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Rain, tea, perfect night…

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cherrymaphanji  asked:

Do you think Hanji is a tea drinker? Or drinks tea only when Levi brews it? 0.0

Oooo Thanks for the ask!   (✪㉨✪)

I think (mainly because Hange and Levi are very much opposites) that Hange probably is more of a coffee person. But she knows how to brew tea for Levi just how he likes it, or if he’s sick she’ll put medicine in his favorite teas for him. She definitely would try teas that Levi brews though (he probably attempts to turn her over to the tea drinking side subtly/not so subtly every now and then) 

Actually since I’m thinking about this topic , I’m fairly sure it was confirmed in an official art thing or something that Hange actually does sometimes brew tea for Levi and others. I’ll try to find the post where I saw that  (•⊙ω⊙•)


I totally forgot about this mass effect video I made a few years back. I wanted to make a thing about how cool femshep is and accidentally made a Shiara video making fun of the attempted love triangle the game forces you into with Kaiden. So yeah it is just me making fun off Kaiden near the end but in my defense he was the one who kept tying to get my Sheppard to “be straight” with him.

Martinez Twins

I’m so happy more people are leaving team 10 like yaasssss

(dey cute tho)(or whateva)

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i lose 10103002 years of my life when i see someone saying people cant ship kastle because frank is still grieving the loss of the woman he loves (maria) and his kids

hyugainterior  asked:

(It takes a lot of work and a lot of energy to be silly, to stay goofy and keep up with people. You do a great job of it, you give a lot of people feeling down ear-to-ear smiles and encourage others to march onward through the day. That’s irreplaceable, just like you. You’re appreciated, Julie, keep being the amazing person everyone loves and respects, even if they pretend they don’t. Not only is it an act, they’re bad actors ;). You’re doing great, hope you have a marvelous day! <3)

Do you believe in magic darling?

Do you believe ‘The Devil’ is real but has just been named that so he could be considered evil~

Magick is real. Have a go. Welcome to the age where witches don’t get burnt. 👌🏻