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mise-en--place  asked:

Lololol now BE is claiming that she never considered Zero a heart horse... pretty sure she was convinced he was her next Stealer when she first rode him

here’s her comparing Zero to Stealer… one of her favorite horses who she sold so that she could buy and sell horses like candy bars 

she says as she sends him off to an actual professional trainer because she “doesn’t enjoy breaking them” 

Kobee came into the picture and Zero was swept under the rug like all her other resale projects. 

Bye, Zero! Hope your new owner loves and adores you and means it! 

Women Who Kill

Rebecca Blackmore

When teenager Rebecca Blackmore gave birth in her North Carolina home on the 17th of June 2011, she was rushed to hospital, but the baby wasn’t with her. Blackmore told nurses it was a stillborn and the baby was wrapped in her wardrobe. However, when police arrived they noticed the baby had multiple stab wounds.

In 2013, Rebecca Blackmore was sentenced to 10-12 years