I’ve actually seen that yesterday (AnotherMan Magazine), he’s heading down the right lane - he’s got a movie coming out, he’s doing his thing.
—  Niall talking about Harry

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Do you happen to have a list of rom-com FitzSimmons AU fanfics? because they're my favorite!

well, I’m not sure if you mean of my fics specifically or just in general, so I’ll answer both. :-) (forgive me, it’s been a very long day, so if your ask is actually more clear than that and I’ve missed it - mea culpa! I will be going to bed very, very shortly, haha.)

I’ve actually written a fair number of rom-com AUs for FitzSimmons, lmao, so here they are, in order of publication:
Leopold Fitz’s Diary (in progress; Bridget Jones’s Diary AU)
Rosehill Cottage (The Holiday AU)
Bright (Stardust AU)
Drive Me Crazy (1999 movie-of-the-same-name AU)

(and I originally had another couple planned for FS, too, but had to jettison them. apparently I’m weak for rom-coms. womp.)

As for those by other people, I bizarrely cannot think - off the top of my head - of any completed FS fics that I’ve read that are rom-com AUs… but to be fair, as I always say to these kinds of asks, I’m a notoriously bad person to ask for this kind of question. I spend all of my free time writing fic rather than reading it, so I’m woefully behind on what’s being published in the fandom these days. (you should see my “marked for later” list, lol - it’s a bit frighteningly long.) 

Truly, you should seek out the advice of @fitzsimmonsfic - I couldn’t guess what their rom-com tag is (I tried both #romantic comedy and #rom com, to no avail, lmao), but I’m sure they have one! they’re very organized, and much more knowledgable about the FitzSimmons fic world than I am. :-)

Alternately, you could always go to AO3 and do a search for all of the “Romantic Comedy” works in the Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons tag - like this!

However - I have begun to read He’s All That by @eclecticmuses and Jemma by @msdevindanielle, each written for @thefitzsimmonsnetwork‘s Rom-Com Challenge, and cannot wait until I have time to read the rest of both! So maybe give those a try. ;-) 

Hopefully that’s enough to tide you over, buddy!



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Sagittarius Rising

Anna, like every other Sagittarius Rising, is very optimistic and adventurous. While she sings “For the First Time in Forever,” she explores the dark corners of her castle and the light, jubilant streets of Arendelle. We get to see Anna’s clumsy, but hilarious, unladylike side, and Sagittarius Risings are known for their optimistic humor. Princess Anna is a overall a very hopeful individual.

Libra Sun

Out of all the signs, Anna very much fits the Libra archetype: charming, social, sweet, and romantic. In fact, a hopeless romantic. It’s very obvious that Anna craves all kinds of love, from a platonic relationship with her sister, Elsa, to a romantic relationship with a lover. She craves for a bond with other people, since she didn’t have a lot to begin with.

Cancer Moon

Anna is very in touch with her emotions, and she can be quite emotional, making it hard to control herself at times. She craves for emotional nurturing from her family, especially Elsa, but due to Elsa’s powers, she’s never received that nurturing. However, Anna didn’t go out of her way to get it until Elsa’s coronation party, when she finally confronts, completely influenced by her emotions. Anna is also very much in touch with her past memories.

Libra Mercury

Anna tends to try to see the other side, or other alternatives in any situation in a rational way. This is evident when she tries to explain Elsa’s behavior for wearing gloves, or when she talks to herself while walking to Elsa’s ice castle. Unless she’s faced with a very appealing figure (Hans) Anna is generally quite charming in her communication, making her popular with others.

Libra Venus

It is shown that Princess Anna is the ultimate hopeless romantic. Princess Anna craves for love, not being aware of what the negative effects of love could do, and she often imagines herself in a relationship with “The One.” Princess Anna is also attracted to people who are very classy, graceful, and social - which is shown when she falls very fast for Prince Hans.

Aries Mars

While Princess Anna is quite charming, there are times where Anna is quite independent, masculine, and impulsive. A key example is when Anna attempts to save Kristoff from a pack of wolves. She quickly lights up some of Kristoff’s supplies and throws it onto the wolves to save Kristoff’s life. While impulsive and dangerous, what Anna did was brave and courageous.


Okay can I honestly say something for Harry’s dedication his Another Man issue to his good friend Matt Irwin? That was the most sweetest thing he could ever done for a friend and I want to say this out of my own honesty and feeling.

Imagine how much Harry misses Matt during that photoshoot. The moments he had with his friend, the photography inspiration he got from him and that special bond they have. Now that Matt is no longer with us and Harry has to do the photoshoot then he remembered Matt, he’s about to be in front of the cameras and do you ever imagined him saying in his own thoughts “this is for you Matt” and he’s gonna give his best for him. 

Just take a closer look at him smiling. You can barely see a tear. He’s happy but he missed his friend. I’m not trying to assume anything but I was remembering Matt when Harry mentioned him. Then I’m thinking Harry really does miss him. 

Seeing Harry like this just makes me proud of him for giving his all for this photoshoot and being true to himself and at the same time he’s honoring this issue for Matt. I’ve never seen him this strong if I could be honest and it makes me feel like I want to give him a big hug. Harry is such an inspiration in any forms. It’s just hard for me to say all I want but this one is for Matt. 

I’m also thinking that what if during the photoshoot Matt was there? Like he’s taking some pictures of Harry while he’s in Heaven? I bet that wherever Matt is today he’s very much proud of his good friend for giving his all in his hard work efforts in everything he does. May he rest in peace and as always… All the love. ❤

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OTP questions 9, 13, 23, and 26 for Ellana/Bram?

I had so much fun writing these and now I’m feeling the urge for a Modern AU #itsallyourfault

9: Which one drives the car and which one gives them directions?
Bram is usually the one driving; Ellana loves to sit back, relax and spread the map out. She makes for a better passenger in general - in this semi-modern AU I’m picturing she has very little experience driving cars and they still make her nervous.

13: Which one likes to surprise the other with a lot of small random gifts?
I like to think they both do this from time to time but Bram overwhelmingly more so than Ellana. He’s the kind of person that finds gifts in everything so honestly he comes back with pieces from dig sights and cheap travel souvenirs that either made him think of Ellana or that he knew she’d like. 

One time he comes home with a Dalish sweet bread and Ellana nearly weeps at how sweet it is that he remembered it.

23: Who comes home from work to see that the other one bought a puppy?
Considering the fact that Bram is a huge pushover when it comes to his children, I’m just imagining that he probably does this when they have kids. Ellana comes back from work and suddenly there’s Bram and the boys on the floor with this floppy puppy and Bram just looks up at her and mouths an apology because he’s weak and the boys just used those eyes on him and how could he say no HE’D BE A MONSTER.

26: Who takes a selfie when the other one falls asleep on their shoulder?
Ellana is the sneakiest at selfies. And Bram has a tendency to sit down in front of TV and fall asleep (he’ll tell everyone he’s just resting his eyes but Ellana always teases him for snoring). She has a small collection of cute selfies of her making silly faces and Bram with his face smooshed against her shoulder.

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