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Ah, the bible. The most controversial work of fiction in existence. The fandom is so intense they think it's all real! I know, crazy right? Only a bunch of idiots would think there is some prick in the clouds judging everyone, deciding who gets into his club when they die. What a pile of crap. I can't even understand how people believe in this rubbish. You'd think after all the shit that happened because of this it'd be banned.

I’m sorry that you have such a venomous view of Christians, anon. Considering the very unfortunate history of debates attached to it, it comes as no surprise.

I won’t ask you to visit a local church or listen to a sermon in the hopes of changing your views; you are welcome to investigate it yourself, and that is YOUR choice.

All I ask is that you treat others with kindness. Many people turn to religion of every kind out there for personal peace and understanding, and it is cruel to mock something they hold dearly. Yes, some misuse the same faith that preaches kindness to be cruel to others, and that is absolutely wrong.

Even so, answering cruelty with cruelty gets us nowhere. It only repeats the cycle. If we’re ever going to break this cycle, we must show kindness and love to others.

I hope you are at peace, anon; and if not, I pray that you find it soon.

on a picnic

he pours her a glass of sangria while she puts on even more sunscreen.

“if you put any more of that on, you’ll turn into a ghost,” he jokes, sampling a sip from her glass. though she prefers red, they only had white wine in the house, so they mixed some up with lemons and limes, topped with mint from their garden. cold and refreshing, the drink demands another sip.

“if i were to put any less on,” she counters, taking her glass from him, “i’ll turn into a lobster. which would you prefer?”

leaning back on his forearms, he purses his lips, says, “depends. would there be melted butter involved?”


“would i be in maine or germany at the time?”


“have you ever had german lobster? i haven’t, but i doubt it’s as good as-”


then, he quiets, pours himself a glass.

though summer has reached its peak, the day isn’t too hot; a light breeze drifts by every so often, swaying the tall and golden grasses around their picnic blanket, and the sun is blocked from severity by a partly-cloudy sky. she wears a blue cotton sundress, one she bought before they were even together, and the skirt bellows out around her knees, a brassiere a foreign idea when the dress is so much more comfortable for her without it. with the handmade basket she’s had forever, they packed a lunch that morning, one of brie and pellegrino and whole grain crackers, along with homemade fig jam and grapes. he braided her hair while she packed it all up, and as little pieces of her hair fall toward her freckled face, he smiles.

she’s so beautiful.

“we might need a new blanket,” she frets as she opens the basket, takes out the crackers. “this one’s taken a beating.”

she made this blanket ages ago, hand-stitched it and reinforced the bottom so that they could use it on wet grass, and ever since, it’s been a staple in their lives, a traveling companion and a memorable friend. next to his foot is the hole they burned in it when they went camping six years ago, mulder’s fire-building skills having gone south. on her side of the blanket, there’s a little patch she sewed on after a particularly ruckus dave matthews band concert, one that proved that scully, alcohol, and high heels weren’t a good combination. the green blanket is half stains and half restitched tears; certainly, it’s taken a beating, but he can’t bear to think of making a new one.

“this one’s fine,” he rationalizes. “pass me a cracker.”

obliging, she hands him a couple, and as he bites down on one, another breeze comes, rustling up her hair. in the sun, she looks warm and luminous, like a beacon. then, she lies on her back, sangria in one hand and her book in the other. a teenager at their library had recommended scott westerfeld to her, and to mulder’s surprise, scully was reading a third book of his.

“c'mere,” he says, lying down and motioning for her.

confused, she sits up, scoots over toward him; then, he taps on his stomach, so she understands his hint, rests her head on his belly as she lies down again. her hair is warm against his shirt.

while she reads, he watches the clouds move by overhead, wonders what each one looks like. that first one, it’s definitely an elephant; he can see the square body and the little trunk with ease. the next one is a harpsichord, but he may be wrong, for he’s unsure he can remember exactly what a harpsichord looks like. then, he squints, looks closer and sees a heart there instead, the simplest of shapes to see in a cloud. laughing to himself, he disturbs scully, makes her ask, “what’s so funny?”

“this cloud,” he says, pointing up, “looks just like a heart.”

shielding her eyes from the sun and staring up, she says, “no, it doesn’t.”

“why not?”

“there’s no aorta,” she says, then goes back to reading.

to his surprise, she’s not joking, so he shakes his head, goes to pick up his own book and read. as she flips her page, he notices that his pen-marks from last night are still on her skin. with his pen, he tapped her forearm while they got into bed.

“these remind me of something,” he said as she settled in.

“my freckles?” she asked. “of what?”

“cassiopeia, the queen,” he explained, uncapping his pen. “do you mind?”

she shook her head, then watched as he traced from one freckle to another.

“here’s ruchbah,” he pointed out as he connected two freckles. “the next one is shadir, then caph.”

she remembered the constellation, watched as he finished it across her skin. though she hadn’t seen in the constellation in a while, the resemblance between the sky and her skin was remarkably close; the angles were the same.

“did you know that this constellation shines 40,000 times brighter than the sun?” he asked.

“really?” she asked, surprised.

“yeah,” he said, lazily kissing her wrist. “just like you.”

though she hasn’t showered yet today, he’s surprised she hasn’t washed it off yet, but he likes that it’s still there. he likes the constellations within her, even when those constellations get mad that he put her wool socks in the dryer.

“scully?” he says, interrupting her book once more.

she hums a response, stays focused on her page.

“i love you,” he says.

softly, she smiles, then turns to sloppily kiss his stomach.

“love you too,” she says. “now, let me read.”

“okay,” he gives.

he swears he can see cygnus on her shoulder, but he saves that thought for another time.

I think the main reason I never really liked any of the new characters in the HoO books is because they were just good at everything.

  • Piper became Aphrodite camp counselor after like a week, has charmspeak, and just knows how to fight out of nowhere, etc.
  • Leo also just suddenly becomes a head counselor right away (way to do Jake Mason dirty like that Rick)
  • Frank is blessed by Mars and suddenly becomes hot and all of his issues suddenly disappear, except for the part where his life force is magically tied to a log, but that doesn’t have any consequences apparently. 
  • Hazel can see through the mist, which is kind of just used as a deus ex machina tbh
  • And Jason is a Golden Boy and doesn’t really do anything wrong. Except pass out. A lot. And he was kind of boring but that’s more of a personal thing than anything. (He was basically a cardboard cut out.) (Also RR kind of turned Percy into a joke in order to prop up Jason. I will never forget when Piper said that Percy wasn’t that impressive, like shut up Piper)

I’ll give RR props for making 4/5 of the new characters POC, but and giving the series some diversity, but all of the new characters are basically the special snowflakes of their cabins and it’s infuriating

Like, it makes sense that Percy and Jason and Nico became counselors right away. They’re the only one’s in their cabins (hell, Nico had to make his). But Piper and Leo??? How does that make sense? It’s stated that the one with the most experience is counselor (which makes sense, because then they can actually do things to teach the new kids), but oh no lets just put the new guys in charge that makes perfect sense.

Also lets just make all of these kids insanely powerful and on par with the ones that have been there for literal years. (And the new romances were dumb. Piper/Jason was just weird to me and kind of came out of nowhere, and the love triangle thing was dumb and I didn’t really like Frank/Hazel either because AGE DIFFERENCE)

I wanted to like them, I really did. In fact, I actually really liked Frank and Hazel for the most part (even though I found it kind of gross that a sixteen year old was crushing on a thirteen year old), and I thought Leo was pretty cool at times. But RR did a lot of characters from the original series dirty. Jake Mason gives up his position as counselor to a kid that’s known he was a half-blood for like a week, Clarisse and Katie are gone, the Stolls only get a brief mention, and Grover doesn’t even appear. I care more about a bunch of side-characters than I do about the new main characters.

There are so many ways the second series could have gone better. RR should have either just made Percy and Annabeth a cameo appearance or actually give them the respect they deserve instead of unfairly shafting them and making them rely heavily on characters that shouldn’t even know how to fight that well.

and thus, as history has proved, love is eternal. it has been the strongest motivations for human actions throughout centuries. love is stronger than life. it reaches beyond the dark shadow of death.
—  “laura” (1944)

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Would you hate or dislike someone if they did not believe in God..?

I would never hate or dislike someone if they did not share my faith! I am completely willing to get along with anyone regardless of faith, race, orientation, whatever. :)

Now, if someone was to come along and constantly belittle or make fun of my faith to my face, I would be annoyed and probably keep my distance for a while. Even so, I would not hate them.

The essence of any belief system is FAITH, a willingness to believe in what cannot be seen right away. If someone isn’t willing to believe, or is forced to follow similar teachings against their will, that is not faith. It cannot be forced, and going by what our Father has taught us, forcing our ways of thinking on others isn’t the right thing to do.

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Polish and Russian are both from the same group of Indo-European languages, Slavenian! But I'm sure you know that already ^^ | My mother tongue is from the same group so despite not being polish, I understand quite a few words! (Btw. Mine is Croatian

Yep, I know that bit! ^^ and holy shit, that’s so cool! 8D

Thankfully we have one language everybody understands here…Temmie’s!

Hoi! 8D

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I want halp. From God. I want to understand. I'm so frustrated. I didn't mean to sound like I was attacking you btw.. if anything thank you for pushing the limits.

I never thought you were attacking me, anon.  You were expressing a sincere belief that I once carried myself, and one that many others do to this day.  What I most wanted to do was share with you why I changed my mind, and hoped that you might consider this point of view as well.

With so many moral and religious debates going on to this very day, it’s so easy to be frustrated by it all.  In these times, when you start questioning your faith and beliefs, it is so important to find the answers and keep an open mind.  Prayer doesn’t hurt either - God knows that you struggle, but He will not force anything upon you unless you ask Him for help.

We’ll keep you in our prayers too.  I’m certain you will find the peace and clarity you seek.  You are never alone in your journey!

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I would like to do at least one exciting thing this summer before I have to go back to college again. I would love to travel somewhere. 

No friends makes it hard to do things though since I don’t want to go alone.

You’ve done some studying, anon!  Well done! ^_^

It’s very true that the Bible HAS been changed over the years.  Yes, there are universal truths that have survived, thank goodness, but so much has been altered and cut out - entire books, even!  Just think of what happened with Constantine!  It’s such a mess, and it’s no wonder that people argue these points all the time…

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"I love you. I love you. I love you. /I love you/ //I love you////I love you// //Iloveyou// //Iloveyou// //Iloveyou//!!!!"

“I can never hear that quite often enough, m’lord.” Tom said softly, shocked by the terms of endearment.

((I asked Voldie-mun about this, actually and this is a reference to “I Put a Spell On You by Marilyn Manson. XD I listened to it and it’s totally creepy. ))

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Oh, I don't hate all Christians. Some of them are alright, like you for example. No, I just hate the holier-than-thou, ignorant, dumb, peado fuckheads who think that it's alright to treat others like shit due to the "words" of some Santa ripoff or his hippie son. I don't get how people can put there faith into something that, if they don't like you or if you did something "sinful", will send you into eternal torture. Yeah, all-loving god my ass. Not to mention the scientific inaccuracies.

I’m glad you don’t hold all Christians in this regard. :)

If you would like to know why we keep to our faith despite how cruel and unkind these other people behave, please visit some of the previous posts I have made here. I have used the tag “love one another” to make the entire discussion easier to find.

God does not work the way you seem to believe He does. In time, perhaps you’ll understand this other view a little better.


Happy 40th birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch! (July 19, 1976)


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