He towers over me for real, like I can’t think straight when he’s around. What’s worse is that he seeing the effects he has on my sprung ass! Why did this cat have to be such a fucken BEAUTIFULMESS! #SMH The downside of dating is waiting for that call. Let me smoke a joint and calm the fuck down! He’ll call if he knows what good for him lollest

Love beyond limits

O my good luck,

I , O my good luck..
(O the one) Near me, my beloved,
love you beyond limits

I am proud of every moment passed with you,
I have an issue with those which didn’t pass with you..
Such secret is our meeting together..

The poor heart is rich now,
I love you beyond limits, O my good luck..
 beyond limits

I have nothing to do with the world,
I have to do with you alone..
In the city of…

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Under the shade of a Jasmine tree

A little distance from the tavern, on that turn of the road

Two bodies

Burned out in the fire of love

Love, the word of devotion

Love, their God

Love, their funeral pyre

Two bodies

Moist in the dew, bathed in the moonlight

Like two newly bloomed flowers

Cool fresh breeze from the gardens

Wallowed in grief

Winding itself through the dark tresses


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