love tea!

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If you're still doing the ship asks, I would love one please! ☺️ I'm a hufflepuff, I'm shy when I first meet people but I will talk your ears off and tell you terrible jokes when I get comfortable with you!! I listen more than I talk though & I love writing, reading, drinking tea, and learning languages! Thank you :)

I would ship you with credence, because he would be in love with your terrible jokes (and you of course), always wanting you to tell him one whenever he feels a bit upset, he would also be very very shy at first, obviously making you both that one awkward couple but after a quite short amount of time you both would get used to each other and be finally comfortable around each other as well, meaning that now he isn’t afraid to hold your hand anymore and you aren’t afraid of giving him lots of forehead Kissen anymore as well

Hope you like it babe!x

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o(`ω´*)o (1/2) I am an enfp pisces, i am 5'3 and have short dark brown curly hair and freckles. I am very good at school especially math,all of my classes are advanced or ap I love pastel clothing and cutesy things. I love space stuff and sweets/candy. I dont like coffee because it makes me sleepy but i love tea. I don't really have a lot of self esteem. I am typically a nice person, i am very empathetic and i love helping people and making others feel good about themselves.

Hello! We’d love to do a matchup for you, but you didn’t specify any fandoms ^^;; You can just resend this with the fandoms, since we have the other part :)

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Can I get a ship with Seventeen, please? I’m 5'3". Straight forward, super clumsy and cannot lie. Others may see me as either a sweet or a quiet one but I'm actually fun to talk with and am kind of a dork 😆. I’m not really girly but love tea, sweets (let’s say all kind of food><) animal and flowers. I love going on adventure, walking and enjoy listening to music. Horror, Rom-com and animation movies are my fav! I hate those who lie and are fickle. Thank you!❤️❤️

wowowowow here you go u cool dude


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Oh my dear Kat, if I met you, I'd treat you to a lovely date. Coffee? Tea? A slushie? Whatever floats your boat. We could find a nice spot to sit, and then chat about everything and nothing.

Aw man aw man ahaha. This sounds so sweet I’m down with some tea and some chichat. Ah am i accepting  this lovely date?? who knows?

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♛: Sharing a dessert

intimacy meme.

♛: Sharing a dessert

【 🌼 𝑒𝓇𝒾𝓀𝒶.🌼  】 —— ;;

                             "I promise —— you will
                              certainly LOVE green tea

A bubbly SMILE decorates her face, her index finger && thumb displaying the
lovely green dessert merely inches from the author’s features. A soft giggle leaves
her lips. 

                              “Just a small bite. Go ahead!

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raindrops, spring flowers, warm tea, full moon, holding hands

raindrops: what’s your favourite song to unwind?

this one

spring flowers: what’s your favourite flower/plant?

Arbutus  Flowers!! They mean “Only Love You”!!

warm tea: what’s your favourite tea? if you don’t like tea, what’s your favourite drink?

I dont like tea very much so my favorite drink would have to be Warm apple Cider!!

full moon: do you prefer the stars or the moon? tracing constellations with your eyes or picking the petals off of flowers?

I really like them both but I would have to say the stars!! Also really like both but maybe picking the petals off flowers!

holding hands: kisses or cuddles? stay-at-home dates or out-and-about ones?

MMMMMMmmm;;;!! THIS IS THE HARDEST CAUSE I LOVE THEM BOTH BUT MAYBE KISSES??? Also another tough one cause it depends on my mood!! Cause I love showing off my datemate on out and about dates but also im stingy and want to keep them to myself by staying at home!! I’d say stay at home dates!!

Facing Fears, Demons and Forced Institutionalisation

If you’d asked me a week ago what my biggest fear was, I would have said being sectioned. However last Tuesday I walked into Newcastle General Hospital on crutches after collapsing in the university library and exactly that happened.

I have no idea what I was so scared about. The staff are lovely. The tea is never ending. The linen closet always has fresh towels. It’s like staying in a free hotel, except there are more alarms and of course, more doctors appointments.

This has to be kept short because, like Cosima, I’ve worn my eyes out so I’ll sign off with - Sam Healey was wrong. Imprisonment can be like the Radisson.

We just need to change our perspective.


Ryou nodded, relief crossing over his face as he looked up to him. “I would love tea, if it’s not too much trouble,” he said, attempting a smile he didn’t really feel at the moment. He was glad, however, that Atem didn’t mind his intrusion. His shoes he had left at the door like a good Japanese house guest, and so he pulled up his feet to the couch and wrapped his arms around his knees, resting his chin on them. “I’m sorry to bother you, I just kind of don’t want to be alone right now. Even if all you do is just let me hang out for a bit, I would… really like that.” He made a mental note to do something nice for him in return.

He remained silent, never bothering to
respond right away. He merely vanished
and made good on his promise for coffee
and tea. Returning minutes later with a
silver tray, he set it on the table before
Ryou then resumed his place upon the couch.

     “My need for human contact is slim
      but all the same, I need it sometimes.
      I do hope you get to feeling better.”

5 things tag! tagged @jinglebelltyang tysm ily <3 

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

my wallet
a water bottle
a pen
a comb

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

kpop posters everywhere
books everywhere
my trophies 
random papers and rubbish 
more books

5 things I always wanted to do in life:

learn a foreign language and able to speak it fluently
eat food from all over the world
go to outer space

5 things I’m currently into:

kaomojis (⸝⸝ᵕᴗᵕ⸝⸝)

aaaaand food

5 things on my to-do list:

meet my idols
go to a musical again
build a portal to anywhere
go to outer space
travel abroad with my close friends

5 things people may not know about me:

I’m chinese 
I dance ballet ahahahaha 
I’ve been loving kpop since I was 8 :3
I love green tea and oreos

tagging @winkeuravi @ayeyojooheon @catboywonwoo @imwonwootrash @pandalovesicecream u guys can do it if u want to ^^

black on violet
black on violet
black on pink
black branches on the skyline glow
of the highway lights to the city at night
black on snowfalls in the streetlights
and rain that comes in dazzling mist
black in my eyes and black in yours
black trees on land corrupt with concrete
bridges built and laid with ice
black ice while mom takes me to swan lake
black the dreams of great tchaikovsky
black haired girl who loves a girl
black tea in the cup between my feet
steaming in my face laid low
black dirt in stains on concrete steps
wet with rain, wet on my pants
wet the face you used to love
wet the jasmine in my cup
and black what it leaves behind