love triangles

From now on I will only accept love triangles if they end in:

  1. Polyamory
  2. The main character rejecting both love interests and staying single
  3. The two love interests giving up on the main character because how hard is it to make a damn choice?

anime love triangles

Tbh I think any book with a love triangle should be labelled as fantasy because really having TWO people wanting to be with you? At the same time? Fucking witchcraft

I am so tired of love triangles where everyone gets hurt

Give me a triad that slowly realizes that they all love each other

Give me a husband who loves his wife and makes tea when her metamours visit

Give me a polycule going out to theme parks and getting group passes

Give me a polycule that plays DnD on weekends to bond

Give me a solo polyam person who realizes their sex life doesn’t define her worth

Give me a couple who slowly gets closer to another couple until they form a quad

Give me cute polyamory

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Do you have any tips for writing a romance novel?

Romance plot cheat sheet:

Advice about a love story subplot:

Advice about love triangles:

Link to a website with alot of stuff on writing romance:

Romance writing tips (not mine):

Writing relationships tips w/ links to more articles:

Writing a relationship your readers will ship (not mine):

Writing romance/fluff with links to articles about creating chemistry:

Tip to avoid romance:

Hate to love:

I’ve written romance, but only ever as a subplot. I’ve always wondered how there can be books that are 300+ pages with a main plot of romance and are basically realistic fiction and don’t even have subplots of scifi or mystery or something. I’m really admirable of writers who can do that.

Anyway, I think this post about covers what I know about writing romance. For general asks about romance like this one, I’ll probably refer people to this post until I gain any new insight or my thoughts change.

Writing Prompt #280

“You need to stop making googly-eyes at him all the time. It’s weird, and frankly kind of creepy.”

“Shut up, you just don’t know anything about love.”

“I know it’s stupid and that you’re wasting your time competing for the attention of another human being.”

Dystopian Book Starter Pack

1. Love triangles 

2. Teens on adrenaline 

3. When’s the movie coming out???

4. I wonder who will die in this one

5. Say goodbye to your fave character 

6. Love triangles THE SEQUEL

Romance Isn’t the Problem in YA Lit

A lot of writers might argue that romance in YA lit is a boring old trope that needs to die. If you’re into reading YA lit, it’s been nearly impossible for you to avoid the “she was a normal girl until she met [insert cool boy character]”, but I’m here to argue that romance and love triangles aren’t necessarily the problem in young adult novels. The problem is when the main character completely loses all of their power and motivation when romance is introduced to the story. When it’s done right, the story can be captivating and realistic.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid to include romance in your novel:

Many of us have had crushes

Most of us, starting at a young age, have had a fondness for someone and may have possible done something foolish because of those feelings. We can’t pretend like we’ve never had these feelings or they don’t exist for many people. Even if we weren’t in love, those feelings were probably very strong for a lot of people.

You can still build strong characters

Having two characters fall in love does not mean your characters are weak. You can still build strong characters will believable/understandable motives and they can still be extremely relatable. The romance doesn’t have to be the main focus. The main character shouldn’t lose themselves or become weaker because of their romantic relationships (unless that is the point of the story).

We do a lot of things for love

Love can sometimes be the main motivating factor for our actions. We tend to do a lot of things in the name of love, whether these decisions were smart or not.

Relationships are important

Exploring both romantic and platonic relationships with others can be important to your novel. As people, we tend to care about and love family, friends, partners, etc. This can be a natural part of our lives, so it’s not the worst idea to explore it.

Here’s how to do it right:

Build your characters up separately

Each character should be someone separate from the relationship they’re in. Two characters can fall in love, but they should be more than that relationship. Explore who they are separately and what makes them different/similar. Does the relationship make them stronger? Does it make them weaker? Does it affect your story at all?

You don’t have to make romance the main focus

Romance and love does not have to be the main focus, depending on your novel. Take some time to think about what that relationship means in your story. What else is going on? Is it a sub-plot or is it the main plot?

Love triangles: make the decision hard

Love triangles become pointless when you can easily spot the better choice. You should have as much trouble as the main character does when choosing sides. I think the Hunger Games does this very well, because both Gale and Peeta are good options for Katniss and both represent different things. Her relationship with both of them does not make Katniss any weaker as a character. She is motivated by her desire to protect those she loves, which is what makes her relatable and honorable.

Figure out wants and needs

Each character should have wants and needs separate from the romance. There should be a story beyond the relationships formed. You should be able to build your character and really get to know who they are on their own. Otherwise, it can all feel very contrived.

 Ultimately, I don’t think you should cut something you really feel is important/integral to your story because people say it’s overdone. Just avoid talking down to your readers and treat your characters with respect.

-Kris Noel


“You, Like a Sunflower” by An Sikui, ch. 9, p. 14-end. Translated by me with permission; clean by @themimzicalmimzy.

All currently translated pages viewable here. Updates: one chapter every other Wednesday.

NB: This is a NaruSaku endgame doujin with NaruHina love triangle elements (handled very respectfully with no bashing). There is genuinely no way for me, the translator, to make everyone happy with how I tag this; if I don’t tag it NH, people who blacklist NH and don’t want to see it might get mad; if I do tag it, other people might get mad that it isn’t NH enough. I am an NH shipper myself and I am choosing to tag because I think NH shippers who enjoy angst would enjoy this. I am doing my best here and I’m not getting paid. If my tags fill you with rage, kindly just block me rather than whining to me about it.

  • Phasma: Hux, we found some questionable literature circulating around the Stormtrooper division related to you.
  • Hux: What?!
  • Phasma: The writing appears to be a variety of fictionalized accounts of your life in which you have sexual relations with Kylo Ren and Poe Dameron.
  • Hux: This is libel! Show it to me at once! *takes file folder* I will investigate this scandal myself in my chamber. *stays up all night reading the slash fiction*
  • [the next day]
  • Stormtrooper: General, you wanted to see me?
  • Hux: Ah... yes... um... strictly speaking, I'm supposed to be arranging your execution for the things you wrote about me, but for... strategic purposes, I've decided instead to give you 100 credits under the condition that you keep writing about me and Poe Dameron, deliver the writing straight to my office and keep quiet about this. Understood?
  • Stormtrooper: What about a love triangle with Poe and Kylo fighting over you?
  • Hux: ................ Well, intellectual creativity is good for the battlefield. It would be irresponsible of me to stifle it....

“You, Like a Sunflower” by An Sikui, ch. 8 p. 15-end, translated by me with permission, clean by @themimzicalmimzy.

(I’m Neji ಥ_ಥ)

That’s it for this chapter, there will be another chapter in two weeks… which is next year oh my. Ch. 9 features more Neji. If you’ve missed anything, all currently translated pages viewable here.

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Great job with the site guys. Makes it a little easier to cope until season 8. Do you know of any fics where Rick has to win Michonne after the whole Jessie debacle?

Hi anon!

Since this is a popular ask, we’ve complied a list with all the Richonne fics we currently found that fit with your request. Enjoy!