I love you,

and I want to scream it at all the people until they love you, too.

But love doesn’t work that way, 

love is an old house with the paint chipping away.

My hands are too small to build, 

but for you I’d replace the old wood and make the house new again.

Anything, for you. 


a sneak peek of my steven universe MBTI gifset i’m working on! :>