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How did you accidentally get a boyfriend? Can you show me your ways please?

me: is openly sex-repulsed 

me: very loudly tells people that i never want 2 get married

me: doesn’t really like relationships in general

everyone: hey madd date me please

me: ?/????/??/?????

Aaaah! Welcome back for the time being Faa! ^^
Saw some Octi and Spell on my dash and I forgot how cute those two are and just had to doodle it at the break times I had here!
I hope you are doing just fine (and same for you Butter! ^^)

~ @7goodangel


AAAAHHHHHHH~~!!!! OH MY GOD! THIS IS AMAZING AND NOT WHAT I WAS EXPECTING IN MY INBOX~! Also Butters is making incoherent noises while i type this as we’re in a call and she can see my scene…teehee

SEVEN U AMAZING PERSON U LET ME LOVE YOU YES~!! AAH! *drools all over everything* I love this so much! Octi and Spell don’t get nearly enough attention, they are adorable… and sexy… and amazing~

THANK YOU SO MUCH~! Hhhhhhhhhhhhh~

the last time this happened to me i dissociated and other fronted for about a week. nice. 

well, blame @sexysilverstrider as usual;;;


Seven and Yoosung accessory swap!! (+ Sleeping LOLOL Prince and double glasses cause Seven looks odd without them-)

I swear I like Zen the most but all I ever draw is Yoosung-


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I have never seen three characters more in love with each other. Honestly, Dorian x Celaena x Chaol or nothing. 


September 3rd, Bangtan was prepping for Show Champion in Manila. This is the day that Tae found out his grandma had passed away. (He announced at MUSTER that his grandma passed away, which is why he randomly said, “I love you my grandma” during their music show.) K-ARMYs tweets say how they’re sorry for not fully paying attention to the sadness painted on his face. We love you, Tae, and hope your heart heals soon.


2 days until Luhan’s birthday and Lay finally mentions him. as a fan who appreciates and adores Layhan’s friendship, this means so much to me ㅠㅠ I’ve been waiting 5 months for one of them to confirm that they still keep in touch. I didn’t doubt it for a second but I just missed their friendship and needed to know. I’m just happy and emotional and hopefully one day we’ll be able to see them together again. 
brothers forever ♡  

borderline things: being in love

-wanting to text someone 24/7 just to interact with them
-always staring at ur Favorite Person when they’re doing something and soaking up every detail
-saying “I love you” an excessive amount of times and the words start to lose their meaning but you just loVE THEM SO FUCKING MUCH you gotta say it 24/7
-when they joke around with u and u take one tiny little possible implication behind what they said and make sure to never do that thing ever again. even if they probably weren’t even implying it
-realizing wanting to be with them in person 24/7 is not healthy
-always feeling like they can never love u as much as u love them
-having unrealistic expectations of them bc you always buy them little gifts and shower them with attention and affection but you know that not everyone can be like this :)))))


y’all inspire me so much. thanks for daring to be you.