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here are some pharmercy headcanons
  • fareeha and angela are really gentle with each other, and they trust each other implicitly. 
  • very safe an consensual sex life, but most of their time together is spent being really amazed that they’re alive and able to experience life together
  • fareeha dresses better than angela does, and therefore helps angela dress sometimes
  • angela drinks coffee because it’s practical, but she actually likes tea more
  • fareeha love black tea
  • they have memorized each other’s favorite tea combination
  • the first human that angela actually interacted with lucidly after the Swiss Headquarters were destroyed and Reyes’ resurrection was botched was fareeha
  • they lived together for a time
  • prior to Recall, they often met on the battlefield until pharah was specifically assigned to Helix.  mercy remained in crisis areas.  Angela and Fareeha still found time to call each other.
  • Angela sometimes needs Fareeha to reassure her about her realness
  • Fareeha sometimes needs Angela to reassure her of her worth
  • they fall asleep easier when next to each other
  • angela has the ability to fall asleep anywhere
  • fareeha needs quiet to sleep, but finds ways to block out noise
  • it’s perfect because angela sounds dead when she’s asleep
  • on the nights when neither can sleep, though, they go outside and look at the stars
  • angela buys too many books to ever finish reading, so fareeha always finds random books around the house
  • like half of them are trashy romance novels
  • the other half are fantasy/sci-fi
  • angela aspires to do a complete couple cosplay with fareeha
  • fareeha likes to send angela songs and pictures that remind her of angela
  • angela is really good with a knife, but they both know how to cook
  • they alternate kitchen duty.  whoever cooks dries the dishes while the other washes. they both put away the dishes
  • angela loves running. it’s the closest thing to flying she’ll ever come to
  • when she starts working with fareeha, it revolutionizes her entire life
  • she loves that fareeha lets her latch on. fareeha shows her the true joys of flight
  • angela owes many things to fareeha
  • she doesn’t feel like she needs to run away anymore

She crumbles tea leaves over your stomach and drizzles honey on your navel, bends her delicate neck to lick the syrup from your skin.

They told you that you were born worthless to begin with. But she finds your soul delicious, spreads your laughter over her morning toast like butter, adds you to coffee to wake her up.

You see yourself reflected in her irises, ten times brighter an image than any mirror can give.

She is the first to tell you that your are not worthless. And by some miracle, you believe it.

—  delicate; e.d.
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hi there! i’m donia, 16 from paris, france. i’m new here and i’m really happy to be part of these two communities so that i could learn so many things and grow ☺️ i love reading books, drinking tea, science experiments and discovering new languages!!

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Birthday: x of xii

Gender: Female

Relationship status: Single as a Pringle 

Zodiac: Cancer

Siblings: two younger sisters

Favourite colour: BLUEE !!!

Pets: none;; 

Wake up time: 7:00 to 7:30am or 10-1pm, is there even an in-between???

Love or lust: lmaoo, neither?? or love??

Lemonade or iced tea: ice teaa

Cats or dogs: both!!!!! maybe cats ??? if i were to get one

Coke or pepsi: coke

Day or night: Night for aes or day 

Text or call: ahhhh call??

Light or dark hair: dark

Chap-stick or lipstick: chap

City or country: city but i think i’d like country later on ?? 

Last song listened to: Halsey - New Americana

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Tea has been procured, spawnlings are in bed, I have an hour and a half before I have to go retrieve the Spouse from work.  Time to write.

I should probably be trying to start the next fic in The Misadventures of Growley and Squirrel, but I really need to finish my coldest hits fic for next month ahead of time.  It’ll be hardcore moving time when my fic is due, so I need to be sure it’s finished and ready to post asap.  When that’s done, I swear, I’ll get back to the promised Crowley/demon!Dean/triplets smut y’all want.  You’re all filthy minded and I love you all dearly.

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Rule: tag 10 people you wish to know better

Birthday: 10/05
Gender: ??????
Relationship Status: single
Zodiac: libra
Siblings: an older brother, younger sister, two older half brothers and a step sister
Favorite Color: prolly purple or maybe blue idk
Pets: a tortoise named Shelly, two guinea pigs named Dan and Phil, three dogs named Layla, Aiko, and Elizabeth, and a cat named Cass
Wake-Up Time: usually like 5 or 5:30 on school days and idk when on the weekends
Love or Lust: love
Lemonade or Iced Tea: lemonade (iced tea was a mistake)
Cats or Dogs: doggos
Coke or Pepsi: either one tbh they kinda taste the same to me
Day or Night: day because im afraid of the dark lol
Text or Call: text, im way too awkward to call
Light or Dark Hair: it’s pretty light but it’s turning darker
Chapstick or Lipstick: chapstick
City or Country: city but i live in the country
Last Song I Listened To: Plastic Raincoats in The Pig Parade by Ariel Pink

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