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So I don’t know who sent this so I’m going to pick a handful of people to complement.  Okay so this got long but whatever got to spread the love.

@xhellxboundx || @thenightsplutoniumshore

K is the Twin and has been with me since the very beginning or damn near.  She is awesome and lovable and you all should be following her if you follow me.  Just saying.


Sonya is a sweetheart and great with way too many muses and too much angst for said muses.  But she is kind and lovely even when Real Life goes crazy.


Colton is Willow.  Like I’m fairly certain of this.  He amazing at getting Willow’s voice down so well.  Though as we don’t talk as much ooc like the two above, I can’t say too much about his preference for angst.  But he’s a doll.


Lovely and awesome Dru here!!  And Totally darling of a Mun.

@reginathequeenofmean || @storybrookeisms

*Points at URLs* If you’re not following those blogs what are you doing?  Lauren could write for the show and do each and every one of the characters Justice.  AND make me like certain ships that I normally Despise.  Like if She had wrote for the show I might have continued to watch past early season 4.  On top of that she’s one of the nicest people I’ve talked to OOC.

@mentalitynotes || @fairiebrooke || @fracturedmentality

La is magic.  That’s just it, she’s magic and amazing and really nice and all her characters have such depth and thought to them.  That I almost forget that 85% of them are OCs and weren’t actually in their respective Fandoms.

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i've been following on here for several years and it has been so cool watching you grow up, love you!

OMG this just made my night I love you too!! i literally turn 18 on monday like life is crazy i have been on tumblr for so long im shook im on twitter all the time now if you wanna follow me & we can chat!! @laogn but ya im still friends w ppl i met on here back when i was like 12 some #bonds can never be broken

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KGHT update = life. I've loved this story like crazy since the first chapter you posted and I don't even mind waiting because I knew you'd turn out that qwality 👌🏼😂 always producing the goods. Thankyou lovely little human bean~ ❤️ I'm happy you're feeling better too!

aww my love ;-; you’re so sweet! thank you! and thank you for reading and being patient! hehe

Unspoken Pain

You left me here with nothing but pain . 
Not knowing how to express it or even to begin ,you cant even imagine how if feels to know that you’ve been given up on . 
You don’t know the sleepless nights I go through knowing you really never loved me . 
 You don’t know how much I questioned my actions in likes of your happiness and sanity .
You don’t know the feeling of being left when THAT person is the only one who can make you whole .
You don’t know the heart break I felt when you choose to ignore the minor but major issue .
You don’t know how it hurts to know I was giving all I had to someone who couldn’t see I was trying …
This pain , this heart break , this loneliness , this HURT was created by giving love another chance .
It’s crazy how you can live your life like nothing ever happened but whats even crazier I get to live with what happened EVERYDAY 

So get this….first this happened…

and I was like OH! That’s hella cool, I landed right on Dean’s birth year! I could totally do my celebration early, I better put the finishing details on that and get it posted….then as I was working on that this happened…

And I was like well, OKAY then…AWESOME! And now I’m up even higher than that. So…I’m going to do a massive celebration and celebrate all of my wonderful followers…plus my birthday is coming up next month so I’ll throw that in there too. :)  So I have several parts to this celebration, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

Before I get to the celebration I just want to say, THANK YOU ALL! My followers, my bunnies who are continuously rapidly multiplying, you guys amaze me. I went on hiatus, slowed way down with my writing and posting, and yet you continued to grow in numbers. THANK YOU. Beyond growing in numbers you have shown me so much love and support and kindness and for that you deserve to be celebrated. So this celebration isn’t about me…it’s about YOU! So high five for being the hella awesome followers that you are! Seriously, I cannot even begin to thank you all enough. 

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hamilton + reaction to pregnancy headcanons

prompt: Hamilsquad headcanons for how they react to finding out that you’re pregnant!


  • damn he flips the fuck out
  • seriously
  • he’s probably more excited then you are
  • “i have to tell my parents, and my friends, and brag to Jefferson”
  • despite being overly excited and ecstatic he constantly reminds you he loves you
  • and kisses you so much
  • and just kind of puts his hands on your stomach and he’s just smiling so proudly
  • and thinking about how his child is going to rule the world one day and he will make sure of it 


  • “haha babe, that’s really funny, what’s the real news?”
  • “wait you were being serious?”
  • the “i’m gonna be a dad!” kind of guy
  • is crying and hugging you so tightly
  • is just bouncing off the walls crazy 
  • like the love of his life and him are having a child
  • it’s just crazy for him


  • you take him to the place you first met when telling him
  • he properly just breaks down and cannot stop crying
  • he’s just so happy he doesn’t know how to function
  • seriously
  • he can’t sit he’s just so excited 
  • he doesn’t stop asking questions despite the fact you told him you found out only a few weeks ago


  • his initial shock was quite scary
  • he’s really not the domestic type so he’s just kind of standing there in silence with a blank stare
  • probably pondering all of the possibilites
  • but when he comes back to reality he’s picking you up and spinning you around
  • and reassuring you he’s going to be the best damn father ever
  • and that he’ll always be there for you and your child
  • like you’ve never seen him more in love with something before


  • he just cries  
  • like so much
  • you tell him once he’s back from war and he just doesn’t know what to do with himself
  • he never pictured himself being a father so soon
  • but he is willing to do whatever it takes to give your child the very best
  • he’s just holding you and promising that he won’t be like his father
  • and he’s going to be there for his child whenever and wherever
  • he makes you cry a lot that day


  • “wait.. really?!”
  • physically sits you down and just starts pampering you like crazy
  • “babe, you are pregnant, i am doing everything for you now”
  • “no, you can absolutely not do laundry”
  • he literally tells everyone
  • even Hamilton
  • “my child is going to be so much cooler then your child”
  • he’s just so enthralled with you and your baby bump and he protects you from even the slightest hint of danger


  • is beside himself with happiness
  • he hasn’t looked this alive and awake in a while
  • but the announcement of the baby changed that very quickly
  • he often talks or sings to your baby bump
  • and helps you through everything
  • and reads information about caring for you and your baby 
  • and he’s just so sweet and kind about everything
Writing Everyday

As a writer, I was at my most productive, inspired, and all-round motivated self, when I was in throes of nanowrimo. I wrote nearly every day, tried desperately to forget about the quality of my first draft, and made the most of every second of free time I had. I have never had more fun and I regret not extending it past that month.

Recently, my writing life has been, to be brutally honest with you, complete and utter shit. My school schedule has been so demanding to the point of me breaking down emotionally whenever I get a chance to breathe. The way my classes are scheduled results in all my tests happening in the spans of 2-3 days. And I’m still working on getting a job, since I have to drive over an hour a day to get to the university, gym, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my crazy life. I like rushing around and meeting new people every day and finding fun places to study and the free coffee (now that’s incredible lol). But I’m not writing. It’s a struggle every day to get the basics done and I keep feeling so guilty because I’m not getting any words down. I love writing. I love it more than anything else (other than friends and family) in this world. And it’s killing me that I can’t do it. I want to feel inspired again. I want to feel proud about what I accomplish- not just school wise. I want to publish before I graduate from college. I want to write.

That’s why I’m going to start doing daily posts again. I’m going to somehow find time in the day- even if it’s just 30 minutes and I’m going to write.

(Sorry for ranting, it’s been a long weekend….)

@glorious74 @koalamuffins @isaac-lacey @entitystrange @intj-writer @tsfennec @thejollywriter @books-and-time-travel @gaysirensftw @brumble-tunges-scrungles-cumbis tagging you guys because you inspire me.

im just so tickled by the idea of Pumpkin being a fat, puffy pomeranian though

Maybe I should say goodbye to you

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader
Warnings: Angst
Word Count: 2226
A/N: Again, sorry about the grammar. 

Originally posted by 8bitmoonlight

Sometimes you laugh, others you cry.
Sometimes you wish to stay forever in some scenario, many other times you want to disappear.
You can actually hear the beating of your heart, but you don’t feel the blood running through your veins.
You know you’re warm, but you skin feels like ice.
Then time stops, you think it’s because something good is going to happen but then, you sense it.

There’s not bullet hole in any part of your body, you’re not falling, you don’t have poison in your blood, or a blade slicing your skin. Then what is it?

You can’t breathe that’s for sure and there’s not sound and everything is frozen.

You’re standing there, alone, holding into something that doesn’t exist anymore. You think that if you hold it tighter if may be true again, you don’t want to face reality, you simple can’t.

Suddenly you open your eyes. You see your face in the bathroom’s mirror, your skin is pale, mostly gray, your eyes don’t have that spark anymore, there’s no trail of a smile, actually, there’s no trail of any emotion, not even sadness. Your feet can sense the cold tiles but you don’t move from your spot.

“Why you again?” you say under your breath to your reflection.

You stare at yourself, waiting for an answer, no, you’re not crazy, you just want to know if you can find the reason why this is happening again.

Why you keep dreaming about him?, why those blue eyes always seams to find a way to enter your mind?, why do you remember every single thing about him?

There’s no aswer and it will never be to that questions. You wash your face once again, you dry it, you fake a sleepy smile on your face, and try so hard not to breake in the middle on the night, you mentally scold yourself when you see the tears forming in your eyes. You count from 20 to 1 and then you start your acting.

You enter your shared room with the smile on your face while you make your way back to bed. You don’t froze there when you see Aaron, your husband, sitting in a corner of the mattress, his head is in his hands, when he hears your bare feets he look at you.

“Are you okay?” he asks you, slowly making his way to you .

“Everything’s fine” you tell him without hesitation.

“Are you sure?, you need somethin’?” he asks you once again, his voice full of concerne.

You look at him, like if you can read his face. You search in those green eyes, you don’t know what but something tells you that he knows why you’re nightmares returned. You don’t find problem in there, you find the definition of caring in those olive eyes. He loves you, you know that, and you love him or at least you think you do.

Before he can find in your eyes that something’s wrong you look away. You look at his chest, his old Captain America t-shirt, you smile just a little, and you nod with your head about the previous question.

“I guess I just have to take my pills once again” you said with a chuckle.

Still, he doesn’t laugh with you, instead he gently grabs your chin for you to look at his eyes.

“Y/N I know you. I know what this means” he tolds you while drying your tear stain.

“Aaron, it was just a… nightmare, there’s nothing to worry about” you tell him. You grab his hand and press a kiss in his knuckles.

“I know theres nothing but someone to worry about, should I ask you who?” he tells you, not a demanding voice, instead you can feel how his heart broke into million pieces after that.

He loves you like crazy, he could even give his own life for you, he married you, he gave you a pair of children, a house, even a dog, he stayed there with you when you where in trouble and dark times, he promised you to protect you, and so far he is keeping his word, everything to make you happy.

Your own heart breaks, you know that the man infront of you is a treasure in all Gotham’s hell. You are so lucky to have him by yourside, thing is, you have always thought that he was to perfect to belong to you.

You close your eyes and a shaky breathe escapes your lips.

“Y/N, please, just, look at me, I always had known you never forget him, just tell me if it’s Jason the one in your dreams” he tells you with his voice breaking, you open your eyes and look at the tear that now escapes his eye.

“I never said goodbye to him, you know?” your own facade fell to the floor after that, there’s no way you can lie to this golden-retriever-persona.

There’s no force on Earth that can make you hold the tears you had kept since you where 15, since Jason died. You cry oceans there, infront of your husband tears that belongs to other man, you swear, he will walk away, but he wraps his arms around you, he let you cry on his chest, he tells you sweet nothings, he even sings to you, he tells you that everything is okay.

You sobs starts to die fifteen minuts after, you somehow wrapped your arms in his torso, both of you are sitting in the floor, your legs are wrapped in each side of his hips and your face is hidden between his shoulder and neck.

Aaron is caressing your hair, sometimes givin’ it sweet kisses, he keeps with the lullabies he used to sing to your sons when they couldn’t sleep.

“There, are you okay?” he asks you once more, his voice comes out like a whisper near your ear.

“I’m sorry” you say. Those words are the only ones running through your head in those moments.

You couldn’t believe yourself, you really didn’t, this man should be with another women, not you, still, he takes care of you while you cry for minutes for other man.

“What?” he asks you, he tries to look at your face.

“I’m sorry about, everything, you know, about all this mess I drag you through, I’m sorry ‘cause I’m weak, 'cause i’m so damaged and you don’t really deserve any of these” you tell him while pulling away and pointing at you with your left hand.

He grabs softly your hand.

“You know why I put a ring on you?” he asks you.

You now are frozen looking in his eyes, you really don’t know the answer to that, you may thing that its 'because I love you’, but his eyes don’t tells you the same.

“I never saw you as someone weak still I don’t see you that way… I know there’s no one without pressure on their shoulders, the thing is that they’re few people that can keep it together in trouble times, still, sometimes you have to take that pressure away, one way or another. Y/N, you are not weak because you have nightmares, not even because you cry in the middle of the nights, I put this shinning gold thing in your finger because I know, you’re strong, you may not realized before but, you not only had drag me away from my own darkness, have you seen your children? they’re well raised, they’re good children, just because of you, and so I am. I’m a better man just to have you by my side, there’s billions of reasons why I married you, but mostly because of that .” he tells you, he is smiling, he caress you cheek and press a kiss there.

You close your eyes, before you can say a word, there’s a soft knock on the door. The door opens slowly and you see your baby boy, asking if he can sleep with both because he had nightmares.

The three of you went back to bed, and before you close your eyes you say 'thank you’ to Aaron. 

You hate Gotham for a lot of reasons, one of them is that you can’t see the stars. In your free time you reach the rooftop of your building in hopes to see them. For your luck, today you can actually see them. You smile at yourseld.

You try to count them, but as always you get lost in them, you are so lost in the night sky that you don’t exactly know when he sits next to you.

“I tought that I have to die before I could see a starry night in Gotham” Jason said with a chuckle.

“I tought I will have to die before see you again” you said but you don’t chuckle, instead you look at him, his blue eyes looking at your soul.

“I miss you” he tells you, he grabs your hand and you can feel his warm skin on yours.

“I shouldn’t be here” you say while standing up.

“Y/N” he calls your name, but you turn around, you don’t want to see him.

“No, Jason, don’t make any of these harder” you tell him, you can feel your tears coming up.

“You are just going to walk away?” he asks you with a sad voice.

“Do you have any idea of how it was to wait for something that will never return?, do you have any idea of how it feels to lost someone you really love?, or do you even know how it feels that every single thing you wanted will never come true?” you ask him, you turn around to face him, your tears running through your cheeks.

“I- I know, hell I DO!!” he screams but he isn’t angry at least not with you.

“I dreamt about you Jason, every single night, I tried so hard to keep it together when you gone, but, but now-” “but now you’re married” he finish. 

“I wanted to forget you I will not lie to you. I wanted to start over again, so everything came in time, like Aaron. But when things scaleted I started dreaming about you, everynight I dreamt about doing all this things we talked about in the rooftops, get married, childs, a big house outside Gotham, having this old couch with this old brown dog. Those dreams felt damn real, I could felt you warm skin how your laugh made echos on your chest, I smelt the cigarettes, even I heard you sing this old songs, I hold on you for years dreaming about a day all of that will come true, and every single morning I wanted to die because i knew you only lived in my dreams Jason ” You are crying, once again like if there was no tomorrow, but you have to let it out.

Jason makes his way to you, he puts a hand in your cheek and you close your eyes.

“I wished for years for you to came back” you say in your breath.

“So I’m here now, we can go anywhere you want, make everything we talked about, just say it” he tells you, he press a kiss on your forehead.

“I can’t Jason, it’s too late” you say to him, still you hug him.

“You know I’ll always be here, right?” he wraps his arms around you.

“Before, you say something else, I- I wanted to tell you something, time is running out you know?, I wanted to came back to you, all the things we talked about those many years ago, they were real, I do really wanted everything with you, but, I guess, there’s no way I can make you come with me” he tells you, a tear is making his way down on his cheek.

You deny with your head, your hand wipes out his tear. Both of you look at each other, you know it’s the last time you are going to see him, so you don’t think twice to press a tender kiss on his lips, the way it makes you feel alive is amazing, you still can see the fireworks, you feel shivers in all your skin, you know he tastes like home, because Jason Todd is your home.

You pull away just in time to see the rising sun, all the stars have already vanised in the orange sky.

“I guess, this is when I finally say goodbye to you” you say with a sad smile and tears running down your cheeks.

“I guess so, but at least I have something to remember you” he tells you, he caress you lip and place a soft kiss there.

“Goodbye Jason” You say when you close your eyes.

“Mommy why are you crying” you heard your son asked you.

You slowly open your eyes, and smile when you saw Aaron still sleeping with you son in one of his arms.

And then you know, that was the last dream you saw those blue eyes, or hear his voice. As Aaron told you, you had to take that pressure away, you had to let Jason go.

Kara reaction to you saying I love you

BM // Matthew:

Originally posted by kardgifs

Daddy matt Kim Matthew would be a cute little squishy mess. He  would be kind of shocked for about a second, but when he let it sink in he would shower your face with kisses while repeating that he loves you as well.

J.esph // Taehyeong:

Originally posted by likeamiracle

[Please ignore miss jiwoo] J.esph, like usual, would be a loud mess. He wouldn’t be as shocked as Matthew was, because you and him had this relationship where you guys would always joke and say that you loved each other. But when you said I love you, and he told him you were deadass. He would kiss you way hard and say I love you too 


Originally posted by kardgifs

She would be the most cutest bunny ever omg. She would be so giggle and cute. She would also be blushing like crazy, because the love of her life said that they loved her back. It would be a magical moment for her


Originally posted by hohohobi

Ignore my boy matt

She highkey thought you were joking. No, like serious she thought you were playing with her feelings once again. But once you said I love you seriously best believe she would hop on your dick/pussy Shower you with kisses and huggles and just so cute odjeiuwbdsjhcbdvjcv cbfeyufwegfuye

                             Request are open~

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MC RFA + Saeran and V and how they spend Halloween ? Also their costumes?

ok i kind of did a halloween hadcanon BUT ILL DO THIS ONE ALSO CAUSE HALLOWEEEEENNNNN


  • Yoosung begs MC to go trick or treating
  • “Yoosung, you’re 20 years old. we can’t go trick or treating”
  • “pleeeaaasseeeee”
  • “no, Yoosung. trick or treating is for little kids”
  • “what if i had a little kid”
  • “um….what?”
  • and so Yoosung finds a little kid
  • it ends up being like his moms sisters husbands brothers cousins daughter or something like that
  • EITHER WAY, Yoosung finds some cute little girl to walk around the neighborhood at night
  • by the end of the night Yoosung has waaaay more candy than her tho
  • and you know that boy has matching halloween costumes for all three of them
  • so they gon end up looking a little something like this


  • like really guys. i know that boy gets turnt on Halloween
  • he invites MC out
  • and keeps close to them all night
  • anyone that tries to hit on them gets a death glare from him
  • and he’s actually scary as shit
  • but also all the girls hit on Zen like literally every drunk ass girl there tries to get up on him
  • cause he’s the hottest boy at the party
  • but he always brushes them off and tells them he’s already got someone
  • cause he’s really just interested in spending all night with MC
  • but let me tell you my dream
  • idk if anyone has herd of an anime called Kamisama Kiss
  • but one character would make the perfect costume for Zen so let me just


  • Halloween isn’t really Jaehee’s thing
  • she never really…saw the point
  • if she lived in a neighborhood she’d be the person to set out a bowl of candy with a note that says “take one please” and just stay in all night with the lights off
  • but MC really really wants Jaehee to come to a halloween party with her
  • and since JAEHEE TOTALLY LOVES MC, she agrees
  • but she’s like ???? how does one “halloween” ???
  • and upon doing some research
  • she finds that a nurse costume is popular among women
  • but she doesnt realize its so popular because its a SEXY NURSE
  • and Jaehee’s just like “yea cool i’ll be a nurse”
  • and actually shows up to the party looking exactly like this:


  • Jumin had never really celebrated halloween before
  • but ever since he started seeing MC
  • they were introducing him to all sorts of new things
  • and he really loved it
  • so he would probably end up loving halloween too, right?
  • a few days before halloween MC comes running into his room
  • “Jumin, Jumin! what do you think of my costume?”
  • she was dressed as a princess with a beautiful flowing pink gown and a tiara
  • Jumin’s jaw drops
  • “you look beautiful, my princess”
  • “will you be my prince for halloween? pleeeeaaaseee?”
  • MC makes puppy dog eyes at him
  • Jumin is a little confused, though
  • “don’t princesses usually wish for a knight in shining armor?”
  • “well…i guess so, but-”
  • Jumin grabs MC’s hands and kisses her
  • “please excuse me, my princess. i must go prepare for halloween”
  • oh god
  • so Jumin ends up lookin a little something like this


  • but his favorite thing about halloween 
  • is that the word “spoopy” becomes an acceptable part of his vocabulary again
  • and he decorates his place with cobwebs and skeletons
  • like ok MC visits him on october first
  • there’s like a single jack-o-lantern on his doorstep
  • and some cobwebs 
  • they have his arabic door password memorized
  • but when they say it, it doesnt work
  • so they call Seven
  • “hey dork, what’s your new house password?”
  • “spooky in arabic”
  • …okay…what?
  • “Seven…is there even, like, an arabic word for spooky? i really dont think there is”
  • “enter….if you daareee….”
  • he was talking in a ghostly voice
  • MC just rolls their eyes
  • “some say they see people come in…but never come ooouutttt”
  • yea but when it’s actually halloween Seven prefers to stay inside and watch spooky movies
  • he’s used to spending halloween all by himself
  • but now with MC he has someone else to get spooked with
  • ok unfortunately i couldnt find any pics of this
  • but Seven would literally purchase a catwoman costume and just wear it on halloween


  • V doesnt really like scary things
  • but he likes the other parts of Halloween
  • like little kids getting candy! and carving pumpkins! and dressing up with all your friends!
  • V just really loves to have fun with all his friends okay
  • he also really loves cute halloween costumes
  • i think for halloween V would dress as a gardener and MC would dress as a flower
  • and he’d be all like
  • “my beautiful flower! i love you!”
  • and he absolutely loves handing out candy to little kids
  • he’s the guy whos always like
  • “oh i see we have a pirate, and a princess and-how scary-a vampire!”
  • “what are you dressed as, mister?”
  • “i happen to be a gardener! want to see my lovely flower?”
  • hahaaa yea he loves showing off MC to everyone and telling all the little kids about how one day his beautiful flower came to life and now theyre in love!


  • A
  • every year Saeran does like crazy special effects makeup
  • and goes to like six haunted houses
  • he loves going to haunted houses with MC
  • they way she gets scared and squeezes his hand tightly is just! the most adorable thing on the planet
  • he thought haunted houses were cool before
  • but somehow MC made them more fun
  • he also makes MC watch a ton of scary movies with him
  • which he also loves, since she would always hold onto him real tight
  • Saeran was also really excited to rope MC into his gory halloween costume plans
  • he planned on being a vampire high school student
  • so like a school uniform just like any other student
  • but also cover himself in fake blood
  • and he though MC would make the perfect cheerleader victim
  • so he gives her big nasty bite marks on her neck (with makeup) and a cute little cheerleader outfit
  • and she was like his hot vampire girlfriend
  • halloween with MC was so fun


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The love square that’s making everyone go crazy! ^_^ 

what was life like before miraculous ladybug??