love life like crazy

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I enjoy the finer things in life. I want an allowance. I like a kind man. I would like a casual relationship. I love making memories. I want to meet a handsome older gentlemen. I like genuine gentlemen. I love crazy life adventures. I want to secure my future. I want an nsa relationship. I like a man with clear intentions. I want a reciprocal relationship. I have some free time. I have a compassionate heart. I want someone rich and famous. I might be open to a live in arrangement. Time is money. #spoiltheprincess

it’s beautiful life
and always i’ll stay by your side

it’s beautiful life
i will allways stand right behind

beautiful love
to be with you right under this sky
is happiness i’ve always wanna find
it’s beautiful life, beautiful day
i would forever live with all your memories
beautiful life, beautiful day
will you stay with me till the end?
beautiful my love
beautiful your heart

it’s beautiful life 2x

it’s beautiful life
i will protect you with my life

it’s beautiful life
just lean on me it will be fine

beautiful love
i’ll dry your tears, i will paint your smile
i wish forever i can call you mine

it’s beautiful life, beautiful day
i want you to know how i love you like crazy

beautiful life, beautiful day
boy, i don’t wanna lose you know
beautiful my love
beautiful your heart

it’s beautiful life
memories remind me of you everytime
kept deep inside me
but i need you more to be here with me

memories of you, memories with you

it’s sorrowful life, it’s sorrowful day
i dont think i can ever overcome sadness

sorrowful life, sorrowful day
so just promise me you will stay
then i wont have to live with just
your memories in me


Baby boo I can’t imagine my life without you my love. I miss you like crazy ever since you have left. All I can think about is you my boo. Make sure to study hard and don’t give in to senioritis lol. I love you boo.

I just took a walk with my best friend through a snow covered trail from 3:30-4:30am that’s along the river and honestly I’ve never felt so much love for someone in my life
like I sound crazy but I can’t imagine my life without sam and we’ve only really known each other for about 3 months but we stay up until the late hours of the morning and talk and it’s everything to me
he knows everything about me and he probably knows me better than anyone in so many ways (hahaha) but I’m so lucky he’s in my life

It’s crazy to me that I’ve improved this much in a little over than a year, so I decided to doodle a quick Momo reacting to the earliest drawing I could find of her.

I remember being so proud of this UnU 

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I hope you fucking kill yourself. Youre just a waste of space

You know what I hope you have a good life. I hope you find someone who loves you like crazy. I hope you both fall madly in love and grow old together. I hope you find really good friends who never abandon you and i hope that you do a whole lot of fun shit together so that way one day you think of this moment and just feel guilty for everything you said.


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It’s crazy how the world works. Like it just hands you this person who is potentially your soulmate and it’s like meeting that one person in the world with that matching birthmark… The significance of that is unreal! And no matter what the circumstances are you can’t do anything about it but crave them and be each others perfect matches. Whether you like it or not.
—  12am thoughts