love tea!

i was tagged by @apple-cidra​ and i’m trying to fall asleep but yolo lets go

Name: Amy
Gender: umm… i’ll get back to you on that one
Favorite Color: probably pink
Time right now: 1:20 am
Lucky number: i would say 13 but rosa said 13 so now idk. i dont wanna copy her
Favorite fictional character: right now it’s pidge from voltron but my fav changes often. if u asked me this like a week ago i would have said either bucky barnes or adrien agreste
Relationship: single af
Pets: 1 small doggo named rory. (we are amy and rory. i’m a dork.)
Siblings: 1 older sister
Wake up time: like, noon?
Love or lust: love
Lemonade or tea: i’m gonna be a bad southerner here and say i hate tea. so i gotta go with lemonade
Coke or Pepsi: coke. it’s georgia law to never drink pepsi
Day or night: night
Met a celebrity: well like rosa said, the local weatherman was my substitute teacher once lol. but i met a few people at dragon con last year. i talked to a guy from the hobbit but i havent seen the movies so idk who he is, sorry. gonna see more celebrities in a few days at this year’s dragon con, so that’s gonna be amazing
City or country: city
Last song I listened to: right now i’m listening to where did the party go by fall out boy

im not gonna tag any1, sorry.

10 random facts about me

Thanks for the tag, flower boy! (@sloth-vader!)

Here goes…. 

1.) I am frighteningly in love with my chosen profession
2.) I love all things tea and coffee
3.) I love to sing! 
4.) I’ve recently started loving to cook! 
5.) I’m a gym junkie - leg day is my fav. 
6.) I’m a huge science nerd.
7.) I love flowers. 
8.) I have nearly hip length hair. 
9.) I’m short (average height), but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to date a tall guy. 
10.) I once deadlifted 185 lbs and hopefully can do that again someday! 

chana-ninja  asked:

Can I get a ship with BTS, please? I’m very straight forward, super clumsy and cannot lie. I'm a caring and responsible person. Others may see me as either a sweet person or a quiet one. I’m not really girly by personality but love tea, sweets (let’s say all kind of food><) animal and flowers. I love going on adventure, walking and enjoy listening to music. Horror, Romantic and animation movies are my fav! I hate those who lie and are fickle. Thank you!❤️❤️

Hello :) I ship you with Namjoon/Rap Monster!

You seem really sincere and down to earth, and Namjoon would really like that! Your caring and responsible traits show that you are mature for your age, which is something he would definitely admire. I can see you two having very casual dates, not doing anything that requires too much energy. Such as simple walks to the beach, the mall, cafes, tea houses, and zoos. Just the presence of each other would make you guys happy :) 

He wouldn’t mind that your personality isn’t girly at all. He would more like someone who has a lovely aura, good values and a strong mind - someone like you! Even though you might be quiet, he would realize it and try to make you more comfortable by initiating more conversations with you. Movies will be a great way for you to watch in silence, but they can also be topics of discussion afterwards. Whatever you two do, communicating with him would come naturally and shouldn’t be a worry. A relationship with Namjoon would be very genuine, as he would never want to treat you any less than you’re worth :)

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Thank you for requesting! :) Hope you got your bias.

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Rules: Tag 10 people you want to get to know better

Birthday: March 15th

Gender: Female

Relationship Status: Single

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Sibling(s): 2 Sisters and I count my sister-in-law

Favorite Color: Lime Green

Pet(s): I own 3 cats and a dog

Wake Up Time: Never

Love or Lust: Love

Lemonade or Iced Tea: Lemonade if its sweet

Cats or Dogs: Cats

Coke or Pepsi: Coke

Day or Night: Night

Text or Call: Texting

Met a Celebrity: Lin-Manuel-Miranda

Light or Dark Hair: Dark

Chapstick or Lipstick: Lipstick

City or Country: Both

Last Song you listened to: Second Chance- Shinedown

I tag: @aywood @piierogi @caitea-ward @ah-and-rt @wild-red-mutt @skellydun @ryan-hay-wood-you-do-me @ahkieran @thefourthscore22 @keysmashjulia

hannasregrets  asked:

raindrops: what’s your favourite song to unwind?, fire crackles: describe your ideal winters evening, spring flowers: what’s your favourite flower/plant?, warm tea: what’s your favourite tea? if you don’t like tea, what’s your favourite drink?, full moon: do you prefer the stars or the moon? tracing constellations with your eyes or picking the petals off of flowers?

raindrops: i dont really have just one, like it depends on my mood but for some reason any slow lana del rey song helps me unwind 

fire crackles: my ideal winter night is being inside wearing warm pajamas and wrapped up in a blanket sitting by the christmas tree looking at the lights and listening to music drinking some kind of warm drink ideally it would be snowing and i could watch it out the window 

spring flower: my fav flower is a rose bc i love the way smell but i also really love lavender 

warm tea: my fav tea is sleepy time tea idk what exactly it is but its called sleepy time tea but my fav drink is coffee

full moon: i LOVE the stars, i love the moon but i love finding stars/planets tracing constellations 

thanks fren 💞

chana-ninja  asked:

Can I get a ship with Seventeen BTS Got7 and iKon, please? I'm 5'3" tall. I’m a scorpio. Very straight forward, super clumsy and cannot lie. I'm caring and responsible person. Others may see me as either a sweet person or a quiet one. I’m not really girly by personality but love tea, sweets (let’s say all kind of food><) animal and flowers. I love going on adventure, walking and enjoy listening to music. Horror and animation movies are my fav! I hate those who lie and are fickle. Thank you!❤️❤️

Hi! I hope you like this and I’m sorry if you don’t get your bias! Here we go:

For BTS I ship you with YOONGI.

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For GOT7 I ship you with MARK.

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For IKON I ship you with BOBBY.

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For SEVENTEEN I ship you with WONWOO. 

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- Admin Hyuri!

chana-ninja  asked:

Can I get a ship with Seventeen BTS and NCT, please? I'm 5'3" tall, long black hair and dark brown eyes. I’m a scorpio. Very straight forward, super clumsy and cannot lie. I'm caring and responsible person. Others may see me as either a sweet person or a quiet one. I’m not really girly by personality but love tea, sweets (let’s say all kind of food><) animal and flowers. I love going on adventure, walking and enjoy listening to music. I hate those who lie and are fickle. Thank you!❤️❤️

In Seventeen I ship you with…Dino!

The reason I ship you with him is because he really needs someone who can support him. And you my darling seem like like just the right person. He likes your passion and your caring personality. I feel like you can definitely keep up with his energy which he really seems to enjoy the most about you. I think he likes it that you can be very out there but you also know when to dial it back.

For BTS I ship you with…Suga!

 He likes a girl that can be real and honest but also very loyal. He likes a girl that be adventuresses which is definitely you dear. he really likes honesty in a relationship. Even if your clumsy he doesn’t mind. he likes you for you.

From NCT 127 is…Taeil!

Taeil is shy most of the time but he likes a girl that can bring him out of his shell and make him try new things. I’m very sure you can do that. He likes that your very caring and responsible and the passion inside you that burns like a fire. 

thenotsogoodtwin  asked:

Klunk doesn't eat solid foods, so he simply offers his father a cup of one of his favorite flavors of tea. The diminutive robot assumes that the taller is smart enough to add sugar or any other flavor enhancers to the steaming concoction himself.

For once, Nefarious isn’t bitter about his son’s love of tea.
In fact, he’s delighted to receive the offering and eagerly
takes it from the little bot.

       “Thank you, Klunk! Care to join me?“

anonymous asked:

This is gonna sound weird, but I fucking LOVE tea & the thought of Harry making me a cuppa before I go to bed makes me :') Or imagine waking up from a nightmare & he goes to make you a cup to calm you down. & you guys would have so many types; ginger, green, black, mint, etc. Coffee is also great so imagine him making you a cup while you're studying. He'll know exactly how you take your tea/ coffee. I just love his concept omg

“You can’t go to bed, without a cup of tea…”
oh, he SO would.

I am hooked on coffee. I need it to survive. Plus, yum. I would even try his weird bullet coffee that would probably make me die.

He would be the best. Boyfriend. and learn all of your little quirks JUST so he could perfect them, to make you happy.


  • Alexabot - Powered By Tea:I love how evaporation works because I accidentally poured too much water into my tea but now that it's been sitting for like 20 minutes the water level is down to acceptable limits
  • Alexabot - Powered By Tea:Downside: my tea is colder than I wanted it to be now that I'm actually remembering to drink it
  • Alexabot - Powered By Tea:...okay I say twenty minutes I meant an hour apparently this is understandable



⭐️RELATIONSHIP STATUS: it’s complicated 

⭐️ZODIAC SIGN: i have two, actually!! it’s because of where the sun was on the day of my birth; Gemini and Taurus 

⭐️SIBLINGS: i have a lil sister but to be honest my acting studio is like one big family and half of them feel like my actual siblings 

⭐️PETS: i have three puppers 

⭐️WAKE-UP TIMES: for school I wake up at 6 and on weekends it’s a range anywhere from 8 to 11 

⭐️LOVE OR LUST: love!! i love love


⭐️CATS OR DOGS: dogs!!! 

⭐️TEXT OR CALL: texting! there are like seven people i call without being super awkward 

⭐️MET A CELEBRITY: i’ve met a ton: Seth Rogen, 
Shawn Mendes, Jay Baruchel, a BUNCH of people at the stage door of lots of shows, and like a lot more that i don’t want to write

⭐️LIGHT OR DARK HAIR: dark brown hair

⭐️SHORT OR TALL: i’m five foot two-and-a-half 


⭐️CITY OR COUNTRY: country

 ⭐️LAST SONG I LISTENED TO:”Disappear” from The Burnt Part Boys (please don’t judge my musical theatre obsession)

⭐️INSTAGRAM: @periwinkleplanet 

I TAG: @anakin420 @gluesick @wombat-knight @dopekwan @letteb-24 @uptown-grunk @beyoncesbunsandthighs @jacdhalina and anyone else who wants to do it !!

loverofthetomlinson  asked:

cold mornings, summer nights and warm tea! also love your blog xx

Aw thanks babe! 💕

Cold mornings: I usually wake up at 7am because school🙄 and I’m usually a night owl

Summer nights: I’m totally a winter person (well more of a fall person tbh) just anything but summer because I hate the heat..

Warm tea: I’m more of a coffee person rather than tea.. My fav coffee is a caramel iced latte ☕️

get to know me

I was tagged by @charliebradbury1104 

Rules:  Tag 10 people you want to get to know better. (I scoff at your rules!)

Birthday:  1980s

Gender:  female

Eye color:  blue

Hair color:  medium brown

Relationship status:  married

Zodiac Sign:  I looked up pices gifs. What the fuck, fandom?

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Siblings:  None that I am currently claiming

Wake up time: 4am. I may or may not get back to sleep.

Lemonade or Sweet Tea: I’m southern enough to love sweet tea

Cats or Dogs:  Dogs, especially big shepherding dogs

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Day or Night:  Time doesn’t matter much when you spend most of it on the couch.

Meet a Celebrity:  I’m totally fine with never meeting famous people.

Smiles or Eyes:  I wanted to see if there was a smize gif and was not disappointed.

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Chapstick or Lipstick: Lipstick. I’m so girly.

Last Song You Listened to:  I don’t remember, but I have a mashup of “Thrift Shop” and “Ride Wit Me” stuck in my head.