Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour: Foxborough, MA — Lindsay Toia Photography  

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I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! I got to see you at the 1989 World Tour in Foxborough, MA Night 1.  That night was one of the best of my life! My friend Scarlett, my little sister and I were able to see you from only a few feet away.  It was such an amazing moment!  The entire concert was an event I will never forget.  You are unlike any other celebrity.  You are so real, and talk and act in ways that make every single person out of the 60,000 that were there feel like they were on a personal connection with you.  From your songs to the production to your motivational speeches, you were able to make me and so many others feel amazing.  I still can’t get over the fact that you were RIGHT. THERE.  I love being a swiftie because you are such an amazing person to look up to.  You show people that you don’t have to make stupid decisions like doing drugs or alcohol to be ‘cool’, and that if you are passionate about something and work hard towards a goal, then you can achieve it.  This speaks to me not in the form of becoming a singer, but I am a competitive figure skater.  I have been skating for about 8 years, and train 6 days a week.  I am very committed, and continue because I love to skate.  (PS I thought it was so cool when you and Gracie Gold hung out OMG) However, being it takes up so much of my time, balancing skating with high school and friends can be challenging, and sometimes i need to make sacrifices.  One reason that am able to stay passionate is by looking at successful people like you.  You wanted to accomplish something, so you set your mind to it and didn’t let anything or anyone stop you.  I am going to continue skating for as long as i can and see how far it takes me.  There many other reasons why i admire you, not to mention your amazing fashion sense, perfect voice, always-on-point cat eye, and the fact that you also grew up in the North East (i am from CT).  Thanks for an amazing experience the other night, and for being an amazing role model.           

Love, Lindsay aka #1 Swiftie 

PS i hope you like the pictures i took of you! <3  

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taylorswift: I really can’t begin to tell you how amazing last night was. there are so many things I wish I had the time to tell you, in the midst of being completely stunned and amazed at how lucky I was to be a part of this experience (p.s. your mom is an absolute angel). you have been there for me through both the best & the worst times of my life and have taught me so many important things, but most importantly of all you’ve shown me how magical it can be to set off on the wild adventure of finding yourself. this has been the past year or so of my life and it’s been a rollercoaster at times, but now I’m happier than I ever have been and I owe so much of that to you- to YOU, Tay- who told me to be fearless, and to dream impossible things. I’m so glad I listened. thank you. I love you!

xoxo, Sam

hey taylorswift! that’s my little sister maggy in the polaroid shirt and her friends grace (in the stripes) and maddie (in the black). they have all been huge swifties for a while but i got to take them to see you for their FIRST TIME at your second show at gillettestadium on july 25th. i took this picture of them as they were rounding the corner and they got to finally take in the hugeness of the stadium and when it finally hit them that they were going to be seeing the real you, live and in person, in just a few hours!

i just want to thank you for this moment. this is the kind of joy and excitement that you bring to other people. i’ve experienced this feeling myself for years now, but to see that feeling expressed on my sisters face….i’m getting emotional just thinking about it all over again. i hope you know what a wonderful, inspiring, uplifting woman that you are. i hope you know THIS is the impact that you and your music and your image is making. and i hope you know that we’ll never forget you as long as we live.

you are a bright, shining star. please never change.

“He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said ‘Marry me, Juliet, you’ll never have to be alone. I love you and that’s all I really know. I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress. It’s a love story, baby just say 'Yes.’” Tonight, while I was watching taylorswift sing “Love Story” live after 10 years of being a fan and never being able to go to a concert, my boyfriend got down on one knee and proposed to me. I am so beyond excited for this next chapter in our lives and cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him! This has been, by far, the best night I have ever experienced!

The girl behind us got part of it on video and yes, I was a blubbering mess. I’m not one who usually asks to share but I would really, really love it if Taylor could see this!! And also: Hey Taylor, wanna be my bridesmaid?! 😜

  • Paris
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#NP “Paris” by Mateo. 

….I’m lost in your smile…..ain’t nothing better than you and me together…… 

You are probably already hearing “Say It’s So” on your local radio stations and on satellite radio.  If not, make sure you call and request the homie Mateo. I’ve been telling you to get familiar since I’ve been on tumblr.  Please follow the directions.  LOL.

Love and Stadiums!!!!

Do yourself a big favor and click the picture above to download mateo’s new mixtape Love and Stadiums. Those who don’t know, Mateo’s this incredible singer who put his own spin on well known hip hop tracks. From Nicki Minaj, to Drake, to Weezy, to Yeezy, he covers them all. Well I don’t really want to say cover, it’s more like a remix than a cover. The picture above is the tracklisting, and legitimately free music is always good music, but when it’s free AND good….just click the damn picture already.

I love English stadiums. The fans are faithful. I saw Newcastle fans applauding after a relegation. If that happened in Spain they would be waiting with sticks.

After I finished playing, I went to both clubs who sing You’ll Never walk Alone. I saw Liverpool vs Everton at Anfield. I’d played there twice, touched the This Is Anfield sign. Then I went back as a fan. Benitez was manager and Luis Garcia got me tickets. We recognized? Only once.

And I went to Celtic vs Milan at Elland Road? No, Parkhead. Celtic is Parkhead. I went with friends and stood with the fans. I wore the scarf. I wanted to hear You’ll Never Walk Alone before the game, to feel it as a fan. What a great atmosphere. I love the concept of following your team.

Seattle thoughts

It was my first one direction concert. I won tickets on the radio and so we were in the 300 level but we still had an amazing view of the whole stage and the screens. Here are my thoughts as a whole on the concert.

- absolutely amazing experience. the energy you feel is just breathtaking and indescribable. 

- the sound system seemed off. Louis was out of tune for a few lines of a few songs and kept pressing his inears deep into his ears; harry’s mic wasn’t cued and turned up at appropriate times sometimes 

- Louis went back stage 9 times!!!!! like, literally i was getting annoyed because after like every song he would disappear behind the stage and then come back out when the next song started. he was WAY late for you and I….idk man

- there was a different feel about this concert; the songs seemed really rushed. literally one after another after another

- liam did most of the talking while louis chipped in a bit and niall chipped in a bit too and then harry did his Oh Yeah’s but for the most part it was Liam doing all of the talking

- some of the songs were just MADE for stadiums; I mean, the music and then the harmonies…MY LORD it was magical 

- they didn’t play Spaces or fireproof but kept diana (which needs to go) LWWY (which needs to go too) and they need to add strong and fireproof to make it a complete set

- my cousin and I were so excited to go to the concert because of all of the amazing and funny things that happen at other concerts and there was NOTHING; seriously it was so uneventful. there was no joking around really with fans or themselves or eachother, ZERO Larry action whatsoever, they seemed tense and rushed and not really engaged to be honest.

- harry touched the stage guy’s butt, wore a birthday sash, wore a cheese head, said it was a pity we were seahawks fans….all that was pretty awesome

- they brought up the 12th man ALOT which was AWESOME. there was so much screaming done tonight lol

OVERALL, i really enjoyed it and had a blast. it was such a memorable experince that i will treasure forever. With that being said, i was disappointed in Louis’ disappearing act, was disappointed that their performance was rushed and that their was little interaction with eachother and with fans, that they seemed disengaged and kind of distant LIKE SOMETHING WAS BOTHERING THEM; everything sounded SO FUCKING REHEARSED like there was nothing personable or spontaneous about it; just nothing. like they all said their same one liners they say every concert about how loud we are how we are the best crowd and loudest crowd, massive thank you for all you’ve done, yada yada yada. 

In conclusion, I hope Louis is ok becuase you could clearly tell his head was somewhere else and just in case he wasn’t feeling well and needed the toilet or something frequently tonight in terms of disappearing and stuff, whatever it is I hope it sorted itself out. i would very much love to go to another concert and hopefully maybe things won’t be so tense and stuff.