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1. coke or pepsi? i dont mind either but i also dont drink either often

2. disney or dreamworks? both

3. coffee or tea? i love tea but i’m a coffee addict

4. books or movies? hm. both. i love movies because i’m a very visual person and i enojy seeing things. but there’s nothing like a good book and i appreciate the chance to use my imagination to picture the setting too

5. windows or mac? i’ve only used windows 

6. dc or marvel? marvel

7. xbox or playstation? i’ve only used xbox but i can’t say it’s my favourite thing

8. dragon age or mass effect? what

9. night owl or early riser? night owl!

10. cards or chess? chess

11. chocolate or vanilla? vanilla

12. vans or converse? converse

13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash or Adaar? what

14. fluff or angst? fluff! slight angst with the right amount of fluff and a happy ending is good too

15. beach or forest? ……forest, minus the bugs

16. dogs or cats? look i have both and you will not make me choose between my children

17. clear skies or rain? rain if it’s warm

18. cooking or eating out? cooking

19. spicy food or mild food? mild or i will cry

20. halloween/samhain or solstice/yule/christmas? halloween isnt really that big a thing here, christmas

21. would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot? a little too hot

22. if you could have a superpower, what would it be? this isn’t an original idea of mine i saw someone’s post about it, but the power to manipulate probability

23. animation or live action? i think there’s good works in both and i don’t really prefer one to other

24. paragon or renegade? what

25. baths or showers? shower

26. team cap or team ironman? iron man

27. fantasy or sci-fi? both

28. do you have three or four favourite quotes, if so, what are they? “Death is nothing more than the absence of love. Once you can’t feel love, you die, even if your body still walks.” I have lots more but that’s the one I can remember rn

29. youtube or netflix? i’ve only used youtube

30. harry potter or percy jackson? Harry Potter

31. when do you feel accomplished? When i make my mom happy

32. star wars or star trek? SPACE, THE FINAL FRONTIER… actually I’ve never seen any star wars movies but i ADORE star trek

33. paperback or hardback books? hardback

34. horror or rom-com? I enjoy every genre when it’s a good movie within that genre. I like both good horror movies and good romcoms.

35. tv shows or movies? TV shows

36. favourite animal? all of them

37. favourite genre of music?  look at nr 34 and apply to this question

38. least favourite book? i can’t think of one rn

39. favourite season? summer

40. song that’s currently stuck in your head? surprisingly, none

41. what kind of pyjama’s do you wear? just a random tshirt

42. how many existential crises do you have on an average day? i don’t usually have ‘em on a daily basis

43. if you can only choose one song to be played at your funeral, what would it be? i’m not dying anytime soon man. but i like the idea of “disappear” from dear evan hansen

44. favourite theme song to a TV show? idk

 45. harry potter movies or books? books

46. you can make your OTP become canon but you’ll forget that tumblr exists. will you do it? no. i’m fine with just imagining my otp being canon, the officialness of it isn’t really that important, but tumblr is the only platform for me to communicate with some of the good friends i’ve made here and i’m not giving that up, as bad as the community can be sometimes

47. do you play an instrument and if so, what is it? yeah, guitar, and i recently got a ukulele

48. what is the worst way to die? without having lived first

49. if you could be entirely invisible for a day, what would you do? go to places i couldn’t go to before. dude i’m checking all the backrooms and the government’s secret classified chambers

50. if you could have personally witnessed anything in history what would it be? dinosaurs 

51. if you could switch place from any character from anything, who would it be? idk peter pan maybe. or alice in the wonderland while she’s in the wonderland

52. (my question) pineapple on pizza, yes or no?

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My mood. I love drinking tea

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sugarbush nd marigold!!

sugarbush: do you have sweet tooth? if yes, what’s your favorite sweets? if no, why? - YA i definitely do .. i like salted caramel anything… lately ive been vry into cheescake too .. also coffee flavored sweets and sour gummies yum

marigold: what’s your favorite tea? - i dont love tea but my grandma makes this super good one she adds loads of sugar & lemon to it though

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He shrugged a little, smiling as she took the drink.

Everyone loves tea. Tea is a healer.

Taking a seat across from her, his own mug of tea held between his palms and giving the one warmth, he breathed in the steam and blew softly on the hot beverage before taking a sip. His fingers twitched lightly against the cup.

If it needs sweetened, let me know and I’ll grab some honey. I don’t sweeten my tea, so I wasn’t sure…

sloucho  asked:

10 and 7! 💖

7. are you a morning time gay or night time gay?

morning i guess even though i’m always sleepy, i like having a relaxing morning to get ready for the day and i love coffee/tea

10. dog gay or cat gay?

DOGS 🐶 are my fave and i want them all ♡ cats are cute but i’m really afraid of them cause they scratch

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You've eaten a whole lot of Oreos, kissed someone (mm I dunno which sex though), gotten drunk and played spin the bottle?

you got one~

I’ve played spin the bottle quite a few times with friends and cousins. We played truth or dare with it but it always ended rather quickly since no one wanted to do the silly dares that kids usually come up with. And it got boring fast too.

I’ve never kissed, don’t drink and tbh honest I consider oreos my enemy. There is a story. You see, I really like drinking tea, so much that on weekends I’ve had at least 4 mugs before evening. My mum’s always asking what number cup I’m on and complaining to clean the tea stains in my mug myself (I do now). I like having biscuits or rusks with my tea as well. So, on to the actual story:

One day, we only had oreos and rusks with fennel seeds in them. I hate the ones with fennel seeds so I went with oreos instead and took about 4 from the pack. The first one was alright but it left a lot of chocolate behind in my tea when I dunked it in. Maryland cookies do that too, so I was like eh. The second one broke in half and splashed right into my tea and over my hand. It burned and my tea had even more chocolate in it ugh. The third one went completely soggy and fell onto my clothes and left a noticeable brown stain grrrr. By now, my tea was more hot chocolate than tea. The final was the worst one. It slipped out of my hand and, almost as if the world was against me, for some reason landed right into my tea. It was floating and I honestly had enough. I went to the kitchen and put my mug in the sink and walked away and lied down on the sofa.

All I wanted was to drink my tea but the damn oreas didn’t let me

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When you get this, please respond with 5 things that make you happy. Then, send this message anonymously to the last 10 people in your Notifications. You never know who might benefit from the positivity!💕

1. Community
2. Love
3. Tea/Coffee
4. Drawing/Writing
5. Video games

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“HC” + Tea

He loves tea of any kind except mint. He can’t deal with the taste of it. He has a similar love for coffee but he also can’t deal with straight black coffee. He likes chamomile tea and Oolong, and for coffee he particularly likes a latte with a single shot of espresso and light foam but lots of sugar. He likes having coffee cake or tea biscuits with them if it’s just a snack or the occasional tea time.

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Rumple and Regina kiss, talk about belonging together and always choosing each other, have no concept of personal space, hold hands.... OUAT fandom: 'It's platonic!'

I love the tea, where did you get it from?

Look I get that people need to fit the categories and some ppl might be uncomfortable putting GQ in the romantic category for some reason but platonic is just a WRONG word by definition.

Those two should not have been called anything platonic or familial ever since season 2 aired and while it was irritating before 6A well now after 6A it’s just…incorrect.

(Also for the people who follow what actors say by letter, Lana has also said that the Queen and Rumple hooked up. So…)

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Part 2 below. Thanks for the questions!

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(Part. 2) If I could, id love to have tea with Jake, and talk about movies, and music. He's a little ray of sunshine, and I really enjoyed the lifestream. And it's amazing to watch Ollie grow up. Even from an outsider's perspective, it's amazing to watch him grow into a young lad. But not one that's too old for ice cream, right? But overall, thank you all for being you. I'm honestly, just a shy follower, not sure how to introduce myself. Thank god for anon haha

2 of 2

Awh, Anon! You should never be shy about saying stuff like that :D it’s so nice and I’m totally grateful! ^_^ thank you for being awesome! Your message was so kind!

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Name: Rhema!!
Nicknames: Rhem, Rhe, Ma, Ema–
Zodiac sign: Pisces!!
Height: 5′0 ;-;
Orientation: Pan- pANNN
Ethnicity: Filipino
Favourite Fruit : uuuHHHH,, WATEREMELON!!
Favourite Season: can i say all?? i say all-
Favourite Book: uhhhhhhh,,, why u do das??
Favourite Flower: imma say all.
Favourite Scent: uhhh those early morning scents and waking up to food– ye–
Favourite Color: gALAXIES-
Favourite Animal: oWLS!! BIRDS!! I LOVE BIRDS!!
Coffea, tea, or hot cocoa?: ALL!!!
Average Sleep Hours: 9-12,,,
Cat or dog person?: BOTH!! BOTHH!!
Favourite Fictional Character: No. Dont make me choose.
Dream Trip : … Canada- i like canada,, wanna visit sometime ;// annddddddddd yeah,,, dat it,,
Blog created: 2015-2016??– i’m guessing that’s when ;/
Number of followers: 170– whoa boi–

uh,,, you can do this if you want to?? ye??

anonymous asked:

I can't finish the chapter yet bc I know it's gonna break my heart. But I still wanna show my gratitude for all you write so SHAI I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND ALSO ALL THE WAY BACK! Let's go out for a tea and some fancy snacks. I'll buy? I just feel like you're a really solid person and I wanna watch dumb tv and be buddies!!!! Platonically (I think you're very flirt worthy, of course, but I'm not flirting.) I hate how "Netflix and chill" has become a euphemism.

Hiiii!! Ah, you’re so lovely and adorable!! Yes, tea is always a great!! And what are we gonna watch?? Some Rom Com? I’m always up for a chill Netflix date ;) ♡