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I’ll get to ‘Rose is a shady fucker’ in just a second, but more important is how Lapis is reaching into my soul and breaking my heart in this entire sequence.

How to Ship Soukoku 'Subtly' by Bones

Release Soukoku exclusive goods

Bring out the Family Pictures

Did you know…they may hate each other but they’re actually close

We mean, partners should get each other’s back

But we don’t think they’re close enough

“Wait, they can’t be together in every official art” so we’ll be sneaky like a fox

“We just want to see them smiling at each other but that may be out of character” so put them in separate CD covers

“Asagiri-sensei, we want to know more about their story” so put them in the movie’s first visual

Anyway, just… lay them on a bed of flowers

I’m sorry but we can’t get enough of flowers. Bonus: Camellias please because symbolism ;)

It’s just coincidence that we released this art the day after White Day

Disregard everything. You’re just reading way too much. We don’t ship them, okay?


Kanaineco: I lowkey ship them too

Rejoice! This fandom is blessed with many official arts courtesy of this ship’s captain, Bones.

((I mean, I know they’re for marketing, but they’re beautiful and I love them. Let shippers be happy ^^))

29 Pictures to Love Nakahara Chuuya

Chuuya in all platforms

Manga Chuuya

Season 1 Anime Chuuya

Season 2 Anime Chuuya

OVA Chuuya

Dead Apple Film Chuuya

BSD Wan! Chuuya

BSD Mayoi Chuuya

Nendroid Chuuya

Chuuya of all ages

Kinder Chuuya-chan

15-year old Chuuya

16-year old Chuuya

22-year old Chuuya

Chuuya for all seasons 

Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn

Real-Life Chuuya

Literary Master

Voice Actor Taniyama Kishou

Stage Actor Ueda Keisuke

Chuuya in AUs

High school Chuuya 


Bunny Chuuya

Chuuya in all days of his life

Megane Chuuya

Corrupted Chuuya

“I used Corruption because I trusted you” Chuuya

Drunk Chuuya

Pissed Chuuya

Blushing Chuuya

Crying Chuuya

Sleeping Chuuya

Rich girl Chuuya

Happy Chuuya

2018 April 29


I wish you more screen time, but please do keep being extra even after becoming a main character now.  👍👍👏👏

And oh, who’s Dazai again? I only ship Chuuya x Happiness!  😂😂❤❤