love his face here

You know which tiny imagine makes me wanna melt?

Chris Evans..
softly sighing through parted lips, he is looking towards the ground until his long eyelashes are fluttering up. He’s rushing his hand through the short hair on the back of his head and lifts his chin so that finally sunlight catches the blue in his eyes.
He grimaces a smile into the much too bright sun and narrows his eyes to many tiny wrinkles. A hum and a chuckle comes from deep down his throat because he thinks of something funny and he shakes his head in amusement.

And imagine he sees you when he turns around. The first surprised and then adorable, loving grin on his face because here you are, standing there right in front of him and you both know you mean so much to each other.

more flappy coat gifs drawn by me :’)

this time: twelfth doctor edition (or actually just peter capaldi enjoying some wind in his face) (find sherlock version here)

i love how in this project you can actually see my art improving!. It starts sketchy and vague and with each frame it turns more clean and stylized, especially the hair. ignore me im just really excited about all this animation stuff c:

Snippet Sunday

Have a snippet from my first (of many, I hope) trope fic for the Block Party!!!

They emerged from the shower ten minutes later, both flushed pink from teasing, or the heat of the water. Either way, Quatre was happy to see them.  He’d set the table, and served out the chicken, and was just starting to serve the pasta when they sat down.  Wufei had a towel around his neck to catch the water from his hair, and he and Trowa were both shirtless.  If Quatre’s eyes lingered on drops of water that slowly rolled down their bare chests, Trowa and Wufei didn’t comment.  They only shared knowing looks as Quatre licked his lips, wishing he was busy licking those stray drops off his lovers.


“Eyes up here love,’” Trowa purred, gesturing at his face.


“Well who east dinner in nothing but sweat pants?” Quatre pouted as he dumped a spoonful of sauce over pasta and handed the plate to Trowa, then repeating and handing off to Wufei before he served himself.


They ate in silence for a few minutes, the boys working to sate their hunger before delving into things like small talk.  Trowa and Wufei’s day seems pretty normal to all of them.  It was when they asked after Quatre’s day that things took a turn. Quatre was grateful he’d finished eating before it got to that point, because he didn’t know if he’d have a chance to eat more once they heard.


“There was an accident during the lab tour today.  I wound up doused in some liquid.  The poor intern, I thought she was going melt into the floor.  Between her feeling bad and the scientists screaming at her,” Quatre retold with a shake of his head.


“And you’re not still at the lab why?” Wufei asked, setting his knife and fork down, fixing the smaller blonde with a hard stare, that was only echoed by Trowa.

3. Matthew

Matthew had a little blip last week - but he’s clearly back to his usual, fabulous self! This is an amazing photo. Leaps and bounds ahead of the other guys. Matthew’s body genuinely looks like a work of art here. It’s so finely chiseled - it looks like it could have been sculpted by Michelangelo. I love the motion of the glove and I love the emotion on his face. Matthew looks like a dark angel right here. I wish he was still in the competition.

“Hey again! So I was wondering if maybe you could do a request for Tommy? Where reader and him were together before he left, and when he comes home he goes right to her and he’s such a mess cause he never thought he’d see her again. Hope this is ok, thank you!”


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Fruits - Peter Parker

request -  hi! i was wondering if you could write something about a peter x fem!reader where she’s homeschooled and doesn’t have friends and then she meets peter and they become close ? thanks!! 

a/n - i changed the request up a bit, and made the reader tony’s daughter to give it an even more ‘fluffy’ feel to it and i think it failed horribly BUT thank you so much for 1k!!! i can’t even believe all the love i’m getting for these fics, it makes me so happy to know you guys like them :) don’t forget to request a peter parker/spider-man fic if you’d like and follow!

I sat at the dining table just across from the living room, headphones in as I watched a math lesson that was just uploaded onto my school’s website. It was just around 10 AM when my school day started, a bowl of freshly cut fruits on the table as I took notes in my small book, sometimes glancing around to see if something more entertaining was going on.

Being the kid of a billionaire had it’s perks, but some downsides to it as well. Sure, I was able to access anything through money, but I was stuck at home a good 99% of my life, hidden away from the public eye at the request of my father. I’ve never been able to go to school and have a ‘normal’ life, with my only friends being the middle aged people the world calls the Avengers.

I paused the lesson and took my headphones out, heading out to the kitchen counter to pour a cup of coffee for myself, only to hear the door opening.

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Featherlight Touch

Pairings: Thranduil x Wife!Reader

Words: 865

Warnings: Fluff, pure fluff. 

Request: “can i get a #22 with Thranduil and the reader.? Like something where they are married and with a happy ending😂i love your blog btw 😁”

22. “Come over here and make me.” 

AN: If I was comfortable posting anything I write that goes beyond a super fluffy ending, this would have been much longer.

You laughed as you spun out of Thranduil’s reach, dancing across the marble floors of the chambers you shared. Across the room, Thranduil still sat on the furs by the hearth, orange firelight illuminating the side of his face. He was still poised as he had reached for you in passing, weight resting on his left arm as his right fell back to his lap.

You fiddled with the quill in your hands, running the feather over your chest in mindless circles, watching as Thranduil followed it with his gaze. If you kept teasing him like that, it wouldn’t be long till he broke and gave in.

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