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  • Ashido: Happy birthday, Kirishima!!! Look! I bought you new crocs against my own will!
  • Sero: And I got you steak from your favorite restaurant!
  • Bakugou: It was too much of a hassle to think of a gift so here's ten thousand yen.
  • Kirishima: Ten thousa-?!
  • Kaminari: And I got you a rock!
  • Kirishima: ...
  • Kaminari: It symbolizes your quirk!
  • Sero: Kaminari, are you broke again?
  • Kaminari: Yes, but I remembered Kirishima when I looked at this specific rock. Do you like it?
  • Kirishima: I LOVE IT!!! Thanks, you guys are the best!!

All I’m saying is…. if you got any issues with Hyuna posting pictures and videos of her and Hyojong being happy together on ig please unfollow me, block me, don’t talk to me, dont touch my posts, stay your crusty ass away from me. Y’all are really out here looking like some fucking clowns writing all these long ass posts about them as if they haven’t been through hell solely for dating. Hyuna isn’t dating Pentagon, she’s dating E’Dawn. And E’Dawn is clearly no longer under cube or with Pentagon, so y’all can stop acting like he betrayed them or some shit when it’s the fans who turned their backs on him in the first place. Y’all were really coming at knetz for how they reacted to the news, but now that they can finally be happy together for the first time in 2 years and be on sns together, y’all wanna complain??? Okay… hypocritical ass clowns!!!

Oh my darling.

When It comes down to Cody’s sexuality I don’t know anything about it. I won’t put him in a label. All I know is that Eric is his boyfriend and that’s that.

Whether he’s gay, bi, pan, etc I don’t care and I won’t try to make loose guesses or assumptions. He will say something if he feels comfortable to say and then again he doesn’t have to say anything. I do however figure he’s a supporter of the LGBTQ community due to the research he did for the assassination of gianni versace in which he talked about gay marriage

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I see Ryouken will be back in the next episode, do you seriously think he's there for innocent reasons? I don't think so. I think we all should be worried.

Are you talking about that preview pic going around anon or are you simply referring to the cast list? 

I think wary would be a better word, if we’re gonna be like that. Ryouken is many things but he is very honourable and has shown it plenty of times already. 


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When Hope and Light become a couple or finally get married, do you think they'd start calling each other stuff like "sweetie" or "honey" or just call themselves by their names?

I’ve actually thought about this a lot :D

I don’t think they’d ever decide for or against it - it probably doesn’t even come up at all, because it’s not a huge deal and neither one of them are the type to use those kind of pet names anyway….maybe they just want to differ themselves from Snow and Serah LOL

but little by little, they slowly become more and more affectionate and more comfortable with being like that. they’re still pretty private people, but when you’re that much in love, you’ve gotta let it out somehow ;D

and then one day, Hope doesn’t even realize that he says, “Sweetie, could you pass me a pen?”

Lightning just raises an eyebrow but hands over a pen, and then later on goes, “What’d you want to eat tonight, honey?” completely without thinking

Hope grins and smooches her, saying that he suddenly feels like going out to celebrate~*~

I hadn’t intended it, but i was genuinely surprised by how many simultaneously called out for a part 2 of Love Me But Do Not Leave Me. So here it is! And only 6 months later. *chuckles nervously*  
I may even end up needing to do a part 3. :)

I should also probably mention this whole story takes place after Hak’s confession to Yona. 

It’s also up on AO3!


Love Me But Do Not Leave Me
~Chapter 2: Without You It’s Only Half a Heartbeat

‘To her ladyship of Kouka kingdom, Princess Yona.

I am sure the current state of the land has not escaped you and your companions notice. The damage caused from the late King Il is far more widespread than even i myself had previously estimated. I am aware of the actions you all have taken to undo this damage and for that i thank you. But still, the people remain restless. We believe assurance is required that the mistakes of the past will not rear its head once more.’

Crowded by her group Yona sat reading with Gulfan–Soo-Won’s hawk–perched leisurely on her shoulder as she read his message aloud.
It did not pass her notice the dark, foreboding look Hak wore as she did, nor the death-grip he held on his weapon.

‘I know things have passed between us that cannot be so easily overlooked, and indeed may never be forgiven. But then, that is not what i am asking.
I, King Soo-Won, wish to offer a parley of sorts. As a show to all of Kouka that this kingdom’s royalty is no longer divided, and thus is more fortified than ever before, i propose a union of two houses. Between the land’s current ruler–myself, and their beloved princess of many years–

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Human by Gabrielle Aplin ok this is rude I love this whole song and this is my ultimate krbk song that’s like in Kiri’s POV towards Bakugou and it’s soft as hell I love it so much


Show me that you’re human, you won’t break
Oh love your flaws and live for your mistakes
And beauty’s on the surface wearing thin
Come closer show the marks upon your skin
Show me that you’re human







✧.。.:*・happy lay day °✧.。.:*


I’ve never gotten a love letter before. But reading these notes like this, one after the other, it feels like I have. It’s like … it’s like there’s only ever been Peter. Like everyone else that came before him, they were all to prepare me for this.

Oh memories!
Where’d you go?
You were all I’ve ever known!
How I miss yesterday!
And how I’d let it fade away?
Where’d you go?

Shiro and Adam where quidditch rivals AND dating in their time at Hogwarts. They where incredible flying partners…

Hogwarts AU
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They were supposed to be unpacking…