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Shiro:If I was a superhero guess what my name would be?

Keith:I don’t know um…I guess Superman or Ironman

Shiro:I would be Your-man.

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So I noticed the other framework videos explicitly stated what the fixed regret was and I was hoping Fitz's would too but it just seems he's lost Jemma? What are your thoughts?

Hi Anon!

Yes, that is something that really jumped out at me too.  Because so far.

  • Coulson:  Will the simple life really be so simple in the Framework?
    • Confirmed:  He never signed up.
  • May:  Saving the girl in Bahrain will change everything for Agent May in the Framework.
    • Confirmed:  She saved Katya.
  • Mack:   Holding out Hope for Mack’s new life in the Framework
    • Confirmed:  Hope survived
  • Fitzsimmons:   You’ll be surprised to find Fitz without Simmons in the Framework.
    • Did not confirm the regret fixed!

As for Mace’s I’ll be shocked if I’m wrong on.   And very often with AOS its what they don’t tell us that is just as important as what they do.   So they are hiding Fitz’s fix because its likely a really big plot point and/or surprise (and not the fun kind).  

Fitzsimmons video was different from the others in a few other ways:

  • They are sharing one, for me once again emphasizing the importance and strength of their relationship.  And emphasized that Jemma is fighting to get Fitz back.
  • It didn’t show/tell the regret fixed.
  • And it had the girls talking over it, none of the others had talking aside from the clips. Not only did this confirm that Jemma is indeed alive but the girls link up and are discussing what has happened to their friends.  

Also jumping out at me is what the girls said.

“What did they do to Fitz to make him such an ugly person here?”
“That one’s easy. They stole you from his life.”

  • With the ugly person comment I suspect that someone will have gotten their hooks into Fitz and warped his heart, mind, and loyalty.  That he care more about the discover and science that what his creations do.  
    • The lovely @blake-wyatt also offered just what might be Fitz’s hidden fix.   He said that it was his goodness, kindness and openess that made him vulnerable to betrayal.  So AIDA made him into someone who’s ugly, closed off, and who doesn’t trust people so he can’t be betrayed/hurt.
  • Even more intriguing is Daisy’s, They STOLE you from his life.  It wasn’t that you never met…STOLE you from his life.  AIDA purposely took her out of Fitz’s life.  
    • Going back to Seeds, Fitz told Donnie that he was shy and a bit of a loner when he was at the Academy.   Jemma was the one who broke through that.    
    •  Aida saw his compassion/heart (The things Jemma fell in love with) as a source of hurt and regret, and Jemma as part of this weakness.  In order to take the pain of the betrayals away…she had to take away his heart…his compassion…and Jemma.   

In many ways Jemma is Fitz’s muse.  Robo Fitz said it, many of his creations were in order to protect her.  So what does Fitz create without his muse?   Or with someone else guiding his actions.  

I discussed in a previous meta how Jemma wants Fitz for his heart and Radcliffe his mind.   AIDA having taken his heart has left his brilliant mind available.

Another theory I feel that could tie into this is that Radcliffe’s desire to have Fitz as his son/partner will have trumped Fitz’s overall ‘happiness’.  And a Fitz who is cold and closed off will happily work with someone like Radcliffe despite the consequences of what they create.  

If we are right and Jemma was purposely taken out of the equation for Fitz it also means that it will be even more dangerous for her to try to get close to him.  

And if Jemma’s removal from Fitz’s life was on purpose as part of his fix, what did AIDA do with Jemma?  Her death has been faked (or the grave is the backdoor)…perhaps to keep Fitz from looking for or finding her.  This will also mean that her avatar’s placement not a result of the fixes as we thought, rather its purposeful by AIDA in order to keep her away from Fitz.  Because in no universe does Fitz not get drawn to Jemma should they cross paths.  I now expect for Jemma to have been placed with the resistance, if anything to make it harder for her to get to Fitz as they are on opposite sides.  

On some level Fitz will know he’s missing something. And once they start working together Jemma will break through the AIDA’s programming and free his heart once more.  

There will also be other factors in AIDA’s programming.  Removing Jemma from his life is only part of what she has done to him.  Factors like Hydra, Radcliffe, changed past experiences, who he is surrounded by now, and even how he made his fortune will also contribute.  

Remember the core of all this is “You are more than your programming,”  Fitz’s (and the others) hearts/true natures are still there, they have just been buried by what AIDA has done.  

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i aspire to have a love a pure as my grandparents
56 years and my grandfather is still the perfect man
he buys her corsages for every date
he can finish her sentences
he watches her move with a light in his eyes
he knows her every desire
he respects her
he waits on her
he loves her
yet my grandmother still lights up whenever he admits it
as if he’s saying it for the first time

Hate you

You were the only person I’d ever truly loved. The only person that I ever let in. You made me feel beautiful and strong. I was invincible with you by my side. My heart would crash through the floor each time I saw you. I would lose my breath after kissing your lips. Breathing you in was intoxicating. You were so perfect. We were so perfect. Both of us were so young and both full of passion. We would feed off of each other mentally and physically. Craving conversation more, craving each other’s touch more, never fully satisfied and always eager to explore the depths of one another. I never thought of a happier time then when I was with you.

But you got tired of me and I knew it. I kept pushing you away. I was always getting jealous. I was being too nosey. I was caring too much about other people you talked to. “Jealousy is an ugly trait” you would say. I get so mad every time I think about those five words. Jealousy is a reasonable part of loving someone, I would always try defend myself. But I had known something was off. You smiled at me less. You would get annoyed with me quickly. The “I love you"s became dull and repetitive. Soon those happy thoughts I’ve had of you vanished. And then horrible memories come swarming back. And I just feel hurt and alone again. My heart shattered.

When I found out you were cheating on me I wanted to hate you so badly. Sometimes I can work my self up about it and get really angry about it but I never really hate you. I didn’t even care about the lying or the cheating. I just needed you. We had built a life together. You were the only string holding me to this earth. I had you. But not really. Not even a little.

I was always yours though. I was head over heels in love. You had every part of me, body and soul, and you choose someone else. Now I try to choose someone else and I can’t.
I can’t.
I can’t because no matter how hard I try you still have me. My heart will always belong to you. When I said "i would love you forever” I meant it. But I thought our forever was just that, ours.

I would give up my life just be with you again. I would do anything to be part of yours. And that’s the sad part the truly unforgiving part of love. Is no matter how hard you want to hate someone for hurting you, its just not that simple. You always have feelings. You would go back to them just as easily as the sea does to the shore.

I want to hate you so desperately. It would be easier that way. But truth is I loved you. I love you. I’m in love with you. And I hate myself for it.

But I can’t seem to hate you.

This breaks my heart. Future Barry looks at present Barry and recognises that that’s the way he used to be before Iris died. He notices that he’s fresh, clean shaven and sees the hope in present Barry’s eyes. You can even go so far as to say he feels present Iris’ love emanating from present Barry’s person. He knows that where present Barry is from that Iris is still with him. Still loving and encouraging him. My heart goes out to future Barry, it aches for him. He’s lost and alone and I really need the writers to fix this ASAP!