love his face here

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It's me again. I still want to let you know that you're really beautiful and amazing. Keep smiling. <3


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Tell me of this wonderous being known as waylon

Take a seat, dear.

So this adorable little dork, Waylon Joseph Smithers, is Burns’ assistant. He is absolutely precious and I, along with 2 of my mutuals, run a blog dedicated to him (@protectwaylonsmithers).

Why is he so special, you may ask?

He has the hugest collection of Malibu Stacys dolls in all of The Simpsons characters and even is the president of the Malibu Stacy fan club.

While he is kind of a business man, he can be the cutest little shit ever.

I mean, look at this screencap that looks like he’s screaming at a shrew!

And who could watch these videos without loving him even more?

Plus his face here is so. 



Oh yeah, I forgot that he’s extremely gay for Burns. Really he’s just gay in general but whatever. Those videos should’ve explained for ya.

And if you need more Waylon, go to these Tumblrs:


Also jealous/angry Waylon is the cutest thing ever btw

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//the bloody hell???!


Gender: male

General Appearance: small little boy, light brown hair like Madgie’s and yellow eyes like Krueger. He would somewhat have burnt scars here and there on his body, kind of like birth marks.

Personality: very mischievous and cruel, always likes to play tricks on Madgie, including trying to hurt her in small ways. He would also play cruel tricks on others, and some would even turn for the worst.

Special Talents: he’s pretty good at screwing everyone’s dreams like his father.

Who they like better: he loves his mom because of the way how she reacts to his cruel pranks.

Who they take after more: mostly Krueger

Personal Headcanon: he has his own pair of bladed gloves, and enjoys cutting his legs here and there because he loves the pain.

Face Claim: the unborn dead kid from The Unborn movie.

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What is GG's favorite treat? What is your most wanted wish-list item?

GG loves peppermints! But, he also loves watermelon - in fact, here is a video of his watermelon face.

I have been talked out of a red saddlepad for Volly for a week now. But soon, very soon, I shall get him a red saddlepad and red boots. 

GG also needs more hind boots. 

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*zayn wraps his arms around Ed's waist spooning him from behind and kissing the shell of his ear* get some sleep love, I'll be here when you wake up *zayn nuzzles his face against Ed's neck, his scruff tickling Ed* -zayn

*Ed smiles taking a deep breath* Sweet dreams baby. - Ed