love quotes for him

“I am jealous of the people you give your attention to.”

I started to realize that I was in love with you when my lips would shyly form themselves into a smile with every thought, mention, and sight of you.
It’s impossible to not get a smile on my lips when I see your beautiful face in front of me.
—  Melwowz
Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering.
—  Nicole Krauss, The History of Love

“If by any chance you still have me in your heart, please tell me because you’re still in mine.”

I’m not saying that I know what real love is and what it should be, but I can tell you what it is for me; Love is knowing everything about someone, and still wanting to be with them equally as much every single day of their life. Despite all the mistakes we did and despite all wrongs, it’s just taking us where we should be at the end.
—  Melwowz
Don’t say I’m like an angel from up above… Instead, tell me I’m down to this earth. Tell me I am like no other human you’ve ever met. This world is full of evil, selfishness and bad, but to say that I’m some good you’ve found on this earth would mean so much more than being one of the millions of perfect angels from up above.
—  E.G.