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15 - 35 :)

15. glitter sapphic or matte sapphic?
-Glittterrr. I love anything that sparkles

16. poetry sapphic or prose sapphic?
-Poetry ❤

17. hot tea sapphic or iced tea sapphic?
-Hot tea. I also love iced tea tbh. But hot tea is so so good.

18. ghost sapphic or witch sapphic?

19. “touch me” sapphic or “stay away from me” sapphic?
-Touch me. If it’s caitlin :) if not prob stay away from me… unless it’s small innocent affections… like a hug.

20. cuddling sapphic or making out sapphic?
-Why not both?? Please, both.

21. mauve sapphic or scarlet sapphic?

22. clothes on sapphic or clothes off sapphic?
-Clothes off. (Anxiety 👌🏽)

23. concert sapphic or film sapphic?
-Concert probably..

24. morning sapphic or evening sapphic?
-evening for sure.

25. alien sapphic or ufo sapphic?
-hmmm this is hard. Maybe UFO?

26. lip balm sapphic or lipgloss sapphic?
-Lip balm. I live off chapstick. I need soft lips

27. garden sapphic or greenhouse sapphic?

28. succulent sapphic or floral sapphic?
-damn another hard one.. prob succulents tho. They’re cute

29. pure sapphic or sinful sapphic?

30. urban sapphic or country sapphic?

31. Beyoncé sapphic or Rihanna sapphic?
-first off, the ask spelled Rihanna wrong so I fixed it. And secondly- why compare them when they both are queens?

-please, tell me I’m adorable. It fuels my ego. Even if I don’t believe it always, I like hearing sweet things.

33. nose kisses sapphic or jaw kisses sapphic?
-jaw kisses are sweet.

34. bra sapphic or no bra sapphic?
-okay I like the idea of no bras ever. But I also have big boobs so I kinda need the support a lot of the time.

35. send her love letters sapphic or send her romantic texts sapphic?
-love letters! Also romantic texts! (Ps This reminded me to actually get to business and start writing more poems so I can keep up the romance, so thank you)

get to know me

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name: spencer
nickname: spicy boi, spicy guru boi, spence, fuckdamn headass
zodiac sign: leo
height: 5'1" ft
orientation: pansexual
ethnicity: white/american
favorite books: Fahrenheit 451, 1984, Norwegian Wood, It’s Kind of a Funny Story
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: i drink a cup of coffee every day out of habit and caffeine addiction, but i do love tea a lot! hot cocoa upsets my stomach:(
average hours of sleep: weekdays about 0-4hrs, weekends 7-12hrs
cats or dogs: BOTH!! i have 2 dogs though.
number of blankets: preferably just a sheet
number of followers: 30, i used to have like 300 but then i remade my tumblr.

i dont feel like tagging 20 but ill try

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  • Birthday: march 21st
  • Gender pronouns: female (she, her, hers)
  • Relationship Status: single
  • Zodiac: aries
  • Siblings: five (i have a twin, too), which seems WILD but the majority is half-siblings
  • Pets: my cat ran away recently so no : ( 
  • Hair color: currently my natural-ish shade of medium/dark brown, but a friend of mine is coloring it this upcoming weekend
  • Sexual orientation: femme or ‘lipstick lesbian’ but u know, this for that
  • Wake up times: if i’m working, i have to wake up at least four hours before my shift starts so my hair will have time to dry and so i can have hella nice makeup but if i’m not working, the time i wake up really depends on whatever time i get to sleep the night before
  • Love or lust: love
  • Lemonade or Iced Tea: lemonade bc all tea is GROSS
  • Cats or Dogs: honestly, i freak out whenever i see EITHER so both
  • Call or Text: don’t have a phone bc i live in the Stone Age
  • Met a Celebrity: yes, and i used to brag about it, but now Johnny Depp is literal garbage and i’d rather not talk about him or the experience
  • Eyes or Smile: smile
  • Short or Tall: either??  
  • Chapstick or Lipstick: lipstick x10000
  • City or Country: of course city. i’ve wanted to live in NYC my entire life

if you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged okay?? 

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Birthday: July 29
Gender: lol wtf is gender
Relationship Status: taken 😘
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Siblings: an asshole older brother and an alright little sister
Favorite Colors: red
Pet(s): currently: 1 dog, 2 cats, 1 fish, and my little sister’s hamster, but we’ve also had a total of 6 mice, 3 hamsters, and 1 other fish
Wake-up times: for class, I wake up at either 8 or 10, but on the weekend its like 12 or 1 pm
Love or Lust: Love
Lemonade or Iced Tea: iced tea
Cats or Dogs: both!
Coke or Pepsi: either’s fine, but I kinda like to mmx them when I can
Day or Night: night definitely
Text or Call: text
Met a Celebrity: I met drag queen Shangela and she called me Nixalicious and it was great
Light or Dark Hair: I hate dyed red hair right now, but naturally I’m like a dark blone
Shorter or Taller:  I’m 5′5″ so I’m kinda average
Chapsticks or Lipsticks: chapstick
City or Country: neither, city’s are too busy and country’s are to empty, somewhere inbetween is nice, but I would also like to have a farm someday
Last song you listened to: Thnks fr th mmrs by fall out boy

ahhhh idk who to tag, so I’m not gonna tag anyone but you can do this if you want

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Name: Amanda
Nicknames: None
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 5'1"
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Favorite Fruit: It’s a tie between strawberries and pears
Favorite Season: Autumn
Favorite Book: The Chronicles of Narnia series
Favorite flower: red rose
Favorite scent: the way it smells right after it rains
Favorite Animal: dogs (I also really love red pandas)
Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: Hot cocoa when I want something sugary, tea when I want something less dessert-y
Average Sleep Hours: Anywhere between five and fifteen, honestly.
Cat or Dog Person: Dogs (but I love cats, too)
Favorite Fictional Character: Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia, Rapunzel from Tangled, Marty McFly from Back to the Future
Number of blankets: four
Dream Trip: Paris, especially Disneyland Paris
Blog Created: September 2012
Tagging: anyone

Miss Peony the Lady of Fortune

Miss Peony runs a little shop where she does readings and tell fortunes, as well as sells various good luck charms and fortune telling tools. She makes lovely tea, is very pleasant, and has huge pretty tusks.

Gruff takes Herodian to her shop when in her town, to help him find his own deck of cards. Gruff also thinks she’s pretty

kingtrashraccoon  asked:

Share ten facts about yourself, then send this to your ten favourite followers (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

I am honored you have chosen me my friend

- i am a chronic procrastinator

- i have not shut up about Akira since i first watched it (it’s become a bit of an obsession)

- oranges and tangerines are my stress foods

- i love green tea flavored anything

- I love my lil gecko more than life itself. he’s just so wonderful and soft. he’s a good friend

- really cannot stand darker shades of orange. they’re just bad. 

- I’m a Coffee Enthusiast

- really love buying bath bombs. and using them. and just hoarding them bc they smell nice

- i still sprint up the stairs to my room when i turn the light out in the living room. 

- really love future funk music

powerdragonmoon  asked:

oh!! for the Pretty City Asks, how about: London, Amsterdam, and Prague?? : D

London- I take my tea with a good splash of milk and lots of sugar or honey if I’m having a cuppa. I just also love like Boba milk tea but I like my iced tea unsweetened lmao

Amsterdam- my ideal night out is going to movies! I like to have an eventful day and wind down at home in the evening instead.

Prague- my favorite season…I’m very fond of spring and fall :)

snxwplum  asked:

I love and admire everything you do with all of your blogs. You make them all look and feel so professional, you write like a god in my standards and you're just, such a lovely and kind person. Understanding and patient. I've never thought I'd be able to become friends with you but I'm so glad and blessed that I am. You're a wonderful person and I'll always think that about you. ♡

How am I doing with my character? ll Accepting (always)!

Honestly, I have no words to say but thank you for offering me kind words and being my friend since the tf2 fandom. I really appreciate and love you, Tea <3

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birthday: nov 23rd

gender: female

relationship status: so single

favorite color: blue

pets: I used to have a yorkie pupper named peanut.

wake up times: during the week usually 6am. weekends around 7:30

love or lust?: love

lemonade or iced tea?: lemonade

cats or dogs?: both

coke or pepsi?: pepsi

day or night?: hmm…probably night.
text or call?: text definitely.

met a celebrity: never

light or dark hair?: I have dark hair but I like light hair.

short or tall: I’m average. Don’t really have a preference.

chapstick or lipstick?: lipstick

city or county?: city

last song you listened to: the symphony version of the ocarina of time title screen song.

i tag: @shaylogic @shiintan @meezy7 and @syrinfin

I hope nobody did this already..