love this album

Beyoncé, Adele, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga are expected to drop an album in 2019….. which means they’re all eligible for the 2020 Grammys…

It’s LITERALLY the 2017 Grammys all over again

heyyyyyy everyone (taylor is included in ’everyone’),

i guess this is my ‘official’ tour post — just letting y’all know that i’ll be at the perth show on october 19th in section a3, row g, seat 3 if anyone else is going and wants to say hi or meet up!!

my outfit is based on taylor’s wanegbt tour outfit (obviously a cheaper and less sophisticated version; are we surprised? not really; i’m broke) and i legit spent houuuurs sewing sequins into the lapels; every other white part is just paint and glitter glue because i have exams the week after the show and i kinda need to start studying lol.

i’m super hyped and can’t wait to see everyone and experience the magic of a taylor swift concert again (just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes, oof).

p.s taylor if you see this???? maybe please play safe & sound as the surprise song??? if you want???? unless you have something else planned; either way, my ears will be truly blessed to hear you live again :’)) i love you