love life like crazy

hello i’m 20 and i have 0% sex drive 

ohmygod hunts in ffxii are SO STRESSFUL. this giant, half-invisible sparkly chocobo so nearly kicked my butt. this game.

Somehow, the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fandom is the first fandom I really feel like a part of. Like, I love other pieces of media but there’s something about this series and this specific fandom that makes me feel less alone in the world.

Our relationship was full of highs and lows. When it was great it was fucking fantastic but when it was bad it felt like the world was ending.

u ever think about how much people hate lesbians and are mindboggled by the idea that there are people who want nothing to do with men and how alienating being and living as a lesbian can be and u just kinda 🤔

22,007 Words!

In the last two days the words seem to just tumble out of my head and onto the page. I’m so grateful for this easy flow. My story may not be important in the grand scheme of things but I’m loving writing it so much.

I’m lost and found

Inbound and outbound

I’m ocean and desert

Coasting and crashing

I’m straight and broken

New and weathered

Open and shut up

I’m asleep and eyes opened

I’m bent and unbroken

Sane and crazy

Different and the same

You would be too if you only knew.

— Hannah Lorraine

I have beaten the man I love, your king, half to death. And now we are going to break into his palace.
—  Ororo Munroe Earth 616

do u ever get hit with the weirdest sense of like…..not deja vu, but like, somethin similar…. just a sudden sense of Damn This Is Weird but in a deja vu-y kinda way


Y'know that warm, floaty feeling that envelopes you when you kiss someone you really like? The feeling that makes your gut swarm with butterflies, your spine tingle, and makes it hard to breathe?

That’s how I feel every time I watch Chloe and Rachel kiss, and that’s fucking magical.